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How To Beat Your Mates! | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 97

How To Beat Your Mates! | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 97

– Welcome to a very busy
Dirt Shed Show where we’re gonna be joined by Blake
and Scott in a little while. In fact Scott’s got a call
coming in from Neko Mulally and Blake is gonna be taking us through his rules for the First Try Friday Club. – And we’ve got all the regular stuff like Tech of the Week, Hacks
and Bodges, viewer Edits and the Bike Vault party. We’re also talking about
how to beat your mates. – Let’s do it, it’s the Dirt Shed show! (energetic rock music) How to beat your mates. So last week we filmed this
video, Bunny Hop Battle and it was hilarious watching
you three guys go at it trying to beat each
other made me belly-laugh (laughs) And it got us thinking,
nothing feels better than beating your mates. – Yeah, it definitely got
a little bit competitive during that video. It was a lot of fun though,
so simple but loads of fun, yeah, it got us thinking,
I’d definitely do that! You go riding with your
mate and you think, kind of judge yourself
against him and think he’s getting better at this. I need to actually up my game. You almost covert coach each
other to get better riders. – Yeah, and there are more
traditional ways obviously like timed downhill runs
or XC climbs, Strava. – That’s the biggie.
– Is great for that. But the Bunny Hop Battle
did get me laughing and we had such a great
time, some awesome moments! In fact let’s take a look
at a couple of them now. (shouting) – Yes! Man, if Neil clears this I will backflip! I will backflip! (laughing and cheering) – That video was such a good laugh, but it got me thinking. Maybe I should try to
sabotage their bikes, – Yes
– Especially Blake’s. I saw a GCN video, it gave me some ideas. Thinking about filling
his tyres with water, or moving his saddle out or something, definitely need to beat him. – Yeah, I saw that video
actually, Top Ten Ways to Beat Your Mates. Now I listed some of them down here. Mess with their gear set
up, that’s a bit cruel! Wedge a stone in their clip pedal. – I’m writing this down,
taking notes, yeah. – That is cheating. Fill their water bottle with beer! – That’s a bonus, surely
that’s gonna help. – That is really cool, but what about some actual ways to get an advantage over your mates? There must be some that could really help. – Well, heckling, although
that’s another cheat. – Yes!
– I suppose really. But I’ll tell you what I used to do as a racer, secret training,
so just disappear off into the garage, get on the turbo trainer, (laughs) don’t tell anyone you’re doing it. – You are super competitive and maybe we’re being too competitive, maybe that’s not what it’s all about, but it will be good to
know what you think. Let us know in the
Comments section down below what you’re doing to beat your mates. (soft rock music) News! What is happening in the world
of mountain biking, Neil? – Well, Team news, cross
country, let’s begin with. Marco Fontana has left
Cannondale after eight years, – [Martyn] Wow! – [Neil] And he’s riding for
the Italian brand Bianche. – Ooh! – An Italian rider himself, of course. – Ooh, nice! – Specialized, we sort
of know the team already. Well, half of it, two
thirds of it shall we say? Loic Bruni, Finn Iles,
but they’ve also added Miranda Miller, which is cool. – Great addition, great addition and they’re gonna be using
that new Ohlins suspension. – Ohlins, I think it’s pronounced. – Oh, OK. – But the winner this
week, or maybe this year, for the team launches
has got to be Santa Cruz. I love this video, it’s so good. – Yeah, it’s such a great video. Announcing the new additions
to their team, Luca Shaw and Loris Vergier. They found two incredible races, but clearly from this
video, two people are up for the sort of light-hearted side
of the Santa Cruz Syndicate. – And you’ve got to say, if
there’s no future in racing mountain bikes for any of those guys, then they can all go
to Hollywood, I think. – [Martyn] (laughs) Absolutely. – And I’ve got some news, Martyn. I’m going racing! – Oh sick! I’ve been waiting to see you get back on the competitive trail
actually, that’s cool. – Ah well, you might be
slightly disappointed, but I’m gonna Chile to
race the Andes Pacifico, five-day enduro stage race. – [Martyn] That sounds
like quite a competitive and difficult race to take on. – Yeah.
