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How To Choose The Right Cycling Shoes – A Buyer’s Guide

How To Choose The Right Cycling Shoes – A Buyer’s Guide

Investing in a pair of cycling shoes whether it’s your first pair or your fifth pair isn’t an easy purchase. Price ,materials ,fit and look all vary hugely so here is our guide to choosing your perfect cycling shoes now tackle the biggest question first there are two main types of shoes you can buy. Road shoes and Mountain bike shoes now first glance the difference would be that a road shoe has got a smooth sole that can’t be walked in Whereas mountain bike shoes are designed for that purpose They’ve got a grippy rubber sole, but actually there’s a more fundamental difference than that, and that’s that Road shoes have three bolts The’re that designed for road cleats whereas Mountain bikes have two bolts that are designed for Mountain Bike pedals, so the shoe you buy Determines the type of pedal that you can use so decide first what type of Riding you’re going to be doing if it’s a mix of road and off-Road and a mountain bike shoe is probably more versatile but I imagine that you’re here because of Road shoes common theme in cycling shoes relates to stiffness which refers to the Flexibility of the sole now the theory goes the stiffer the sole the more power You can transfer to the pedals and while it’s mummy debatable from an engineering perspective It certainly does feel like that however there can be a drawback and that is that it transfers more Vibration from the Road back into your feet which can lead to fatigue in less Experienced Riders and also the stiffness in the sole mean that he’ll exacerbate any problems related to poor fit if you’re suffering from that Generally the more expensive the shoe the stiffer the sole a less expensive shoes tend to have nylon soles then the next ones that will have Carbon reinforced nylon And then finally a full carbon sole now as well as being stiffer carbon soles are also lighter Which is another big selling point to shoes but fit and function are much much more important than light weight Next let’s look at the material of the uppers now most cycling shoes that were made of a man-made material but top-of-the-range ones frequently made of Kangaroo leather which is Lovely stuff it fits around your foot brilliantly and is very very comfortable to wear but for me though There are two really important things to think about when choosing the uppers of your chute and that is ventilation and cleaning Ventilation is much better shoes with mesh panels But they are harder to keep clean so a black mesh like that great because it doesn’t show up the dirt my personal choice Is something like this where you’ve got holes for ventilation and therefore? It’s much easier to keep clean [and] generally speaking actually if you do write in poor conditions a lot the man-made fibers are Actually much much easier to care for natural fibers tend to be a little bit more temperamental Closures next and it was loads and loads of [different] types on the market these ber ones are really popular at the moment They’re quick They’re light, and they’re reliable laces are also making a bit of a comeback particularly on retro orientated shoes Then you still can’t beat the lines of Velcro and buckles Generally, they all work brilliantly. [you] just have to pick which one you like the look of So that’s what’s to look out for but what about you as an individual? well You should pay as much attention to your cycling shoes as you would to a running shoe or a walking boot if it is Absolutely everything always try them on and try them on with a cycling sock and remember as well You should only ever wear one pair of cycling socks if you need more warmth then you layer over the shoe as opposed to under This shoe now when you try them on of course you pay attention to the length but also the width and the volume of the shoe for some people it’s really really important to have a wider shoe to avoid pinching but for Others you’re going to need to look for a narrower shoe to make sure you can actually close the shoe properly Pay close attention when you’ve got them on to how easily your foot will lift out the shoes have to try Stand on tiptoes and see if you can get your heel to move at all [a] good heel cup is super important to How comfortable the shoe is going to be and also for power transfer as well Now I touched on the temperature issue earlier on some people suffer from hot feet when they ride so it’s worth paying attention to ventilation when you’re buying it however some hot feet situations are actually more due to a buildup of Friction as a result of hours spent in the saddle, so that is a fit issue And so you might need to think about that or indeed your cleat position as well I personally have never actually suffered from hot feet when riding despite racing in some pretty horrific Hot conditions in the past much more important to me is a lack of any vents in the sole When you’re using a shoe in winter, and you’ve got vents there They’re really effective at letting in cold blasts of and even if you’ve got an opus you want It’s still going to make your feet cold So I think a solid soul like that is much much more versatile if you’re riding in temperate climates so there you go, then a whistle-stop tour of choosing your cycling shoes fit and Stiffness, and the two main parameters closely followed by the materials of the upper and also the closure and don’t forget looks as well Always buy a pair of cycling shoes that you love the look off, and I think it should always be white Really ? I like the black ones. Nope, white. if you are going to buy a white cycling shoes And you’re definitely definitely going to need to watch this video up here which is how to clean your cycling shoes and regardless of the color everyone needs to pay close attention to the position of your cleat so click there to watch a Video explaining exactly how to do it and then of course once you’ve done all that you need to Subscribe] to GcN by clicking on me May i ask some of those shoes ,can I have one pair? just one . They have gone. eBay Okay three days

