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  1. good video, there will be plenty of viewers with internally routed cables. I recall GCN did do a video on how to feed cables for internally routed frames. I may be worth referencing it

  2. I think you should have made mention of the difference between the brake and shifter outer cables (we call em "housing" around here). Spiral housing for brakes and compressionless housing for indexed shifting. Getting them mixed up and installed backwards can cause very serious issues.

  3. Great tip, Dan at 3:40 re taking up the tension in the RD cable. Had to change out RD and cassette this afternoon and it worked a treat; 1/2 turn of barrel adjuster and perfectly indexed gears. Thank-you.

  4. Sooo yeah I just did this for the first time on a road bike, along with brake cable and housing replacement, and it took me friggen 3 hours to do it.  Sucked.  Oh well, the RD cable was definitely frayed inside the shifter mechanism so it was definitely due for replacement.

  5. GCN if the Barrel Adjuster (Shimano Tiagra) has come out from the derailleur and unable to screw it back in again, could this be worn? I've been trying for 30mins with no joy. :/

  6. My gear lever does not spring back to the neutral position after shifting gears, any thoughts on how it can be fixed?

  7. cant thread the inner cable through the shifter could see where it came through as that is where the cable snapped no sign of the end bit

  8. My question is about the cables you buy to replace on a road bike. Do you have to get the pricy cables only or can you use basic cable? I have I installed new shimano ultegre 6800 shifters. I was told I can only use shimano cables. I don't believe that. they can cost up to $70. I am not a heavy rider so I don't see myself changing cables offten.

  9. good vid, but a few more tips on exactly how your thread it through the holes in the Brifters would be good. I found putting it in from the top to see exactly where it pops out worked well. also its worth pulling it taught once you are through the Brifters and clicking them to make sure its seated properly. otherwise you could thread it all through the outers only to realise you havnt got it sat quite right in the Brifters.

  10. can i change the inner fd wire without open the bar tape? because my cable inside the bar tape and how to make the shifting and braking level be smooth? did i need to put some oil into the cable?. i was using 105 groupset.

  11. can i change the inner fd wire without open the bar tape? because my cable inside the bar tape and how to make the shifting and braking level be smooth? did i need to put some oil into the cable?. i was using 105 groupset.

  12. When I climb hills and I am on the small chain at the front plus any of the 2 top gears at the back, the chain keeps wanting to slip one gear down. The top one does it worse than the second one. When I stand and peddle, obviously putting more strain on the gears, it is even worse. Is my cables stretched and need replacement, just an adjustment or is it the gears itself that to be replaced?

  13. Hi GCN. I use a four hand tool on the cable to ensure the cable had no whirlpool in the middle portion through the hosing or cable guide. The other thing is technology is really improving, the new Sram Cable Cutter had a pin to allow user make the hose round opening if it wasn't cut perfect though the edge is still not smooth.

  14. A wooden cocktail stick worked fine to open up the hole in the outer cable, Clarks brake and gear cable kits were cheap and good quality – had a nice plastic inner unlike the cable it replaced.

  15. This video came across as far too hurried tbh. You could really tell Dan was doing all the work but by heart and so quicker than we can watch and learn with quick voice over after the video. Slow it down a bit with a newer updated video please and then it will have Dan's fashionista beard in it 🙂

  16. I would have liked to seen the front mech' cables being done, my chain comes off at the front and it's not the limit screws, not sure why it's happening 🙁 … Not caused by a stretched chain or worn chain rings, both are new.

  17. Is there any real world difference between traditional cheap cables from my LBS, to like jagwire cables like their link shift series?

    I use a Sram Red grupo, and sometimes I need to tune my bike a bit regularly, and I think I need new cables but hard to decide on how to approach to get the regular cables I get or go for something jagwire if there is any benefit!

  18. Wiggle are selling Lifeline gear cables for £2.99 and Shimano for £15-20.. But is there a noticeable difference between the two??

  19. It is important to make sure the cable is properly seated in the shifter on the hoods. This is why it is important to shift to the smallest sprocket. This exposes the cable attachment so can seat properly.

  20. Thank you! Between this video and the brake cables, you've just saved me 200$ in labor I couldn't afford! Great video!!

