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How Much Does Your Bike Weigh? GCN Asks The Pros At The UAE Tour

How Much Does Your Bike Weigh? GCN Asks The Pros At The UAE Tour

– Virtually every professional cyclist wants their bike to be
matching the UCI’s minimum weight limit of 6.8 kilos, especially with something like
that ahead of them in a race. Jebel Hafeet here at the UAE tour. So, I’m gonna go and ask
them just before they tackle this stage how much their bike weighs. Come on. – Seven. – Seven, seven on the dot? – I’m afraid too much. – You’re afraid too much! – Hopefully less than other
bikes, but above the limit. – 7.38. (light techno music) – Right Adam, I’ve not rigged
the scales, I promise you. Do you know how much your bike weighs? – Yeah. – Right, go on.
– Between seven and eight kilos. (both laughing) I think 7.3. – Alright, let’s have a go. (soft techno music) Tell you what, 7.15. – Mega, mate. – 7.15, you’re happy with that aren’t you? – That’s good, innit? – Yeah. – Gotta climb today. – Yeah, exactly, I filled you
with a load of confidence. Nothing less than a win, today. – Mate, jog on. It’s uphill, you mad? – Go on, get on with it. – So with the 50s I think it’s just over maybe 6.8 and 1/2. – Okay.
– But with the Velon device I’m not so sure, so.
– Oh yeah. And a transponder as well. Should we give it a weigh? – We should. – Yeah, we’ll give it a weigh. I’ve just weighed one of your teammates, I made his day, actually. Bit lighter than he thought. Right. You ready? – What is it? – 6.8. – 6.8 with the… – With all of that! With all of it!
– Yeah baby! (both laughing) Spot on. – Do you know how much your bike weighs? – 6.8. – Yeah, should we go and check? – Yeah, go on. – Come on, let’s have a look. – Do you not trust me? (both laughing) Do you want me to hold the microphone? – Yeah you hold that. You hold that. Right, let’s weigh it in. (upbeat techno music) – Ah. I guess 6.9. I lied. – This is fairly accurate. – Not bad. – It could be, I wonder if your mechanics have put anything extra on it, since I weighed it just
now and it was less. – Was it? – Yeah, 6.83. – Could’ve put more air in the tires. – Yeah there we are. – More air in the tires. Brilliant. And it’s got disc breaks on it as well. – Exactly. And 12 gears. – Yeah? Smaller chain rings, though. – Exactly. – Yeah. Alex, what does your bike weigh? – Hopefully less than other bikes. But above the limit. – Yeah. – Seven point something. – Any more specific, or not? – Seven point something more specific than seven point something. – [Man] What’s that? – 7.38. – 500 grams off. Right, Marco, you were giving
Alex a fair bit of abuse then about his bike, cause well, he
didn’t know the weight of it. He’s got a different bike, hasn’t he? He’s got the ultimate. You’ve got the arrow. – Yes.
– What do you reckon yours weighs? – Should be slightly above his. – Yeah. – Let’s say 200 grams. – About 200 grams more,
wo what was his, 6.3? Was it? – 6.3, 7.38. – That’s it, yeah, not 6.3. – So it was seven and a half? – Yeah. Right, let’s give it a go then. You’re pretty happy with that, I reckon. – That’s interesting. – Yeah. – That’s interesting. Didn’t see that coming. – Go on, tell the viewers. What does it weigh? – 7.34. – 7.34, and it’s an arrow bike.
– There we go. – Right, I’ve just seen
you weighing yourself on, well, some scales there, but do you know how much your bike weighs? – I guess 7.8. – Yeah, 7.8? – Yeah, you can try it. – Let’s give it a go. Come on, where is it? Here we are?
– This bike, no, this one over here. – Right. Let’s have a look. – It’s the Arrow One. – It’s the Arrow One. You’ve got a transponder on there. You’ve got your Garmin. Alright, let’s give it a go. 7.85, happy with that?
– Yeah, 7.8, 7.9 like I said. – Yeah exactly. Not wrong there. (Reinardt laughs) Just in the middle, perfect. – Yeah. – He knew his stuff. – Well with the big Garmin, Velon box on, I would suppose like 7.4? – 7.4? Let’s give it a go. Fairly deep wheels as well. – Yeah. – Let’s have a look. Make sure it’s nice and accurate. 7.6. – Low. – Yeah. – When I eat one banana
less it’ll be all the same. (laughing) – I’m afraid too much. – You’re afraid too much! New bike this year, innit? – Yeah.
– Let’s have a weigh, shall we?
– Yeah. – Have a guess, or not? You gonna have a guess? – Seven one. – 7.1, okay. – With the, oh yeah with the Sigma.
– Ah yeah, with the Sigma, and the Velon.
– Seven two. – Alright let’s have a look. I just need to reset it. Okay. (upbeat techno music) I’ll tell ya what, I’m gonna be your most
favorite person today. 7.1. – Yeah, that’s not good. – Ah it’s pretty good. Cause that’s 200 grams, that’s probably, what
50, do you reckon, 60? – No, no more. – Yeah, so there we are, 7.1. – Seven! – Seven? Seven on the dot? – Yes. – Okay, this has been out in the sun for a while, like I have. But. (soft techno music) 6.98. (beep) If you can pick the lottery numbers, I’m gonna ring you up, because well you’ve got it spot on there. – Yep. – Just 20 grams out. – Okay, good. – That’s good innit? – Yes. – You happy? – Yes.
– Good. – Yes I am. – Careful with this. (laughing) – David! – Maybe-wait, hold on,
move it like this, there. – Yeah, let’s have a look. – (speaking foreign language) – Oh wow, yeah, 6.91. – Okay now you need to weigh mine! (laughing) – Larry, how much is
your bike gonna weigh? – Well I just saw his, so
now I’m gonna guess mine’s gonna be 6.93. – 6.93, okay, let’s have a go. Right, what’d you think it is? – I said 6.93. – 6.91. – Damn, okay. – See that. – I mean I saw his, I saw his, so.
– Six nine one. 7.13. – Alright. (upbeat techno music) – This has created all sorts
of havoc among the team now. So there we are! Some of the weights of
bikes in the World Tour, and I really enjoyed that because well, I nearly caused a fight
between Alex Dowsett and Marco Haller. And well, AG2R La Mondiale,
they virtually mobbed me and I had to stop there
before things got out of hand, because it started to
turn a little bit rowdy. Nonetheless, what’s the
weight of your bike? Let me know down there in
the comment section below. Don’t forget too to like
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100 comments on “How Much Does Your Bike Weigh? GCN Asks The Pros At The UAE Tour

