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How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet for Adventure Travel

How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet for Adventure Travel

dual-sport helmet street helmet or
roll-on deodorant helmet what is the perfect adventure-style helmet so the
dual sport helmet is really popular now but to understand whether this is the
ideal helmet for you we really have to explore where this helmet came from so
let’s start by looking at the dirt world this is a dirt bike helmet and it is
made strictly for riding in the dirt the dirt helmet has a very large visor on it
mat visor sits very tight to the helmet across the top and it’s very very long
and generally has a little bit of a lip at the very end the purpose of that
visor is so that when I have dust all over my goggles and I ride into the Sun
I can tilt down just slightly and shade the goggles so I can see clearly so the
large visor also protects me from rocks and dirt being kicked up by the rider in
front of me so dirt helmets also have a very large opening for eye protection
the only eye protection on a dirt helmet are goggles and they are ideal for sand
and dust and things that blow all around your eyes but they require a lot of
space dirt helmets are ideal off-road not so great on the street this visor
that works so well offroad it captures the air and it pulls your head back when
you’re going down at speed these unregulated vents that work so well at
low speeds can blow a lot of air through your helmet and cause a lot of noise as
well and the only eye protection option you have is to wear full goggles all the
time street helmets are ideal for higher speed riding so 30 miles an hour
50 60 miles an hour they have open ventilation now that regulates so you
can shut it down and open it up they have aerodynamic design which makes them
quieter and reduces neck fatigue street helmets have quick disconnect visors
it’s very easy to change the color or to pull it off for cleaning many have
features with sun visors that drop down inside street
helmets are perfect for the road but not so ideal for off-road this chin bar
that’s now shorter and tighter means when you’re at low speeds off-road and
you’re panting you’re breathing in your helmet and trapping a lot of heat it
doesn’t have a visor on it so the dust particles that collect on the shield
all of those dust particles reflect the light and you can’t pull down and shade
them so you’ll end up losing your visibility goggles work really well in
sand and dirt because all the edges all the sides there’s no way for dirt or
dust to get into your eyes the goggles they don’t work on street helmets modular helmets have all the features of
a street helmet and they do this modular helmets lets you expose your face it’s
much more comfortable for people to interact with you
means you can talk to a border agent when you come up to the border without
removing your helmet in stopped traffic you can open them up and get maximum
ventilation and they’re very popular amongst riders of wear glasses so street
helmets are great well if most of your adventure riding it’s on the street but
they also work well if you ride solo on gravel roads where you’re not dealing
with a lot of dust being kicked up by other riders finally the dual sport
helmet like the dirt helmet the dual sport helmet has a visor built-in so
when you come in to the Sun and you have all that dust on your shield you can
tilt down and shade your shield and be able to see but different it has these
large louvers this allows more air flow to go through so you don’t catch that
visor and it doesn’t try to rip the helmet off your head it also has a
larger chin bar on it so when you’re going at lower speeds and negotiating
those trails or more difficult terrain and you start huffing and puffing your
helmet there’s more air flow back in behind the chin bar like the street
helmet the dual sport helmet now has a built in visor this helmet mine has a
quick disconnect on the shield so I can remove that and I can use goggles when I
need maximum protection for my eyes. it also now has regulated air flow for
cooling and it also has an aerodynamic design on the helmet so that reduces
neck fatigue dual sport helmets do tend to be louder than dedicated street
helmets due to the extra visor and the airflow going over the helmet and
although they do a very good job of regulating air flow you still can catch
wind on this and it can kind of wear for some fatigue I wish I had a modular dual
sport helmet for international travel color is another important consideration
with choosing a helmet black is the most popular color of all helmets but a white
helmet is five to six degrees cooler inside the helmet and a study in New
Zealand showed 24 percent fewer collisions with white-helmeted riders over black-helmeted riders helmets are a complex topic and I’ve only scratched
the surface here we talk about safety ratings EPS liner versus isolation
rotation protection we can talk about visor types fit finish how clean they
are inside the strap system you have on them the thing is there’s a lot to
consider so for me to make sure I always have the perfect helmet I have one for
looking cool one for dual sporting one for the road one for the dirt and one
one for international travel

92 comments on “How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet for Adventure Travel

  1. Just to add some dual sports with built in visor do support Goggles too should the rider want them. It might be an idea if the peak were made of a mesh type material then they could vent at speed and still provide shade during slow riding.

  2. Another great video! Just bought my first modular DS helmet with the drop down internal sun visor. I didn't anticipate how much I would like this feature. Will never purchase another helmet without it.

  3. This was the video I've been waiting for, yay! What you think of the windnoise of the Shoei X2 compared to the GTair on highway speeds?

  4. Best modular dual sport helmet I tested so far: Touratech Aventuro Mod. It's redesign of the Schubert E1 with better airflow, style and the hability to use goggles

  5. I have a Nolan N44 – Basically does everything (6 helmet types) but all of them only very averagely. Great all-rounder. Super loud though – needs earplugs.