– As a comeback. – [Neil] It’s gonna be hard, but I can’t wait to get out there. – No, that’s good news to
see you back out racing. And one last bit of team
news, I’ve just heard that Neko Mulally is moving
from Scott over to the YT Mob and we can actually go
to an exclusive chat that he’s having with Scott right now. – The first question I’ve got for you is what’s gonna be the biggest
change to your programme for next year? Or for this year now? – I think the biggest
change will be I’ve used certain components for every year. I’ve been always on standard
stuff you see most teams using and most stock bikes come spec-ed with and this year we’re gonna
be using either team parts and TRB, we’re gonna continue with Fox, which is really good. So it will be a little bit of
an adjustment in that aspect. Just switching from Trek to Scott was easy because it was pretty
much all the same parts, just a different frame. So now I’m switching a little bit more, but I think it’ll be a good transition. I don’t think it will be too difficult. – In 2017 what do you
really think is gonna be missing from downhill, aside
from Josh Bryceland of course? – (laughs) Well I dunno, I
think that a lot of the guys, you know, Sam Hill, Josh Bryceland, from what I’ve listened
to in their interviews, they seem to be a little
bit bored and stale with what the direction of downhill. It’s kind of boring to
race because it’s hard to separate yourself from the next guy. Everybody’s just doing the same thing. Where it gets really difficult
when there’s big time gaps and there’s rough roads,
there’s room to excel and that’s what I really like about racing and I think that’s exactly what Sam Hill and Josh Bryceland said about it. – What do you think about fat bikes? Neil here in the shed is
obviously a massive fan, but we want to hear what your opinion is. – (laughs) Well I won’t
them till I try it, but I’ve never really thought
that fat bikes were very cool. – I look forward to seeing
what you can do this year and hopefully we’ll catch up
again and do some more videos. – Yeah, appreciate it, guys. I’ll see you at the first race. – Right, to round things
up, let’s have a little bit of a look at the comments from last week and clearly, I’m in a
little bit of trouble with you guys out there for wearing my hat in the bike vault. A lot of trouble! – It’s kicking off! – But I actually agree
with Pienimusta, who said, “People are crying about
Martyn wearing his cap. “Leave off, because he’s the
sheriff, he makes the rules.” Damn right! – I’ve not seen your sheriff’s badge. – Now I need one. – And Blake was eating
onions, (bleep) hell. (laughs) (laughing) – And there was a lot of
comments about Blake’s onion eating antics in the show last week. He did do very well. – He did do well. – Andrew Beswick said “Blake
was fully committed on “those onion bites”. Damn, they were massive! Welcome to the channel! – Yes.
– Well actually, I think the joke was on us, ’cause Blake’s breath
has stunk ever since. – It really has, it always does actually. (laughing) Even stranger, on the
onion-gate is that Blake went to the dentist, and on
leaving the dentist, strangely they gave him a goodie bag. I’ve never heard of that
happening in a dentist. – Unusual. – Even weirder there was an onion in it. – [Neil] Oh! – [Martyn] You know what that means? – (laughs) Blake’s dentist
must watch the channel. – (laughs) Hello dentist! (hard rock music) – Alongside all that Team news, here at GMBN we too have
got some new sponsors. So we’ve got POC for helmets and goggles, which you might have already
seen in some of the videos. Then Continental is gonna
be our rubber of choice. It’s gonna be giving us a
grip as much as possible, and then this bike right here, well, it’s my brand new Scott Gambler and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I absolutely love the paint job of it. You’ve got black, you’ve got orange, you’ve got the big fork up front, the Flow X2 Shock in the rear, so much travel compared
to my normal enduro bike that I’ve been riding. It’s set up in the long wheel
base setting, super slack, and I just think it is an
absolute beauty of a bike. What do you guys reckon? Let us know in the Comments down below what content you’d like to see. Because next week we’re going to Malaga and it is gonna be so much fun. (hard rock music) – This is Progression
Session where you guys send us your videos of how
your riding is improving. – Yeah, and I’m starting
this week with a video from Marcus Jones, who’s in New Zealand hitting some jumps. Take a look, Neil. Now, he’s only ten years
old, but it looks like he’s getting some pretty good air, woohoo! – Ooh, that was sweet,
landed that really good. – Yeah, short but sweet, but
a very cool video, Marcus. – I like it. And I’ve got a really cool one
