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How Much Money Does A Professional Cyclist Get Paid? | GCN Show Ep.343

How Much Money Does A Professional Cyclist Get Paid? | GCN Show Ep.343

– Before we start this week’s GCN show, which as you’ll see was filmed in advance, it’s with great sadness
that we bring you news of the death of professional
cyclist, Bjorg Lambrecht, who crashed during a stage at
the Tour of Poland yesterday. He was a supremely talented cyclist whose career looked set for greatness. At just 22 years of age, he finished fourth in Fleche Wallone and sixth in Amstel Gold this year and his death will cast a long shadow over the cycling community. More than that though, he was
a son, a brother, and a friend and all of us here at
GCN would like to send our sincerest condolences
to those who knew him. – Welcome to The GCN Show! – Welcome to the GCN Show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, we have a live audience. Give us a roar. (audience cheers) And that’s because we are
in the stunning location that is Avoriaz for our GCN event. – We are indeed. Coming up on today’s show: how much do pro cyclists actually earn? We’ve got the numbers and
they might surprise you. – Plus, we have all your usuals, GCN Inspiration, Extreme
Corner, Hack and Bodges, and we’ve also got a
story about Dylan Teuns. (upbeat music)
(cheering) – This week in the world of cycling, we learned that
automatically fastening shoes are actually a thing. This is a video from Red Walters, an up-and-coming UK domestic pro who is the Register 360 over on YouTube. – [Red] And then you press
the dial and it tightens up. (electronic whirring) Right so. – I don’t know about you but
I think that is pretty neat. Of course, unfortunately,
they’re not actually real which had you fooled, didn’t it, Dan? – It did, yeah. I sent Si quite an excited text
message with a link to that saying, “Have you seen these shoes?” and he said, “You do know,
Dan, they’re not actually real. “It’s just a trick of the edit.” Although I fooled you last
night when I showed you as well. – Yeah, I genuinely thought
they were real as well. Maybe it’ll come out in a
firmware update in the future. Or maybe someone can make them and submit this to Hack and Bodges. – Well, that would be
something, wouldn’t it? – Yep, right. If Mathieu van der Poel
wasn’t already a top favorite for the upcoming World’s
Road Race Championships in Yorkshire, then after
this, he certainly must be. This is the bridge at the
bottom of the Grinton Moor Climb and well, there is no bridge, is there? – No, not much left of
that but like I said, massive hand for one of the few riders that might be able to
bunny hop over that one I’ve got to say thank you to
Swail Dale Mountain Rescue Team for providing us with that photo. An organization doing
great work up in Yorkshire. Apparently have saved a couple of cyclists that have got themselves into trouble over the past few months. All right, finally this week we learned that you are better off
playing a PS4 for earnings than you are in racing a pushbike. This is after the news
that last week in New York we had the culmination of
the Fortnite World Cup, and the winner of that
competition, 16 year old Kyle. came away with three million
dollars in prize money – Not bad for a Fortnite’s work is it? – Baboom, start as he means gone, Chris. – Every finalist also took
home over 50 grand minimum, and the total prize pot was $30 million. – Which is quite incredible,
really, isn’t it? My older son, Ralph, when
he started his GCSE courses, he decided to sell his
PS4 because he realized that he was spending too much time on that and not enough time studying. Which is quite something really, for a 14 year old as he was at the time. But in hindsight, I’m starting to think maybe he would’ve been
better off spending his time on the PS4 rather than
studying for his GCSEs. Certainly better off
than riding a push bike. – Yeah, you might be right there. After seeing the prize list released by the UCI in their latest press release, the total prize pot for the Tour de France 2.25 million euros and unsurprisingly, team Ineos came away at
the top with 800,000 euros. But scroll right down to the bottom, and it was Total Direct Energie going home with an only 17, 760 euros. – Which is not a lot for three weeks of quite high graft, is it? And actually, if you go to the Inrng blog, a website we can thoroughly recommend if you haven’t looked at it before, according to them, seven
percent of that prize money will immediately go to the
CPA which is the riders union. Two percent goes straight to the UCI for their anti-doping
organization, which is the CADF, and three percent will
go to the federation of the country which organized the race. – Yep, then Cycling
Services, a Dutch company, which is in charge of managing
all of the prize money and distributing it between
the teams and the riders, they take home another three percent. And then the staff, so the
staff behind the scenes, they take another cut,
and depending on the team, that’s 10 to 15% for them as well. – It is, yes, and then, different
teams have different ways of distributing the prize
money at the end of the season. So what some of them do is they pool all of the prize money from the season and distribute it amongst the riders based on how many days
of racing they’ve done. Other teams will take the
money from a particular race, And divide it amongst the
riders within that race. – Yeah, so in this circumstance, Direct Energie are going
home with just 12,000 euros. That’s then got to be divided
between the eight riders, which works out around 1,500 each. Which then, when you take
into account the 40% tax that they’re likely to pay on top of that, they’re going home with only 900 euros after 3 weeks of racing. – And we’ve been doing some
more calculations, haven’t we? For their best place
rider on GC, Ryan Tammy, he took just over 85 hours to complete the Tour de France this year, so if you take his prize money, he basically earned 10 euros an hour, or 25 cents per kilometer. – Should have stuck to Fortnite then. – Yeah, or maybe just
stuck to doing some GCSEs. I mean, we joke, of course, but basically, cycling’s slightly different,
isn’t it, than other sports? So go from tennis, the athletes generally get most of their money from prize money, whereas in cycling, most
of the money that you earn comes from the salary that
your pro team give you, but how much exactly
do the pro riders earn? Well, I got into contact
with five rider agents who have a good idea what
different riders earn and we asked them the
salaries that they thought that five different riders
from the pro peloton would earn and the results are now in. – Yep, but before we give you the answer, first, are we going to choose
Peter Sagan, current man in form, certainly over the last
three years, the only person to win the world rainbow
jersey three times in a row. Does anyone here have a guess as to how much he’s earning per year? Don’t be shy. – [Audience Member] Seven million. – Seven million, I’m not sure you’re allowed to play this game, mate. (laughter) Anyone else? – [Second Audience Member] Half a million. – Half a million, right, so the, I’m just looking for it
here now, average estimates for Sagan’s total salary
was 5.5 million euros. – It was, yeah, from his
team and some of that will come from specialized
who sponsored Bora Hansgrohe but it’d be quite nice, wouldn’t it, to get about half a
million euros per month landing into your bank account and as you lived in Monaco,
