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How Have Gadgets Transformed Mountain Biking Over Time? | Dirt Shed Show Episode 119

How Have Gadgets Transformed Mountain Biking Over Time? | Dirt Shed Show Episode 119

– Woo, I’m just back from
a ride, as you can tell, just in time for the Dirt Shed Show. We’re gonna be looking at some gadgets. We’ve got news from
Blake, who’s in Les Gets, and we’ve got a new presenter, Doddy! – It’s the Dirt Shed Show! – Let’s do it. (energetic rock music) – Oh. That was a hell of a ride, Doddy. That was a hell of a ride. I tell you what- Nearly. That was a good ride, I enjoyed it. You should’ve come. – Next one.
– You would’ve enjoyed it. Right, before we get
started, let me introduce you to this guy right here. It’s Andrew Dodd. Doddy, tell them about yourself. – I’ve been a cycling
journalist since 2001. Mountain biking’s what
I’m all about, especially the tech stuff, and
that’s what I’m here for. – Yes, very, very passionate
about the tech stuff. You are a bike geek. – Nothing wrong with being a geek. – Nothing wrong with that. Me too, me too. Right, let’s get on with this week’s show. I want to talk about gadgets. Gadgets and what are the best gadgets on mountain bikes ever. So I’m thinking things
like back in the day, there was a thing called a DCD. – Dave’s chain device? – Yes, Dave’s chain device. It was a great option for
getting rid of chain slap and bringing the chain around
the front cog a little bit further so it didn’t fall off so much. Wicked little device. Made your bike look cool. – And it evolved into
the modern chain guards that we see today.
– Yeah, yeah, I suppose it did, I suppose it did. So that’s a good idea on
what I’m thinking on gadgets, but these days, the tech’s so advanced, something like Di2 is a gadget, isn’t it. – [Andrew] It’s just
unbelievable gadgetry. – [Martyn] Yeah, it’s some of the best. I think that makes the bike so cool. So I think that’s probably
one of my favourites. What about yourself? – Little bit more simple. I like the dropper post,
actually, because I think a dropper post can even
transform a rigid bike. – Yeah. – Pretty sure you can ride a
rigid bike with dropper posts nearly as quick as a
suspension bike without one. – That is quite a statement. – Idea for a video another time, I think. – Yes, we’ve definitely
gotta make that video. Write that one down,
Alex, write that down. He’s writing. We’re gonna do that video. What about something like Strava? I know what you’re gonna
say, it’s not a gadget, but it does improve a ride and it technology-wise helps you. – I’m not so sure it improves the ride. (laughs) Subjective, this is.
– Let’s not get into that. Let’s not get into that. No, no, it’s a great tool. – Let’s find out what the best
gadget is by doing a poll. Doddy, duck. Just, nearly got you. Right, first option is a dropper post, second one is Di2, that’s a great option, third, tubeless tyres. That’s a good option. Uh, fourth, Strava? Is it a gadget?
I don’t know. And then the fifth one, I
like to put something really silly at the end of my polls, Doddy. Something daft, so bar ends. You can choose those. Let us know what you think,
get involved in the poll, and put some comments down below. What is your favourite
gadget in mountain biking? – So I’m pretty interested
in the poll from last week because that’s controversial. It’s “Should e-bikes be charged more at trail centres for usage?” – Yeah, it’s a tricky one, this. I’ve got the results of last week’s poll. They should pay 25 percent. That’s harsh. Look, I think that’s harsh. No way, they shouldn’t pay, 65 percent. Yay, e-bikes, yes.
– That’s more like it, yeah. – And last one, could
I borrow your charger? 10 percent. So 10 percent out there
are struggling for power, which is a shame. Yeah, okay, so in the comments there, you guys had something to say. Steven Paulson, “If
e-bikes pay for more usage, shouldn’t fitter riders
pay more for usage?” Because they’ll be doing more laps. That’s a good point. – They’re always gonna outlast a battery. – Yeah, they will, true, that’s true. So maybe the fitter guys,
you’re gonna have to start getting your hands in your wallets. I don’t know. – GamingwithIan said, “Who needs an e-bike if you have strong legs?” Well, actually, it’s not just about that. – No, no.
– They’re fun. They’re for different
riding for different people. – Yeah.
– Martyn loves e-bikes. – I love e-bikes. I am lazy but they’re not for lazy people. They’re for people who want a
different experience, I think. Pete Kinsella, this is