  6. Just added the Touratech Adventuro Mod….. it's Touratech's version of the Schuberth E1. Couldn't be any happier!! Since Touratech is local to us, you owe it to yourself to pay them a visit!

  7. Scorpion EXO AT-950 > Schuberth E1
    I actually sold my E1 after trying the Scorpion, better helmet for the price and you can use goggles for off road sections. Plus E1 has terrible visor rattle, even when locked in place

    I say that as a Schuberth fan btw, my dedicated street lid is a C3 Pro

  8. They all have trade offs…but after over 120,000 miles in last 5 years…I've settled into the XD4 Arai in White and Red, with the proper wind screen on my Tiger 800XCa.

  9. I think calling them Peak and Shield and internal sun…something… is the only way to avoid the Visor/Visor/Visor confusion.

  10. "Roll on deodorant style helmet" Lol. My youngest brother had a helmet like that; we all called him Turtle Head when he had it on as it looked like he was wearing an empty turtle shell.

  11. I love my Schuberth C3 Pro, because I wear spectacles and having the ability to flip the lid is super convenient. The built in jet pilot sun visor is really useful given I wear prescription glasses and don’t want to have prescription sunglasses as well. Plus, it’s super quiet, and really well set up for Sena speakers etc

  12. Great breakdown! I have several "street" helmets and a Bell MX-9 for off-road use. The Bell came with adapters that allow you to remove the visor with minimum effort and I do this if I plan to ride a long stretch of high speed pavement (the lid is surprisingly smooth without it, but still noisy). Their system uses the shield pivots, and it's a little awkward what with three screws, some washers, and spacers…I think the latest Shoei and a few others attach the visor separately making removal and re-installation pretty easy.

  13. Hi, are you recommending ear plugs for hearing protection?
    Any plans to visit Bavaria, Southern Germany? Would love to meet up.

  14. Great report, but no mention of open face I have been using open face with visor off road on road winter and summer, brilliant.

  15. Dual sport helmet make you look cool on your adventure bike, however (from my point of view) modular helmets works better on most "adventures". Good channel, excellent videos.

  16. Other commenters are also saying this, but just to reinforce: the Scorpion AT950 ticks the boxes you mention wishing for, Bret– some dirt-type DNA with visor, extended chin bar, and big opening for goggles option, but the visor works well at speed and the faceshield also works well and is easily removable… and the helmet is modular. Also has built in sun shield. Like others have said, maybe the Scorpion isn't as 'cool' or high-status like the Shoei or Schuberth, but it works great. And comes in white flavor for risk reduction : )

  17. Hahahahah just like you I have one and sometimes more than one for all sorts of riding . best of all worlds.

  18. That helmet color (& other factors) study is really good, but it was published in 2004 and covers data from 1993-1996. Even in New Zealand, I bet the state of motorcycling has changed a lot since then – hopefully more studies like this get done!

  19. Hi guys, I've seen that many time the modular helmets are described as less secure compared with a full face. How far are they going down in terms of protection? In my specific case, I ride a F650GS and the speed around 100km/h, more or less.

  20. Great stuff as always Mototrek! I have two videos on my channel about the Scorpion AT-950, a more affordable and Modular ADV helmet.

  21. RE: modular.

    I actually had a border agent make me remove modular helmet at ToW/Taylor crossing. Maybe he was looking for Voldemort..

  22. I have a Schuberth E1 and I love it. Quiet and plenty of air flow. Just have to tame down the visor with some plasti-dip to tone down the vibes.

  23. im a beginner, your videos very informative and suitable for beginner like me. Im planning to get my bike, a Honda CB500X. Good luck and keep more coming !

  24. Good evening, Just came across your YouTube channel and really like what you have to offer. I live here locally in Lynden Washington. about 2 1/2 hours north of you. I have not purchase a bike yet I am new to the whole thing but would like to get into it.

  25. Never had I seen a video that explains so much, so well in such a short time, and specially about such an important topic. BTW, definetly getting myself a modular helmet, for every day riding. Thanks.

  26. I have a Schuberth E1 and ride my R1200GSA both on and off road generally with the beak, which you failed to show or mention in your comparison. One of my complaints previously about helmets like the Schuberth C3pro, which I also have, was the lack of a visor shade, more than the internal flip-down tinted visor. The E1 is excellent and I wear it exclusively even on lengthy road trips.

  27. I have a C3 and love it. I wear sun glasses with correction and polarized lenses, it does not play well with the visor. The ploarization + plastic makes for a weird view. So i painted the visor pitch black. This way I can lower it just a bit to cover the sky over my glasses and cut the glare. Obviously, I never lower the visor all the way down! I love the fact that the visor can be lowered to any height and is not spring loaded up or down. Other nice thing, its about the only h elmet that will fit my large oval head. I could use better ventilation however.

