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How Fast Can You Pack A Bike Bag? | The Getaway Race

How Fast Can You Pack A Bike Bag? | The Getaway Race

– Welcome back, you beautiful people. I get to travel a lot, and I get to use one of
these massive Douchebags, this is called the1 Savage,
and it’s a bike bag. Now, packing your bike, there’s a little bit of an art to it, but, I’m going to spice
it up a little bit, I’m going to invite three other riders, and we’re going to have a race, who’s the fastest at
packing their own bike in a Douchebag Savage. (lively music) (cheering) Yes, a race between us, four dudes. Now, let me introduce you to these dudes, we got Anton Thelander, out from Sweden. There’s a little special
thing about this dude, he was one of the first athletes
ever to be on Douchebags. Correct, right? – Might be, yeah. – Also, Max Fredriksson as
well, Monster Energy rider, slopestyle riders all
three of these dudes, so their bikes are pretty
small compared to mine, hanging on the other end there, that is Nicholi Rogatkin. Like, trick machine, not going to lie. So their bikes are pretty small. And there it is right there. Now, boys, we’ve packed
these bikes before, a number of times, right? – Yeah, we have. – We’ve traveled a bit. – [Anton] Correct. – We’ve used these bags. We know what it’s like, now
we’re going to set a race. You ready? Have you got any like trick
things you’re going to do? – Maybe, we’ll see how
things go during the packing, maybe I’ll throw some moves in there. – Have you got your tools ready? – My tools are already in the bag there. Where are your tools? – There. – There. – That’s his only too. – Tool. – Guess so. Ready? – Locked and loaded. – You guys ready? – Yes.
– Yes. – Do you want me to tell
you some rules first? – Sure. – You see those black straps
that hold the bags together? – Yeah. – They need to be tucked
away, neat and tidy. – Do they? – And zipped all the way up, yes they do. (laughing) – Just like you would
show up at the airport. – Just like you would show
up on a standard shop. – Or first class flight. – Or, first, which, business. Right, you ready? – Yeah. – The last one is loser,
the first one is the winner. – Oh, really? – Yeah. – All right. – [Cameraman] Last one
buys the beer for first. – Oh yeah, last one buys the beers. – Beers! – Beers. – Yeah, great. – Sure. – Three, two, one, go. (lightly paced music) – First, going to get rid of the pedals, then rear wheel, front
wheel, open up the bag, make it ready for it, just
for the bike to drop in and then that should be it. You’re ready to hit the airport. – Come on pedals. – What’s up with that? – Look at these guys,
they’re like slope styles and I’m a trial. – [Max] What are you, Blake? – I’m a guy. – [Max] Are you a guy? – I’m a guy that’s struggling right now. – Just a guy? – Just a guy, dude. Wrong way. – Oh no! – [Anton] Oh no! – I dropped tools, no tool drop. – I just realized my chain
might be too tight on this bike. This could be trouble for me. – That’s not good. Where’s my five? Here’s my five. Where’s my five? – My five. – Here you go. – Wow. – I got gears, that’s what I got. – Speed racing road. Open up the bag and put
in the frame in place so the bike can just
jump in and sit safely. – Up and down. – Stupid tool, get out of there. How are you doing, Blake? – Not doing very well, mate. Like, my bike’s a bit more
complicated, that’s what it is. Get that chain off, I’m not sure if I can. I might have to cut this one. I realized, so slant. – Done. (upbeat music) – Wow. Dude, I need to get a total. – I might not lose. That’s a good thing. – Greg, how’s your progress, Greg, how’s your progress? – Very well, mate, yours? – All right, it’s okay. – You sure? Are you nearly done? Oh, have you finished? – I can put my tools in there as well. – [Max] Is Anton done? – Anton? – [Greg] Anton. – Anton. – [Greg] Anton. – Anton. – Anton had to leave the site. He decided that he
needs to break his chain which is good for me. – I don’t know if it’s
going to work like this, I’ve never tried it like this. – Man, these things are so good. – Should you do Anton’s as well? – Wheel, in. – [Cameraman] What do you
think of these guys being slow, Max? – I thought it would be more
of a challenge to be honest, like Nicholi claimed so hard at lunch that he would be super-quick, so. – I did not claim anything like that. (laughing) – You said that you had some
things you could throw up. – That’s true, that’s true. – You need to open it before you do that. – Are you assisting me there? – Oh my gosh, thank you. – It’s not even on there. – What do you mean? Oh, my bag assembly is just so poor. – [Max] There we go. – [Blake] Wow, are you finished? – [Max] Who? – [Blake] Rogaks? – No, I’m close. Still got to put, check in here. (fast-paced music) – Oh, wow, that’s it. – Chest protector. Zip it up. – You didn’t even take your bars off. That’s cheating. – [Blake] I would’ve mate. – That’s cheating! – I had to cut my chain. – That’s cheating, Max. – Max’s bars are still on. – Max, you as well? – Where have my pedals gone? – Don’t know. Someone hid them. – [Max] No, I haven’t touched them, mate. – Oh, matey. – Oh come on, you, come on. – Tuck strap, tool in. – Grab on. – Finish. Finish! – Finish! – Second place finisher! Thanks for the help, Max. Good seeing you there, but no worries. – Inside pocket. – [Max] Can’t believe Anton. – It’s going to be a close one. (fast-paced music) – Are these his pedals? – Yeah. – Have you got your pedals? – Where are they? – Don’t know. – Those are mine. I got yours. – Where are they? – I picked up your pedal. (laughing) – Who’s buying the beers? – Finish! – Oh his strap, his strap isn’t tucked in! – Oh yeah, that was a close one. – That was really close. – I completely forgot
how to cut the chain. – Well-done. – Well-done, Max. – That was fun. – Now, that’s one way to get
your bike packed so you can go home in a rush. – Yeah, why don’t we do that every time, it’s way more convenient. – Yeah, Max was like two or three minutes? – I don’t know, we got
to get a timer on that. – Yeah, for sure. – That was really quick. – And you only needed that, but you had to get your tool. – Yeah, I forgot my chain is too tight. – Bragging about one
tool, has to go inside to the room. – There you go, the quickest and most fastest
world packing of bikes ever known to man and humankind. Goes to this human right here, Max Fredriksson, well-done, dude. – Thank you, all. – A veteran in the brand itself, right? – Been there from the beginning. – Now, if you love this sort of content and you want to know how to pack a bike to travel within a few
bits of information, click over here, we’ve got a video all about that. Don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe ’cause you’re missing out some rad stuff. And give us a thumbs up, like, if you love these Douchebags. (laughing) (upbeat music)

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