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How Hard Can You Ride On A Hardtail Mountain Bike | Whistler Bike Park Edition

How Hard Can You Ride On A Hardtail Mountain Bike | Whistler Bike Park Edition

– Oh my goodness, me. A few weeks ago, I did “How Hard Can You Push a Hardtail”, but I don’t think I pushed it hard enough. This is How Hard Can You Push a Hardtail To Extreme Level, Whistler Edition. (chuckles) Oh my gosh, it’s so much more scarier! (dramatic music) Oh so rough, oh my gosh, rainbow! Man I’ve got to change one
thing before I go down, I need some more extreme
tires, that’s for sure. So I’ve opted for some
downhill casing (de-ky-sers), I’ll be back in a bit, lift. (energetic music) Done. One done, one to go. Full tubeless set-up, that’s for sure. (energetic funk music) (giggles) Last one done. Now we can go and shred! Downhill (de-key-zer) tires! Now I feel like this thing’s gunna shred down the mountain so hard. I’m going full moto. Alright, let’s catch that lift. Right! Crank it up, this
is gunna be my warm up run. And then we go and hit some
blacks, maybe go up there. (giggles) (energetic techno music) Oh my goodness, me! Now that was rough! Crank it up! Kinda warming up, getting ready. Okay, that was rough. Jumps, a bit of rough,
a little bit worse… Rough, that’s a bit techy for this bike. Kinda warmed me up, made me tired! Well let’s go back down, I’m gunna head all the way back up and maybe do like, A-line, maybe? Just go hammer time, let’s go A-line! Let’s go all in! Well I’ve hit Crank It Up. I’m warmed up on the Hardtail. I’m going straight on the deep end. I’m gunna hit up A-Line. A-Line is a very famous
trail at Whistler Bike Park. Alright, let’s go, it’s full of big jumps. (fast techno music) So after warming up on Crank-It-Up I headed over to A-Line to
get some more high-speed, bigger air, bigger jumps, but
I felt like I needed more. Higher speeds and bigger gaps. Alright, Dwayne Johnson. High speed… High speed and very long jump, and I’m doing it on a Hardtail. Should be fine, it’s
only a little bit windy. Not that windy. It’s quite windy. This jump is a no-brake jump. Actually I do brake a bit. Alright, let get it. Dwayne. Right! Dwayne Johnson, dropping in. Now this horrible drop
here, you can go (mumbles). Dwayne Johnson coming! (hollering excitedly) Gunna go straight on a rock drop here. Straight on a big rock drop here. Oh my gosh! (laughing excitedly) Now I would jump this
jump, that’s for sure! That was a big ass rock drop! That was somethin’ else entire. On a Hardtail, dude. Look at it. It’s massive. It’s not massive. It’s just quite scary, looks up there. See how you jump from the top, land on the bottom, and
then you fly down here and you hit that thing and you go flat. (laughs) What can’t a Hardtail do, man? It’s just… I think the only thing
that limits the hard tail is someone’s skill. That’s the only thing
that limits the Hardtail. You’ve got the skill, the
Hardtail can do anything. I wouldn’t say everything and anything. I take that back. Like, Red Bull Rampage, hell no! Actually… No, hell no, huh uh. Don’t even type that in the comments, man. Don’t even put them things in there. Okay, enough jumping. I am gunna test out this girl on a warm-up on some techy trail. This is Ninja Cougar. There’s a lot of turns,
it’s a little bit techy. Rough goin’, it’s rough. And then I’m gunna head up to the top. (techno music) Alright, best thing about Hardtail this thing is so damn quick on the trail you can pump everything. So what I’m gunna do, I’m
gunna smash that corner, I’m gunna smash that corner,
I’m gunna put the power down and I’m gunna bunny hop from this roller all the way to here! And then maybe gap that into the (loam), depending on how fast I’m going. Alright, let’s have a go. How hard can you push a Hardtail? Hard! (laughs) Now, pumpin’, rollin’, that’s
what a Hardtail’s built for. (sighs) It’s all about putting down the power all around and get tired. Oh man, I’m so tired it’s ridiculous. (gasps for air) Let’s go ride some tech! Let’s go ride tech. (dramatic keyboard music) This is definitely gunna
test out the Hardtail. I’m gunna do this Filthy Ape drop. It’s not a drop, it’s a big rock roll and I’m quite nervous. Nervous on a full sus, well now I’m doing it on a Hardtail. My tire pressure’s running so low just because it’s so rough and bumpy out. Eh, I got ‘er. (laughs) Filthy Ape. Rock drop. Hardtail. Ugh, oh wow, look. Oh my gosh it’s so much more scarier! (laughs) Nice! Not finished yet. Look at this horrible bit of… Oh my gosh this is horrible. That wasn’t so bad I think the worst one was that one there because
there’s a horrible rock. I turned around and I hit that. When you come off there,
look how sharp they are! That is horrible. Alright, I’ve got another rock roll. It’s called Captain’s Safety and it’s… Not safe. I’ve hit a rock roll… Not this one, this is a small one. This one’s a bit rougher. On a Hardtail. Funny, that. Oh, my… Oh it controls speed way better. Uh, oh! Ah, this bit’s horrible. (techno music) (chuckles) (laughing) I jumped that and my foot came off. That was sketchy as anything. I thought I’d like pop it and then I went pop and I went, ‘Oh, no’. Take the foot off to balance myself. Holy, moly. Well let’s carry on down this thing. (helmet drowns out words) (techno keyboard music) Now it’s time. I’ve done a blue, jump,
steezy, Crank It Up run. I’ve done A-Line, black jump line. Done that, now let’s do… Oh we did Ninja Cougar and Karate Monkey, which is tech. Now let’s do a double diamond black. POLP Fiction. Let’s go and see what it’s like. (cackles) I’ve ridden this before. It’s got some… I love that bit. (mumbles excitedly) Kinda sketchy on the top. (rock music) So rough. Oh my gosh, rainbow. Rainbow then… Oh my gosh, look at these rocks. Oh, wow. (grunts) (dramatic techno music) (sighs) Oh wow! I say it, I’m done. Oh, man! That is some hard ass riding. Been shaken about on a Hardtail
through some rough stuff. Look at my gloves. Ripped my gloves. What else have I done? I’ve got a puncture, I’ve dinged my rim and I’ve smashed my gear cable. I’m alright, though. Bike handled like a dream. Like in the tough, real tight
sections, oh man. Perfect. You can hop this thing everywhere. Super, super fun. Like I say, it’s the king
of pump, that’s for sure. The Hardtail can do
anything it’s just down to your skill to push that Hardtail to the absolute limit. I’ve put, went down
some horrible rock stuff that I thought I would
never do on a Hardtail. (sighs) I still love the Hardtail. This has made me feel more
in love with the Hardtail, riding it in some rough terrain just like this place here at Whistler. It’s insane, I hope
you enjoyed this video. If you did, send us some comments in the comments section down below. If you wanna see how hard
you can actually push it, click on the ad, do a video on that and don’t forget to smash the go subscribe and I’ll see you at the next one.

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  1. I'm 53. I've only had a hard tail. I've had for about 17 years. I wouldn't know any other way. So yeah I definitely ride whistler

  2. In the city where I live, you mostly see old people with full susp mtbs and they just use them for everything else except mountainbiking

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