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45 comments on “How This Pro BMX Rider Creates Art On His Bike

  1. Shouldn't it just be about a guy who makes cool videos and is really good on a bike, why does it have to be about "defying stereotypes" just because his skin is different than most in the sport?

  2. I'm so confuse about this article. Black guys and bike stereotype. I don't know that this exist. There are cycling teams of with black riders for decades now.

  3. I don't understand the stereotype. Now if it was some old dude popping tricks on a BMX then yeah but it's a young guy. The fact that he is black is irrelevant, his a young guy on a bike. Seems normal to me, well here in the UK it is anyway.

  4. Ok……….are we really going to give this guy another victim card? Oh the poor guy, jesus christ lets get over this shit and enjoy our lives! Hes cool, we dont need to give him a prejudice complex on top of it!

  5. Okay, so I am not the only one it looks like. How on earth is a black guy riding a bike defying a stereotype?
    Since when has it been a stereotype black people can't ride bikes? Literally never heard of this, and it looks like no one else has in the comments either.

  6. wow! a Black guy defying stereotypes… hm maybe we should define people as individuals not as members of groups
    but what do I know

  7. They changed the title.

    Seeker, that's very adult of you.

    Realize the world has never been brought together by insisting we are separate.

    Only through the proof we are all one in the same.

  8. Maybe pick someone that knows even the first thing about Bmx to host the interview? You pretty ruined an interview with one of the best bike riders in the world! Cause you got the most disconnected person you have to interview him😅

  9. AND why the fuck did you make this a race thing? Don't you think people might be a little interested in who taught him or who he rides with not just "oh hey look that black guy's on a bike! And he didn't steal it!?"

  10. When you literally never see black people do bmx it kind of becomes a stereotype. Not saying it's right just saying how it is. they changed the title because everyone got tiggered.

  11. Very impressive indeed. But he has a long way to go. After watching the in comparable Danny MacAskill in action you will NEVER see stunt cycling the same.

  12. Nigel is a hack. The sport passed him by in 2007 when he stopped progressing and everyone around him kept getting better. He's doing anything now to stay relevant, including playing the race card. Go watch any story or interview with him over the last few years and continues to make this bold claim that black people don't ride bmx. All the guys that paved the way before him in NYC like Ediwn Delarosa, Tyrone Williams, Wormz ect ect didn't have this hang up because it was their skills that got them noticed and not the color of their skin. Nigel is just not that good at riding a bike certainly doesn't deserve sponsorship if we're basing it solely on skill. He's washed up.

  13. I actually was expecting ART and not just a guy riding around on a bicycle while being filmed. Decent interview regardless.

  14. im getting into bmx my self was always inti streer racing but jus learning how to bmx n do tricks its sonething i wan to pursue but i feel what u sed about biking its great 👊😄 not alot peaple can relate 🚲

  15. When I was a kid in London, I wasn't allowed to join our community BMX race team 'Caxton House' one day they were all leaving in the big bus with their bikes on the roof, I stopped the driver (who was the team captain) and asked why the hell couldn't I join. He just drove off, he was black, ALL of the riders were black, and the name of the team on the side of the bus was 'The Caxton All Blacks', right then I realised that racism works both ways, and either way is shite.

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