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How to change a motorcycle tyre | Shell Motoring Tips

How to change a motorcycle tyre | Shell Motoring Tips

If your motorcycle feels odd to ride or makes a strange rubbing noise, you may have a flat tyre. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through what you need to do. Here’s what you’ll need, a front or rear stand, some tyre irons, some rim protectors, a plastic sheet or ground sheet, some glass cleaner, a valve core tool, a pair of gloves and an air compressor. Detach a cable and using a stand raise the motorcycle tyre you’re about to change. Unbolt the wheel, and slowly pull the wheel towards you, being careful as it may be heavy. Don’t forget to remove the spacers and the speedometer drive. Lay the wheel on the ground and using the valve core tool remove the valve core. This will begin to deflate the tyre. To get the tyre off the rim, you first need to detach the bead of the tyre. Spray glass cleaner around the tyre wall to lubricate the rubber. Using a tyre iron under the rim of the wheel, push it down to lever the tyre from the rim. Once you’ve managed to get the bead from the rim, use your hands a body weight to press off the rest of the tyre. Now, turn the wheel over and repeat the steps on the other side of the tyre. Now that the tyre bead is free, it’s time to get the tyre off the rim. Push the bead to the centre of the rim and position the rim protectors and 10:00 to 2:00. Now, get your tyre irons between the tyre and the rim protectors. Pull the tyre irons towards you popping that part of the tyre off the rim. Continue around the tyre, repositioning the rim protector and using one iron, as before, to detach the tyre. To completely free the tyre from the rim, the other tyre bead now needs to be released. Stand the tyre up and from the other side, reaching through the tyre, use the tyre iron off. Now, it’s time to fit the new tyre. You’ll notice there’s a dot on the new tyre which indicates the weakest part of the tyre. Align this dot with the air valve on the rim, then make sure that the arrow on the sidewall, showing the direction of travel also matches the rim. Lay the rim on its side. Using the glass cleaner, lubricate the sidewall of the tyre, but use a rag to block the spray going inside the tyre. Lay the tyre on top of the rim, lubricated side down Check that the dot and the tyre valve are aligned, and then push the tyre down onto the rim. Kneel on the edge of the tyre, as you did before, and slide the rim protectors to 10:00 and 2:00 Push the tyre down towards the centre of the rim. Tuck the bead under the rim, working around the edge. Reinstall the valve core with the valve core tool. Inflate the tyre until the tyre beads go onto the shoulder of the rim. You won’t miss this happen as there’ll be a very loud pop. You need two pops, one for each side. At this point, stop inflating the tyre. Fit the new wheel, carefully replacing the speedometer drive and screwing in the spacers. Remember to also reattach the brake cable. You’ve now successfully changed your motorcycle tyre. Don’t forget to take your old one to be recycled, and for safety reasons we also recommend that you head to your nearest garage to make sure the tyre is balanced correctly.

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