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How Not To Behave On A Ride | Mountain Bike Trail Etiquette

How Not To Behave On A Ride | Mountain Bike Trail Etiquette

back you beautiful people and today’s all about the
worst trail etiquette ever. You guys have given us a few more examples on the comments down below and we’ve pulled out
some of the best ones. Or the worst. So here it goes. (light jingle) – Hey, we’ve got a rider, ay! What, he’s shreddin hard. – Woo! Hey can you help, please? – Can I help? – Oh man, thank you so much for stopping, you were shreddin so hard. I was wonderin if you’ve got a
tube and pump and some tools? Like I’ve got a puncture and I really wanna go back shreddin. Can you help? (groaning) Uh, yeah hang on. Just hang on. Yeah I think I’ve got that, hang on. Maybe, I’m not too sure. No, sorry, I haven’t got anything. Sorry mate. Yeah there’s loads more riders up there, they can, they can help you out. Yeah no worries mate,
hopefully you get help alright. KOMs, not gonna do that again. – He’s gone, wow. Nice guy, nice guy. – [Narrator] Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, wait one second. Let’s just try that again. – Hey! Got a rider, ay! What he’s shreddin hard. Woo! Hey can you help please? – Yo, you look like a
damsel in distress dude. – Oh thanks so much for stoppin man. Sorry to disturb your shred. You were shreddin hard. You don’t happen to have a pump and a tube in that backpack of yours? – Yeah sure, look at that. Dude, I’ve been there. I’ve learnt, I’ve learnt. That’s why I carry a backpack. Here you go. – Man you’re such a star,
thank you so much man. You’re a man, you’re the man. Yes. – [Narrator] The trails
are not just for you, they’re made for everyone to enjoy. Try to be friendly
because that’s one reason that mountain biking is the
best sport in the world. Don’t be that guy, cause you might be that
damsel in distress. (light jingle) – Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh, I recon I got this. What’s that? Oh! Oh man, that was close. Oh let’s look at this again. Oh! Is it safe? That was close. I recon I got this, yup, yup yup yup yup. Stoppin on the jumps is not clever. It’s not safe. So it’s always good to get off your bike, lean your bike and if you really wanna look at the gap to look around the jump, make sure you can see if anyone’s coming. Be safe, keep an ear and an
eye open for other riders because it’s a trail, everyone’s out to have some fun. I’m gonna look at this trail, like that, make sure there’s no one coming, yes, I can do it. Don’t stop on here with your bike. Super annoyin and it’s dangerous. Specially if the jump’s big
and you’re gonna try and jump off it, you have to go back
down towards the oncoming rider. It’s not clever. (light jingle) – We’ve all been there, we’ve been on a super muddy ride, we get off our bike, we wanna go in the nearest pub, bar, cafe, wherever to warm up,
grab ourselves some food, we go in muddy. Good practice is, if you take
a second pair of clothing so you can get changed into
some nice clean clothing so you can go sit in a nice warm pub. Not in all your dirtiness. Nasty, cause you’ll get some evil looks. Or if you’re this guy, you’ll
probably get chucked out. (light jingle) – [Second Rider] Oy mate, get out the way! Get out the way! Oh man, you’re crampin my style bra. Move already, get off the trail! Serves you right! – [Narrator] If you’re comin up to a slow rider on the trail, be nice. Riding on their back wheel isn’t gonna make them ride faster. If anything, it’s super dangerous
and might make them crash. Let them know you’re there
and give them enough space for them to ride along to find a spot so you can pass safely. – [Second Rider] Hey, just to let you know I’m on your tail dude. Thank you very much. Yes. What a nice guy. (light jingle) – Ah, this trail’s the dream. Oh man I wanna do that again. So much fun. Oh I’m gonna go back
this way, it’s quicker. I’m not goin up that push up, yeah. – [Narrator] There’s good
reasons why downhill trails don’t allow riders to ride
back up the same trail. When you’re riding down, you’re not thinkin about
riders coming back up. No one wants that, so just stick to the
designated climbing trail to get to the top. (light jingle) Not all trails are built
specifically for mountain bikers, and sometimes we need to
share our favorite riding spot with other trail users. – Oh there’s a hiker, get away! Idiot! – [Narrator] And that
means respecting others that use the trail. Do not zoom past that poor
little hiker or even horse riders or other trail users. Give them space. Give them the respect that you would want on the trail yourself. – Oh, aya, just on your right. Thanks. What a cool guy. (light jingle) – Oh, that was too much fun. Oh man. (sighing) – [Narrator] Take a look at this, this guy comes in, lays
his bike on the floor, opens his bag, leaves
his helmet on the floor. He scatters his stuff everywhere. – Oh man. – Oh sorry, sorry guys. – Oh man, your stuff’s in the way. – Sorry, I’m just trying to get. (groaning) I just wanted to get my pump. So you’ve done a run of the trail. Now you’re getting back to the trail head. You feel a bit parched
so you wanna crack open your favorite beverage. So what do you do? You place your bike nicely. Somewhere off the floor
and out of people’s way. Thank you everybody for
watching this rad video. Hopefully you’ve given
ya a little bit more of a etiquette feel so when you hit the trail, you got a little bit more trail etiquette, if that makes sense. Don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe cause you’re definitely missin
out on some rad content. If you wanna see another rad video, how to get onto your bike, whoa, click over there. Don’t forget to give
us the thumbs up like, and I’ll see you at the next one. See ya!