really interesting, this one, and also a controversial way to leave it. Peter Kinsella says, “Just
wondering, as an e-bike OAP who has a number of health
problems, should I sue under the age or disability
discrimination legislation?” – Got it out. – Okay, into the news. Now, before we start,
obviously, it was Leogang downhill just gone and it was amazing, but we wanna touch on, it
was a couple of crashes. – Loic Bruni took a proper punch and had a nasty injury on his leg, so get well soon, Loic. And yeah, Remi Thirion, ugh, horror show. – Probably the worst crash I’ve ever seen. – It was-
– Horrendous. – So nasty, so get well to those boys. Obviously, never like seeing
any of the racers out there having a prang, but there we are. Get well soon. Into the results, though. Aaron Gwin owns this track. He absolutely owns this track. – [Andrew] Undisputed
champ on this track, yeah. – Smashed it. It was an amazing ride from him. But great seeing Lawrence
Verger in second place. – Hell of a run that was. – [Martyn] Yeah, getting the 29er up there And then ah, Mr. Consistent, Greg Minnaar. So he is looking good in
this championship right now. – He is.
– He’s won at Fort William. So Minnaar took third. What about the women, Doddy? – Well, Tahnee up top, what can you say? Absolutely amazing result for her. – It’s great, isn’t it?
– Stoked. – Yeah, because she’s been
needing that win for so long. I think her confidence now is gonna soar and she’s gonna be hard to beat, I think. – And, of course, Tracey Hannah in second, so another great result for her. – Yeah, that’s a good ride, good ride. Consistent in the championship now. She’ll be leading that. – [Andrew] And your favourite,
Pompon in there third. – [Martyn] Pompon, yeah, Myriam Nicole. Why’s she called Pompon? I don’t know. – [Andrew] Let us know, let
us know in the comments. – Let us know in the
comment section down below why is Myriam Nicole called Pompon? Myriam, you’re probably watching. Let us know. I’d love to know why. Nobody seems to know why. – Okay, well, one of the
latest things I’ve seen is the new Brandon
Semenuk video, Simplicity. It is just the king of
textbook jumping and riding and it’s just two minutes
and 39 seconds of just… It’s ridiculous, innit? You’ve seen it. – I loved it. When it started, I was
about 10 seconds in, I saw how long it was
gonna be and I was gutted, because I was like “That is
not gonna be enough of this.” This guy is, he is nailing
it every time at the moment, isn’t he? – He is.
– So good. – He’s definitely the
smoothest jumper out there. – Yeah, yeah, and he obviously puts- I mean, I’d love to see
some of the outtakes because he obviously is very,
very strict on which clips they use, because it’s so precise. Even when he puts in a
big whip and you’re really landing with that back wheel out, he lands in a turn and it’s just crisp. Very nice. – Speaking of other big jumpers, where’s our resident jumper? – Bing-bong! Where has he gone? Actually, I know where he is. He’s out in Leger, where
he’s gonna be competing in a whip-off contest.
– At Crankworx. – So let’s see, what are you up to, Blake? – Ah, thank you very much, Ding-Dong. Hey, wait, I see a new
face sat in the shed. Is that Andrew Dodd? It is. (laughs) I’m so stoked, dude. I can’t wait to do some work with you. Welcome to the team, but I’m out here in Les Gets, Crankworx,
and it’s all going off. We’ve got whip-off that I’m competing in. We’ve got pro bikes. We’ve got a SRAM truck tour
and we’ve got all of this rad slopestyle stuff to take in. I can’t wait. – Now, let’s take a look
at what you guys have been saying on the channel over the last week and we’re gonna start with
last week’s Dirt Shed Show, where I’ve got to apologise, Doddy… Oh, God, I keep getting this wrong. Fist off, I insulted Cairns, now, I’ve insulted Canberra as a track. I just want to apologise. So, James Jake and Noah Eunis have both called me out on it, saying “What’s your
problem with Canberra?” Because there was a kind
of lousy race there once and now I’ve kind of made it
seem like all of Canberra’s crap and it’s not. I got it wrong, I’m sorry, can we move on? – Peaty loves it. – Peaty loves it. It’s a good track for him. Okay, right, so are we over that now? Everyone’s fine. – Hunky-dory.
– Hunky-dory, right. Great question here from Otis Caveny. Can Blake backflip? What? (laughs) Damn, he can backflip. He can do two of them. And he never lands on his
wheels, though. (laughs) – He’s a big, strong lad.
– He can if he does one. Yes, Blake can backflip. – And, well, looking at Blake versus Olly. – Yes.
– Car park captains. – [Martyn] Great video. – Yeah, so there’s plenty