here from Daniel Gregerson. He’s found himself this
tricky little climb with two logs at the top of it, – [Martyn] I love this one. – [Neil] And he keeps going
at it until he gets it. It takes quite a few
attempts, but nice one Daniel. – [Martyn] And this is a great example of what Progression
Session’s is all about. He keeps going at those
logs until he gets it. I love watching it and I
almost felt his triumph when he’d finally done it. – [Neil] Nice one. – So, nice one, thanks for that, Daniel. If you want to get your
Progression in this Session, then send us your videos
to [email protected] and we will take a look. (hard rock music) – Instabangerz! And mine is @steelcitymedia,
who does Metal Monday on Instagram, but also is responsible for the Santa Cruz Team Launch. – Yeah, very cool. My Instabanger this week Alright, dude. – Alright. – Is Craig Evans, who’s a
great rider, a great downhill racer and has been hanging
out with the 50to01 guys and looks like he’s having a great time. Definitely worth a follow. – My Instabanger is @KCDeane. He is a professional snowboarder, but he loves to ride mountain bikes and he’s got some epic photos. – Yeah. – These are great suggestions,
and people you should follow so go and do it! (hard rock music) Time for Viewer Edits,
the part of the show where we get to see the
movies you’re making, so if you appear here, you’re literally someone from Hollywood, basically – Yeah, movie stars. The first one comes from one
of our more senior viewers, it’s Andrew Croker, who’s riding in the Atacama desert in Peru. – Wow!
– Check this out. – That looks like something
from Star Wars, like he’s riding in Tatooine,
and knowing Andrew Croker as we do a little bit, – Yes. – He could well have ridden in Tatooine, (laughs) – ‘Cause that’s the kind of guy he is. Right, I’m gonna throw
to Jared Chang’s video. He’s taken out a drone
camera, he’s got his friend following him, you get to see a great shot of all of the riding. I almost thought this was
one of those new high tech follow cams, you know,
where you throw the drone up into the air and it just
follows you everywhere. But it wasn’t. It’s just hard work by
Jared and his friends. Great video! – And my favourite is
Louis and Tyler Partridge. They sent in a video
of them, they’re twins, of them shredding in the woods
and it’s a pretty cool edit. Look at this. – [Neil] Let’s have a look. – [Martyn] Oh yeah, they look
like they can ride, these two. – [Neil] And it’s good,
you always have a best mate riding with you. – [Blake] I love it when you see kids and they’re just big enough to ride the bikes, and they’re
just doing such hard stuff. – [Martyn] Wow. – [Blake] It’s incredible
how quickly they learn. – [Neil] That trail looks
cool, I’ve not ridden that one, although I have ridden
forest a lot of times. – [Blake] These boys show us around. – [Martyn] That is a sick video! – Brilliant.
– Partridge boys, sick. – [Blake] And they’ve
got a YouTube channel. – Well, go and check ’em out! The link to their YouTube
channel is down below. (hard rock music) Hacks and Bodges! – Amazing! The first one comes from
Elliot Holt who’s 15 years old and he’s made himself a bike stand using, what, some steps and some string. – [Martyn] Whoa, that’s pretty ghetto. That’s a lot of string
and a lot of stepladder just to do a bike. – Bodge. – That’s a Bodge. – Bodge. – Right, next, Hack and Bodge
for me drops into sight. It’s from Sam Majorman,
now check this out. Look at that bike seat, it’s a log! – [Blake] Oh my. – He spotted this locked up in his town and he was amazed, the guy
had even locked the bike. Unbelievable. – He locked the log, you mean? – (laughs) Locked the log! – [Neil] Look there to the top. – Yeah, that is special, Sam. Thanks for spotting that. – I’m saying Bodge. – Another one coming in. – Oh, what? – I’ll take this one, shall I? – Yeah, you’ve got that one. – Okay, check this out,
this is pretty damn cool. So he’s actually sprayed his own lid. He had a black one before,
thought it was a little bit boring so he got some paint out, did some gold, white, black. – Very good, nice design. – It looks pretty cool, that! – And that’s from Marcello. – Yeah, there’s nothing
like personalising your lid and actually it would be
really cool, wouldn’t it, to see if anyone’s out there
putting a bit of artwork on their helmet? We do love to see those, send them in. We can fit them into Hacks and Bodges. – Yeah. (screaming) – Right, time for some Fails and Bails and to get us in the
mood, we’ve got this video from Kenneth, who has been very charitable and sent us in a video of his
son having quite a big stack. Check this out, it’s pretty full on. Coming in hard. Oh, a bit of a buck (laughs) – [Blake] Ooh! (laughs) When he bikes.
