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How Far Could We Ride In 24 Hours? | GCN’s Winter Epic

How Far Could We Ride In 24 Hours? | GCN’s Winter Epic

(Intense music) – I tell you what mate, we’re
a long way from Scotland. (laughs) – We’re not quite where we should be to be honest. (intense music) – It’s going to 14 hours of night riding. (intense music) – It doesn’t matter who you are, 24 hours hurts. – Ow (explicit) – Ah. – {Man} How far can you ride in 24 hours? What would happen if you just decided to set off one day and ride and not stop until the clock ticks past 24 hours? We didn’t know. But it seemed like something we should try. We told the Swiss bike brand, BMC, and they were keen to make it happen. And so it was that. In next these than perfect editions, at the onset of winter here in the UK where temperatures are
just in single digit. Nighttime hours are
significantly longer than day and it rains, whereas
much it always does here. It looked like we’d be finding out. Only this is the second time i’ll be trying to find out. The first, you might remember, was when Chris and I tried it, but were thwarted by an epic day of rain, strong winds which made
it almost impossible. Unfortunately, Chris
wasn’t up for it this time, so I needed to find the
person most qualified for a stunt like this. And by a stroke of luck, he happened to be in the neighborhood. – {Man} Mark, I’m massively inspired, across all your adventures. Now, you’ve got to get
home tomorrow, okay, I’m guessing you’ve got a flight? – [Mark] Yeah, its quite a long way, yeah. – [Man] So, what about,
and work with me here, we set off from around here, and you cycled up to Scotland? – [Mark] That would involve about 14 hours of darkness. – [Man] Yup. – [Mark] And I reckon its about 500 kilometers to the Scottish border. – [Man] You up for it? – [Mark] Lets talk about
it afterwards, all right? – [Man] (laughs) Here’s the send off party – Absolutely, there you go mate. – You got the route? – Got the route. – Heading north. – Yeah. – Some highlights, absolute highlights. – Have you got your live
tracks on so we can work out where you are? – Yes. So, when you are up
checking us at 2:00 am. – Absolutely mate. – I’ll set my alarm. It sounds like your both ready,
anyway, so we should wish you the best of luck. – Actually you don’t need luck really. Hank. – Good luck. We’re fine, common buddy. – Here we go. – Onwards, good luck. – Scotland here we come! – (mumbles) – Have you seen the
forecast later up north? – Okay, lets keep it down. – Anyway, its lunch time,
lets get into the pub. – Excellent idea. – Yeah. – We’ll keep an eye on whether
they’re on the live tracker. (Up beat music) – [Man] Of all mad-cap ideas, I mean I’m all for green travel, but, substituting my flight
home for a bike ride. I mean I’ve enjoyed one long
bike ride with you before but that was like, mid-summer
crines in the sunshine. – This my friend is totally different. (Upbeat music) – [Man] We’re about forty
minutes into the ride and this is definitely the
false sense of security. I don’t care how much big
miles riding you’ve done there’s always the anticipation,
the nerves, and then you’re on the bike and your
‘Hey I feel a million dollars’. You know, none of the pain,
the suffering, the regret, has sank in yet. But right now, I can do this. – Yeah I’m wondering if
it’s too much excitement or energy through my excitement. – It’s all about reigning
it back, isn’t it? – Exactly. – (music) – Now, you’ll probably
wondering what we are riding? We’re riding BMC road machines
that BMC kindly lent us For this utterly crazy challenge. And if you want to know
more about the bike Well, here’s me checking it out. – (music) It’s pretty much apart from the performance endurance category. In a sense, that they have
an out in out race bike in more to excel in their endurance days the long days in the saddle they’ve go wider tire clearance and a frame that is design for comfort as well as performance. That said they’re still really light with a frame weight of only 850 grams. Now, BMC say’s well as
boosting the compliance of their frame by dropping the seatstays and using that D shape seat post. But they’re also increasing
the torsal stiffness of the frame. Which gives extra size
handling and responsiveness of the bike. – (music) – Ready for night time. It’s
going to be a long night. – It’s only, I can see my breath already. It’s only, not even 5
o’clock in the afternoon lights are on. It’s going to
be at least 14 hours of dark. – So this is a new bike for me. A BMC never ridden until this morning. I did do a few things to try and adapt to a road of endurance. First and foremost, double tape the bars. I literally, a second layer of tape trying to get some extra comfort. This is for the first 12 hours second 12 hours you can
