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How Hard Can You Ride A Hardtail E-Bike?

How Hard Can You Ride A Hardtail E-Bike?

– There’s a lot of love out there for full suspension e-bike on the trails. But the hardtail has also
got a lot of love too. These things are super versatile. People might think that you
need loads of suspension out there to do big things
out there on the trails, big drops and jumps and things like that. But the hardtail, really capable bike too. Let’s take a look at how
hard we can push this thing out on the trails. (“Hold up” by Fasion) Wow, this is so good. I forgot how good hardtail is. Straightaway it just feels
really like responsive, forget how like direct everything feels. Every single peddle stroke feels amazing, can’t wait to hit the
trails with this thing. Why would you buy a hardtail? First things first, cost. These things cost a lot less money than the full suspension bike. You haven’t got that rare shark linkage coming into the equation. You get a lot more bike for your money when it comes to hardtail. Secondly, maintenance. Again you haven’t got
that rare shark linkage and baring for things to go wrong, especially in those Winter months. It can play up quite a lot
but hardtail, pretty solid. Skills. You learn a lot more skills. Things like line choice. And how that bike rides out on the trails. Sometimes it’s quite easy just to sit back on these full suspension
bikes and enjoy the ride and just smash threw rocks
and things like that. But this, you’ve gotta be really precise. Lastly, is efficiency. Ever single peddle stroke
you put in is gonna go to that back wheel and drive
you forward on the trails. Something that can be lost on
those full suspension bikes. Really efficient bike
and that’s why a lot of cross-country riders choose a hardtail. Just a carpark test and out
of the way I’ve just cruised in on the fire road and
already this bike is feeling a hell of a lot of fun. We’re here today at Windhill Bike Park, I’m gonna see what the
hardtail is really capable of. (“Heliolingus” by Ooyy) Now I’ve ridden that blue
trail 100 times or more on my full suspension bike. But the hardtail just
felt actually faster. I don’t know if my senses,
I’m bouncing around a bit more but I actually felt faster, it’s definitely having a lot of fun. Next up I want to try that red line. Bigger jumps, more airtime, bigger burns. (“Heart In Hand” by Ramin) Woo. My god, that was so good. This thing actually fly’s out the corners, the exit speed is unreal compared
to full suspension bikes. That full suspension bike,
when you hit those corners it sort of squashes in there. Yeah it might be a little bit more grip, the exit speed just
literally fires you out. The whole rundown, if I
like missed timed of jump I could pump, get more speed,
something you might struggle with a little bit with on
the full suspension bike. That was bigger jumps and
it’s feeling already super comfortable as well, so I
reckon we can step it up again. Time to try this baby out on
some slippy woodland climbs. I know Steve goes on about
full suspension bike, finding that grip but what
the thing is I love about hardtail, is feeling so
connected to that drive on that back wheel. Sometimes on a full sus bike
you can get a bit of loss of that feeling from the
rear wheel to the cranks. But as soon as this thing spins I can literally feel it straightway, for those ridged rear end and
control my power really good. This is thing is absolutely
flying up these slippy climbs. So far, so good. This hardtail is really
putting a smile on my face. Every trail so far has
been a blast up and down. But thing is those tracks have been really manicured quite smooth. I think once we get on
the more natural stuff, think it could be a different story. Let’s see. (“Down In The Dirt” by Martin Carlberg) Wow. Definitely used my 120 mil
and traveled down that trail that was really, really, really rocky. I only felt a little bit slow that I did on my full suspension bike. But what this bike did
teach me was picking lines. Full suspension bikes you can sit on it and smash over every rock
and root on your way down. These things you’ve
gotta be really precise with your riding, so really
good for teaching those skills. Doesn’t mean that these tails
aren’t doable on the hardtail you might just have to
go a little bit slower but that doesn’t mean
that that’s any less fun. (“Down In The Dirt” by Martin Carlberg) Wow. Wet, rooty climbs shouldn’t
be the downfall of any e-bike but this thing is literally
creaming up any climb I give it. It’s really nice having that good power delivered to that back wheel. It must be that hard rear
end meaning that I can feel and get my power down
ready on every single root, before that back tire breaks away. If it does spin I can feel it straightaway through the cranks, there’s
no shock in that getting in the way of that power delivery I can read that terrain meaning I can climb my way up there really well. Big tires, loads of grip. This thing, so much fun on the climbs. Can you go big on a E-hardtail? Do you need that rear suspension? Let’s take a look. (“Dead City Blues” by Sebastian Forslund) Wow. So there you go, going big on a hardtail. Today I think we pretty
much ticked off every style and every discipline of mountain biking. Be it down hill, cross-country,
jumping, free ride, this hardtail literally does it all. Yeah it might be not as
capable in the sus bike in some situations but this thing, is a proper do it all bike. I’ve really enjoyed my ride today. Let’s take a look at the
bike that I’m riding. This is a Haibike SDURO HardSeven 10.0. It’s Yamaha powered
mid-drive unit on there, 504 battery, 120 mil travel fork, 650w wheels front and rear. And I’m running it pretty
stocked to be fair, the only mods I’ve done is
add a little bit more air to that fork to stiffen
it up on the bigger stuff. And add a little bit
more PSI to those tires. But if you’ve enjoyed today’s
video be sure to check out how to free ride on your E-bike up here. And we’ve got another
really cool bike park videos that’ll progression your skills, check that one out down here. Drop us a comment in the box
below, give us a thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed today’s video. Don’t forget to subscribe to EMBN and we’ll see you in the next one.