100 comments on “How Not To Behave On A Ride | Mountain Bike Trail Etiquette

  1. I've given tubes away before. but I would like there old one in exchange so I could repair it at home and wont be 1 less tube down. people regrouping in the middle of the trails annoys me.

  2. Sorry, but if you forget a spare tube or patch kit, then taking one from another riders who may need it is just wrong. Bring your own shit.

  3. Met my best friend and life long riding buddy about thirty years ago on the trail when I stoped to help him repair a flat, we finished out the ride together and were like nice lines dude and all that stuff , partied a bit after ride and have done literally thousands of rides together ever since.

  4. The worst is people who let their dogs roam free in areas that aren’t off-leash. We have a specific area that’s designated cyclists only at my home trail that’s about a kilometre from the off-leash area, and it’s always chock full of dog owners (without leash) on the downhill track. I’ve come pretty close to hitting at least a dozen of them.

  5. It amazes me the amount of people that just stop on the trail and talk. You ride up and they are blocking the whole trail and give you a dirty look for asking to pass.

  6. In the Moab area some visitors seem to have problems realizing, understanding, or adhering to the following (no particular order):

    1.) Please do not ride trails that are wet/muddy/snowy/etc. the groves made in the soft desert soil/mud harden into concrete-like tire ruts, which are a lot of work for Trailmix (our trail builders) to fix, and are a safety hazard for beginners and experienced riders alike. And riding around mud puddles causes damage to the desert. Please see # 3 below. Go and get your pump on the slick rock if it's wet out.

    2.) Please yield to horses, hikers, and uphill riders. The trails in Moab are on public land (BLM, USFS, etc.), and many are designated multi use. Also many trails are two-way traffic where uphill riders ALWAYS have the right of way.

    3.) Please do nut cut corners. The desert soil/crust is fragile, and if you ride of trail the damage you cause can take many decades to recover, if at all.

    4.) Please do not have external speakers playing your music. The music you love, might be shit to others, and the sounds of nature are way better anyway.

    5.) Please pack it in and pack it out. I.e., don't litter! In fact, when you see litter from others, pick it up and pack it out.

    6.) Regarding the point in the video about not having the right equipment to fix a flat: Please remember that some traveling riders might be renting, and the shop may have neglected to include the right equipment. A beginner or a really excited traveler might not know or just forget to ask. It is also possible to have two flats in the same day on the same ride. So yes, everyone should be prepared, but also everyone who has the ability to help should help. We are after all on the same team.

    Happy and safe riding to all!

