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How To Choose A Mountain Bike Helmet

How To Choose A Mountain Bike Helmet

– Choosing the right helmet for you, really comes down to the
type of riding you do from cross country, up to down hill. Let’s take a look at all
those different features and why you’d pick those helmets. Let’s start with the cross country lid. (upbeat funk music) And one of the main
considerations with cross country is trying to keep your head
cool when you’re riding hard so there’s big vents on
the front of the helmet, but again, on the rear to
let that air flow through. You might notice that this
is actually really similar to road helmet that Pro Road teams use, the biggest difference
really is the shells. This one, the road one,
is slightly lighter. On the mountain bike helmet,
the shell is tougher. So, it’s got aramid bridges
and it’s slightly deeper, just to give you that
little more protection that you need on a mountain bike. A couple of other features. This helmet, you have this
rentention system on the back that you get on most helmets nowadays. It just gets the helmet nice and snug on the back of your head. Stop it moving around when you ride. Also, the most common eyewear you wear with one of these types of
helmet is a set of sunglasses, so they’re designed to fit
nicely underneath that brow. (upbeat funk music) Moving on to the trail helmet, this is one that I wear a lot. You see the biggest difference, really, is the shape of the helmet. It’s got more coverage in the
back, but also on the side, cause these are real danger areas for a trail rider or enduro rider. So, the back of the head
is covered that bit better and also the temples. Uh, again, you got a rentention system that all these helmets have. You’ve got a peak on the front. So, there is more weight to this helmet because of these extra
features and more coverage but some of the venting has come over from the cross country helmets to try and keep this helmet as
cool as possible still. You’ve also got this
goggle retention system on the back of this helmet,
so the eyewear you can use with this really is the
option of the glasses still, but if you’re more of
maybe an enduro rider, you like the extra coverage
you’d get from a goggle that works really well with this helmet. (upbeat funk music) So, this is what I would
call a dirt jump helmet, great for dirt jumps, skate
park, that sort of thing. Again, you see now, much
more protection so less vents but it’s a really strong helmet, this. Now we have a hard shell on
there, so it’s super protective. The liner is still what we call EPS, so it’s a foam polystyrene liner just like the other two helmets but this has also got a ProCore. So, the best way to describing this is like a suspension analogy, you’ve got the small bump
sensitivity of the foam but also it ramps up harder. So, if there’s really big hits you may get in the skate park or dirt jumps this helmet is still gonna
protect you for those. (upbeat funk music) Finally, up to the full face helmets. This suits gravity riders
really more than anything. Downhill racers, enduro
racers, free riders, this is all about protection. If you compare this to
the cross country helmet, you can see the vents in that, we still have vents in the
down hill helmet in the front and the rear but this isn’t the helmet that you’re gonna want
to peddle a long time in. This is all about protecting the rider. So, the chin bar in the full face helmet is obviously there just
to protect your face. We’ve got vents in the front
still to let you breathe. Now to the insides of the helmets. This is EPS, it’s
something that you’ll see on probably 99% of the
helmets on the market. It’s just polystyrene.
It’s really protective. What you’ll see, if you
push it, it deforms up. And that is what helmet
manufacturers really stress, that if you have one big
crash and you hit your head then you need to get rid of
that and replace the helmet. This is EPP, and this now
has elastic properties so if you push that liner
it just bounces back to the same shape it was. Which gives you that protection for, sort of, multiple impacts. So, all that technology goes
into these full face helmets because you’re likely to
be riding at faster speeds, gnarlier terrain, and
you need that protection. Eyewear choices for full face helmets. You can wear sunglasses, although the fashion police might get you, so a goggle really does
suit a full face helmet that little bit better. So, there you go. You can see that it’s not all
about the different designs, the different shapes of the helmets, the manufacturers also really
think about the materials that go into these helmets
to make them work the best for the type of riding you do. If you wanna see more videos like this, click on the GMBN logo to subscribe if you haven’t done already. Click up there for a video, cross country versus enduro. Down there, for downhill challenges. Give us a thumbs up if you
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100 comments on “How To Choose A Mountain Bike Helmet

  1. We should get helmets with ear coverings more often. One of my trail buddies messed up his ear pretty badly once on a rock garden.

  2. #askgmbn for people who wear prescription glasses, are there prescription googles lenses or do you have to wear your prescription glasses under the googles?

  3. I have a full face helmet and I use it for jumps in the skate parks with my mtb and I go cross country and sometimes there's random dirt jumps so I stick to my full face helmet. tbh so far so good and no fashion police has complained/got me so.. 😂😜

  4. I use full face on trails. last time i wore an open face i went over the bars and hit my upper gums off the ground. knocked the crap out of me but luckly teeth stayed were they where. So full face all the way. got me one with detachable chin guard.

  5. I'm soon going to buy a full face helmet, do i need googles? (I do have glasses so it might be uncomfortable)

  6. #askgmbn any chance of doing pros-cons of the trend of detachable chin guards as well as their limitations

  7. Anyone that doesn't wear a helmet is a fool so good overview, by luck it seems I have the right one.

  8. #AskGMBN Is it ok to wear glasses under a full face helmet? Is it safe? I know that it looks stupid but safety first!!! xD

  9. Extra protection is the reason I went with trail helmets, I do rarely fall, but the low branches are the ones that hit me the most.
    BTW, do POC helmets take beatings better than other brands? I hate the though of replacing a helmet after a single hit, my current mavic notch has like 3 and I am already planing on replacing it because the hard shell has a small bump

  10. Hey guys, can you do a video about how to adjust the high of the saddle and all that things about the position of the body on the bike? thanks

  11. The timing on this video is amazing. Had a big crash yesterday, went head first into a tree at high speeds, if it were not for my helmet, which I cracked in half, I would be in the hospital or worse.

