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How to adjust accelerator/throttle free play in any motorcycle or scooter | why free play needed??

How to adjust accelerator/throttle free play in any motorcycle or scooter | why free play needed??

Namaskar dosto welcome to sai repair this video is about throttle/accelerator free play adjustment let me first tell you about throttle free play, as you see this is throttle grip you need to turn it to one direction completely, in my case there is a white spot you can make your if you want now you need to turn it just like you do when using it, but only till the throttle start to engage so the distance that white spot creates from its start position to the back(new position) is called free play but this distance should’t be that much, its preferred to be 2 mm or 3 mm at most if this distance is more then 2-3 mm then it will create pain in your wrist while riding plus the response time of your motorcycle will also reduce as the throttle grip have to cover that extra distance then it will start engaging for adjusting the throttle/accelerator free play , process will be same for any kind of motorcycle or scooter only difference is some have a lock nut which can be loose just with fingers and some with the spanner let me show you from where you do the throttle/accelerator free play adjustment you have to find the throttle/accelerator cable right next to the switch or throttle grip as you see there is a adjustment nut present here in some motorcycle there will be a lock nut which open with the help of a spanner in my case the lock nut can easily be open with just fingers after loosing the lock nut you can simply turn the adjustment nut to increase or decrease the free pay let me show you how much it will effect on the free play when we adjust it from here as you see the white spot is travelling some distance which i explain earlier to reduce the throttle free play you need to turn the adjustment nut anti-clockwise and clockwise to increase as i turning the adjustment nut to anti-clockwise direction the free play is now reduces its was going to the back but now moving very little when you done with the adjustment do remember to tight the lock nut this will helps the adjustment to stay as it is done lets say if you are not able to fully adjust the throttle/accelerator free play from here because you can do a limited adjustment from here or after a certain time it reaches to the end limit in that case first you need to turn the adjustment nut completely to clock wise direction after that the adjustment will be done from the downside from the carburetor where the throttle cable is attached when we need to do bigger throttle/accelerator free play adjustment, we have to do it from carburetor right where the accelerator cable is attached , there will be two nut’s the upper one is lock nut and down one is adjustment nut you need to first loose the lock nut if you need to reduce the throttle free play then turn it clockwise and anti-clockwise to increase the free play we need to reduce the free play so turning it clockwise direction after that tight the lock nut important thing to remember, do not try to adjust it fully from here means you are trying to adjust from here and checking it at the throttle grip end if it gets adjusted the free play adjustment from this place is not for precision, for that i have explained earlier if any rare case you are not able to do the throttle free play adjustment from both places as i show then in that case you need to check the path from where your throttle cables goes if the throttle cable got stuck anywhere in handle or tank then these kind of problem may caused after the throttle free play adjustment being done do remember to set your idling, because it may be increase or decreased plus start the motorcycle and do check by turning the handle side to side as there is no RPM increase or decrease if the video is helpful for you do give it a like subscribe to see more upcoming videos thank you for watching

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