you won’t have to pay much tax on it either. – It’s just for minimum wage there. – Yeah, it probably is. The next rider we asked about was a guy called Emanuel Buchmann, who’s not the most well known
cyclist in the whole world, but he pretty will be soon
because he just finished fourth at the age of 26 at the Tour de France. So we asked the rider
agents what they thought he would be earning before that result. The average for Buchmann
was 400,000 euros, but just to show you
how important a result like that at the Tour de
France is, the agents thought that after this year, with a new contract, he’ll be on 1.4 million,
which is a pay rise, for three weeks’ work, of 250% – Sounds alright, that does. – Doesn’t it? – Right, sticking with Bora Hansgrohe, we got another rider there, Daniel Oss. I think it’s quite
recognizable, long frizzy hair. Spends most of his career
riding for other riders. Any estimates as to how much Daniel Oss has taken home each year? Right, so the estimates came back, and they were between 300,000 and 750,000, but the average estimate is around 525, – Which is a pretty good wage, isn’t it, for someone who just helps
other people on their bikes? And the final rider that we asked about, we wanted a neo pro, which is basically somebody in their first year
as a professional rider. So for this, we took the example
of Australian James Whelan, a 23 year old, whose results as an amateur were good enough to net
him a two-year contract with EF, education first. Any guesses for James Whelan? – [Third Audience Member] 60? – Yeah, almost spot-on. So the average guess from the agents was 60,000 euros, which
is about 50% higher than the UCI’s minimum wage
for a World Tour rider. Actually not bad,
really, for a 23 year old with prospects of earning a
lot more in the near future. – Yeah, so to highlight a bit of an issue within Pro Cycling at the moment, we thought we’d ask the
agents what they believe Annemiek van Vleuten is
taking home each year. World time trial champion,
winner of the Giro Rosa, Liège-Bastogne-Liège, Strade Bianche, and pretty much every other race in fact. Currently, even at the age of 36, she’s going from strength to
strength every single season and only seems to be getting better. But how much is she taking home each year? – [Audience Member] 75. – That’s not a bad guess, actually. – [Audience Member] 50? – The answer is, the
estimate, at least, 130,000, which is a big discrepancy, isn’t it? So that is basically 25% of what a super domestique
earns on the men’s side. And it is two and a half
percent what Peter Sagan earns. And to put that into be
even more perspective, it basically means that
Peter Sagan earns in 10 days what Annemiek van Vleuten
earns in the entire year. Not a huge surprise, because we all know the big discrepancy between the finances of the men’s and the
women’s side of sport, but when you hear it
like that, in numbers, it really is unbelievably huge, isn’t it? And just goes to show how
far cycling’s got to come to get to a sport like tennis, where there’s almost
parity between the two. – Yeah, and because of that reason, because there is a severe
lack of parity in the sport, we decided not to ask what female riders slightly further down the
pecking order are earning, because we know there
is no UCI minimum wage for them at the moment, and most of them are either backed financially by family, or they’re work a full-time job next to their professional
careers, which is absurd, really. But that does lead us
onto the next question, how do you go about bringing parity to men’s and women’s cycling? But that’s such a big topic, we’re not going to go into it here now. That warrants a video or a
series of videos of their own. – It does, and we should pretty broke such subject fairly soon, shouldn’t we? In fact, if you’ve got
any ideas on that subject, please leave them in the
comments section below. Before we finish on this,
if you will allow me, Chris, I’m going to a story from my racing days. – I’m just going to check
that everyone sat comfortably because I know what your stories are like. – Yes, go, gather around the fire. So this is story from back in 2006 when I was writing for
the giant Asia team. So as you know, Chris, with most races, you have to wait a long time
before you get your prize money because they have to make sure the doping controls come
back negative, et cetera. And at sometimes the end of the season, sometimes it’s the next
year before you see it. Not so at the Tour of
Qinghai Lake over in China, as I discovered in 2006,
where we romped it that year. In that team, we didn’t win, but we came second, fourth
and seventh overall. Our two Iranian riders were the first two in the Asian classification. We won the KOM classification and the teams in about three stages. And we came away with
$60,000 of prize money which is more than half the teams in the Tour de France that year. But you got it straight away. What you have to do is go into kind of a smoke-filled
room with the organizers and I presume the local
mafia, by the look at them, they basically pay for the race. And you tell them how
much prize money you think you’ve earned over the
course of the race as a team. And if it tallies up with what they’ve got on their computer, they
just hand it over to you, in an envelope in US dollar bills. – Wow, and I bet yours matched perfectly. – It did, yes, I’ve got
a knack with numbers. In fact, I know exactly
what’s in my wallet, anytime, even though I’ve not
opened it for three years. (laughter) Next up, it’s GCN inspiration, which is of course, your chance to win one of three Wiggle voucher amounts. To enter, you now have
to upload your pictures using our uploader, which
you can find a link to in the description just below. First place will get you a hundred pounds of Wiggle vouchers to
spend on whatever you want. Second place gets you 75 pounds, and third place, which
we’re about to get onto now, will get you 50 pounds. And this week, that goes to… – Joseph in third, budget per Jesse X bike as seen on screw, riding
upgrades by upgrades. I remember that one, actually. I did that with John. “I went for an evening off
for a ride with my girlfriend “that ended up riding back and forth, “through a stream for an
hour in the evening sun.” – [Dan] And that’s what
cycling’s about, isn’t it, just going out and having fun. – [Chris] How cool is that
jersey as well, the Mapei jersey? – It is very cool indeed. I don’t know why it looks like that, I’ve got a picture here. Anyway, in second place, we
have got Ignacio from Lapland. I did look up how to pronounce the exact place in Lapland earlier but I’ve completely forgotten it and I’m not going to mangle it. Anyway, “twelve days of
bike packing with a friend “through Lapland and
north coast of Norway, “suffering from mosquito bites,
long hours pushing the bike “through single-tracked trails
but everything was worth it “to enjoy one of the most
spectacular views of my life.” And that is quite spectacular,
not surprised you enjoy that. – First place goes to
Olegs in Jurmala, Latvia. “Finally got out in the
real world on a bike. “Six weeks ago, I crashed
on a mountain bike “and broke a collarbone,
missed some good weather “but found a way to like Zwift. “The whole thing also made
me rethink my cycling habits “in a good, more adventurous,
and exploring way.” – [Dan] That’s a great photo, isn’t it? – [Chris] I like their socks. – Thoroughly deserved the 100 pound prize for first this week. Don’t forget to enter for next week. Use the uploader, links
which is down below. (trumpet plays) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Cycling shorts now,
and we’re going to start this week with a little bit of art. I’m sure we’ve all seen Strava art at some point over the years. My favorite was a bear drawn by someone in the Cotswolds in