41 comments on “How Hard Can You Ride A Hardtail E-Bike?

  1. I think the best thing about the hard tail is the value. The Vitus E-Sentier is £2399 which is pretty amazing considering its spec. Nice vid 👍

  2. Here’s some suggestions for some content.

    1. Entry level emtb
    2. How about going up to the Lake District or the Yorkshire dales or the Peak District to see how they fair up here
    3. Get more content with Sam pilgrim

  3. I ride a Focus Bold 2 plus with a loooooooot of Changed Parts from Race Face.all I can say is,this Bike is pure Fun.greets from Germany,keep on riding Guys!!!

  4. guys can you do a show of e bikes just for comuting to work and not mounting bikes plus comfi bikes where the guys dont have to bend forward ,putting your back out . urben bikes i guess with lots of power and range cheers

  5. Dah!!!
    I love E -HTs on smooth jump trails or pump tracks, but on anything remotely technical, they’re teeth rattling, brain jarring , boob bouncers.
    Just my opinion, tho 😝

  6. I have the hard tail, the shop sets the tyres to 70 psi which does shake me up on the bumps, but I love the real feel of this bike on long rides and would not change a thing, just the weather at times…lol

  7. Cube HT here. Great for all types of riding except for maybe Black Diamond down hills…
    Love blowing by peddlers on the up hills. Riding up some trails is good fun too…

  8. I ride electric and clockwork hardtails. Everything they say about emtbs being more stable and planted is true for hardtails. When gravity kicks in, my emtb is the faster bike.

  9. Are Haibike struggling with their HT sales and told you to do a feature saying how good they are? I've ridden normal HT a few times over the years and always gone back to FS. And Chris, what are you babbling on about them being better up climbs? OK on fireroads but when there's routes, rocks, whatever they're sh*te! That's when you need rear suspension to soak up the bumps and keep your rear wheel in line with more traction. I did try a HT with plus tyres last year thinking it would be OK… but no!

    I was thinking of maybe getting an emtb HT for better battery life and a change, but watching this video has convinced me not to bother. I liked the jumps, etc, but you used to do freestyle on a HT and you can do jumps on anything anyway.

  10. You can have great fun but the aluminium frame can’t handle the stress long term, my Haibike Sduro got a cracked frame after 2 years.

  11. This video made me rather depressed cause I think I just made a 5000 euro mistake by getting the full susp ebike 🤔 I am XC rider 90% of the time, never go to bike parks (we don't have them here), sometimes I'll go on rough stuff like rocky or rooty hiking trails but mostly I'm on fire roads and I hate sag, I really prefer hardtail feel. And because of the sag and not long enough dropper post, sitting position is not high enough for my liking, i like to seat really high when I'm on flat or going uphill, so I'm not enjoying this riding position. Bike is brand new but if I sell it I'll lose so much money, so I'll have to live with it now and learn from this costly mistake

  12. Some very good skills deployed… back in 2000 when I got my 1st full suspension bike I was so much less sore in my back after riding trails with climbing. Based on the amount of downhill work being done in this video, I would say the seat is not necessary and therefore a full suspension would be unnecessary as well, but if you're going to spend any time on a seat climbing hills, hitting anything other than pavement, a full suspension pays off with far less body fatigue. Efficiency is less of a concern when you have a motor! But okay, young lads without money can certainly be better off with a hardtail as opposed to not having a bike at all! Also, their body can take a lot more abuse, but that'll catch up with them too 🙂

  13. I think 90% of riders don't need FS. In your videos you've focused on FS bike so far, with this video you put the balance back a little bit, thanks.

  14. Finally a show dedicated to Hardys, showing how great and they really are. I love my Hard Tail, i sold my full sus because i get a better ride out on my Mondraker E Vantage hard tail. Well done Chris Smith for showing how capable and fun a Hard Tail can be.

  15. Like anything , there will be haters and lovers ! Personally I think a avid hardtail rider is a special breed . Yes they aren’t as comfortable and yes they have limits but that’s why we love them so much , theirs nothing wrong with going against the grain ! Nice to see Chris pushing it to it’s limits on the big stuff 😃👍

  16. Haha…Steve would of never done this video. I'm sure Steve would love to do his bit of ethnic cleansing when it came to HT ebikes ☠.

  17. Awesome film Chris
    God, I wish I could handle a bike like you!! But it is now official, hardtails big time rock, not My words, the words of The Man…. Chris Smith! And that's good enough for Me. Top stuff Chris

  18. As you know Chris, I'm a firm advocate of hardtails and my sold FS eMTB because it sat in the back of the shed abandoned for nearly a year, as without fail, I always grabbed the HT in preference.  Next time that you and Steve do a trials challenge, grab the hardtail instead. 🙂  Thumbs up from me. 🙂

  19. Reinstalled some of my motivation in my trek powerfly HT back in the bikeparks ! Thank you ! For too long I have cringed at Steve's HT unfair and prejudiced comments. Almost as if HT's are not competitive real bikes ! I love my Trek HT ! Thank you again !!

  20. I have a Haibike HardNine , 20mph limited. I think it is a great commuter bike, lock out the front for smooth roads, use the front sus for rocky or dirt roads. Rutty trails and speed, um no, too much rear wheel bounce for my liking.

  21. I got hub motor at back and i have killed like 10 tubes already and few alloys. 2.2" tir runnign at 3bar.

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