  28. Hey Brett, I have just purchased a GSA and I’m making the transition from being a pure street rider (RS/GT) to learning to camp and going on adventures rides. I’m in TN and planning on doing the MABDR later this year and doing a BDR out West next year. I have really enjoyed all your videos, especially your videos explaining dual sport riding mechanics. Your videos are very entertaining and informative, keep up the great work.

    Check me out on instagram @dejocko_ if you want to see my progress over the next 5 months before doing the MABDR late August. I’m going to start doing different cone drills this weekend in a parking lot getting used to a new set of mechanics and turning (while standing) with my knees.

  29. The AT-950 is a much cheaper modular dual sport helmet with a sun shield. I recently got one and have been happy. I did come from a budget helmet though so I would have probably been happy with anything.

  30. Haha, I bought a schuberth e1 myself for long distance adventuring as well. Works really well for all speeds with zero neck fatigue, along with probably being the quietest adv helmet in the world. I think Scorpion makes one of those adventure modulars as well, only other one I know of though.

  31. I know a chin bar is good protection, but got tired of wearing an oven on my head. I used to have (in the old days) a snap on motocross bill (visor) on my helmet to block out the sun when I drove into the evening sun. Can't get those anymore. One of my main grips about the louvers on top of the helmet is that they collect bug guts which are difficult to remove. I've priced a few of the dual sport helmets and they always seem to be out of my price range. I grew up riding dirt bikes with nothing more than bluejeans, hiking boots, and a t-shirt, gloves and a skid lid. Started off with a 3/4 helmet. Took lots of tumbles on it learning how to ride. Nowadays, I need a body helmet.

  32. Yeah I was cool once and had a matte black helmet on my black Ninja. All it took was being stuck in traffic one time for an accident in Tucson for an hour and I swore that I'll never own a black helmet again.

  33. It's funny you mention the schuberth E1 modular adv helmet… I've been wearing one for the last 2 years and I don't know if there is a better helmet out there. It does feel a little big and heavy but it is and has everything. It modular, it has the sun visor that is removable so it turns into a straight road helmet, drop down shades, great regulated venting and I think you can fit goggles with it. ECE rated. I'm sure I'm missing some features but thats just off the top of my head… I've been using it as an extreme commuter helmet and haven't had time to really go out on a long road trip but its been perfect so far. $600 is a little on the steep side but you get what you pay for here.

  34. I do enduro MTB so I have goggles already, so I think I am gonna get a modular one, so I just lift up thr chin piece and get my goggles on, for the dust on the mouth you can just wear a bandana. How's that sounds?

  35. I've had a Schuberth E1 for 2 years now, great helmet and the visor installs and removes in under 30 seconds. But at 4+ pounds I wish there was a carbon fiber option in modular dual-sport helmets (are you listening KLIM?)

  36. A 200€ modular dual sport helmet : the Caberg Tourmax, which is a Caberg Duke with a visor, so it ranks 5* on SHARP testing.

  37. Wait, can someone tell me the white vs black helmet part, i didn't quite catch it. So the black helmet is safer than white?

  38. I have that Scorpion thingy…works great. I also considered the Schuberth one. As it was the case when I tried a Schuberth about 15 years ago…still does not fit my head shape. So the Scorpion one it was (and that it is cheaper does not hurt).

  39. Love your channel and wear an E1 Guardian here in the heat of Spain. Wore the E1 during the 2016 GS Trophy and touring all over Europe. My 1st was with a Cardo SRC and now with a Sena unit. Its the best thing i ever put on my head and proven the safest as i trashed my C3 in 2015 after going through a tree at 40mph and 100 feet down the side of a mountain. Oh I am a BMW Off roader, BMW Off Road Skills trained on the R1200GS and now an Advanced Instructor in Spain on an R1200RT.

  40. The most comfortable helmet you can find, followed by the lightest helmet you can afford. I have a bell star carbon fiber that is comfortable, light, and flows a lot of air. The transitions shield is icing on the cake. For short day rides (150 miles or less) I like to use my LS2 modular helmet. It is a long oval so comfortable for my head, but is heavy compared to the bell star. I don't get the adv helmet thing. Not very aerodynamic.

  41. Been using MX-9 for the ADV. Long road trip I started taking the visor off. I use motorcycle glasses for highway shield up, down, partially up or off.

    Modular with drop down shaded visor for road touring bikes. Pinlock shield. Chin curtain.

    Need to get some offroad goggles.

  42. Fun and informative. One can never have enough helmets, gear, accessories or indeed, motorcycles πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸš’πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸš€πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸš€πŸπŸ›΅πŸπŸ›΅πŸ‘πŸΌ

  43. Having a long oval head makes it hard to find a helmet that fits. I have an Arai Signet Q that fits perfectly and it's my go to helmet, but it's a touring helmet, not a dual sport one. The XD4 fits well but I cant afford two Arai right now. Fortunately I found out the Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS fits well too and I just ordered one, the price is very good. I'm looking forward to finally having a dual sport helmet.

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