the UK a few years ago. But have you ever seen anyone
write a marriage proposal whilst out on a bike ride
with their girlfriend? – No, well you have now, yes. This is Jon Blaze from
over in Texas in the USA, who took his girlfriend, now fiance, Thao Nguyen, for a 15.7 mile bike ride, quite a frustrating bike
ride by all accounts, because as you can see there
are plenty of U-turns involved. Amazingly, she stuck with him throughout and at the end of the 15.7
miles, this is what she found. That might actually be one of the longest marriage proposals ever, isn’t it. – Yeah, ninety minutes,
you’d have thought so, most last a couple of seconds or so and they’re told to
stand back up; mine did. Anyway, do you reckon she
wrote a reply in the same way? – I don’t know, well, no would’ve been a shorter ride than yes, wouldn’t it? – Yeah, possibly, but you
said she’s now the fiance. – Yes, yes, so she did say yes. – What would you write if
you could do a Strava ride, a bit of Strava art? – Actually, I was going
to do one a few years ago. I was going to write out, “I used to ride for
the Cervelo test team,” (laughter) but it was going to be over 100 miles and basically I couldn’t be
bothered and didn’t do it. Next up, we got quite an interesting email from friend of the channel,
Hannah Grant last week. Long term viewers of
GCN might remember this. Did plenty of really
amazing recipes for us in the early days of
GCN, but just recently, she’s been working on
something very different. – [Chris] Yeah, that’s
right, over the last year, Hannah and her new team of
people behind the startup had been working in a company
called ERW and specifically, they’ve been trying to
create the my flight pack. – They have, indeed, which
is basically a three-step hydration solution to conquer jet-lag. So they’ve been working
with Dr. Stacey Sims, who’s an American sports physiologist. And basically the aim of
this is to allow athletes or even business people that travel on long-haul flights regularly the ability to travel on
those long-haul flights and get to the other end as
fit and as fresh as possible. – Apparently, it’s tested
on humans as well, Dan. – Was it? – Anyway, moving on to transfer news now, and apparently Dan Martin
might be signing for team Arkea Samsic for next year. They seem to be building what looks like it could be a monster team compared to what they’ve had over recent years. – They do, yeah, although
we don’t now need to stick to just rumors, do we, because
the official transfer window opened on August the
first so they can announce what transfers have been made. Haven’t been many, actually, cause we’re filming this in
August the second, aren’t we. But what we have seen so far
is that the European champion, Matteo Trentin has been confirmed as moving from Mitchelton-Scott
over to Team CCC. And also Lucinda Brand
is going from team Sunweb over to Trek-Segafredo. – Talking to team Sunweb, Dutch website, last week was claiming that Tom Dumoulin looks to be trying to get
out of his current contract, his long-term contract with the team. This is because of a Dutch employment law. – Yeah, I read that myself actually and I did wonder whether
it might put future teams off signing him on a long-term contract if he can just get out
of it whenever he wants because of the Dutch employment law. – Yeah, you think it might, but Dutch team Jumbo Visma don’t appear to be too put off by this at all. No, it wouldn’t be
cycling shorts in August without a brief mention of the crazy world that is the post-tour crits. If you ever want to see
one of your favorite riders riding a surprisingly bizarre result in a slightly staged bike race and drinking out of a beer glass bigger than your average kitchen sink, then postal crits is where you want to be. – They’re pretty cool, aren’t they? Basically the better you
do at the Tour de France, the more money you are going to earn by starting each one of these crits. And to give an example, when I did the Tour de
France back in 2010 , I still had to pay to get into
these crits at the end of it. But in all seriousness, we
can thoroughly recommend going on to see one if
there’s one near you. Most of them are in Belgium
or the Netherlands or France, but you get to see your favorite riders whilst sipping on a beer
at the end of the course. – Yeah, and as for
atmosphere, you’ve got food, you’ve got music, you’ve
got lighting, beer, as we mentioned, the stage racing, lots of showing off and
just having good fun. – Sounds like a decent event to me. – Talking about things
are a little bit bizarre, Dylan Teuns hasn’t been going
to the postal crits because, and he wasn’t actually at
Classica San Sebastian either, was he?
– No. – Because he’s had a
bizarre accident of his own. – He has, yeah, this was just
after the Tour de France. He went home, had an
accident in the garden, doing some gardening on his tractor, don’t know how big his garden is at home, when it had a full and
basically did an emergency stop and so violent was the
stop that he hit his head on the steering wheel
and required 15 stitches. – Blimey. – Yeah, which actually
reminds me of another story from back in my racing days, Chris. – Is it tractors or is it stitches? – If you will let me to tell another one. – Tractors of stitches? – Neither, actually it involves teeth. Also dates back to 2006. Three of us in a bar after a
race had actually found out that all three of us had lost
front teeth at some point. So we started telling the
stories of how that happened. David McCann started, you remember him. He was doing the Empost Ras and he got to the foot of a descent and the forks in his bike collapsed and he just hit the tarmac at full speed and lost two front teeth. I then recounted my
equally epic cycling story of doing the World Championships, going head over heels when the barriers were out in the finishing straight and basically landing with my teeth on one of the feet of the
barriers and losing four here. Last person, German, Tobias, ready? – Yeah. – He was 12 and he walked into
his dad’s shed in the garden and trod on a rake. – Ooh. – It wasn’t quite the epic story of cycling that we were
expecting at the time. – Moving on, did you know
that 65% of people in the UK didn’t realize you had to pedal an e-bike. – Well I must admit, when
I first got on an e-bike, I was quite disappointed it didn’t just go somewhere without pedaling. – I’m going to read
this off the sheet now, because Halfords state of
the nation 2019 ebike report has also revealed that 28% of people think they’re not fit
enough to ride a bike. 16% feel they’re too old to cycle, and 28 percent off by the hills. – I think like if empathize
with all three of those points if I’m perfectly honest. Next up, our partners here
at GCN for our shoes, Fizik, have just brought out
some brand new shoes. They are called the over-curve R4s and I think you’ll agree,
they look pretty smart. Four colors are available, you
can get them either in white, or in iridescent copper or
in black or in beetle black. I’m not entirely sure what the difference between beetle black and black is. – Auto fastening buckles or not? – Unfortunately not, no. – Maybe in a software
update later down the line? – Perhaps, if you can
only hope, can’t you? – Moving on, and we
had this lovely message from Verda Burgess last week, who was inspired by
our very own Dan Lloyd. – Oh, first time for
everything, isn’t there? – Yeah, she was inspired
by what you’d said on the GCN Tour de France preview show about riding your bike every single day whilst the Tour de France is on. so whilst the tour was on, she did indeed ride her
