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How to Change the Oil on a Honda Foreman 500 | 2017 Honda Foreman Oil Change |

How to Change the Oil on a Honda Foreman 500 | 2017 Honda Foreman Oil Change |

The first thing we need to do is remove the
access cover to give us access to the dipstick. And then unthread the dipstick– this will
help the crankcase vent properly. Now using a 17 millimeter socket, we’ll remove
the drain bolt and let the engine oil drain completely. As the oil is draining, now is a good chance
to check the condition of the crush washer. If it’s damaged or missing, you’ll want to
replace it to prevent any future leaks. Now we’ll reinstall the drain bolt and torque
it to 18 foot pounds. Now we’re gonna have to remove the rear seat
to get the right-side fairing off the ATV. It’s held in place with just a couple pushpins. Now once we move it out of the way, we can
get access to the oil filter cover. It’s held in place with three eight millimeter
bolts. When removing the old oil filter, make sure
the spring is still in place. Check the condition of the o-ring when reinstalling
the new oil filter. Make sure that the black grommet is facing
outside of the engine. It’s also stamped “this side out.” And then we’ll snug our eight millimeter bolts
down. About seven foot pounds is all we need here–
we don’t want to over tighten them. Now it’s time to fill the engine with oil. Honda states that this unit holds 3.2 quarts
of Honda GN4 10W30. But you can use any other ATV oil, as long
as it’s designed for a wet clutch system. Now we’ll reinstall our dipstick. And now we’re gonna start the engine up, let
it idle for just a few moments. That’s going to get the oil circulating to
the system properly. Then we’ll shut it down and let it sit for
a few more moments. That’s going to help us achieve an accurate
oil level reading. Now we’ll remove the dipstick and remove the
excess oil, and then simply place it on top of the housing and remove it again to check
our oil level. And this looks great, so let’s hit the trails.

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