of captions on that. Blake versus Sam Pilgrim. Is that one in the pipeline, do you think? – It is now, it is now. That is a great idea. – Who’s gonna win that one? That’s a tough one. – It is a tough one. – Pilgrim’s pretty good at asphalt stuff. – Blake’s good. Blake is good. – It is not a cardinal, it’s a cardigan. – Oh no, I got that wrong as well. Tom Cardy’s signature trick, it’s not a- What did I say it was? – A cardinal.
– A cardinal. It’s a cardigan. I knew that. Man, I’m terrible with this stuff. – And in fact, someone else has called you out on that as well. – Aw, I’m sorry about that. – Okay, well, let’s go for a better one. Is Olly Wilkins tall or
Blake Samson small? , (laughs) Well, Olly Wilkins most
definitely is not tall. – So I think we know the answer to that. Blake is- Hey, look, Blake’s a great rider. He’s challenged in stature upwards, but he makes up for it
in width, doesn’t he? – He’s a unit.
– Because he is a unit. He is strong. So yeah, he’s not tall, but he’s powerful. Strong and short and powerful. (laughs) – I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty
sure the turkey twizzler is supposed to be a back
wheel 360 to wheelie away, not a ride away. – Oh. – And he did, he rode out of shot. No, we did wheelie in to twizzler, but I think actually, it
should be a ride in, spin, to wheelie out. We didn’t do well in that. You filmed that, Alex. You got that wrong. You should have pointed it out. These camera guys are-
– [Alex] The chicken twizzler. – The chicken twizzler. That’s what we did.
– It’s a new one. – Good point.
– Heard it here first. – Yes – [Andrew] At least Blake
didn’t go for a kiss this time. – Aw, you know them headbutt
shots, when you go up to Blake, you’ve gotta watch out,
because he really wants to just turn it into a kiss. – To be fair, you’ve gotta watch out doing it to you, as well. – Yeah, yeah, well, I’ll
hit you with my squeaker. That sounds worse than it was.
– I beg your pardon. (squeaking)
(laughing) – Progression session. Doddy, this is the bit where
we get videos from our viewers, we get to have a look and they prove that they are progressing. It’s all about practise, after all. – Always makes perfect. – I’ve got a great
example for this first one from Oliver Pack. Take a look at this. He has crashes his first
time, little jump into some rooty, woody bit of trail. Check it out. Comes in, it’s all good.
– Looks good. – Nearly hits this tree, look. – That was close.
– That was close. Second go, look, coming in,
hits the tree and he’s off. – [Andrew] He’s down. – [Martyn] Third go, though, look. Got it now. Coming in. Whack! – Sweet as.
– Misses the trees. – Tidy.
– That is progression. Love it. Thank you Oliver, you’re doing great. Next up, love this, Jane Goodacre riding this really tricky bit of trail, stony trail, looks a
bit loose, in Australia. Something she’s her
husband do loads of times but he’s helped her get down it. I love this, this is
someone really learning to ride mountain bikes but check it out. It’s kinda heartwarming this one. I like it. He’s very supportive ain’t he? – He is, yes.
– I remember being, you know, when you’re frightened of a trail, you stiffen up don’t you? – [Andrew] Yeah, yeah. – [Martyn] So it’s hard to get going. – [Andrew] Looks pretty steep, look at the angle of those trees. – [Martyn] Yeah, it looks
loose as well doesn’t it? But she’s getting it, coming in, oh yes. – [Andrew] Tidy. – [Martyn] Yes, I think
this might be the one. Yes.
– Got it. – Yes, got it. So great progression. If you’re out there riding, you wanna show us how
well you’re getting on then send us your videos
to [email protected] I nearly forgot the email then. I don’t know how I
could’ve possibly done that but I haven’t, it’s just down there. Alex is gonna put it on screen for me. He’s shaking his head, he will, he will. Well, Blake’s not here, he’s in Les Gets, and it’s first try Friday time so Doddy, have we got a first
try Friday for this week? – We’ve got an amazing one lined up. This is from Catherine
Hunter out in South Africa and it’s from the Garden Route trail. Remember that, that’s in pure darkness. – Yes, I know the one. – And this one is of
Ethan, he’s 10 years old. – Hi, I’m Ethan, I’m 10, and
this is my first try Friday. – [Andrew] So if you check
this out, this is unreal. – [Martyn] Look at the
size of that double. – [Andrew] A lot bigger than he is. – Oh my god, that was wicked. I’ve got another one here
from his brother Jaden. He’s also doing a first try Friday. Nice little intro. – Hello, I’m Jaden, I’m eight, and this is my first try Friday. – [Martyn] Love that and