bike every single day including on the rest
days and has racked up an impressive 846 kilometers
over those three weeks. That is impressive, very
well done to you, Verda. Equally impressive, actually,
is the fact that apparently it only rained for one of the 23 days, which is mighty lucky. Alright, we’re going to finish
cycling shorts this week with news from Zwift,
because they’ve just added an extra loop to their Watopia part. So it’s called the Titan’s
Grove and it’s inspired by Sequoia forest in the High Sierras. I don’t know exactly where that is, but the new stretch of undulating road is going to add 158
meters of elevation gain to your ride if you choose to do it. You’ll be riding between
giant sequoia trees, between giant rock formations
and pass spouting water holes. Sounds very scenic indeed, isn’t it? – Back to me in the
studio now for more news, although thankfully of a
better nature this time round. And the epic transcontinental
race has just been won by German rider, Fiona Kolbinger. She, almost unbelievably,
was doing her first ever ultra-endurancebike race
and what a debut she’s made, also becoming the first woman to win the race outright, as well, covering at the 4,000 kilometer route in an incredible ten days,
two hours and 48 minutes, and actually the remaining podium spots are still up for grabs,
the Brit, Ben Davies, and Dutchman, Job Hendrickx are still duking it out on course. As you can see from the map,
the remaining 250 riders have very much strung
out right across Europe, and actually 75 have already
called it a day, succumbing to the Eastern European heat
wave that we have been having. For more news updates on this, do make sure you check out
news from the race organizers and more of Angus Sung’s
incredible photography, the link to which is in the
description beneath this video. (mechanical whirring) – It is now time for hack
forward slash bodge of the week and we’ve got some
corkers for you this week. First up, this one from Evan Darling who’s found an ingenious way
to capture his bike rides. I mean that is brilliant,
that’s a hack for me. If we could come up with one of those, we could get rid of half
of our production team. What do you say, hack or
bodge for the first one? – [Chris] Oh, there’s a lot of green. – There is, it’s about
70-30 hack for that one, so well done to you, Evan. – Brendan Connor up next, the rubber band that comes with broccoli works well to keep tire levers together. Hack two is to use painters’ tape to keep safety pins in one
place on the way to a race. Right, should we go for
the first one first? Is using the pink elastic band
that keeps broccoli together to hold your tire levers
together a hack or a bodge? – [Chris] I honestly thought tire levers clipped into each other. – It’s quite a surprise
the number of hacks. Actually the only one,
entirely bodge on the right, but 50-50 on the left! Right, well that’s going to be a bodge, and what about the sticky
tape for the safety pins? – [Chris] Yeah, bodge. – [Dan] Sorry about
that, two bodges for you. – I agree with that. What’s wrong with using
one of those little tubs? Like everyone else? – Right, we’re sticking
with the vegetable theme and this one came in from Gary Bosto, who put “Glasgow, effing love you, mate.” Got a marrow in the bottle cage. Transporting your vegetables by bike, is it a hack or a bodge? That is close! – [Chris] It is close, I
think it’s slightly more hack. – On that side it is. It’s slightly more bodge on that side. 50-50 – Yeah
– Your call. – It’s a bodge, to be honest, isn’t it? You’d normally carry a courgette rucksack. – Honestly, hack, 50-50 here as well. Right, next up. – Next up we have Alex Hall, who has had two beestings through his
forehead in the last month. Some mesh from the garden center and a little superglue,
hey, presto, helmet mesh. I mean it’s quite clever. – [Dan] It’s a helmet mesh. – [Chris] Oh, wow, that’s a lot. – Yeah, I say that’s
a hack, because you do often get flies through
your helmet, don’t you? It’ll be pretty annoying. Some helmets come with those. – Yeah, they do. – Not many.
– But they’re really hot. – Are they? – Generally. – No more hot than an aero helmet surely. – No. – Anyway, next up, this
one came in from Christine, “not my bike” over in Palo
Alto out in California. – [Chris] Clearly their bike. – [Dan] Yes, it’s basically it looks like a sort of a child seat that’s been made out of the front end of an old steel bike, with the top tube in the forks,
pedals on the bottom of it. What do you think of
that one, hack or bodge? – [Chris] Oh, that’s negative
on this side of the room. – It is, yeah, I’d say
that’s a bodge overall. Oh, I’m surprised about that,
I thought that’d be great. – I actually think that’s a hack. – Well, I do as well, kids
love sitting on the top. This has got be more comfortable than sitting on the top
to you with a cushion. – I’ve got a story actually. I, since my kids were born, I’ve always sat them on the top tube, put my arms under their
armpits and pedaled along. The day before my daughter’s
fourth birthday last year, she was happily swinging her legs along and one of them went into the front wheel. (audience groans) Spent the night in A&E, broke her leg. Nothing, as a parent, nothing is worse than the guilt of
breaking your child’s leg. Awful. – Told you. – So that’s why that’s a hack! Because what I was doing
was clearly a bodge. – Why, because you got
pedals to put her feet onto. – Liam and Mel: “here’s
a GCN hack for you. “I modified my old lemonds G4 spin bike “with a custom programmed Bluetooth module “so it works with Zwift,
a smart trainer for $30.” Don’t mind if I do. – Right, I don’t know if anyone
else knows what’s going on in this photo, I certainly didn’t. But is it a hack or a bodge? $30 smart trainer for Zwift? – [Chris] I think it’s absolute genius – [Dan] Yeah, hack, it’s
a hack from our audience. And along the same lines, we had this one sent in from Simon on our uploader who’s created an electric shifter for the resistance of his watt bike. Now have a look at this, it’s a video. (mechanical whirring) (laughter) – I don’t see you an
electric button there, that’s someone pulling a piece of string. Aw, looks like a bodge. – [Dan] Yeah I think
it’s been deemed a budge. – [Chris] I actually
thought it was quite clever. – Next up, this from Carl. “Most of my wife’s coworkers are engineers and she saw this in the bike rack at work when she parked her own bike. She doesn’t know the owner
or the story behind it” and neither do we, so we
thought we’d get the help first from our live
audience here in Avoriaz, but also from you at home if you’d like to leave in the comments. What on earth is going on here, any ideas? Help move up the pelvis? That’s what I was going to say, yeah. (laughter) So that is a bodge. And that’s the last one for this week. Don’t forget to get involved
for next week’s GCN show. The hashtag on social media is GCNhack or again you can use
the uploader down below. (techno beat) Next up, we have our
weekly caption competition which is your chance to get your hands on a GCN Camelbak water bottle. Last week’s photo was this one from the final day of the Tour de France up to the Champs-Élysées. This is the polka dot
jersey where our own Bardet with his teammate Oliver Naesen, who’s on a steel bike
actually for that last day. Steel Eddy Merckx. The winner this week is… – [Chris] William Vardy, who has, “Oliver, how much did
you pay for that bike?” I don’t know why I’ve
done it in an accent, I’m really sorry. (laughter) That was my French accent. – Yeah, well done, William in France. Let us know your address over in France and we’ll get that bottle