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  1. Many top end mountain shoes seem to be the same as their road version except with a rubber bottom sole and spd bolt holes.  It's nice to only have to worry about remembering one pair of shoes instead of having brought the wrong ones accidentally!

  2. Hey guys and girls, can anyone recommend a flat trainer (shoe) that is Velcro fastening? I have DMR V12's on my giant. Anyone with any info would be great

    Thanks in advance

  3. I have a question. I have Shimano SPD M540 pedals. I was told that they are for mountain bikes. I currently have road shoes. I just put the cleats on the road shoes. So will it impact my riding if I ride 2 bolt cleat on my road shoe? Or should I invest on getting new pedals to go along with my new road bike shoes? I have not noticed a big difference since I have been riding them. I just am not sure if it's safe to ride the cleat on the road bike shoe. Like a full on sprint, if my show will pop out of the pedal or what not. Thanks.

  4. I have full carbon MTB shoes from Sidi, and they fit my new road bike I bought just cause I been watching your channel. Great channel!!!

  5. Thanks so much. This video helped me in making a decision which shoes and pedals would work best for me. I ended up getting Shimano Ultegra PD-6800 SPD-SL Pedals and Shimano SH-R088 Road Shoes. My first time using Clipless .pedals. I set the spring tension very low and practiced clipping in and out against the wall to get comfortable. After a bit I ventured out on a bike trail and rode for 31 miles. The next day 19 miles. What I nice experience. Very comfortable. Again thanks for this Video…..and all the rest of your videos as well..

  6. buying kangaroo leather should be outlawed its disgusting, most big brands don't allow kangaroo leather anymore because its unethical (addidas,nike ect..). I'm not vegan or anything but there is a line and kangaroo leather really crosses it for me

  7. +GlobalCyclingNetwork Would really appreaciate a reply to this. I recently bought a pair of Bontrager RL road shoes and am really happy with them. On my latest ride however, the ratchet strap on the right shoe keeps losening itself. Its been really annoying and I cant seem to find anyone else with the same problem as me….

  8. I'm not sure if anyone else has asked this question but.. Should you Purchase your first Cycling Shoes from your Local Bike Store? or is purchasing cycling shoes from an online store sufficient enough for your first pair? Any thoughts?

  9. why not just wear regular tennis shoes in case you need to walk I don't see the point in having special biking shoes

  10. After purchasing new shoes, Ive noticed my feet hurt whilst cycling. is it the shoe or cleat position causing this?

  11. Hey I'm 15 and I've recently caught the riding bug, I just bought my first road bike and I was wondering what brand of shoes I should get for smaller feet

  12. I'm finding many of the new boa systems crush the top of the foot downward, vs the older strap systems which angle the top strap more to pull the heel back into the cup. So a lot of boa buckles are more easily adjusted, but hurt the top of the foot and don't perform as well when climbing due to the angle of the buckle. It took quite a while to figure out why this was happening to me, and may also be related to the height of an individual's arch.

  13. I was exploring the wonderful depth of GCN videos and watched this classy guide. Interestingly Si said never where two pairs of cycling socks? I may be superstitious but I now wear two pairs every time I race as I've only ever finished in the lead group with two pairs compared to being dropped with one pair 😂

  14. Noob question: are there any good data on how much of a performance difference cycling shoes make vs. regular running shoes? It seems inconvenient to carry an extra pair when commuting, and cost is obviously a factor as well, so I'm not sure if it's a justifiable purchase for me or not.

  15. how can I adjust my cleats to my shimano cycling shoe? pedalsystem is the shimano ultegra.. greets from Germany!

  16. So what shoes do I buy for the Crossfire 2 bicycle. Regular pedals as I am a beginner to everyday cycling.

    Thanks in advance!