look at this, step-down. Whop! – [Andrew] That’s a decent size. – [Martyn] He’s tiny. – [Andrew] How old’s he? He’s eight,
– Too good, too good. – [Andrew] He’s eight
years old, that’s unreal. – Well, that must be it, surely. – No, there’s a better one. This is Caleb, and he’s six years old. – What?
– Check this one out. – Hi, I’m Caleb, I’m six years old. This is my first time Friday. – [Martyn] Aw, I love it. Oh, a little rock drop.
– Little tech trail there. – [Martyn] The bike’s
a lot bigger than him. – [Andrew] How rad is that? – That is one talented family. Hand them out Doddy. Love it, you’re good at that. – Am I?
– Yeah, very good. – Oh, that’s good. I thought Blake was quite good at that. – Nah, he’s not. – Okay, time for tech of the week. Most suspension bikes these days have some kind of lock-out switch or a firming lever on there so you can basically climb or ride
flatter terrain a bit easier. But the first people to actually
bring that to the market were Scott, back in 2003, with the Genius. Now, this bike had a handlebar remote which you could lock out the shock fully, we could switch it to a
trail setting as well. And also, in that same year, that was when Thomas Frischknecht– – Yeah, Frischknecht won the
world marathon championship, 2003, yeah, on that bike. – Pretty unheard of in those days for anyone to ride anything
with rear suspension, let alone win a race that significant. Over the years, they’ve
developed the bike loads and it’s had all sorts of different guises and our Neil’s been out in the Alps riding the very latest one. – Let’s have a look. – Sorry I’m not in the
shed this week boys. I’m out in Aosta in Italy riding bikes. Well actually, taking a look
at the all new Scott Genius so here it is. It’s 150 mm travel, and you can
see, it’s an all new design. Much like the Spark last year where the frame was redesigned, you can see now, the shock
comes down to the bottom bracket instead of going on to that top tube. Means they can save a load of weight. The kinematics of that suspension system are now different as well so it’s much more supple to begin with and then ramps up nearer the full stroke. It’s also the lightest
150 mm travel trail bike on the market, 2249
grammes for frame, shock and mounting hardware. Another really interesting feature is you can swap out these 27.5 inch wheels to 29 really easily. Flip that chip in that shock link, just to adjust the BB, and away you go. I’ve done a full detailed
video on this bike already. It’s up on the channel
today so check that out if you haven’t seen that one already. – Competition time. I love giving stuff away, it’s my favourite bit
of the Dirt Shed Show. And now, I’m gonna announce the winner from last week’s Leogang competition where you were trying to guess the winners in the male and female. We had 42 people get it right. And the winner is Rachel Manning. Well done Rachel. You’re a winner and there
is a GMBN goodie pack, box, case, coming your way. Send us your details and
we’ll get them over to you. – Also, we had the guess the weight of the new Crank Brothers
Mallet DH pedals. We’ve got three winners for that one, Ryan Porzeinski, Henry
White, and Adam McWilliams. So there’s a set of pedals winging their way to you right now. – Lucky geezers, nice one. Now, we are gonna do
another competition for round four of the World Cup,
cross country and downhill, in Valnord, that happens
on 1st and 2nd of July. We’ll be putting that competition live on next week’s Dirt Shed Show so start looking at
the runners and riders. ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges, hacks and bodges First time. You were doing it at
home, I know you were. Right, hacks and bodges. First up, I have got
this one from Jack Parr who has made an amazing bike
stand on the back of his ute. – That’s pretty cool.
– It’s pretty cool. Strapless one, it’s really
good, nice and sturdy. He says that the bike is
worth £5000, the ute £1000. He’s got his priorities right. – He definitely has.
– Nice one Jack, I like it. Catch that. Good catch. – I’ve got one here from Tommy Kaila and he’s basically built a
tubeless inflation system from a garden tank. – That looks dangerous. – So he inflates that
with the air, I guess, and then straight into the tyre. I think that’s ace. – Yeah, looks like you could
blow yourself up with that. Wow, that wasn’t such a good throw. Okay, and this one is
from Robert Tingreca. He’s made an amazing
bike stand in his house by using an upturned coffee table. Now that’s pretty smart, isn’t it? – [Andrew] Keeps the floor tidy, I guess. – That is cool and it’s a nice way to hang your bikes, keep