  1. my road bike which is a cyclo-cross bike weights 23 lbs without water bottles(feels like a bus) or 10.43 kg's. might be getting myself a new canyon endurance
    later this year in a small size so i'm looking forward to having a 15-16 lbs bike to ride

  2. 2017 Trek Madone Project One, H2. Sram etap, 45mm carbon rims on Chris Kings, tubeless set up with Schwalbe 28`s. Ready to ride minus bottles 7.5.

  3. Real good this vid. 👌 Gcn hardly ever get pro's in on reviewing bikes etc… Guess Jons not very liked now esp. by AG2R 😁

  4. This would make a rather interesting topic on GCN : Are You Safer on a Heavier Bike?

    I am no scientist, but I think the UCI weight limit of 6.8kg is bonkers.

  5. Supersix evo high mod, Dura Ace di2, Enve wheels and cockpit. With pedals and bottle cages and Garmin I’m in at 6.3kilos. I don’t deserve such a nice bike…but I’m glad I have it!

  6. Mine weighs 19.7kg with the engine and the battery and I 66kg I know which of the two should be on the diet. Champions who always smile even under a blazing sun.

  7. My mountain bike weighs about thirty pounds. My road bike that I am building than I have to wait and see when the bike building is done.

  8. Teamacine 7.1kg at the moment. Got new bars, stem and group being fitted in a week. Should get it down to 6.9 hopefully.

  9. wow, <7kg with discs! I look at my porky disc braked beast that would check in at 8.4Kg, time for a diet methinks….

  10. Any amateur cyclist compromises his safety with a bicycle below 6.5kg. The resistance of materials so light that they are not replaced as fast as the professionals causes that the risk of breakage is greater.

  11. Last time I weighed it I think it was 7.5 for a size 56 when deep wheels.
    @GCN Would be great if you could get the bike size together with the weight! Cheers. 👍

  12. My Colnago Concept with DA 91xx comes in at 6.9kg with pedals and a 6800 cassette. FYI, Look Keo cleats weight 50g/pair; SPD about 60g/pair with bolts.

  13. Why are there minimum weight limits for bikes? Seems like a silly rule. I'd love to see some crazy new lightweight designs

  14. 7.05 (road race), 7.3 (road training), 9.7 (CX), 7.7 (time-trial), 8.5 (single speed classic) and 13.8 (tourer/grocery bike)

  15. How does the smallest rider on AG2R have the heaviest bike?? Is he on Campy while everyone else is on Ultegra Di2?

  16. Specialized Tarmac SL6 expert with dt swiss rr21 wheels, oval black chainrings and shimano ultra pro light handlebar at 7.0 kg. After this video my mind has been absolved of spending more money on it

  17. Can you get Adam a regular spot on the show? He and Alex are good combo! Great stuff.. love hearing the pro banter. Keep it up sir.. 🚴🚴💨💨🤘🤘

  18. For mere mortals, it's fun to start with something "heavy" (>9kg) and plot how to reduce that number, little bit, by little bit. A saddle, a seat post, a new set of wheels, and then, the biggie – the groupset. Always "sneaking it past" your other half, of course. Do it slowly enough, and they'll never notice.

  19. I think I have the heaviest Tarmac SL6 in the world 😂. 8.2kg, and yes, that’s an SWorks! Had the money to to get the frame but not enough for new components, so moved everything over from my old bike. Mix of 5700, 7000, and 7900, a cheaper tri saddle, and RS81 C50 wheels. Rides great, though, and gives me plenty of opportunities to upgrade over the next few years so I definitely won’t get bored with it 😃

  20. 56 S-works tarmac sl4 7.5 with zipp 303/ ultegra cass.
    7.2 with roval clx40 dura ace cass.
    Does it matter,hell no.
    Is it fun, hell yes.

  21. I have been training with a 12kg for the last 10 years and in 10 more ill be able to buy a 7kg one and smoke you all.

  22. Recently I met with an accident and my left knee patella got fractured(August 7th 2019). I went for surgery and now recovering. Can I do toad bike and when I can start riding. Please suggest me when I can start riding road bike?

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