– Oh my goodness! – [Blake] The bike bites back. – [Neil] Look, he didn’t even
know that was coming, look. – [Andrew] See that front
wheel grip, throws him off. – [Neil] Like a slab of meat. – But I guess it’s got me in the mood. Are you in the mood for some more of that? – Let’s see some. – Let’s see some, run VT! (yelling) – [Boy] Are you all right? (hard rock music) – Caption Contest, and this
week it’s actually a video. – I’ve just put Mr. Ashton
in the back of a truck (laughing) Can’t get out, Mart? I’m not gonna push those buttons. – [Martyn] Let me out! – No. – [Martyn] You let me
out of here right now! – No. (laughing) – What a bully! – You know what, I think that’s revenge. That’s what happens when you
make someone eat an onion. – [Neil] Yes. – [Blake] Not on. – Leave your captions
down below for the chance to win a GMBN T-shirt. (screaming) Shout Outs this week. I think we’re all in agreement here. The best video this week is
the Santa Cruz Team Launch. – [Andrew] One bit that I
actually thought was hilarious was when Danny Mac comes out,
the two boys are just like, I just wanna go for a ride. Danny Mac comes in, brilliant! – Alright boys, fancy an easy out? Steve Peat’s acting in it is epic! – [Neil] It is terrible. – Yeah, and my bud Greg
Minaar, he’s cracking, he’s really good, he’s sharp. (soft rock music) – Right, it’s time for a Bike Vault party For God’s sake! So Neil, you’re driving
(laughing) Let’s get into it. – [Neil] No hats in the Bike Vault. – Right, here’s the first
one and it’s from Bristol, he’s a local guy, Ben Boxer. What do we think, boys? – I think that’s a Nice
– Nice. – Alright, if it’s a
Nice, it might be as well. – I like the lens feature of it. – Let’s roll on if that’s only a Nice. – Yeah, a Marde Columbrand? – Ooh, can’t see Marde.
– Can’t see much of the bike. – No, no, nice.
– Nice. – [All] Nice. – Luckily to get a Nice. – That look like a nice place though. – Yeah. – Oooh, super nice straight away. – Yeah, please, Arizona, super nice! – I like the little
signpost there, Extreme and Difficult. – Jeff has nailed them every single way. – Yeah, nice, let’s move on. – Ohhh yuck! – Now all I wanna say to
that one is nice arse! – Can I say super nice? – Nice arse! – I like it. – That’s not disgusting. – But it’s the booty
call for Neil, that one. – Specialized fat boy, it’s
in its natural habitat. – It is, super nice! – Super nice! – Super nice! – Ooh lovely, classic Santa
Cruz just sitting there. – Where is it? – Oh, he’s in Glentress, as well. – Super nice.
– Nice. – That’s a plus bike as well.
– Ohh, super nice. – Do you know what, I am
slightly falling in love with the old YT, I do think it’s pretty. – Good looking bike – Yeah, damn nice.
– Are we giving it? – I’m giving that a super nice. – Super nice, yeah.
– Oh, we’re being very. – Joss Smith
– In the rocks. – As a trials rider, that’s
a very cool place to put your bike, but I don’t think it’s
enough for a super nice. – No.
– No, ready? – OK, is that a Canyon? – Yeah, a Canyon in the woods, bit misty. – It’s in Germany.
– Yeah, nice. – I think there’s a bit of
filter action going on there, I like it.
– Spooky. – Yeah, it’s a nice.