start to feel the hands. – The form batch has already gone I’ve got a battery pack and
chuck in there all my goodies. I’d be lying saying I
was pretty nervous this It’s going to be 14 hours of night riding. I’ve got minimal
experience in night riding. And, it’s very cold. Yeah, we’ll see, I mean… – (music) – Hey, we’re in Manchester by closing time – (mumble) – (laughter) – 8 hours 20 minutes riding time in. And, we’ve done 175 kilometers. And the rain has started. Now, it’s giving a little
dusting in the minute But, we’ve looked at the weather forecast and says it going to get a
bit heavier as well go north. I’m just praying it’s not
going to be too heavy. – (music) – I’m feeling that we’re
actually in the middle of nowhere the chat has died and
it’s wet and it’s cold. This is starting to be feel pretty tough. – (music) – This is a getting a bit interesting. The forecast is diabolical. We’re kind of lulled into
a false sense of security It would be dry for as long as we thought It’s just a case of we’re wet,
cold the middle of the night Get some food and if we stop for 5 minutes we’ll be far too cold. – Right let’s go big guy. Cheers boys for the first check. – (music) – I want a filet o fish I don’t know what it will
taste like, but I’ll try it. Do you want anything else? – A cheeseburger as well actually. It’s 3 AM and we thought
we join the party goers in the middle of Manchester. And, a night out at 3 AM
you get yourself McDonalds. So we’ll doing just that. Marks waiting for an order he’s looking out of place there. – (laughter) – This is the worst. – (music) – What coffee have you got there mate? – Flat white probably. – Flat white fair enough. Cappuccino man. – Cappuccino We got to get cappuccino. – Cappuccino! – (laughter) – (music) – So, we’re two thirds away through well over 200 miles in and not quite where we
should be to be honest. – It feels so nice to see the sun. 14 hours of darkness and this
is a really nice wake-up call. – It’s cold this made it through dawn. – Long night. – (mumble) – (music) – I haven’t eaten a lot for 3 or 4 hours and it’s caught up on me. I need to get some food ASAP. – This is what I need. – Yes! – First – I’m in desperate need for food. – The first village shop. – Wow. That’s Yorkshire that is. – Eggs Yorkshire. – Eggs. – Don’t know where we are. – Cyclists stop here for
drinks, cakes and sandwiches. – Yes I will. – Thank you. – N – Thanks alot gents. – Thank you. – I’ve never been so tired in my life. – (music) – Those pain au chocolat go
through me a big rough patch. Stop by that shop to get
some warm pain au chocolat and bacon betty has perked me right up! – (music) – So that’s exactly what we need mate 23 hours into our ride – I know. 1 hour left. And we go up this. – Whoa! – (music) – I mean, I know we’re
standing I can find my wheel it’s a glorious day and if
you are to ask me 12 hours ago I would not thought it was possible. – It’s a highland coup, now it’s beautiful I think my knees are going to explode. – It doesn’t matter who you are 24 hours hurts so I think
I’ll tell you in a weeks time I loved it, but right now can’t
wait to get to the finish. – (music) – All right mate. – 20 minutes to go – Thank the Lord. – (music) I’ve ridden 460 K to get a train home. – I’m not quite sure of a train home – Yeah. – (music) – 1 minute to go – 1 minute. It’s going to be the
longest minute of my life. – 24 hours. Come on buddy. – 24 hours done mate. – Come here – It’s been emotional chap – (laughter) – I’m broken now. – That was that. 24 hours. We failed to reached our
goal to the Scottish border although rest assured,
Mark still made it home to look after his kids for the weekend. In total we clocked up 497 kilometers. And, no I wasn’t tempted to
do the extra 3 kilometers. This hurt this really hurt
we finished on the shores of Ullswater in Northern Lake District. Just shy of our destination. But safe in the knowledge
that we ultimately succeeded. We rode our bikes as far
as we could for 24 hours. That was a hard days out. – It was. It’s kind of a states
of a hangover but without having to be near a pub. – Yeah. Mark that was another absolutely just a
incredibly difficult ride. – We’re making a habit of this. – We are. 24 hours a struggle we ended on the aptly name struggle. – As we had for most of the
day a massive block headwind. I’m sure we are going look
back very fondly of this ride hope you have enjoyed this as well just listen to that wind and
please give us a thumbs up This is on him it’s his idea and maybe leave us a comment and tell us your big rides. If you do fancy ticking that big box and trying taking that 24 hours absolutely go for it. Maybe not in November. – If you guys want another
video of maybe us suffering Why don’t you check out the 1903 film that is just down there.