straight out to you. Send us a message on
Facebook with your address and we’ll get a GCN Camelbak bottle. – I’ve not even read
out the punchline yet! (laughter) – Have you not, okay,
do that bit first then. – To which the punchline is,
“nothing, it was a steel.” That’s because he’s on a steel bike. – Yeah, right. – You might not know
that from that picture. – Well done to you, William, we’ll get that Camelback bottle out to you soon as we possibly can if
you send us your address as a message on Facebook. This week’s photo is this one from the Toulouse time
trial at the Tour de France. It’s the first time I’ve
actually thought of a caption and then had to find the photo for it. Now this is a time trial which in England, we also called testing sometimes, when we’re doing time trials. So my caption of this one
is, “testing, one, two” (crickets noise) I just picked the number
12 from the Tour de France which is Emanuel Buchmann
actually as it happened, but that’s my caption for this week. If you can do better,
which I’m no doubt you can, leave your captions in
the comments down below and we’ll pick a winner
this time next week. (techno beat) Before we get onto what’s
coming up on the channel and our favorite comments
from the previous week, we’re going to answer one of your training related questions. This is of course your opportunity to win three months free
subscription to Zwift. All you need to do is ask
a training related question in the comments section down below and use the hashtag askGCNtraining. Winner this week is Roger Walker
Arnott with this question. “It’s only my second year taking cycling “relatively seriously
and in three weeks time, along with three friends,
I’ll be attempting London to Paris in 24 hours. I’ll sleeping there and
doing the same thing in reverse the following day. At this stage, I guess
whatever training I’ve done will need to be enough.” So what he’s being doing are longer 60 to 80 mile rides on the weekend and then shorter rides during the week. You did a big test which was the Dunwich Dynamo 111 mile event, followed by a 50 mile
ride back to Colchester after just a short rest. At the end of the day, his question is, “at what point should I start to taper off “and how many days before the big ride “should I start to rest completely?” – Blimey, that sounds like
an absolutely mad goal and Roger, as ever, these questions get sent away to the coaches at Zwift and they come back with the answer. To which it sounds like your
training is going really well, doesn’t it, you’ve got everything lined up and your preparation for the event has actually gone really smoothly and you’re going to be fit
enough to cope with it. So then we need to address your taper and to start with that,
your taper is based around the volume of training
that you’re maintaining leading into the event – That’s right, so
basically the more training, the bigger the volume of
training you’ve been doing, the longer your taper
should be and vice-versa. If you’ve been in less volume, your taper should be slightly shorter. So anything really from
about 3 to 10 days, but you never need to
taper for weeks, do you? – No, you don’t, and from the information that you’ve given us, we
suggest that you carry on, or the coaches would
suggest that you carry on with around six to seven endurance rides with the same intensity
as you were doing before, but address your volume, so you want to reduce your
total volume by around 20 to 30% so if you’re doing six hours a week, or sorry, if you’re
doing nine hours a week, bring that down to six. – Yeah and our big
influenced on how you get on on these back-to-back rides is of course going to be your nutrition. And there’s some latest
science out apparently, according to the Zwift coaches, that suggests that for your
taper, in the last 36 hours, you should be consuming, per day, 8 to 10 grams per kilogram
of body weight per day. And I would say start at
36 hours before the event. Then, of course during the
event, the old rules apply. Eat little and often,
fast-acting carbohydrates so that you don’t blow up. We wish you the best of luck with that. Right, we’re going to move on to a couple of our favorite comments now. Only got a couple actually,
because we’re filming this it’s a couple of days after
the previous GCN show. But first up was this
one underneath a video that you did with Hank. Joseph Bleasdale: “I feel
as though Hank and Chris “would have been those
kids at the back of class “who always threw paper airplanes “and drew willies on their worksheets “but in the end could never function “if the other wasn’t there.” And you kind of hit the nail
on the head there, I think. They’re like little kids at the office. The only good thing about that is that they make even
me seem quite mature. – Yeah, except it wasn’t willies, it was bicycles on all of
our workbooks I expect. Didn’t actually go to
school together either. Next up, we got comment from
underneath last week’s show, Neil Moss: “at seven minutes 50, “there’s a definite breach
of UCI rule 2.2.025 there. “Riders may not, without due care, “jettison food, bonk
bags, feeding bottles, clothes, et cetera, in
any place whatsoever. (lighthearted music) That’s a 200 Swiss Franc fine. – That’s easy for you to say, Chris. – No it’s not. – Next up, we had this
from Kid Jong the third: “For your information,
a dozen donuts will fit on your drop bars which is
great if you never use them.” You have to remind which
video that was that was in. – That was under our how to
carry your calories video, which Hank and I did over the French trip we did back at start of July. – Must admit, I’ve never tried
that with drop handlebars, but I might do at some
point in the near future. Alright then, coming up
on the channel this week. On Wednesday, we are going to show you how to replace your car with a bike, which should be interesting. On Thursday, we’ve got the
top ten climbers of all time. And on Friday, it’s another gravel how-to, this time it’s about how
select your gears properly. On Saturday with Ollie, we’ve
got a preview of the world Road Race Championship
circuit off in Yorkshire. Then Sunday, is a ketogenic
diet good for cycling? Presumably, they don’t do the
two videos at the same time? – No, it’s an Ollie weekend, isn’t it, you’ve been very busy. – Mondaay’s the racing new
show, with you and Marty. – It is actually with Marty, because we’ll be travelling
back from this on Monday. And on Tuesday, we’ll be back in the set for the GCN show, episode 345. We shall finish as ever
with extreme corner, which this week is a video trailer from AMP global media for a new
film which is called Vision. It’s a female-led mountain
bike free ride video, which features Veronique Sandler. – [Woman] There it is, feast your eyes. (uplifting music) – Basically like stepping
into a roller coaster. You just follow the train. – Oh, that does look good, doesn’t it? – It looks great fun, yeah. – Bit a lot of trails out here in Avoriaz. Maybe tomorrow, instead of doing the ride, we’ll go and do that. – Well, you could do, they did look tempting, didn’t they? But I think we all know
how it would end for you if you did try those downhill trails? – Big smiles? – Yeah, yeah for the onlookers perhaps. Alright, that is the trailer for the film, but it is out now for download if you’d like to go and
watch the full film. – That’s it from us here in
Avoriaz, thank you for watching. If you enjoyed it, do
give us a big thumbs up. But before you go, if you haven’t already, click on the link to watch Ollie’s epic 200 kilometer gravel ride over in Iceland. (whooshing sound effect)