them safe, I like it, clever. – Nice.
– There you go dude. Doddy needs to improve his throws. Hacks and bodges, keep them
coming to [email protected] Caption contest time. Last week’s photo was me
interviewing Hannah Barnes but with her dog, her
beautiful dog I’m gonna say, pulling a rather strange face. – I’ve got a particularly good one here from Ruairi McKeown, “So Brendog, how’s the season going so far?” – I can see how this is gonna go. That’s a good one. I think this is the winner though. Travis Ferguson, “You could
say the trail conditions were ruff.” (laughing) – It’s not bad. – That is so fun to read. That is the winner,
Travis, you are our winner. You win a lovely pock pack
like that one down there. – I caught it. – Show off. Send us your details and
we’ll wing one over to you. Good job. – [Andrew] Here’s this week’s picture, don’t forget to leave your captions in the comment section below. – Good luck. Great moment in the show, viewer edits, where we get to send at least around a million or more viewers to
some of our friends out there who’ve made edits. And those numbers are guaranteed Doddy. We like to guarantee at least– – One million. – At least one million. So we’re gonna send some people your way. The links to these videos will be in the description down below. And I’m gonna start wit Tom Wickham who sent this video
from riding in Adelaide in South Australia. It’s a wicked looking place. – [Andrew] Nice low angles. – [Martyn] I love it, making the trail. Here he comes. Nice. – Ripping as well.
– Aw, this looks wicked. Good little jumps. We’re whipping there. – [Both] Oh, bit of a crash. – [Martyn] Little crashing, gone down. It’s a fun looking trail, love it. – [Andrew] Makes me wanna go and ride. – Yeah, got anymore? – Yeah, got one from Bennett Hugh and he said it’s his 33
second Memorial Day edit. He filmed his brother in
Vashon Island in Washington. Then, in brackets, he says, “I better get the one
million views promised.” – Of course you will. – No problem.
– We wouldn’t lead you on, would we?
– No problem. So here we go, 33 seconds of radness. – Look at this.
– Oh, look at that. – Skids for kids, love it.
– Little flick there. Nice wheelie, no footer,
you don’t see those. – [Martyn] Oh my god, throwing them out. Oh, a bit of trials. – [Andrew] Up your street. – [Martyn] I like it. Nice whip.
– He’s got some good style. – [Martyn] Some good
style, it’s a good edit. – [Andrew] Yeah, it is a good edit. More nice weather as well,
it’s always good to see that. – [Martyn] Like it, it’s
a bump a week this week. – [Andrew] Oh, look at that,
cheeky nose bonk there. – [Martyn] They’re hard,
they can go so wrong. They can go so wrong those nose bonks. If you wanna get a million
views for your videos, that is not promised and
probably won’t happen, please send them in to [email protected] and we’ll take a look at your videos. We love seeing your riding, we really do, and it’s great to show other people. Fails and bails time. A little bit of trepidation
in this part of the show. But to get you in the mood Doddy, I’ve got this one from Chris McNamara who has a bit of an unfortunate fall. In the process, dislocates
his rib from his sternum which isn’t funny. – I don’t know why I’m laughing. – Nervous laughter. – Check this out. Riding along, having a
nice ride in the trails and he’s down. (laughing) – [Andrew] It’s not funny. – [Martyn] It isn’t funny,
here’s from another angle. Ouch. – [Andrew] How did he
get all those angles? (Martyn yelps) Stop it Chris, stop it. – [Andrew] You sound
like traffic droid guy. – [Martyn] It was funny, let’s face it but I’m happy it was only
a rib from the sternum. That’s not that bad, they
fix, they go back on. – It’s all good. – I think it’s kinda got me in the mood. – Yes, definitely, run VT. (lighthearted jazz music) (laughing) – Whoa. (beeping) (crowd groaning) (screaming) (beeping) – That was nasty. Keep sending those fails and
bails in to [email protected] and you could be in
with a chance of winning some sick SizSixOne pads for protection. Right, I’m gonna start
with an instabanger. Ryan Middleton, look at this post where he’s riding just so fast that he’s making a great
noise with his tyres, I just love it. – And I’m gonna take you
to another instabanger. This is mariothedestroyer. He’s the mechanic at Soho Bikes and his Instagram is
full of really cool stuff so well worth checking that one out. – Yeah, and this week’s shout out, well, we’ve already mentioned it, you’ve just gotta go and watch the Brandon Semenuk video again. – Simplicity.
