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How to Choose The Right Size Motorcycle Helmet from

How to Choose The Right Size Motorcycle Helmet from

I’m Brian Van from And today, we’re going to talk about helmet fit And selecting the right size helmet First off, It’s really important that a helmet fits properly so it can do its job Its primary job Is to manage energy in an impact It’s an energy management system If the helmets too big, It’s not going to be able to do that effectively Another byproduct of having an ill-fitting helmet, one that’s too large Is it’s going to be a lot noisier Than a helmet that fits properly and the reason for that is It’s just not going to seal right around the neckroll area So you’re going to have a lot more road noise The first things that you need to do actually The first thing you need to do when you’re getting ready to order a brand new helmet Is take a measurement Don’t just look at the current helmet you have and just Hey I’m just going to order a medium because I had a medium in this one that I bought eight years ago Take the time to take a measurement. The best way to do it Is with a cloth tape like this one, this is the Arai Measuring tape, it’s an awesome tool We’ve got them in the showroom Not everyone is going to have this at home If you don’t have this Like a cloth sewing tape is going to be a great way to go Truth be told a lot of people probably don’t have that Most people when we have a tape measure Your tape measure looks a lot like this Wrapping this around your head it’s not really going to work What you can do is you can use A string A shoelace, right. Mark it Stretch it out, compare it against the tape measure And get your measurement because it’s really important That the measurement is accurate If you’re going to take the measurement more than one time We’re going to show you where the tape should be and how to do it in just a minute But do it more than once until you find the biggest measurement Next up Is head shape We have essentially three different head forms that we’ve identified The first and most common especially here in North America Is going to be the intermediate oval head shape What we have there is, it is Slightly Longer Front-to-Back, than it is side-to-side The next head shape Is going to be long oval Long oval is Longer, front to back And a little narrower side to side Than what we see with the intermediate oval The last one, and this one’s really not as common. It’s going to be the round oval where the head shape Is noticeably rounder Than the first two that we talked about. Head shape without a doubt Influences the way that a helmet fits So, especially when you order from a place like us that really has a lot of product knowledge Get the measurement, right? The head shape look at it. If you’re pretty much an intermediate oval, right? Like we showed you on that graphic. Odds are most of the helmets that we’re offering at this point Are going to fit you pretty well Because the companies really drive the fit to that more intermediate ovalish shape, so. That head form you’re going to be good to go. Just take the measurements. If you know you’re round oval or extremely long oval Give us a call. Shoot us an email. We’re going to help point you in the right direction To help get you a good comfortable safe fitting helmet. Okay, we pulled Josh out of his office. And we’re going to use him as our test subject today To show you how to First identify the head form And then take a proper measurement to choose the right size helmet. First thing, you look at Josh, right? Clearly not round oval. He’s definitely Longer front to back than he is side to side I would put him right in between the intermediate oval And the long oval. He’s not Overly narrow, right? So he’s going to fit well In most of the common helmets that we’re offering at this point He doesn’t need any real special head form To get a good comfortable fit. So the next step is going to be Taking the measurement. We’re lucky of course we’ve got the Arai measuring tapes here nice cloth tape We’re to go ahead and go just above the eyebrows Remember the goal is to get The measurement at the biggest possible point Got him dead at 56 centimeters One of the things you want to avoid doing is in the back Don’t let the tape dip Excessively low or excessively high. You want to try and keep it fairly level don’t go to either of the extremes. We’re going to go ahead and going to do this again. Just make sure we’ve got a good accurate measurement There I’ve got him just a little bit over 56. And there again pretty much right at 56 cm. Using the Bell Helmet size chart Small, size small is 55 through 56 cm Size medium is 57 through 58 cm For Josh, based on his head shape and the measurements that we achieved I would recommend for Josh a size small Okay, in just a second. We’re going to have Josh put on the size small in the bell star We’re going to see what type of fit remember we’ve identified as head shape Okay, and we’ve taken a measurement So we’re going to recommend for him a size small But what I want to talk about right now is the right way to put a motorcycle helmet on I realize on the surface that seems ridiculous. you’re like. It’s like a hat. You just pull it over. But think about it for a second right And we see a lot of folks when they come in and try them on On premises here right, in the shop. You’ll see them gravitate towards helmets that are too big Because they’re easier to get on and one of the biggest reasons they’re easier to get on Is they’re just not putting them on right think about it. The helmet in order to be quiet It needs to be Tight fitting down here at the bottom around the neck roll right If the helmets too big, and there’s too much space down here It’s going to have a lot of wind intrusion. You’re going to have Excessive road, noise. You don’t want that, okay? Remember too, the way your head is shaped right, you have to get the smallest part of the helmet here. The opening Over the thickest part of your head which is going to be just above the eyebrows The easiest way to do that Is you grab both retention straps like this And spread it apart a little bit right. It’s going to spread the cheek pads apart you tip it and you pull it down like so Over the top of your head If you want to go ahead and show them that Josh with the size small we’ve recommended for you You can clearly see that it took a little bit of effort in order for Josh