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How To Buy A Used Bike And A Child Seat To Enjoy Cycling With Your Toddler

Hello. My name is Candida Jagger with The Fun Times Guide. We are real people with real experiences and real helpful ideas. I just recently decided to get into cycling with my 2-year-old as a way to
get out of the house and enjoy the Greenways in our area. In our little
cities of Maryville and Alcoa, our Greenway has over 15 miles of paved
trails just waiting for us to cycle them. But there are many other outlying
communities and cities as well. I thought I’d just share our current setup and how simple it is to get out on the Greenways. I purchased this used bike off of
Facebook Marketplace. It’s a simple 2012 Scott Metrix. It has an aluminum alloy
frame with easy pedaling, 8-speed 24-gear Shimano drivetrain, 700c wheels to
help me conquer the inclines without actually having to jump off and push. I
really like the color and the second-hand price of $100 was just right. I added the Thule Yepp Maxi rear child seat for my son. It’s a first choice for a rear-mount seat among families who cycle a lot. Plus it made the Top 10 list
for rear-mounted kids seats. I like that it offers a comfortable and safe ride
for my son. The Yepp Maxi is a molded rigid, yet flexible rubber that absorbs
some of the road vibration. It also has a secure 5-point harness to keep my son
safe and secure in his seat. There are protective edges in the footrests in the
event of a crash. Plus adjustable footrests provide confidence in both
myself and my son — knowing that my most precious cargo is secure. The seat mounts quite easily and securely to my bike seat post. And then… not that I’ll be
doing much night riding, but it does have reflectors on the back. The seat is over
just 8 pounds and it’s relatively lightweight and built to hold my son
until he reaches 49 pounds. I’m gonna show you how easy it is to mount a 2-year-old. My son is 2-1/2. Okay first things first, is we make sure that we are ready to go
with our helmets. Alright. And I’m always gonna make sure
that I have a hand on the bike. I make sure my straps are ready. Alright. I make sure that the bike is always like leaning towards me and on the kickstand — but I’m never gonna let go of the bike. And I
make sure that the straps are already in adjustment — so that it’s an easy flip to
get them in there. And I just make sure to get him strapped in.
And it’s a childproof clip system as well, which is really nice. So I don’t have to worry about him playing with it. Just make sure that these are snug. Tuck them down. And it does have foot straps, which I think is great just in case if
we do crash, I don’t have to worry about his limbs flying out of the area. Like I
said, I always keep a hand on the bike to make sure that there’s no tip over.
The other thing I want to do is make sure that the pedal is up and out of the
way of the kickstand — so when I’m ready to get on it, it’s pretty easy. And then I
get my pedal ready to launch and I basically throw a leg over and get my pedal ready to launch and get
some momentum. And then we basically just take off from there. If you found this video helpful, please remember to click the “like” button. And even better yet, if you
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tips and info to help you better prepare. I love to share my East Tennessee backyard with you. And i’ll see you on my next adventure!

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