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How to change visor glass of motorcycle | How to install windshield of motorcycle |visor glass cost

How to change visor glass of motorcycle | How to install windshield of motorcycle |visor glass cost

Namaskar dosto welcome to sai repair this video is on the visor glass/windshield as you can see this visor glass is fully cracked i tried to hold it together with the help of tape but now i am going to install a new one the process to replacing it with the new one is quit easy all you need to do is open these 4 screws and replace with the new one but as you see the screws got rusted and opening them with the screwdriver is very hard and am going to show you how to open them effortlessly without screwdriver lets start every screw have a rubber with the nut in it on the back side to hold the visor glass on the position if you are not able to open these screws as you see in my case 3 are rusted only one is ok as i tried to open them with screwdriver it just slips and not getting any hold to apply any torque so as you see this rubber which goes on the back side is new but with time it got hard to open these screws you need to break this rubber, as it will be easy to break the hard rubber with the help of pliers i can’t show you as the camera wont focus there let me show you but happen when you do this i have already break all the rubbers from the back sides and see what left after breaking these rubbers your visor glass will come out easily as you see there is still some hard rubber with the screw and nut this works because the size of nut is small as compare to the hole provided on the visor i have place a washer in this one let me open it then show you how to install a new visor glass you have to buy a new genuine visor glass it cost around rs 229 always use genuine part as they are of best quality let me remove the covering whenever you start installing , start it from this end side as this clip goes to the grove made on the visor hold it there with the hands and start putting the screws as i have showed that all my screws got rusted , so i bought some new ones from the spare part shop it will cost me around rs 10 each, plus you need to buy these rubber nuts along with the screws these rubber nuts will cost rs 10 each i will not able to show you during installation so let me give you an idea how to do it the screw goes from the front and rubber nut from the back side, pay attention which side of rubber nut goes toward the screw then simply tight it let me show how, as the screw from out and rubber nut from inside/backside when you about to tight it remember to push the rubber nut toward the screw only then it will start to get tighten use same process and put all the screws this is how you can replace your visor glass if the video is helpful for you do give it a like don’t forget to subscribe thank you for watching

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