  7. I am the first guy, not a chance of giving someone your spare tube, you have it for a reason! Not to mention the fact people spend real good money on them for themselves to use, it’s not being selfish it’s called not giving away hard earned money. You may aswell just throw a tenner at them & I will add that’s how people learn lessons on how to pack for a ride.. if they have it then I don’t……snowflakes

  8. Can anyone reccomend a decent dropper post? I do alot of riding but find myself stopping too often to adjust my seat for the next trail ahead (ie. Going from a steep and technical uphil with my seat high to a really nice flowy downhill section with jumps and having my seat slammed down into my frame) (if you ride Swinley Forest red trails then you will know which ones I'm on about)

  9. People who bring pets to freestyle zones where there are alot of features. Keep them on flatland and open XC trails!

  10. Only real case of bad ettiquette I've seen: Riding along and two guys walking dogs stopped to talk on a narrow bridge over a creek on a mixed use recreational mtb/hiking trail. I dismounted to walk around (not safe to ride past too narrow) As I was remounting on the other side of the bridge, off to the side of the trail, two mtb'ers coming the other way bombed over the bridge. I ended up in the thorn bushes on my bum, the two idiots talking on the bridge had to jump out of the way. While the dopes on the bridge were clearly foolish and shouldn't 've been standing there, I have no idea what the other bikers were thinking, lucky the lot of us didn't end up in hospital.
    Lesson: Shared use trails work — if you share. For non bikers that means not blocking the trail completely and being aware that cyclists will be riding along, for cyclists that means being careful of nonbikers. In short, all use your brains you'll be fine.

  11. And for those who feel the need to comment on every eMtb they pass… you do not decide what I ride and I do no care about rude hit and run comments.

  12. Blake is hilarious, such a good presenter. I would like to add littering, don't see it on mtb trails much but see road cyclists do it all the time!

    The "Share the Trail" section was really well worded, as it's important to also remember that pedestrians have NO RIGHT to walk on specifically mtb designated trails, even in Scotland with our great access rights. You're entitled to responsible access, which excludes walking on places designated for sports like mtb (or football pitches, gold courses, etc.)

  13. I help any !  Sadly some are nasty people ! I always have all my tools in my Osprey Rapptor  and first aid too ! I can lend you all you need except what I need incase I cant get back sorry ! DO YOUR HOME WORK AND BE READY YOU ARE NOT GOING TO THE MOOVEIS ! PAYS TO BE PREPARED ALWAYS !

  14. I ride mountain bikes as well and I ride horses. Once in Germany I was taking the boss' horse out for his afternoon stroll and I was just off a mtn bike trail. They didn't see me and I (and the horse) didn't seen them until they were on us. I heard a clang clang and I think it was chain slap. Suddenly the horse just bolted for an open field and I know what it feels like to be a jockey in the starting gate. And then they were gone! Poor Aladdin didn't know what was going on but I don't blame them for scaring the poor beast, just the wrong place at the wrong time.

  15. Don’t tell me how to live my life if people are trash in life they will be trash on the trail ,

  16. Is it bad etiquette to whip it out and take a leak right off the trail ? Cuz sometime you think you can make it down in time but you start dripping mid way down the hill

  17. If you do another one of these, PLEASE STRESS BEING CAREFUL AROUND HORSES! I ride horses and bikes and people need to remember that horses are 1200 lb+ animals that can be very scared of bikes. Going past a horse without regard for the horse spooking can be fatal for the biker as well as the rider and even the horse itself. Please let people know, and it might just save lives.

  18. I read that 1st scene completely the wrong way I thought you were going to say don't be a douche and remember to bring your own shit

  19. Tailgaited on a trail there today "go you've got an ebike fucking idiot "on a very steep section didn't even know the guy was there went after and had a little screaming match tried to say I was in wrong then said IT was backed I had ebike some people are just idiots and think they own the trails, elitest bullshit .respect for other riders.head up behind you I'd pull over no problem don't be rude or an asshole out there

  20. Today I was trying to redo a jump on a trail, and I was going back, but I was a couple feet off the trail and a guy got mad at me, was that bad etiquette? I know a lot of riders who have done the same.