100 comments on “How Far Could We Ride In 24 Hours? | GCN’s Winter Epic

  1. My hardest ride to date, wasn’t my longest but a mere 17 miles. Riding up hurricane ridge in Port Angeles, Washington. I climbed 5442 ft and did it at a time when I was untrained and unprepared for such a ride. The air was smoky from fires burning across the strait in BC, Canada and I almost quit 1.5 miles into that ride, but the urge to reach the top and knowing that I was doing something to tell my son and knowing that I could accomplish this was my driving force.
    It has to date been my most mentally toughest battle on/off the bike. I remembered counting down the tenths of miles to go on my speedometer and looking around every bend to see familiar markers from my many drives up to Hurricane Ridge.

  2. a long ride is something i have to mentally build up to – Mark did that with a spur of the moment request to go for a ride. I love the spontaneity .

  3. Big respect guys! I have one time done 25 hours, but that was including a ferry ride and a train on the last stretch of the night as my lights, phone and gps had all died. Rode the last 50km when the sun rose, but no sleep!
    I want to ride 500km in one go next year too!

  4. Epic ride mates! Saw Mark’s hand still shaking at 15:28. One thing to do it in nice weather. This had to be 5x harder. Well done!

  5. That Clapham Village Store stop must have been life-enriching. Those stuffed pastries looked damn good. Well Done (on all fronts)!

  6. This was beautiful! You really have to be brave to ride in such rough conditions , for that long. My longest ride was just two weeks ago, 263 km with a tailwind all the way, no rain, in the daytime. I can tell you I was fed up by the time I arrived to my destination. That was less than 9 hours of riding… I can't imagine what a 24 hour ride does to your head

  7. Crazy awesome effort. I don’t have the mental strength to flog myself that hard, I’d start talking myself out of the suffering well before 24 hours 🙂

  8. I did the pretty much the same thing about two months ago, riding from Cologne to the coast of Zeeland. The video was super relatable. Cheers

  9. Great ride fellas. I can't figure why 27 people gave you a thumbs down but all my best. Awesome accomplishment and beautiful ride.

  10. Well done under those conditions! I've crossed Belgium along the longest diagonal, which was around 360K and it took us 25 hours, but we did sleep for 4 hours, which was a bed idea.

  11. Damn, guys – job well done! Vicariously watched the entire ride and feeling all verklempt now for some reason – very inspiring. Gorgeous England scenery to boot, particularly towards the end. I hope to ride there one day.

  12. Great to see how big actually is the support team? A van + and motorcycle + a sedan. 5 supporters for the trip?
    It would be nice to have a "making of" of these kind of epic production,

  13. Next year you guys should do the "Taiwan Twin Lighthouses 520 Challenge". The challenge have you ride 520km from Northest Lighthouse to the Southest Lighthouse in under 24hrs. The craziest part is that many finish under 20hrs.

  14. I'm so happy to see all these ultra videos coming out. Showing the true grit of cycling!
    Next year TransAm? Or better yet, Bike US Non-stop!

  15. I raced a “Tin butt” 12 hr with my 12yr old son on the back of my Tandem in 1992. 192 miles in 12hrs so we decided to ride the extra 8 to make 200miles. Food became something to hallucinate about after 6 hrs. We ate every 45 minutes after 2 hrs and within 10minutes i could detect the food like a drug coursing my veins. My sons energy would peak quickly then crash just as quick between eats. We kept each other entertained thru the event and perfected hopping the tandem over seams and small holes to fight any boredom (high speed railroad track hops on the tandem soon after the event). It was an epic bonding event!
    Congratulations to the both of you on your epic 24 hours and is a true IRON BUTT event!