  12. Have both a trail helmet, and a full face helmet. But even for enduro, I'd much prefer the trail helmet. I just see more on the trail helmet. If it's a very hard trail, or if it's a trail that's new to me, I'd probably bring the full face.

  13. I have a full face helmet and I use it on just normal trails even tho its not needed I like having the protection of the entire face, but I'm looking into dh mtb so I got to start practicing!

  14. I have enormous head. Nothing fits. I tried to find a helmet from Finland, but nothing fit. My LBS ordered a helmet for my enormous head from a very special place in somewhere Central Europe. My head is huge… :'(

  15. Shape of your head is also important. I went to my LBS and tried like 5 different helmets of the same size before finding the one that fits my head.

  16. So many versions of the "Trail" helmet- what is the EXACT model you reccomend. I'm getting into Enduro racing next year and will be spending more time on my trail bike and XC helmet is going to cut it.

  17. I've seen so many riders losing their teeth or bleeding through their noses because they were not riding with full face helmet. Full face for enduro and aggressive trail riders should be a must.

  18. MIPS certified helmets are kind of cool new tech (multi directional impact protection). I just got a Bell helmet that's like the enduro trail helmet as far as cut and venting but it also has a detachable chin bar to make it full face. Also MIPS certified.

  19. Most important question was not answered. Is there any significant protection difference, between a 30$ and a 130$ helmet ?

  20. #askgmbn what is MIPS technology in helmets? i have a fox proframe and im just wondering what this yellow piece of plastic actually does?

  21. Hi guys, would you help me plz? I wonder what tires do I need for my Mondraker Vantage 150mm fork Enduro Hardtail bike. Thx 😀

  22. I started understanding why is important a helmet full face since 8 years ago when I was a BMX rider in Bogotá Colombia, I had an accident and I was wearing my full face helmet without googles, this crash was so hard, that i understood that even using a helmet this hurts, but my head was protected, then when I started as a mountain biker I started using the helmet always, I have been traveling to different towns and cities in the country were I live with my helmet and I've been accustomed to mantain a internal temperaure, when I'm climbing at 7 or 10 Km/h I quit my googles but when I'm riding around 15 and more Km/h, I use my googles.
    I usually have my helmet minimum 2 hours to 4 hours on each ride, riding more than 40 Km of distance. I wonder how a lot of people take this like a joke, riding bikes "folcloricamente" without protection or signal like lights.
    I have learn that the body and the healt is something important, also as a race driver I learn the big importance of a roll cage. the same thing that the helmet but in cars, something that a lot of people don´t know.

  23. So why can i get a helmet for like $20 at the local big box store, yet if i went to "proper" store, suddenly what seems like the same helmet is three times the price? What gives?

  24. Can I or should I use a road helmet for xc? The main difference I see between mtb and road helmets are the sun visors but you don't see many of them in xc races so is there more to it or is it just down to preference?

  25. I gravel ride, level single tracks, nothing too gnarly. Cross Country or Road? I ride with POC Octal (MIPS).

  26. Poc's stuff is way overpriced to me. Maybe not the helmets, but they want 160$ for a nike type athletic shirt and 200$ for a pair of mtb shorts.

  27. Which one of these helmets would work well with a Recumbent Trike with a head rest. It is really uncomfortable when the dial down retention presses into the back of the head when you lean into the headrest. Thanks for the advice. Nice review.

  28. Why Airflow is the Best mountain bike helmet in 2017 review

  29. great video, useful and informative. are there any options out there for people who wear prescription glasses in terms of full-face helmets and goggles?

  30. I just bought me a full face helmet… just thought the better protected my head is the better for me to see a long innings in this game of life lol. Plus I look badass when I roll into work,.

  31. I'm sorry, but any trails im riding, where Im going fast, and its dangerous, I wear full face, there is no point not to, one of my friends lost a bit of his lip from wearing one of those other bs healmets.

  32. I am a cross country rider but whenever I ride with my cross country helmet it makes me look ugly so I am thinking of buying trail helmet ?

  33. I have a 661 helmet i wear that things everywhere when I go riding trails i think they look badass i don't know why in the bicycle community there frowned upon like why first off if you want to talk about safety full face is the best i rather have my jaw intact when you do a full face plant onto a nice shiny rock. Second you look like a badass halo Spartan or storm trooper and there is also a plus side it covers your identity so if you mess up youre rep doesnt hurt Lo

  34. Umm i have a something to say…
    So…the full face helmet can be weared when i do just like exploring some place,right?
    And thank you for the information

  35. The pro red bull helmets they give to their riders are from POC so i buy POC too now since they trust them

  36. The plastic retention strap on the back of my bontrager broke 2day it's the first time I've broke a helm by use so good for me but time to shop for a new helmet

  37. Mountain biking is a really expensive sport I've been just riding some off-road trials in my neighborhood and there's a a legit mountain bike trail near me but dang is all this stuff expensive

  38. Full face are great just so bulky but all depends on your skill level basic trails reg helmet will do for action Jackson's out there full face is a must have.

  39. I'd have preferred if you smashed each one moderately with a hammer rather than pressing your thumb into them but that's okay good vid

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