– Yeah, if you’ve already watched it, just go back and have another go ’cause it’s that good. – Yeah, it’s ridiculous. – I could not be more excited. I love this, it’s the bike vault. Doddy, this is your first bike vault. – It is my first bike vault. – Slightly nervous? – No, I love bikes, let’s see them. – Right, let’s go.
– See what we’ve got. – First one, in the bike vault
this week is Chris Minto. Lovely looking Norco. – Norco Aurum downhill bike. – That is a weapon.
– That’s nice. – Go on Doddy, what do you think? I’ll let you decide. – Let’s get them a
super nice to start off. – Go on, you started high. Wow, what a standard. Okay, next one, Eddy Rowe, 26 inch bike in Norway this is. – That’s cool.
– It’s nice. Very nice. Oh, nice Canyon, Florian Debusse. – That’s nearly a super nice but I’m not too sure about
him resting his pedal on his helmet there. – I was gonna say the same thing. That is not a good idea. – Lost out on the super nice there. – You nearly had it but
don’t put pedals on helmets. – Helmets for safety only. – That’s a super nice bike. Go on, squeak the horn. Right, next one is from Gary Allerton. Aw, that’s a nice Orange. – Brave place to take a picture there. – Yeah, it could’ve fallen in. I’d like to have seen
the bike in the water but it’s nice, it’s really nice. Next one, we have got James Wattman. – It’s a Yeti. – That is going back something, isn’t it? – There’s always something about Yetis. That’s a super nice, surely. They’ve just got that thing, haven’t they? – Go on, hit it, that’s nice. – It’s a good picture that. – Coxes Barner or maybe Barner Coxes. – Wendover Woods, my old
stomping ground, that is. – Nice photo, I love it when
the trail’s leading away, telling a story. – Controversial.
– Wow. That was a slap in the face. – Got a cross bike. – Who’s this from? Lindsay Branston you’ve taken
us down a strange route there but, you know what– – That’s a Tomac, isn’t it? – It’s a Tomac so that
kind of brings it back into the world of mountain
biking in a weird way. When the word Tomac’s there,
can you do anything else but give it a super nice? I don’t know if you can. – Can you give a cross bike? – That’s a quandary.
– I’m not sure. Just give it, give it. – Okay, it’s nice.
– Ooh, hello. – Link Browney from Yarramundi, Sydney, Australia.
– Another Australian one. – Hey, I’ll tell you
what, I heard Canberra’s a lovely place to go in Australia. – Apparently, it’s amazing, yeah. – Merida, it’s nice, no, it’s super nice. – That’s a super nice.
– Super nice. Manuel Reyes, he’s got
a lovely Santa Cruz. Coyote Lake in Gilroy, USA. What d’you think? – It’s nice.
– It’s nice. – I love where it is, it’s stunning there. – Yeah, it’s nice. Aw, that’s a good shot, clever. Max Shander, this is also in Australia. – No, that’s Austria.
– Austria. I would say that is, I wanna
hit the horn on that one dude. – I like a dark bike,
that looks cool to me. – Go on, hit it.
– Go on? Yeah, super nice.
– Super nice. Giant in Florida. I would never have said that’s Florida. Robert Joule, it’s nice. – Nice, yeah.
– Like the pedals. – Yeah, they’re color-coded. – Seth Reichert in Dinosaur Valley. – Dinosaur Valley? That’s gotta be super nice on that basis. – Aw, we’re out, shame. Bike vault’s over but keep your bikes
coming to the bike vault. We love seeing them, we really do, so send them to [email protected] and you might make it in
the bike vault, good luck. – Coming up on the channel this week: on Saturday we’ve got a
pro bike check with Blake, and on Sunday we’ve got correct
versus wrong bike setup. – Yes, so as usual, on Monday we’re gonna have a mechanical video, and then it’s gonna be top 10 Tuesday. Wednesday, we’ve got a video on how to get the perfect bike setup. – Thursday, we’ve got ask GMBN, and Friday, it’s the – [Both] Dirt Shed Show. – Doddy, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but during this show I’ve been wearing a rather fetching race top. – Perfectly overdressed
for the occasion I think. – Yeah, it’s very, very nice, I love it. It’s now available in the GMBN shop. – Alongside the new pint glasses. – Yes, and our enamel mugs
which I really like actually. They’re in the shop which is a link just up there, above my head. – If you wanna see the Olly
versus Blake bike battle, click down here. – Yeah, and you can see
my Steve Peat interview in a gondola where I got
all of the gossip from him, click just there. And don’t forget to hit
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100 comments on “How Have Gadgets Transformed Mountain Biking Over Time? | Dirt Shed Show Episode 119

