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How Is This Possible?!

How Is This Possible?!

try and take your hands off in a triple flip.
Just give it a go. Like, what could
possibly go wrong? [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s up, guys? My name is Brandon
Schmidt, and my World First is a triple backflip
tuck no-hander on a BMX bike. ANNOUNCER 1: This
man has world’s first tricks for breakfast. Let’s see. 1, 2, 3, no hands. Oh my goodness. So there’s kind of a funny
story behind this whole triple backflip tuck no-hander. There’s been multiple
guys who shot it. James Foster has
gotten really close. Andy Buckworth has gotten close. But we’re all hanging out
in the hotel room one night. And Micah and Curtis
just start egging me on. And they’re like hey, you should
try to take your hands off in a a triple flip. I was like ah, no. I don’t think I got that. And they’re like, what do
you mean you don’t got that? Just give it a go. Like, what could
possibly go wrong? So they kind of pushed
me, instigated it, until I was like finally
like yeah, you know what? Might as well give
it an attempt. See how close I get. Like, what’s the
worst that can happen? [MUSIC PLAYING] You have to look at
the triple backflip as its own trick, which you
basically go as fast as you can, pull as hard as you
can, and suck up into a ball, and just stay in that ball
until the rotation finishes. So then you have
a tuck no-hander, where the a tuck
no-hander, you fully pull the bars into your waist. And you bend over
the front of the bike to take your hands off. You grip it with
your whole ab area. So then to do a triple backflip,
where you take your hands off, you’re switching from
this tight little ball that you’re staying
into get the rotation, and then putting the
bars in and leaning over the bike in the wrong
way, taking your hands off. And then you still
have to catch the bars, and pull it in for
two more flips. So there’s a lot that
can go wrong there. ANNOUNCER 1: So let’s
see what he’s got. ANNOUNCER 2: This
man has world’s first tricks for breakfast. Let’s see. 1, 2, 3, no hands. Oh my goodness. He was so close. BRANDON SCHMIDT: And
what do you know? The first time I took my
hands off, it locked into me and I took my hands off, and
I over rotated the first one. But at that moment, I was
like the bike stayed with me. I didn’t lose the bike. I’m going to land this. So went back up to the top of
the role in, cleared my mind, dropped in. One flip, hands off, two
flip, three flip, landed it. World first. ANNOUNCER 1: One top
with Brandon Schmidt. ANNOUNCER 2: Going to spin. 1, 2, 3. [CHEERING] World’s first. World’s first. From the shores of [INAUDIBLE]. BRANDON SCHMIDT: I guess
it is a lot of energy that you use running back
up to the top, and just so much focus, and so
much concentration. But when you’re in
these massive venues, filled with thousands of fans. And you know that you’re
about to do something that’s never been
done in the world before, you find the energy. And you make it happen. I just landed the world’s first
triple back flip no-hander on a BMX bike. Woo! Hold on, I’m going to pass out. [MUSIC PLAYING] Click here to watch
more unbelievable “World’s First” presented by
Ripley’s Believe It or not. And for everything
else unbelievable, check out

36 comments on “How Is This Possible?!

  1. Let's be real, he took his hands off for like half of a second . cool trick but let's not hype it up cause it's still basically just a triple flip

  2. Hell yea dude, something tells me the legend himself put u up to that challenge, tp can talk anyone into doing something that crazy

  3. i mean sure its sick and all but really not a proper land until its done to wood, the resi lander takes away 90 percent of why that trick is considered hard.

  4. I've been out of the loop a while, but do all these 'worlds firsts' count on a resi ramp with feet touching the ground?

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