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How to Bunny Hop BMX – The Easiest Way

How to Bunny Hop BMX – The Easiest Way

hey guys my name’s Adam Rosie I’m not a bunny I promise hey guys my name is Adam LZ and today I’m going to be teaching you how to do the bunny hop so probably the number one request I get is for making a video for how to bunny hop so you guys might be wondering why I haven’t done it already well honestly myself I would probably learn bunny hops like five or six years ago so the tips like we’re always fresh in my head and I don’t like to make videos if I can’t explain them like really well but I’ve been teaching a lot of people recently had a bunny hop and all the tips are like super fresh in my head so now’s the time to make the video another reason I haven’t made it is because I know this video is going to get a lot of views because it’s the number one search thing probably on YouTube regarding BMX and I’ve been like waiting to have the perfect opportunity with like perfect scenery and like a really good film err but I realize it’s probably never gonna happen so here we are in my boring street self filming a how-to bunny hop if the tips are good that’s all that matters right so the bunny hop is literally the easiest trick that you can learn on a bike it’s probably the only trick that you can actually like go out and learn in like 10 minutes or less which is like unheard of in BMX if you’re searching how to bunnyhop on YouTube chances are you’re too impatient to learn on your own or you’re just lazy both of which I am myself so just bear with me this can be kind of a long video but I’m going to give you the most like detailed instructions step by step tutorial and I promise you’re going to learn bunny hops or your money back so rather than just tell you everything you need to do at once I find it easier to tell you like one thing to focus on at a time and then at the end what we’re going to do is we’re going to combine all those things and then you should be doing the bunny hop so one thing that people don’t really focus on that much are the things that you just kind of need to know like body position wise on your bike before you even get started if you’re trying to bunny hop and you’re like holding your wrists like this it’s going to be nearly impossible to get all the right leverage in the ways that you need so the first thing I want you guys to do is to just kind of ride with your wrists angled downward a little bit it’s going to give you more leverage and the ability to actually do what you need to do it’s also kind of self-explanatory but your pedals should be level whenever you’re doing any trick on your bike don’t have one up and one down have your pedals level do I look pro yet step one is very simple all we’re going to learn how to do is just pull the front end of your bike up you may have already seen my how-to manual video which will definitely help but I’ll tell you guys again how to do it if you want your instinct is going to tell you to keep your weight over and pull up with your arms and bend your arms but that’s not right I want you guys to take your weight forward shift it backwards and kind of hang off the back of the bike with your arms straight that’s going to pull your bike up and it’s going to give you the position where you’ll be ready to do the hop if your arms are bent you’re just gonna be like pushing up and down and it’s just not going to work very simple not too scary you shouldn’t get hurt doing this just like I said focus on shifting your weight forward and then shifting it back and kind of yanking on the bike with very straight arms arms locked you don’t need to be able to pull up your front end very high but if you are comfortable with it it’s going to make the bunnyhop easier so you figured out how to get the front wheel up I bet you can guess that now we’re going to teach you guys how to get the back wheel up this is where that wrist position that I told you guys about is going to be really really important because now what we’re gonna do is lift the back end of the bike up by taking our weight from the back and shifting it forward we’re not gonna do it with the manual – we’re just gonna lift the back wheel up don’t worry about the front wheel right now I’ve always told people to shift their way back and then forward to lift it back into the bike up but one of my friends Jimmy was actually teaching someone and he told them to kind of use their toes and I think that’s a really good example gonna be really confusing at first but I want you to kind of when you’re doing it angle your toes downward a little bit and then when you’re shifting your way back to forward while you’re kind of like pushing lift up with your toes and that’ll bring the back end of the bike up again your arms are straight the whole time you’re just kind of shifting your weight look at my big muscular arms go I promise that won’t happen you’re not that’s not gonna happen to you promise you’re not this not gonna happen I promise alright so now you’ve got step one master which is lifting the front wheel up step two master which is lifting the back wheel up and now it’s time to combine them in the past I’ve just told people to just like you know go for the bunnyhop at this point but I was watching some other tutorial and it kind of like showed people that if you lift your front wheel on the back wheel up over something it helps so why don’t you try that in this video I’m gonna use a bunny but you could use a dog a cat a frog whatever you have laying around just something that you can lift your front and back wheel over that’s not too big not too small bunny hops and average bunny maybe like two three pounds so I want you to keep working on lifting your front wheel and back wheel over that and then slowly you’ll be able to combine the motion and you’ll be doing a bunnyhop now before you run down to the comments section and you comment saying no that is a J hub not a bunny hop I don’t even want to talk about it who cares we’re just teaching people how to get their bike off the ground it doesn’t add if you called a bunnyhop a J hop we can call it a Q hop I don’t care it doesn’t matter don’t start an argument over it please your bunny hops at first they might not be like a perfect pull-up then push forward thing you might be like lifting both wheels up at the same time but whatever like at this point I’m just trying to teach you guys how to get your bike off the ground because you’re probably new to BMX and it’s gonna feel really good knowing that you can get air without a jump when you’re getting in the phase where you’re more ready to do the bunny hop you’re going to be kind of taking your weight once your lean back and then not really pushing forward or anything I like to describe it kind of like an ollie in a skateboard because there’s a good chance that most of you guys or failed skateboarders you try that it didn’t work and now you’re on a BMX so it is kind of like that motion where you’re leaning back sliding forward and that’s what propels your motion but what people don’t really focus on is how important your legs are because you’re going to kind of be leaning back your front wheel will be up and then you just kind of want to spring push forward and then use your toes like I told you you gotta realize that like anything like it’s not going to come like that it’s you’re gonna need tons of practice where you can start bunny hopping high you just got to keep working at it now I’m going to address another really common question concern whatever you might think that you’re too weak to do a bunny hop or you might think that your bikes too heavy good news for you neither of those make any difference people have been doing like super high bunny hop since bikes weighed 40 pounds and you could take your uncle who’s extremely muscular and works out every single day put them on a BMX bike and I guarantee you that you can bunny up higher after like an hour of trying it’s really all technique it doesn’t have anything to do with weight or anything you’re just moving stuff around physics chemistry math you name it I don’t know I was even able to teach my girlfriend Nicole she’s like the weakest person ever away technically she’s my fiancee but I’ve watched some tutorials where they say if you like stand over the bike and kind of practice the motion of like picking your bike up and then pushing it forward that it helps I never really did that when I was learning so I don’t know how necessary it is you could also try using like a curb or something as a helper to pop your front wheel up and get your back end up some people say like giving a little pedal crank will help you lift your front wheel up if you’re having trouble with that B so I hit it I truly just one of those things that’s going to take practice be patient I promise you learn it I’ve watched like every how to bunnyhop video on YouTube and I’ve tried to just include all the tips and advice just to make your life easier booboo bunny so this guy’s was how to bunnyhop I didn’t really give you a lot of tips for how to bunnyhop really high because I don’t want to get you guys overwhelmed because that’s kind of like a different technique so I want to kind of keep everything very simple and very easy to learn so you can go out and learn this today and what I want you to do is to check back in about a week because I’m gonna make another video explaining how you can take your bunny hop that you just learn and you can start bunny hopping really high on to stuff over stuff into stuff out of stuff into houses into Taylor Swift’s mansion whatever you want so in addition to subscribing so you see that video I have one other thing that I want to ask for you guys if you have any questions or anything please post them in the comment section and then if you already know how to bunnyhop and you’re watching this video because I know some of my dedicated subscribers are still watching this video even though they already know how to bunnyhop please just go and help one person in the comment section chances are they’re asking a question that you know the answer to and I would love for the comments section to be like a very helpful discussion board where everyone’s helping each other out and then people are just getting stoked on BMX because honestly this tutorial is probably the most important one to me because I know this is what’s going to make a difference from someone being interested in BMX trying it and like carrying on with it or just getting discouraged and moving on to something easy like scootering not that scootering is like crazy easy but it tends to be the thing when people are discouraged with BMX they move on to it nothing against scootering but I love BMX and I want everyone else to love BMX just as much as I do so if you guys could do that for me it would be beyond appreciated and then I’m not going to even ask you to hit the like button but when you go out and you learn this today I want you to come back to this video comment that you learned it and then hit the like button because if this video truly does help people I want it to be the first one that pops up when you search how to bunnyhop because I want every single person that’s ever touch I’d like to know how to bunnyhop that’s my goal I’m at a mosey and thank you for watching today we’re gonna teach you guys how to do a manual alright so one of the first things you guys want to know is how to get comfortable flipping back because if you don’t know how to put back get your knees in and ease it back execute it make sure your when you say