  1. I'm registered blind. its not stopping me. i'll never do the narly stuff like you giys but I'm getti mg more technical all the time. Get out there, who ever you are ☺

  2. #askgmbn after we sell our house I was going to get a new mtb and I was wondering what is a really good and affordable duel supension bike for trail/ endruro thx

  3. It's nice to have Andrew on the show but where is Andrea (the new female presenter you've been promising us!)?

  4. I still think my comment is valid about E bikes , Tracks are graded  according to difficulty  based on skill and physical abilities , if  some one uses an ebike which lets face it will only get faster and better you might as well throw out the track grades ,another  point is that some harder tracks will get more usage as riders who once avoided them will now rip them up on an Ebike.  especially if wet

  5. Guys, make gmbn a lifestyle, whats with all these how to videos repeating the same things again and again,

  6. "nose bonks can go wrong"

    when I started jumping my rear shocks rebound damping was too fast… nose bonked everything, never crashed 🙂

  7. that green and gold canyon in the bike vault was absolutely insanely gorgeous, just.. wow, i hope the owner (max shander? from austria) reads this, because you my friend have won bike of the decade from me

  8. So funny, I've been singing the hacks and bodges song along with Martin for a long while. My son makes fun of me all the time.

  9. e bike can be for lazy people like tom syndicate, but I know people at my usual trail who have them and they say there really good but not as good as their dh bike so its all about different experiences.

  10. Have succumbed to old age (well over 50) and aquired an emtb ( 29 inch 6.0 FullNine Haibike). Put a dropper on it. Any tips for riding as its familiar..but different..esp re weight.

  11. Caption: The moment Blake reads out Doddys article about riding E-Bikes is going to get more expensive to Martyn😜

  12. That trek was a Suuuuper nice. The colour of the picture, the setting… everything was super nice about it. Better than super nice "Martin"

  13. Sounds like we need a category between 'Nice' and 'Super Nice'… how about 'Very Nice' (considering Martyn says it on every Nice bike anyway!)

  14. My 1996 Cannondale F700 with a Headshox had a lockout, by twisting a dial on to of the stem. It seems to me that Cannondale was the first to bring a lockout for a shock to market.

  15. Caption:
    Blake – "If you squint your eyes a little, they look like boobs."
    Martyn – "Oi, pass me that pint. I can't quite see it."
    Blake – "I like chips!"

  16. I really don't understand the people that goes "we want scotty back". It's fucking DODDY! I remember growing up a poor kid in Sweden (don't trust the media, there are poor Swedish kids, they don't get help though since they are not ""refugees""), saving up to buy a MTBUK-mag just to read the awesome articles by Doddy and others. I never could afford a real bike until I started working myself, so the articles really helped me when I was feeling down. I for one am pumped that Doddy's on the crew now.

  17. Hey Doddy! I'm studying writing at University, avidly research MTB tech, and my dream job is a MTB journalist. Any tips on breaking into the industry?

  18. Strava queens frequently suffer from heart attacks and broken legs, and often run people over for no apparent reason…and guess what, there is no trophy or cash prize for k.o.m.. Tbh nobody really gives a f**k if your half a second faster than your last "attempt"…Strava, the ultimate in stupidity…sign up now, and you too can be a dumbfk

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