100 comments on “How Much Money Does A Professional Cyclist Get Paid? | GCN Show Ep.343

  1. I don't get why there's a comparison between male and female salaries because female racing isnt as popular so there cant be parity if its not watched as much nor is there as much prize money per race. Teams would end up losing vast amounts of money. There's no argument.

  2. Lloydie – Definitely NOT Kid Jong "the Third." Please see the wikipedia page for North Korea circa 1994-2011

  3. 'Kid Jong the Third', not sure if serious…

    …it's obviously a play on the current leader of North Korea (Kim Jong the Fourth)'s father.

  4. #caption
    An individual TT, what a bora, where is peter when you need him, must be “extracting” all of his energy to perform some fancy bike trick…

  5. Look up what some tennis players earn and are worth. Sponsorship money is also a plus i mean how much does sagan get from his sponsors?

  6. Women athletes aren't as popular. So it makes sense.
    It's really up to the fans. The more support athletes get from fans. The more media coverage. The more $ they get.

  7. Dan-
    The High Sierra's is the Lake Tahoe region in California. Redwood Sequoia's are also at the Northern California coast to Southern Oregon region. Both areas are mind blowingly beautiful! We even have a few Sequoias up here in my neighborhood in Portland Oregon.

  8. Equality: you are nice fellows, but you could start with parity in GCN presenters… I have only ever seen one female presenter on a segment or two – seriously you can up your own game guys….

  9. Caption: Given he's not Specialized at time trials, it's hardly surprising that he was 1 2-louse out on this stage

  10. Regarding the shoes, that not so distant future, since Nike has already created auto lacing shoes for basketball:

  11. Chris, I have just been informed that I used an inappropriate slang term in a now deleted comment. I had no idea it was a slang term in some places and I had not intended any offense or characterization. I am deeply sorry for any insult or discomfort I have caused, it was not my intent. Dave

  12. If women are to make as much as men then someone will need to convince major media that women’s racing is as exciting to watch as men’s, which it is!