  17. I disagree. I much prefer the 4 screw system on my road bike and I see many people doing it. Endurance shoes will do the trick and the walk to the cafe (or the stairs to my office) will be much easier. 🙂

  18. Is there any performance difference between road and cross shoes when I ride a road bike? I mean power transfer and so on.
    I have cross ones for my road bike, they have hard sole and work pretty well for me.

  19. well pointed out re white shoes Si. You should also point out that black shoes are the most ridiculous and dorkish item ever due to their similar appearance of normal shoes. Keep it up!!

  20. So, I'd like to pick up some MTB shoes but would like to run SPD-SL cleats. Is there a way to do this? I completely understand that this is wrong. However, I'd like to also pick up the Garmin Vector 2 and it's only available for road shoe cleats. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  21. just got my new Northwave sonic 2 plus. Amazing shoes. after 6 years of riding with 30 euro supermarker shoes..wich are still good btw i finally bought better ones.

  22. If you have a narrow foot, you can't beat Sidi's. great ventilation, heal retention system, great looking and I've had my sidi wires for 2 and a half years and they're still unbelievably good.

  23. I love my Bont Blitz and only £79.99 of Merlin cycles at the moment. Only 11 grams heavier than the Specialized s works 6 road shoes which are £310. Great bargain also stiff and lightweight.

  24. To a road bike is it possible to use MTB cleats and shoe? If yes or no what are the advantages and science involved in it?

  25. I've been rocking Crank Bros pedals on my road bike for 13,000 miles. Specialized has a couple of road shoe models with the two bolt cleat on them. So calling them "mountain bike shoes" isn't entirely accurate.

  26. I will buy a new shoes, because my previous shoes broke when I crash last week. Should I buy a MTB shoes like the previous one or should I upgrade to Road bike Shoes? Now I have MTB clipless pedal on my Schwinn Road Bike.

  27. On a long road trip, how do you walk around in road shoes? Do you have to travel with a pair of regular shoes if you want to go into a grocery store or a restaurant?

  28. I like MTB SPDs for my recreational riding but many MTB shoes are clunky or flexible so I have Shimano RT – Road Touring shoes. Reasonably wide fitting too.

  29. I do want to try clipless pedals.. I have a hybrid and want a grippy shoe that can be used to walk in like the mountain bike shoes.
    Are there decent ones for $50-80?
    The black and red ones match my bike.

  30. Problem with velcro closing is that it attract all the dirt, hair(from my dog!!!!) and other stuff. Very difficult to clean the velcro.

  31. My personal choice are Zol road shoes, I needed a manufacturer that just makes shoes and gloves and ones that makes road shoes that goes with SPD pedas

  32. Which color to buy for SPD shoes used mostly on the road and gravel but will definitely make contact with mud?

  33. If road shoes with road cleats are so impractical for walking wouldn't most riders want to get similar sleek looking MTB shoes instead? I'm a beginner road cyclist and I've already done some short trips under 50 km. Totally enjoying it but I'm definitely starting to notice that flat pedals and trainers don't cut it. It's slippery and unstable, and my feet hurt the next day. But since I do a few stops on the way to refill my bottle (tropical climate so lots of drinking involved), eat a meal and of course answer nature's calls, there's some inevitable walking involved. Those are the times I am very happy with my flat trainers and I wouldn't want to trade that in for clumsy duck walks unless there are some definite benefits of road shoes over MTB shoes. I just don't see the appeal of road shoes other than when you're in a race where aerodynamics and weight are of paramount importance. Please enlighten me. 🙂

  34. I wear a pair of Serfas road shoes because I have a very wide but short foot. I wear size 41 and they fit perfectly because they run wide. I'm so afraid to spend more money on other brands thinking they are too narrow for my Fred Flintstone feet.

  35. Will there be a video on how you walk in those shoes? Road or MTB. A have road shoes and i dont't know how to walk properly and kip my theet 😀

  36. Hello I am a beginner at road cycling, if I buy a Shimano SPD pedal does the cleat come with the pedal and then the cleat bolts to the shoes?

  37. Sidi Genius shoes are the best period. I have owned three pairs over the last 20 years and all I can say is wow about the shoes. Other brands don't come close to Sidi quality and fit.

  38. Wide feet? Shimano shoes always fit me best. If anyone knows other brands with a wide toe box, let me know.

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