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How do I Ship a 1,018 # Wagon Wheel? | Engels Coach Shop

How do I Ship a 1,018 # Wagon Wheel? | Engels Coach Shop

Well, that’s what I get for just turning my back and walking away. About had a wreck. Anyway, thanks for tuning back in this week to see how I’m gonna ship this wheel. I gave it a kind of a lot of thought, pondered long and hard about how I was gonna do this Initially, I thought I was gonna lay it down That was my intention, but a couple of things were kind of nagging at me one, that this is an 80″ wheel and the length of my forks are only 48 inches So I was just gonna barely get under the half way point of this wheel and I was concerned about keeping it balanced. Then I got to pondering, if I laid if flat it’s be pretty easy for the trucking company to put other boxes, or what other cargo on top, whatever, so that kind of bothered me. So I thought maybe I’d probably stand it up. And also I think it would be the most efficient use in the trailer, as far as space goes. So then if became the question of how do I stabilize it to keep it upright, cause it’d be kind of top heavy. Well, I had a little extra large pallet here. Most pallets are 40 by 48 I had one that was 48 by 50 so that’s the one I chose to use. And I put a half inch sheet of OSB on top of it to kinda give it a little better foundation And then, in the middle of that, after I got it pretty well screwed down, I put a lot of screws in this whole thing as you’ll see as we go. But, uh, underneath, where the wheel is gonna set, I put another 3/4″ piece of OSB underneath it to take the weight of the wheel itself. So, I hope it’ll work. We’ll see how it kinda goes. It took me a long time to crate this up, and there was a lot of stopping and pondering, and, well,, what am I gonna do next? So, not to say that I really had this all well planned out. I kinda flew by the seat of my pants and it kinda just evolved. So, this is what happened and we’ll hope it works. So, it’s supposed to be about a five day delivery time from Montana to Virginia So, sometime next week we should maybe hear how well it traveled. Yeh, we hope we crated it up sufficiently. So, once again, thanks for watching!

23 comments on “How do I Ship a 1,018 # Wagon Wheel? | Engels Coach Shop

  1. Brilliant craftsmanship even with the crate. However, I would be concerned that the guys un-crating it wouldn't be careful about removing the nails. The screws would be easy to unscrew, but unless they are craftsmen themselves, prying out the nails could cause damage to the wheel. I am not a craftsman myself, so if there is a safe way to remove the nails, I would love to hear about it. If I lived next door to this shop, I would be there every day offering to help just to be able to watch this guy work.

  2. Dave, have you ever seen a rendering of what the James Reed Palace Wagon looked like? This was a super sized wagon that was in the Donner party. I expect that it was based on a Borax or freight wagon of that period. According to legend, it had two decks. Because of it's weight it was left in the Great Salt Desert. Supposedly, a man ran across it in the 50's buried out there. It had these gigantic wheels that were 8 inches wide.

  3. @EngelsCoachShop Great craftsman ship.
    So with all the request's for an unpacking/final product video will you be able to get the client to send you a short followup video of the final product being lifted into place and "First Light" ? Always nice to see the final product at it destination.

  4. Post pictures if they sent you some. Beautiful work but overkill for a chandelier, in my opinion. But if they want to spend the money for as authentic as it is, whom am I to say?

  5. Dave, I don't know who the guys will be to unwrap this thing, but I bet they will think that you have a half interest in a screw factory. Nice job.

  6. I …. Respect the Professionalism… and The Dedication towards the Accuracy and Care of Freight and Shipment .. 👌

  7. Beautiful work, and fun to see the kind of awkwardness that comes from trying to ship something so ridiculously sized. Held my breath at a few points because I was worried it'd tip over, or you'd accidentally catch it with a saw. Making wagon wheels is absolutely harder than I imagined it would be!

  8. Treat yourself to a nice Makita impact driver. Will make driving all those screws so much more efficient and put way less strain on your wrists.

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