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How To Choose Your Zwift Setup – Which Indoor Cycling Setup Is Right?

How To Choose Your Zwift Setup – Which Indoor Cycling Setup Is Right?

in this video we are going to go through the three types of setup which you can have it with Swift basic flexible and premium and then go through the merits of each as well so let’s start with the basic setup which is we’ve got a classic home trainer like we have here and you just mount an ad plus speed center of the rear wheel twist will then calculate a virtual power for you based on the trainer speed this will prepare you in Swift taking into account other factors such as the weight you input when you created your account this is the most cost effective setup so it’s great if you’re on a budget it’s also perfect if you’ve just got into cycling and you want to check out what it’s all about if you’ve been into cycling for some time and it might well be that you’ve already got home trainer lying about the home somewhere and the same can be said for the ant+ speed sensor most modern bike computers require one of these in order to work so you’ve probably already got one if you haven’t quite frankly they aren’t very affordable these days so benefits of a basic set up it’s not going to cost you very much it Swift will calculate a powerful you based on your trainers speed and you can just vary the resistance that you feel by changing gears next up we have the flexible set up and this is ideal for those of you who’ve already got a power meter installed on your bike it houses up here we’ve got a crank based power meter you can also get pedal based systems notice some which measure power at the rear hub width is compatible almost all modern power meters and the advantage of this set up is that the power number you see on your screen is going to be completely accurate very comparable to what you see when you’re out on the road this flexible set up combines and couples the power meter with a classic trainer so just like the basic set up you can vary the resistance just by changing the gears our last set up is what we call premium so this is for those of you who’ve got a smart trainer all smart trainers will provide you of automatic variable resistance which means when you get to a climb on Swift things will feel much harder you have to click down the gears just as you would do out on the road likewise when you get to a descent things will suddenly become much easier again this is the most immersive and fun way to enjoy Swift in a very realistic way now smart trainers calculate power in two different ways some of them we’ve used strain gauges and that is the most accurate way to calculate power what that means that if you do a sudden sprint or surge on the bike you’ll see that representing the power number which is up on the screen finally though if you’re lucky enough to have both a power meter on your bike and a smart trader you can’t actually pair both of them to Swift now what this means that you get the variable resistance for the climbs descent and drafting you also get very accurate power numbers which are completely comparable to what you do when you’re out training on the road you can ride Swift by looking at the screen on your PC or Mac or if you want to connect to a flat-screen TV you will get a much more immersive experience things get even better if you use the smartphone app which is available for free on both iOS and Android devices here you’ll be able to do things such as changed camera angles boast about your accomplishments and even communicate with other riders who are currently using Swift finally we would recommend using both a fan and a trainer map to keep things cooler and more practical at home if you want to see our recommendations and how to set up Swift for the first time just click up there however if you want to take things one step further and see our tips on how to optimize your zwip setup just click down there

30 comments on “How To Choose Your Zwift Setup – Which Indoor Cycling Setup Is Right?

  1. because I'm only 14 and really light I'm decently fast on the road but I can't put much power out, can I program my weight into zwift to decrease resistance like on the road? (I have a smart trainer)

  2. Hello,
    I have a Tacx Vortex smart trainner. But am I correct in thinking I also need a power meter for the best experience on Zwift?

  3. Does anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive speed/cadence sensor? I was looking at the Garmin 010-12104-00, and before I buy it, I want to make sure that it is compatible with ZWIFT.

  4. Will this work on rollers….it sounds like all I need is my speed/cadence sensor and my garmin 800 and I should be good to go. ..

  5. How do you link the wahoo kickr without reading the power from it? I have a pair of Garmin Vectors and I can't find how to link to the smart trainer but instead of reading the power from it reading it from the pedals. Thanks!

  6. Just wondering, if rider weight is taken in to account for resistance, then what's stopping a heavier rider knocking off a few pounds? Not that cycling is rife with cheats 😉

  7. At 2:30 you say "if your lucky enough to have both a power meter on your bike and a smart trainer you can actually pair both of them to Zwift, and what this means is you get the variable resistance for the climbs, descents and drafting"…

    so do you HAVE to have a power meter like a power tap hub or power meter crankset AND the smart trainer to get variable resistance (including the descents and drafting) or will you get those features with a mear mortal bike kit (like my old Dura Ace 9-Spd R4000 CAD4) and a smart trainer like an i-Genius or Wahoo Kickr alone.

    I used to ride a Fortius A LOT…. Then came kids and total house house renovation.. now I need to get back into riding… It's winter in Michigan and all my online riding buddies are now on Zwift….I don't want to miss out on all the features (drafting, variable resistance for climbs and descents) that the Fortius gave me in Netathlon (which is apparently dying out).

  8. I have a set of rollers and i'm on a budget, so a buying any trainer or power meter is out. Is it worth getting an ant+ speed sensor to use with the rollers or will the powercurve be so far off it's not worth it?

  9. Great, here's the next cycling related product I now feel I can't live without. Don't want to be the only one down the club without, do I? But before I take the plunge excuse me whilst I first drop £500 on the latest Rapha jersey and shorts…oh, and yet ANOTHER £1000 on the latest power meter. Because power meters clearly cost £100's to manufacture, right? (fk the r&d lie).

  10. Have you looked at compatability for virtual reality headsets? Such as the oculus rift or the HTC vive

  11. I know this has probably been asked already but which is the best turbo trainer for this. Am single and bamboozled by it all. Cost is not an issue just want the best I can get that so please can someone advise. 🙏🏻

  12. Hi,
    Can you tell me the name of the tv stand with the built in fan, trying to search on google and cannot locate one, looks the part and would be a better setup for me rather than a free standing fan and wall mounted tv.
    A link would be the most useful.

  13. Zwift needs to provide their user list to WADA. You can be sure Zwift users that race will be the first to look for the easy way..

  14. i'm abit confused about Zwift races, can only smart trainers and somesort of steering device enable you to race. or are people able to use a classic trainer ?

  15. Taxc flow turbo trainer from Halfords £189.00 plus an iPad stand to attach to handlebars £19.99 and your bike which will already have and your good to go. I have a mountain bike so a special turbo trainer wheel off eBay including 8 speed cassette for £69.99 as the mountain bike wheel with tread is annoying rubbing noise still does the job but so not much involved in getting going. And I am so hooked on this zswift is brilliant still on my free trial going to purchase when expires I also like running I heard there is a zswift running version where you attach sensor to the shoe and your good to go on a treadmill have a good one second hand £200.00 then I have my tom tom sports watch for running outdoors and use that for swimming also lol being fit is so much fun

  16. Confused: I still don't understand if my, regular, old school trainer counts as "classic" and whether I can use it. It not on the list of classic trainers on the Zwift website…. so?

  17. Hi, can you advise how to do a basic set up with a "dumb" direct drive trainer? I have a cycleops silencer. All the instructions I've read for a "basic" type set up involve putting the speed sensor on the rear wheel, which I don't think is possible with a direct drive trainer. Thanks!

  18. Hi I am looking for buy that set to set up in my mall and let peoples ride and race like 3 peoples. Can you please tell where to buy it and how much?

  19. I'm about to purchase an Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ & want to confirm that this is a good fit for Zwift. According to the website, it looks like it is. Anyone out there using this trainer & any feedback is appreciated.

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