  21. Glad to know I am not the only one who hates hikers on hiking trails.. But I still slow down, and pass them giving a good wide berth! XD

  22. Another thing, if you see someone has crashed, stop and make sure they're okay because I wouldn't want to be that guy, left alone. This one time, my mom and I were driving and her car bogged and died in the middle of a very busy intersection and wouldn't start back up. At least 100 people drove by and didn't help and this one guy finally stopped and helped push the car and put a road flare (It was really dark out too). He told us his late wife said: "If you see someone in need of help, help them because you never know how bad their situation is." This has stuck with me and I apply it to driving, riding and even hiking. Don't be that guy that leaves someone stranded, especially if they're hurt.

  23. The worst is sharing narrow trails with horse riders that aren’t supposed to be there.
    Needless to say, they don’t clean up after themselves lol.

  24. Not stopping to help.. yeah. When I knew little about my bike my chain came off quite a few miles into the trail. Didnt really know what to do. 5 guys passed me, nobody asked a thing 😀 I just ask if someone is OK whatever.

  25. To be honest though, it's just as bad to be that guy that didn't bring a spare tube and is begging other riders for spares.
    If i got a puncture on the trail and i didn't carry a tube i would simply go home or if possible go down to the bike shop if it's nearby and buy one.
    It's a different story if someone offers to assist though. But even then one really needs to be humble and admit you should have brought a spare.

    When i am out riding i don't bring tools or tubes with me though. I know full well the risks that i may just have to roll my bike through miles upon miles in the forest.

  26. Even the "good" example of passing that hiker is bad to be honest. You are still coming in too hot and could scare the living daylight out of a regular hiker.
    Always slow down to walking speed at least 10 meters behind one (assuming you can of course, which is another problem altogether as you shouldn't ride that fast if you can't see a hiker in time) and say hello. Let them move out of the way at their own time, don't just assume they will move over as they might have a hearing impairment and/or have achy joints.

    There have been times when i have followed a hiker at walking speed for 50 meters before they've moved over because the trail is so narrow and there's no suitable place to stand next to it.
    And most times i really feel bad when i see a hiker take a step to the side to let me pass as if all bikers are speed maniacs that will run into them unless they move over.
    ALWAYS pass them slowly and let them decide when it's a good time to move over.

  27. #3 is really post ride :). I learned #5 the hard way. I was going past thinking the trail belongs to me (it doesn't) and some pedestrians/hikers were walking along. I was shouting and gesturing for them to move, well because it's my trail (so I thought), and as I was going past them one took a step back and knocked by pack just right which pushed me into a rut. I tried to manual out of the rut, but I was travelling at a good clip and I lost control. I went down hard and I ended up with major rock rash, plus I broke my derailleur hanger in the process. I learned a hard lesson that day, the trail does not belong to me.

  28. That's one of the thing that scares me as a begginer, going to an event open for all but being to slow and being annoying to those better than me …

  29. Hahahhaha yes!!! Tell the world!!! Especially to NOT stop on a jump or on a landing!!! I laughed a ton! Thank you!

  30. Don't sit in a tree gnawing on a pickle then exoking someone by jumping on someone and batting them over the head with a stick

  31. Tail gating is a big one, i was up at stevens pass and had a guy tail gating me i could hear him clearing his throat etc it was obvious he wanted me to move out of the way ,there was no where on this trail to stop unless i did it in the middle of the trail ,this in turn made me ride faster than i normally would as i was trying to hurry and get out of his way and i was not concentrating on the trail there was a guy behind me i came around a corner to a wood bridge with around maybe 7 feet drop off both sides well i was too fast to make the bridge and right off the side of the bridge and it was not a fun crash, so do not tail gate for that reason and others slow down for awhile and let the slow rider get way ahead and then continue, at steven pass slow riders have the right of way i am not sure about other down hill parks, slow riders feel bad when they slow people down and will ride faster than they should, that was a lot to right to make a simple point God Bless

  32. Having my ride interrupted because I have to stop and pick up other peoples litter. Just can't leave it there.

  33. Well, I have gone to the pub once with muddy clothes, but the thing is that I was completely drenched by an asshole buss driver who drove into a huge puddle and the muddy shirt I had swapped from was pretty much dry.

  34. Great video but I find it very unfortunate that there's a need to make this sort of video. It's basic politeness and common sense but still many people just do all this things.

  35. Not knowing Blake personally…but you convey yourself as quite a nice gentleman. My congrats to your parents, they did a good job.

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