  16. Well played boys. That was an epic effort and result. My question – why not do this in the summer? Either way, congratulations.

  17. They should try the Taiwan twin towers challenge to traverse from the northernmost lighthouse tower to the southernmost lighthouse tower in less than 24h.

  18. Here is a brand new BMC Time Machine, go ride it for 24 hours. Sounds like a good time to me! You guys loved it! The suffering makes it cool. I would never left the Mickey D's!

  19. Remember these riders are professionals who have trained for years. Don't try this at home. If you do make sure you have a video crew and post it on line. Way to go Mark and Hank.

  20. Epic ride!! I've done 7 24-hour relay mtn bike races (24 Hours of Adrenaline, etc.) and those were tough as a team, taking 1-1/2 hr race laps every 5 hours. I can imagine how absolutely grueling it must've been to do the entire 24 hour journey with no sleep and minimal rest breaks – great job!

  21. I appreciate what you guys do, but a couple of your "epic" rides seem counter-intuitive to the dictum of loving to ride a bike!

  22. I bet all James will remember from this ride is that he should have gone with a cappuccino. A BLOODY CAPPUCCINO MAN! 😉

  23. A couple years ago I did an Everest Challenge (first ever in Alaska-and first for me) 425K that took 20 hours-11 of which were in monsoon rains and the temp was barely above 7C the whole ride. Epic, and you guys did a great one as well!

  24. Looks like you boys need to try out a 24-hour mountain bike race 🙂 Canadian, Cory Wallace is the current WORLD 24-hour solo mtb champ..sounds like there needs to be an ultimate challenge. Listen to the interview:

  25. When I first tried BMC road bike it was riding by itself. I was so surprised. I have never experienced anything like that. After that I bought my BMC teammachine. Only positive thoughts of this brand.

  26. Inspiring but scary just a bit. I’m not as strong of a rider as you guys. And next year I am planning a 245 mile ride with 1 or 2 other riders. That will probably take us just over 24 hours. Time to get on the bike!!!

  27. My longest effort was 16 hours where I covered 186 miles with 22000 ft of elevation in the foothills of NorCal. I was trying to reach 200 miles because I’ve never covered this distance in one day. At about 15 hrs. I was literally falling asleep while riding the bike! I decided to call it in rather than end the night on the pavement! By far my best effort! Not a bad solo unsupported effort! I can’t imagine going for a full 24 hrs! Chappó to both of you chaps!

  28. You really learn to help each other out! In 1983 we did I bike trip from Cambridge Minn. to Vail Co 1050 miles in 10 days of riding 12 total day freak snowstorm in the middle of May kept us off the bike for 2 days! When we got into S. Dakota we quickly figured out why you ride west to east instead of east to west 4 days of major headwinds! We learned that you need to motivate each a lot because you get into some dark dark places! Great job guys are you going to try it again to see if you can make target?

  29. After the Penny Farthing world record attempt, and this, can we give both of these like a super nice, pleasant bike ride. Maybe like 120 miles somewhere super nice this time of year?

  30. Not the most direct route through Cumbria. Surely up the A6, through Kendal and up Shap, BUT kudos for doing the struggle with over 20 hours of cycling in your legs

  31. Good drills for the ride but it is very disappointing that it seems it is the regular plan for GCN to fly everywhere, even places as near as Scotland. Flying is a scourge.

  32. This really shows, what the human body is capable of, if only the mind is strong enough. Thank you for this EPIC ride and the superb videography. Congratulations to Mark and James!

  33. I did a 320 km ride recently, that took 20.5 hours. It started at Bristol, and I had a major mechanical by the time I reached Bath. We even did the same 2:30am McDonalds stop – only ours was at Solstice Park, not Manchester! And then, climbing The Struggle after 23 hours? That was hard enough for me to get up with fresh legs. An utterly insane achievement, guys.

  34. Loved it guys, absolute nutters, love watching you two, your 1903 Tour de France day was my favorite GCN vid from last season, amazing… and hey, big thanks to the crew for bringing this to us!! Just riding is not at all the entirety of this video's creation! Cheers to all, ROCK ON GCN.

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