– It’s a spooky nice. – Specialise, what’s that, a Camber Comp? – He has done well to get it
in that position, staying there – I think it’s contrived.
(laughing) – Well, that is harsh. Very flat round there, isn’t it? – It is. – No, it’s not happening
for me, sorry Mel. – It looks a bit a bit clean. It’s very muddy out
there, it’s very clean. – Yeah, he’s just taken it out of his van. (laughing)
– Nice. – Ooh, beach. – This is New South Wales, Australia. – Wow! – Nice, it’s nice. – Ohhhh, no, no!
– Super nice. – No, no, no.
– Yeah. – One lucky boy in this room. – If he didn’t have a PM
Samson, it would have been a super nice. – But he’s got a Scott.
– Oh no! – A road bike!
(laughing) – That is a road bike. – I know, back in the Bike Vault. – What is it doing there? – No, next one, not even a nice. – No verdict, I’m afraid. – I like that. – It’s a nice photo but you’ve
given me no information, it’s just a name, it’s just not enough. – Well, nice place to bathe. – Doesn’t qualify for a just a nice. (laughing) – Alan Sanders.
– Yeah, that’s cool. – Parking his bike in
inappropriate places. – That is super sore (laughs).
– Even the. (laughs) – We’re giving that a super nice. – Yeah.
– Are we? – Super nice. – Oh, Graham Neil Klein. – I tell you what, there’s a real man. A real man right there, riding in the snow without his fat bike,
so that is a super nice. – It’s a super nice.
– Yeah, lovely sky. – Your Vault was as
good as ever, wasn’t it? Gor Blimey, I enjoyed that one. – Keep sending your bikes
to [email protected] for a chance to be in the Bike Vault. (hard rock music) – Now, our man here, Blake
Samson has started a club, First Try Friday.
– Yes, yes. – Now, there are some rules
and it’s not an easy club to get into, is it?
– No, it isn’t. – So, the idea is you’ve
gotta name check your video, “This is my First Try Friday.” – First Try Friday. For me, new bike, I’m gonna
send a trick for the first time. – Something new you’ve never done before, but it can be anything, right?
– Anything. – A jump, – It could be a log for the first ride. It could be a table top. Get air for the first time, anything. – And maybe you don’t
get it on your first try. If you don’t, we wanna
see the subsequent goes. I’m gonna hit this and
see if I can get it. I might crash. You can’t always get it on your first go. Look at that, nice! That is First Try Friday. – Send ’em in to [email protected] Can you get in the First Try Friday club, and join this man here?
– I’m gonna do it. (hard rock music) – Coming up on the channel
this week, it’s gonna be one cool week for you all you guys. On Saturday it’s a pro
bike check with my Canyon, and we’ve got an additional
video, we have a game of B.I.K.E.. You two weren’t there, Neil and I were. We’re joined by Phil and Marc Beaumont. – [Neil] Wow! – On Sunday, we’ve got another
cool video, Figure of eight a video that’s gonna teach
you some new skills, I hope. I’m really looking forward
to seeing that one. – Maintenance Monday,
how to fit a rear mac. – [Blake] Tuesday, we’ve got
tips on making climbing fun. – [Neil] Wednesday is
how to get sponsored. – And on Thursday, of
course, it’s the regular, it’s Ask GMBN. – And on Friday, guess what?
– What? – We’re gonna be in Spain!
– Yes! – How cool is that? – And it’s the Dirt Shed Show.
– Yeah. – I thought you were excited
about the Dirt Shed Show on a Friday.
– No, we’ll be in Malaga. – I’m not. – That was a good show.
– That was a lot of fun. – Brilliant, I’ll tell you
what, next week is going to be so sick, cause we’re
in Malaga and if you guys are riding out there, then come and say, Hi! – Click down here for our
epic Bunny Hop Battle. – Click here for 5
Tricks on a Bank with me. – And you can click just here to subscribe to see a new video every day of the week. – It’s time for us to go. – Oh yeah, it’s time for us to go. Did you pack your toothbrush? – [Blake] Neil, have you got the tickets? (sad music) – I really hate it when they do that. Give us a thumbs up “Like”.

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