to get that on How does the helmet feel on your head The helmet feels like it actually contours the top my head perfectly It’s snug not too tight just snug And it’s also snug in the cheeks. Just puckers them up, just a little bit Do you feel any pressure points? No Inside Feels like it fits perfect And that right there really is the key You don’t want to have any real focused pressure points Remember a helmet is a lot like a pair of boots a lot of us as riders You bought a new pair of boots and you know and they’re brand new on day one you know They’re little snug, right They need to break in a little bit they need to wear in The helmets a lot like that Not only is the padding inside the helmet But remember the EPS to the foam the inner real energy management system inside that helmet That stuff will Contour to the shape of your head As you wear the helmet for a little bit so it’s important that on day one You have a fit like this that is good and snug If you would please snug that helmet up with the Retention strap Now there’s a couple things we want to do to verify the fit of the helmet, right? We want to see if we’re able to lift it off And you notice, when I’m lifting that up right here. If you look at his forehead You can see the skin on his face is moving with the helmet. The helmet really has him captured Front to back you want to see if you have any Real motion there You don’t Can you get your fingers in between? The top pad No, I cannot Okay So you’ve got a good fit there The last thing that we want to do is the roll off test Okay, and that he’s got the helmet strapped up. We’re going to grab the helmet here you can do this yourself You grab it at the back, and we’re going to try and roll this helmet right off the top of his head and you And you can see here This helmet is not really rolling very far forward. I would say this size small fits Josh Perfectly Okay now. We’re going to go to the size medium same helmet, right Bell Star. Josh is going to throw that on see how easy it goes over A lot easier than the small It’s pretty comfortable though, isn’t it? Oh yeah. It’s real loose. You want to go ahead and strap the helmet up And you can see how easy that helmet moved On Josh’s head At the end of the day this helmet is going to produce more road noise When the cheek pads and the top Pad break in It’s going to move around even more On his head. If you want to grab the chin bar kind of display to them. How much it moves around Can you slide your fingers between the top Pad? This time he can get his fingers in easily And now the roll off If I grab it from the back I mean look what a difference? With the medium As compared to the small We’re going to take this one step further because you remember like I told you One of the most common things we see Is people buying helmets that are just way too big and Josh is going to go with a large Now there’s tons of movement this time Let’s go ahead and strap that up Bet you, it’s pretty comfortable. Oh yeah. It doesn’t even feel like I’ve got a helmet on my head Feels more like I’m laying my head on a pillow But the performance of this helmet is going to be dramatically compromised Because it’s ill-fitting. It’s just too large It’s going to produce a ton of noise because of the air intrusion down here And if Josh gets into an accident with this It can’t work On anywhere near the same level that that size small could Now let’s go ahead and let’s do a rolloff test with the large I Mean that’s almost the same as the medium. Maybe a little worse The thing just completely rotates forward where the small with that same effort Barely rotated forward at all Okay, so to wrap this up you decided you’re ready for your next motorcycle helmet What are we going to do first. First thing you’re going to do look in the mirror and just try and get an idea of Which head shape you are closest to. We’ve got the Intermediate oval right which is longer front to back and side to side We’ve got the long oval which is Noticeably narrower in the center And then we have the round oval which is clearly Rounder than the first two we mentioned Realistically most people at this point are going to be more in that intermediate, maybe Leaned just a little bit towards the long oval. That’s what we see most common Realistically most helmets at this point for this market here in North America They’re driven mostly towards that oval that intermediate oval head form The next thing you want to do is you want to take a measurement okay? We showed you how to do that If you have a helmet measuring tape that’s great. If you’ve got a sewing tape cloth tape. That’s great. If not don’t be afraid Shoelace piece of string and a standard tape measure it’s going to get you where you need to be get a good accurate measure Make sure that say this is the front of your head, and this is the back don’t overly skew the tape Low or high you want to try to keep it fairly horizontal do it a couple times To make sure you get to the largest measurement Now If you’re buying a Bell helmet Look at the Bell helmet size chart I know this sounds simple and redundant But if you’re looking at the Arai, look at their size chart Each one of the helmet manufacturers can vary what they View as a medium measurement Just a little bit, so take the time to look at the right size chart Now, let’s say if you land right in the middle of a medium and a large I do, I measure a little over 58 cm A lot of helmets that could put me in a large, could put me in a medium Now let’s talk about fit preference I prefer my helmet to be Snug, very snug. That’s how I want it keeps it quieter It keeps it from moving around on my head And I feel that’ll do the best job of protecting me if and when I have to fall off my motorcycle Right, so I air towards the medium If you like a little roomier fit And you land in between two sizes. Don’t be afraid to go up one And now let’s talk about the intangibles every one of these brands out there They can run a little bit different, so I’m running a little big some run a little soon some are right on That’s where our staff comes into play watch the video If we give you the information that you need in there great If not, shoot us an email [email protected] Or give us a call 888.784.4327 and ask how a particular Helmet model and/or brand fits. They run a little big we can tell you that. They run a little small We can tell you that too and help you select your next helmet right the first time

