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How To Clean Your Bike Like A Pro

How To Clean Your Bike Like A Pro

In order to make sure you’re components are
in good working order and to make your bike last longer it’s very important to clean it
after every ride. On a grand tour for example pro team mechanics will clean around 9 bikes
each and every day, as for the process, well if you’re not a pro rider remember to remove
your saddle bag, water bottles, pump and your bike computer. Clean your frame and all the
components of the bike with a hose to get rid of any excess mud, remember to clean the
chain and derailer with a de-greaser ideally using something like a paintbrush to ensure
quality coverage. Clean the teeth on the chain ring and the cassette ensuring you do this
on the front and reverse side of the cassette. Rinse the chain and derailer from the de-greaser
to avoid any erosion. Clean the frame and the forks with a soapy sponge and rinse down
with a hose if you have one. It’s very important to dry the frame and components after you
hose down the frame, pro mechanics will do that with an air compressor and if you don’t
have an air compressor you can use a towel. Don’t forget to put the wheels back in the
frame and you’re ready to ride. For any more videos like this go to

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  1. I'm pretty sure the proper way to 'clean your bike like a pro' would be to… have SOMEONE ELSE do it! 馃槢

  2. I use a pressure washer too. It's easier to get the drivetrain clean and all the little bits of stone and dirt out of your chain. Just avoid direct/close pressure near bearings and you'll be ok. Also if you don't have a compressor, a leaf blower works well.

  3. Use a degreaser on the chain, rinse well and your ready to ride? Shouldn't you put new oil on the chain?

  4. Air compressor to dry it? Do you think we are made of money? Why not forget the pressure washer and wipe it down with a sponge instead then you don't have to blast the water out of the small spaces with an air compressor.

  5. Every time? What is the world coming to! You don't need to shower every day, wash your car about every 3 months, wash your jeans about every 6 months and your bike about once a year……………………..pfft

  6. Washing after every ride is a bad idea: you greatly increase your chances of forcing water, dirt and degreaser in places where they shouldn't be. I remember reading somewhere (I think it was someone from Santa Cruz) that bikes which are ridden infrequently and washed frequently have the shortest lifespans.

  7. I clean my bike after every ride and never use a pressure washer. In fact just a bucket of water, all the liquids, cloths and I am set.
    I spend 30 mins typically cleaning the bike. Even if its raining I will still be cleaning the bike after use and the benefits of doing it are massive. I like my bike to look like it just came off the production line every time. Spend a fortune but its worth it.

  8. Take your Chain off the bike !!! Clean the Chain with brake fluid Works amazing take the rear Wheel off and clean the casett and rear derailer seperately you'll avoid getting grease all over q掳r bike Remember these guys are Not giving the best Care they are trying to Save Time !!!

  9. As a couple have mentioned a leaf blower works well to get off excess water after washing. I use this method on my motorcycles and bicycles.

  10. It can also depend what part of the bike you are spraying. If you are only spraying the chain, and you point the sprayer away from the bike, then you are likely fine (a guy at a local bike shop taught me this). If you are not careful you can cause problems though for sure (as I did in my attempt immediately prior to that talk with the bike shop owner).

  11. Just don't aim a high pressure stream of water directly at critical areas. Also, you can get low pressure jet washers and you can even adjust some, for multiple applications 馃檪

  12. That jet spray has got to be the worst for non pro bikes. It'll push water into areas that you will not be able to get to…like into bearings and seals. At home…I would just use a garden hose with low pressure.

  13. …and they won't repack the hubs and BB because it costs BIGTIME.

    Next stop? The shop to replace these critical parts.

  14. Thanks for the last advise man. I always forget to put my back wheel on like I go up the mountain with my car having my bike ready for an adventure then I notice i forgot the back wheel at home. Oh gosh.

  15. Wash it after every ride! Yes, I have so much free time and endless amounts of money to spend on soap & degreaser. Lets be realistic here. Who does this???

  16. So, I've been told this many times and I'm not sure this is true….maybe GCN or other viewers might be able to shed some light on it. I've been told to avoid using a hose, or at least pressurized water, to wash my bike. This is because water can easily seep into the crevices and get to the bearings on the headtube and the bottom bracket. Causing premature wear/rust because you just can't dry it. It is a non-issue, allegedly, with pros because their bike is re-built very regularly so even if water seeps in, they are given a nearly endless supply by their sponsors. This means the mechanics and be a little more aggressive with the hosing down of their bikes because quite frankly the parts are swapped before any wear or damage is done. Any validity?