100 comments on “How to Bunny Hop BMX – The Easiest Way

  1. i tried to do this fucking bunny hop all my childhood and youth. every fucking summer. all the while watching lucky guys like this in the video doing it easily, learning quickly. and they all had fucking girlfriends because of that. because they were fucking successful, while i was a loser, a failure. now the only meaning of my life is to have my revenge. beware of me, lucky bastards.

  2. hey head over to the "Drop in bmx and skate shop" youtube for some videos on how tos and and much more. we love seeing others helping out others and always looking to collab. if yall are ever in new orleans lets get together and ride

  3. Hey I am trying to get my back wheel up of the ground but I can't I've seen alot of videos on how to get your back wheel up and I've been trying for like a week for like 6 to 7 hours a day trying to do it and I can't do it I just don't know how I've tryed alot of methods and none of them work

  4. I have been trying for 1 week and nothing is helping me get my back tire up. Like I have watched every tutorial and nothing has helped me .I am getting really mad cause I have a god bike and people ride it and do 180s 360s and shit and I can't even do a trick and I am still trying to bunny hop

  5. I have watched this video 8 TIMES, know how to bunny hop, and have been riding bikes for years but this mans is just too entertaining

  6. Im actually a skateboarder and i can do ollie,pop-shove it,kickflip,heelflip and other stuff and i wanna try out bmx

  7. He says the easiest trick but I'm going threw the comments and alot of them say that they are trying to do it but it's been taking them like a week what happened to the learn it in 10 minutes like so he can see

  8. Hey y'all I'm 42yrs old coming back to BMX after 25yrs.. I got a 22inch BMX.. I'm 6ft2in and 300lbs. Also using it to lose weight. Am I too heavy to bunnyhop? I've tried it and that's what I'm thinking. But I haven't tried a lot because that's what I figured was my problem. Should I give up till I she'd some weight or is weight an issue and just keep trying to get the technique down. Needing advice. Thanks for any helpfull advice.

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