  21. I know you're speaking in English, but I still can't understand what you're saying… maybe it's the wine.

    I will watch again in the morning and see how I fare.

  22. Hi I have a new set of Ultegra 6700 levers. I managed to get the right shifter and cables in with no problem. But, I can't seem to figure out where the shift cable goes in on the left side. I've tried a couple of places that appeared to be the "cable hole", but none of them seemed to put the cable in the right place for it to actually engage with the mechanism. Any advice?

  23. If I may, I'm relatively new to the biking mechanico world and have turned to YouTube for help when I feel it necessary & have seen a few of your tutorials. I'd like to make some suggestions that may be a service to those out there like me that are in need of help.

    -slow down. You guys fly thru the steps! It may not seem so from your perspective but consider your audience!

    -don't skip steps or even the most minor detail. For example, in this particular video, you show how to change the front cable in all of 30 seconds when, truthfully, it should be given its own time/video. (Today, I came specifically to see how to do a front cable-and yes, it IS easy, but then again, for someone who hasn't done it before…)

    -don't work on new bikes. Most people working on their bikes are going to have bikes that have been thru it, enough that things are broken and need to be changed.

    Just a few suggestions; I hope they are helpful in any way.

    Also, as to front cables on a grip shift, where should the actual on-bar shifter be positioned? Full back or full forward? And should the derailleur be in the most inboard or most outboard position? I couldn't tell from your 30second afterthought mention in this video.

  24. Personally I always smear a thin film of grease over the cable when installing and I've never had a problem with dirt. Besides even if I did I could always unhook the outers from the frame and wipe the cable clean. But I've never needed too.

  25. Good stuff. My bike is now geared up for some hill climbing, definitely worth checking the cables if of its not behaving. It's completely changed how my bike shifts.

  26. I have an internally routed frame. Does the rear der cable and housing have to enter on the right side of my frame or can I cross the housing to the left side? Same for front der cable and housing? Or does it have to enter the frame on its designated side. reason I ask is because I am installing inline barrel adjusters for front and rear ders.

  27. Are Gear and brake cables universal for any bike? I have a commuter cannondale baadboy and an 1989 vintage fuji touring bike? What cables do you recommend for good long lasting performance?

  28. I went back on this video to refresh my memory and help a friend set up gears. To my surprise someone must have been watching Bill & Ted because listening closely (at 4:47) you can hear someone calmly comment "69 Dude!" The joys of doing bike maintenance late at night in a one bedroom flat with headphones on.

  29. I have done this procedure many a time but that little tip to take the slack out by manually pushing the rear mech in is just the piece de la resistance! Great stuff! Big thanks for doing what you do.

  30. Good evening, GCN

    Do you know what is the exact Shimano cable model for the Ultegra shifters (6700 and 6800)?

    I would like to have that reference so that I can buy it to my local bikeshop.

    Thank you and have a nice week

  31. Nice video, but as a complete newbie, each step was a bit hard to follow. You guys kept cutting from one step to another without fully allowing the viewer to see the full continuous action of each step. It makes it hard to really follow what's going on.

  32. Great instructions and tips, replaced and up and running again and saved some $$$$$ – thanks guys 🙂

  33. I think ferrules are always preferred. They prevent outer casing compression at the ends, to make shifting distance more consistent/precise.

  34. Phenomenal editing … Really such a joy to watch when many DIY vids can be a struggle to get through – I like it moving a little quick but only to get a general sense of what to do – the comment stating some of the trickier elements may want to have a few more shots to further detail what to do and further to demonstrate on older bikes may be quite relevant – again though the pace I found cinematic … Cheers

  35. 0:18 Cables can become sprayed ad worn, a You can see here on our Felt bike.”
    **Camera zooms in to show a bike with cables already removed.**

  36. Thanks for the advice I was not sure how to take up the slack but when you said move by hand the rear derailer up 2 gears it worked thanks.

  37. My gear cables are not following the handlebar under the tape. They are going from the shifter to the frame in the air. Would I be better off tucking them under the handlebar tape? What are the pros and cons?

  38. was going well, he got careless with the imagery at around 3 minutes in the video, too bad was thumbs up from me till then.

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