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How the Public Bicycle System in China Works? – FIRST TIME RIDING! (Spanish Subtitles)

[Music] you [Music] and so I’ve been telling you about these public bicycles like this one so they have different browsers like here we have a few different ones we have a blue one and a green one here is this yellow one and there’s another one which is an orange one which is I think the most popular what I’m going to be scanning the QR code here and with my phone and then every half an hour they charge me one client okay so it worked they send me a code and I’m going to like it [Music] okay so after I put in the code then it just opens automatically and I’m going to start writing it so this is the bike and there is also a basket if you need to put things and so let’s go does this actually even work this oh that that’s though okay this is the first time I take this [Music] okay guys so I got to my destination and so the good thing about these public bicycles is that you can go anywhere with them and you can leave them anywhere so it’s not like a specific station that you need to drop them off at and so if that just makes it really convenient and it’s so cheap and so now once I finish then I’m going to lock the bicycle it took me 17 minutes to get here and so I press this button or what do I do Oh No maybe I press this button here I think I think maybe this button here so there I’ve locked the bike so now it stops charging me it says right here after you’ve blocked it after one minute then it stops charging you so I guess I have to wait a minute okay and then since this is like new and a lot of these bike companies want to get it started and stuff like that so right now a lot of the times it’s free so right now I have to pay zero so I just come from confirm that and that’s it and then here also tells you like where are other bicycles so that you can take them isn’t that really cool right it’s super cheap super convenient you can go anywhere with them so I really like it but that’s the first time I take it because I don’t know I guess I don’t really go out that much and then if I do go out I think I go out to farther places which I need a taxi or something so yes good morning guys so we are going to try to go to our balcony I say with these quotation marks because it is not really a balcony we have a window here but it does lead to like a space like that looks like a balcony so anyways we’re gonna jump out of our window I don’t know this might be dangerous but we’re gonna see what happens so open que pase come on I’ll go back look at the bud we can do a gentle [Music] be careful like we have this area here you see and here’s our window so yes I thought like we can just like I don’t know sit here and drink something but it is much scarier because like of course this this thing is like very low like what if we get stuck out here [Music] the problem is how to get into oh my god it looks so difficult are you okay oh my god Babel took it you could have just told me to hold your cell phone [Music] oh my god I don’t never become I would never [Music] much more difficult than we thought if that’s all I wanted to show you guys today and you know always to kind of show you how my life is in China and thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed that I’ll see you next time bye

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