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How To Be A Freeride Mountain Biker!

How To Be A Freeride Mountain Biker!

– Dude, did you see that? Roosted that turn up there into a manual. Alright, these are my top ways
on how to be a free rider. (upbeat music) Alright, first off for
being a free rider is having your suspension a little bit
harder than everyone else. Just helps with those huge hucks to flat and you don’t just blow out
your suspension, bottom out. Plus, it helps you in the trails. Just poppin’ everything. Just bouncing. Du-du-du-du-du! Ahhhh! Hard suspension. Next one, trick everything. Beast easy and just have fun. Where you can get air, trick it. I’m gonna trick this. (upbeat music) Alright, free riders love to manual. And everywhere and anywhere. Right, this next bit. Free riders film everything. If you haven’t got it on film
and it’s not on Instagram, you haven’t done it. So, I’m gonna film this line right here. Alright, that looks sick. Jump from there, land on the log. It’s balanced. Alright, hit this jump. Sick, watch that back. And stop. Right, this one is my favourite. It’s not all about speed,
it’s all about fun. Taking the free ride line. Look at this line here. Doesn’t look like a line,
obviously, because it’s free ride. This is a fast line. That is the fun line. Bushes for your wheels to go through and there’s a jump on its exit. That is fun. That is my top five ways to
have a little bit of free ride in your riding when you’re out there. It’s not all about a race. It’s all about having fun. And if talk about fun, if you wanna know how to ride a trail fun, click just down here. And if you wanna see what
mountain bikers say all the time, click just down here. Don’t forget to click
this globe, right here, and you won’t miss another video. Just like this one. Don’t forget, leave your
comments down below. What other free ride stuff to do and give us a thumbs up like.

100 comments on “How To Be A Freeride Mountain Biker!

  1. 0:57 Blake pleaseeeeee do a tutorial on how to do these
    They simply look so steezy
    Like so gmbn will see

  2. Anyone know what kneepads he is using and the brand? Im looking for a pair of MTB specific kneepads and cant seem to find a solid pair of cheap ones.

  3. Film it or at least have spectators
    Because​ what's the point in being a sick biker if no one can see it

  4. I tried to manual everywhere and Then I got 2 stitches on my Right arm and 8 on the right knee because I tried to manual on a 90 degree corner:(

  5. #askgmbn I watched the "Top 10 worst mtb tips" and you mentioned, that landing on backwheel first is bad thing.. But what if I hit big drops on a hardtail? Isn't it better to land on backwheel first?

  6. I would love to see a tutorial for the trick one foot. I would like to learn this trick because it looks very nice and seams not to hard…. a

  7. one of the best videos ever!!
    get me some great ideas I can capture some sick lines and jumps on my Walmart Mongoose before I get my real bike!! picking up my helmet and pads today luckily just in time

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