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How to change a motorcycle chain – Yamaha MT07 Exemple

How to change a motorcycle chain – Yamaha MT07 Exemple

You usually have to change your drive chain when it makes some unregular noise when riding or when you see kinks in the chain Start by breaking loose all the nuts while the bike is still on the floor Here we start with the rear sprocket nuts Do not lift the bike before loosing up the nuts, unless you have an impact wrench… Clear access to the front sprocket… You’ll need to bend the safety tabs in order to loosen the front sprocket nut Then, you can loosen the front sprocket using a wrench, but it is best to use an impact wrench You can now loosen the rear wheel axle nut Then lift the rear end of the bike And remove the axle to be able to remove the wheel Here I am just being lazy not removing the wheel entirely… I just removed it enough so I can remove the sprocket Remove the sprocket that will be changed This is a chain breaker tool, we will use it to break the chain link Place it on a rivet of a chain link to remove it Tighten it in place Then turn the rod in order to push the chain rivet out of the link Here is the chain rivet removed from the link We can now remove the tool Chain is now broken! We can now remove it easily! You can see here the kinks in the chain, meaning this chain needed to be replaced Now, remove the front sprocket Brand new chain and sprockets kit I chose a high quality DID X-ring chain You can also see here that the teeths from this sprocket are pretty worn out You can see it even better in comparison to the new sprocket Same goes for the rear sprocket Install the new sprocket And the new rear sprocket as well You can now install the rear axle back on Place the new chain on the bike You now need to install the chain master link that will close this chain Do not forget to place the rubber O-rings ! And grease them This chain contains the exact number of links for my bike, but sometimes you have to cut the new chain to the correct number of links This is the chain riveter tool Place it on the master link on the first “push” position then tighten it down The master link is now in position and ready to be riveted Flip the tool around to use the riveting side and tighten it down again the master link is now riveted in place Finally, adjust the chain tension 2 fingers of slack means a correct chain tension Looking good! Tighten the rear axle And then tighten the rear sprockets nuts once the bike is on the floor You can now tighten the front sprocket And bend the safety tab back into place Re-install everything and you are done! 🙂 Subscribe for more videos 😉

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