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  12. That was a great video. Shame I live thousands of miles away, or I would have been on my way to you already. Measuring my head I found I was either 2XL or 3XL, right on that boundary, and intermediate, if slightly narrower, oval. Most shops and importers in the UK only stock to XL :-(. A year ago, I eventually found a HJC stockist with 2XL to 4XL. 2XL was painfully tight on the side to side and forehead. The 3XL I thought was fine. Bought it. Now, one year later, it is as loose as heck. This time I went much further, to a bigger store, like yours, but even they did not stock 3XL. I tried what seemed like hundreds on. Most I could not even pull on to my head! I was there for almost an entire day. They were not even willing to get a 3XL of any brand in for me to try, so I went direct and visited the importers (those who would let me in). In the UK many are within a few miles of each other and maybe an hour to drive to. I found just one that fitted me. The tech guy told me which model was in my price bracket (the choice was polycarbonate or carbon, and the carbon was too high). He told me that all their helmets tended to be on the small side, so as I was 2XL, we tried the 3XL. They had just a few in stock in solid matt black. It fitted as though someone had actually taken a mold of my head. Not easy to get on, but not hard, and certainly not loose. No pressure points, but the cheek pads push a little. My local dealer, Moto Central got them to ship the helmet to them. We went through the fitting process, and then the sales guy cut me a deal for cash. About US$50 off the price. So, I have a 3XL Scorpion Exo 510 Air for just $140 plus tax. Now I have to ride this one in. wish me luck.

  13. I’ve been riding with my medium helmet and today I went to cycle gear to try on a shoei rf 1200 before I order the one I want with certain graphic. I put the medium on while the worker was talking to me and he immediately says it’s a bit too big I should go size lower. I was like, “really”? He said yea and began explaining most of what you said here to me. I was actually surprised because I thought my current helmet was a good fit but I tried on a shoei rf 1200 size small and I IMMEDIATELY understood my problem. Tomorrow I’m going back to that cycle gear and ordering the shoei I want with the graphic I like just to give that guy my business for actually taking the time to teach me that. So appreciative of it. And great video too btw.

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    Thank you so much.

  25. I bought my first motorcycle helmet for $700, and wish I'd watched this first and/or bought it from a place that accepts returns.

  26. Hi friend, for a little over a month I have become a follower of your channel and an active buyer of your store, despite living far away from the US, I am from Chile and my main language is Spanish …. I appreciate a lot of the time you spend teaching your knowledge on a YouTube channel. Thank you for putting subtitles in Spanish, as it makes it even easier for me to understand what you want to communicate, may God bless you and your store ….. A hug from a distance …

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