  13. Parity shmarity. Socialists LMAO. Why would anyone pay for something no one cares? How many men or women watch or care about women pro cycling?
    I know who Peter Sagan is but never heard about what her name. It is like asking why top actors made millions and what is their name actors chump change?

  14. Compared to tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, formula one, basketball, rugby and nascar, cyclists earn the least for the hardest and most competitive sport in terms of training, effort, discipline, time spent competing, hazardous nature and limited media coverage, all this while the race owners and promoters coin the loot

  15. It seems like a desire to bring parity to the male/female pay discrepancy would be better served by exposing the specifics, rather than avoiding them. What considerations informed your choice to not report womens' pay?

  16. Maybe showing my age here, but my parents used to drill into me "work hard, keep your nose down, get a good education and it will all pay off for you in the end." And that has proven to be a bunch of first-class grade AAA BS. Even my old bosses used to cry "it is not about the pay, but the joy of doing an honest days work." Yeah, whatever. That does not pay the bills. Then a whole slew of excuses. (don't use the electricity/gas/water, find a cheaper place to live, eat cheaper instant soups, etc) However, keep in mind that for every standout, are a million slobs who never made it. Not because of lack of skill or anything, well not necessarily, but just plain bad luck.

  17. Parity between men and women in sport is as irrelevant as, for instance, parity between male Premier League players . . . it's the entertainment business and pay should reflect how good / popular each player is, the viewing figures, the merchandising and advertising revenue they bring in and consequently how valuable they are. Think of the comparative quality and duration of the Wimbledon men's and women's semi finals and finals and ask yourself if the women deserved the same money as the men. This isn't sexist but just one example of why, in my opinion, parity in the entertainment business in irrelevant. There are others in which the equation is reversed in favour of women . . . Adele and Madonna for instance earn way more than one hell of a lot of male artists.

  18. CAPTION: the moment Buchmann "Toulouses" focus, his "hansgrohe" too big for the extensions and his track stand lists to the right.

  19. Message for Dan Lloyd. Dan, now that the dust has settled, please analyze the TdF top 20 into: 1. Failed contenders 2. Future contenders 3. Domestiques. Many thanks, John.

  20. At the end of a ~80-hour, desk-based working week, it’s good to know that as a 36-year-old female my “choice” not to become a pro female cyclist like Annemiek hasn’t dented my income :-D. Shame about the X chromosome – for both of us!

    Applauding your efforts to support female cycling and draw attention to women in the sport – keep up the good work GCN.

  21. Can you ask Zwift if they have any training programs for someone who has had 2 injuries in the last 3 1/2 months and have not been able to ride. Currently recovering from full hip replacement surgery due to a bike fall and the doctors have allowed me to ride a stationary bike. One month before this accident i tore my calf muscle skiing! Was finally getting on the road off my trainer and took fall on the bike.

  22. Someone below asked about defining and determining Hacks and Bodges and I took a stab at pinning it down. Is this definition a Hack or Bodge? 😉 What do you think? 🤔 Anything to change/add to this?

    Definition: both hacks and bodges are meant to be improvements that are both innovative and custom to your bike. They are both modifications/changes/additions to the bike or equipment which are derived from either of the following procedures: 1. developing and installing home-fabricated or self-fabricated parts 2. repurposing one or more existing items which are not originally cycling related to serve a cycling related purpose.
    Distinguishing Hack from Bodge: A hack succeeds where a bodge fails because a hack 1. is executed in an aesthetically neat and pleasing fashion 2. exhibits attention to detail and careful forethought 3. demonstrates a superior sense of engineering ability 4. fulfills the intended design purpose well 5. successfully argues the case for it's existence i.e the nature of its purpose is useful enough and sufficiently universal in nature to justify there being a manufactured product on the market, but there isn't.

  23. Interesting stuff on earnings of cyclists. But what about a typical British pro, the riders I watched recently racing a Crit round the streets of Colne. All the top Brit teams present, what do their top guys earn? Anyone got any ideas?

  24. for the wo/men parity: More mixed races like this week's mixed TTT will increase visibility of women. Media can play a bigger role in covering women's races. I probably wouldn't be a fan of women's cycling without GCN! More please!

  25. Caption – eyes closed riding
    – focus, focus
    deep breathing
    – I am speed
    opens eyes
    – oh wait I'm a Ford Focus

  26. Regarding low wages for women in any sport it's all about what their audience or customers spend on products. If women aren't watching cyling events then why would sponsors invest much money into the sport. It wouldn't pay out for any business to dump a bunch of cash into to something that wouldn't in turn earn the money.

  27. #askgcntraing
    I am planing on doing Dunwich Dinamo next year which is 120 miles through the night.
    Can you please tell me how I should train for it. I currently have on done a maximum of 50 miles at once.

  28. It might seem unfair on face value that women earn less but at the end of the day all of the cyclists are being paid based on the success of their respective product. Men's and women's cycling are two very different businesses at the moment.
    Imagine two coffee shops in a large town. One is on the high street with just men working in it and one is tucked away in a side avenue with just women working there; depending on who you ask the coffee tastes better in either one of them, it's just a matter of personal preference. The main coffee shop generates say £10000 in revenue each day and the little coffee shop produces £1000 pounds in revenue each day. However, when the women find out that the men are earning 10 times more than them each hour, they demand a pay rise of 900% to ensure 'equality' because they're working just as hard as the men and as far as they're concerned, their coffee tastes just the same. They ask that the men all sacrifice half of their pay and that their boss pay them 5 times more; that way it'll be 'fair'.
    Ask yourself this: should we give the public the freedom to CHOOSE how they spend their time and money? Should men be criticised and punished for being good at what they do? What is more important: equality of opportunity or equality of outcome?
    If men and women are one day being paid EXACTLY the same, that may not truly indicate the fairest possible result. Nevertheless, nothing is stopping women earning 10 times more than men one day; what matters is that they are paid what they deserve, whether that be men earning 10 times more or vice versa.

