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How to Build a Custom Cycling Workout — Official Instructions | Zwift

– Hey, I’m Kerri. Today, I’m gonna walk you through
creating a custom workout. Good news, it’s easy to do
on your Mac, PC, or tablet. There are a lot of steps,
however, so get ready to pause this video as
you work through this. Let’s get to it. First up, head to the
start screen in Zwift and select the blue training button. From here, select Custom Workouts
and create a new workout. Another option, click or
tap the text at the bottom of the workout screen that
says “…or create your own”. All right, we’re ready to go. Click and drag an item from
the right side of the window onto the graph to add it to your workout. You can edit the duration
of a workout block by dragging the edge to
the left or to the right. Dragging the top of the block up or down will change the power level. You can also click or tap
the numbers to change them. If you’re using a device with a keyboard, you can use that too. To delete a block, drag
it to the trash can icon in the lower right corner of the screen. The drop down menu next to display lets you choose between
displaying power as watts or as a percentage of FTP. As you create the workout, you can see just how difficult it is. Zwift shows the number of Stress Points, the number of stars
available for you to earn by successfully completing
it, and the total duration. Now, it’s time for a deeper
dive on what makes up a workout. Each zone is color coded and
has a corresponding number. The higher the number,
the harder the effort. The gray block is zone
1, which is for recovery. The blue block is zone 2,
which is for endurance. Green is a little tougher. It’s zone 3, and it’s for tempo efforts. Yellow is zone 4, which is for threshold. Red-orange is zone 5,
which is your VO2 max. And bright red is zone 6, anaerobic. The curvy block is a free ride where you can ride at any
power or cadence you want. The warmup and cooldown blocks ramp up or ramp down in intensity. Use these at the beginning
and the end of your workouts or add them in the middle as ramps. Thinking about adding a cadence goal to one of your workout blocks? Drag the cadence element
onto that workout block then click or tap the number,
such as 85 RPM, to change it. When you do this to an interval, it’ll show the number for both
cadence and resting cadence. All right, now that our workout is built, let’s add some instructions
and words of encouragement. To do this, drag the text event
element onto a workout block and start typing your message. The Time Offset shows how far into that block the text will appear. And finally, it’s time
to name your workout. Click the title at the top
and give it a great name. You can also give it a description and pick one or more tags to label it. Then, click the orange save
button and you’re done. Great job, you’ve finished
creating your workout. The new workout should show
up under Custom Workouts in a Zwift training screen. After you select it,
click workout to begin. You can also make a copy of your workout if you’d like to make a variation of it. Or you can click the X to delete it. That’s it, your custom
workout is ready for you. Have fun, and I’ll see you in Watopia.

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