  29. Economics is the reason that women aren’t paid as much as men in cycling. More people watch the men and buy merchandise that is sold because of the men. Comparing cycling to tennis is a bad comparison. In the tennis majors, they now take all the money the generated (the lions share is generated by the men) and split it equally between the men and women. The problem with that solution is that women play best of 3 while men play best of 5. So, despite playing more, and drawing larger crowds, women actually earn more for their work in the majors. I don’t think a fair solution is to steal from the men’s side to pay the women actually more for less.

  30. #AskGCNTraining. I have a very small budget for cycling, but I was able to purchase a magnetic 7-speed indoor trainer, a wahoo Zwift, given my small budget?

  31. Two ideas on pay.

    1. In general both men and women aren’t paid nearly as well as many other professional sports. They need to focus on the customer – TV watchers to generate more ad revenue. Simple as that really. And sports watching customers want a sport that is 2.5 hours or less. Look how popular cricket 20-20 has become and how the players are now making much more. Keep the races at 2.5 hours or less, have them more often and they will have a platform to transform their revenue model.

    2. Women will get paid equivalent to men when the women’s sports have close to as much spectators. As I claim in point one, the focus should be on getting more spectators to increase revenue. Somebody needs to make the investment to create, publicize and have them covered etc, women’s races the way men’s races are covered. Women’s racing can become like tennis, equally entertaining. But someone needs to step up and cover it. That somebody will make a lot of money in the long run if they do it right!

  32. #askGCNtraining the most Zwift workouts are 60-70 min long. Most days this is too short for me; so what do you recommend? Double it up or ride Day 1 and Day 2 from the trainingsplan and skip the warm-up in the 2nd row? Or just increase power?

  33. I have just come back from the GCN Avoriaz event and thoroughly enjoyed it once I got used to the altitude. All the presenters were very friendly and happy to talk about their every day lives and racing careers.

    The ride leaders were all locals so had good knowledge of the area and the coaching from the Spokes coaches was invaluable to me to help me tackle climbs of a length I'd never done before.

    The event was well organised and they even went as far as arranging for the route for the KOM on the Sunday to be closed to cars (it's a shame I came last on the KOM with a time of 22 mins 🙁 ). The social side of the event was great fun as well and it turns out that the presenters are real party animals.

    It surprised me how all the guests and GCN team became a really close knit team and everyone was very supportive of each other. I highly recommend the event and will definitely be signing up for another one.

  34. Has anyone noticed just how much Paul Weller looks like Simon in the video for ever changing moods?

  35. When a woman can ride as hard and fast as a man she will earn the same amount of money,not being sexist but that is a fact Womens professional Soccer, made a loss of $27M,and they want equal pay,but they are not getting the views,unfortunately for them even women aren't interested in watching other women in professional sports,also same goes for WNBA,and If I remember correctly their professional baseball league

  36. So basically like MotoGP or F1 were salaries far outstrip any prize money.

    It use to be (it may still be) that riders gave all the prize money they won (intermediate sprints, mountain tops, stage wins) to the other riders in their team without whom they probably wouldn't have won it.
    When Fabio Casartelli died in a crash on the Tour in 95 his team announced that all their winnings on the next day would go to his widow.
    After that announcement the organizers tripled the prize money for that day and all other teams held back and let his team take all the money winning points.

  37. why as a photographer that I would never upload my photographs using the GCN uploader. 8.1 When you upload Content to PSNL through the Service, you grant:
    to PSNL and its group companies, a perpetual and irrevocable worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable licence (with right to sub-licence) to use, reproduce, distribute, modify, prepare derivative works of, display, publish and perform and sub-license all aspects of that Content (including soundtracks or music) in connection with the provision of the Service and PSNL's and its group companies' business, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Service (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels; and
    to each user of any and all Platforms where PSNL may display, broadcast or otherwise distribute your Content, and those of PSNL's group companies, a perpetual and irrevocable worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to access your Content through the Service or (if applicable) the services of PSNL's group companies, and to redistribute such Content on such Platforms under these Terms of Use.
    8.2 You agree that PSNL may assign, transfer or sub-license (as applicable) its rights, obligations and liabilities in your Content in connection with the exploitation and/or distribution of your Content (or any sound featured in any content submitted) through all media (including digital, electronic, print, television, film, radio and other media now known or to be invented).
    8.3 You confirm and agree that PSNL, its group companies, and their direct or indirect licensees and assignees may publish, republish or otherwise transmit your Content (and any sound featured in any content submitted) and your name and likeness, in any medium for all purposes throughout the world.
    8.4 You agree that your Content may be altered or modified in any manner, and you waive any right to inspect and approve a finished product or the copy that may be used in connection with an image that PSNL has taken of you, or the use to which it may be applied.

  38. The best way to find parity in Men and Women's pay in cycling is to start equal participation in the same races. If this means Woman's races start the day before Men's, Women's events start the same day only a little earlier, or incorporate the Woman's event simply further up the road for with the same finish line as men. Ensuring equal racing opportunity between Men and women will create an environment to foster bigger sponsors for women and thusly higher wages.

  39. Hi Fellas! Um…you got me at 9:55 after the segment about how much LESS female cyclists earn compared to MEN. Ugh. Awful. Terrible! Must stop! Thanks for having the band width to include this in your coverage. Now…let's change this!!!

  40. How do we bring about parity between Global Cycling Network and Pewdiepie? I don''t understand why Pewdiepie earns so much more money.

  41. Parity? It comes down to female spectators… I don't see the issue. Female netball players get more than male players…

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