  17. i got aluminium road bike recently (im a novice on road bikes =D) and im scared that washing bikes might ruin the frame. All i see in this video are Carbon road bike and those bike don't rust or corrode. Is this cleaning technique ok for my bike? BTW i didnt wanna carbon road bike you know im just learning and also carbon bikes are way too expensive for a beginner. 聽I dont know but using a hose with soapy water can get stuck inside the aluminium frame, so i think i just stick to gentle. Also it might wash off the lube in the seat pole and other components. =D

  18. Good advice. Some small changes. "Every ride" = "every few months". "with some degreaser" = "with a rag". "Take off the wheels" = "don't take of the wheels". "Dry the bike with a towel" = "spray with wd40, leave it for a bit, then oil the chain. meh, it will be fine"

  19. Well I have an issue with this. If I wash it as thoroughly as that guy did I would be removing all of my lubricant. As a recreational rider I don't just have lube lying around.聽

  20. Pressure washer? Looks like a pressure washer to me. After rinsing and drying off the frame and externals, don't forget to strip and lubricate all the cables, pedals, crank, wheel聽and headset bearings, which are now full of water.
    I do use a garden spray, with a car shampoo and regulated to a more gentle flow than the watery blast in the video.

  21. This method of cleaning your bike may well be suitable for the professionals, but for the rest of us who pay for our bikes and would like them to last longer than a season, applying degreaser directly to chainrings and cassettes will ruin bottom brackets, hubs and freehub bodies. Using a pressure hose as depicted will force water through the bearing seals on the bottom bracket, hubs and headset. These are only designed to resist water ingress from low pressure sources (i.e. falling rain, or splashes from puddles).
    The best way for the consumer to clean their bike is as dryly as possible! If water is really necessary, then it should be applied with a sponge. If degreaser is necessary (and every few weeks it will be assuming you're using a good quality, UK-weather friendly, relatively thick chain lubricant), then the components to be degreased should be removed from the bike prior to application to protect the bearings.
    If you're not too concerned about the environment then baby wipes are great for quickly and neatly removing dirt and grime from your frame and wheels, without risking water ingress or bearing damage. Otherwise your favourite bike cleaning tools should be a dustpan and brush-style brush and a cotton rag.

  22. How to destroy your bike like a pro. If you're not a sponsored professional who gets a new bike every so often only clean your bike when it's very necessary. Keeping the drive train clean and well lubed is enough.

  23. Y'all make some good videos, but this was a miss for sure. 聽Don't wash your bike like this if you have a steel bike is all I have to say. However it is correct to make sure your drive-train is clean, Youtubers it is important to keep grit like sand and dirt off your chain and the chain rings and cassette, doing so will keep this stuff lasting much longer. 聽You don't have to clean it after every ride, but cleaning it every time wont hurt and you wont have to replace your expensive cogs/chain rings as much. 聽

  24. I live in a condo. Should I take the bike in the shower? Do you have advise for 90% of the riders out there?

  25. Clean your bike like a pro… If you are a pro, then you have someone to clean your bike for you. Also, I would never use high pressure water stream to wash my bike, that's insane!

  26. Well, the pros get new bikes all the time. If you need to maintain a bike for a few years, don't use a hard-streaming hose on it. A bucket will do. Don't want water into the inside of greased bottom brackets, headsets, etc.聽 Plus, if you have a steel bike, take care with that frame, it can rust.

  27. There are different types of pressure washers, the ones from places like halfords or sometimes Lidil are ideal for cleaning a bike but not the petrol engine powered ones that could cut a hole in a wall, they'll damage a bike. The spray heads for a garden hose聽also works great.

  28. how long should it take me to clean just the chains, chainrings and cassette?? And like degreasing and regreasing,, TY

  29. Bucket of water to wash off bike, never water under pressure from a hose especially a high pressure washer like in the video.

    Video should be how to be a jackass and screw over the masses !!!

    If you have loads of money and do not mind replacing components every few months then disregard what I said and go聽ahead and follow this dinks.

  30. Do NOT use a hose on the bike, you'll screw up all your bearings. I don't know how GNC comes off putting this in a video. These are pro people who just replace and throw away this stuff, if you as a normal rider do this, you'll either pay a lot of money for components or ride on defect bearings if you don't notice. No kind of strong concentrated stream of water is to be used on a bike. I have bought a garden pressure sprinkler (the kind you pump up and then spray) to wash the mud off my MTB, thinking that being so weak the spray won't damage anything – I had to replace the (modern, "sealed", Hollowtech II) bottom bracket before it was a year old. Most you can do is just let water rain on the bike, and avoid the bearings.

  31. This is stupid you never use a hose to clean your bike it will wash out all of the bearings and will need to greased up again not only that stuff will start to rust???

  32. This video really doesn't do your current level of video's for maintaining your bike any justice…

    Have you guys ever cringed at looking back at your 2 year old+ vids and thinking of deleting them?

    The 1hour and 30minute bike servicing videos by Simon on his Red SWorks is among the best on youtube!

  33. Shouldn't this video be called "how to clean your bike like a mechanic" as pro riders don't actually clean their own bikes ?

  34. Guys, just got a Di2 equipped bike. Should I clean it differently? Will the electronics be OK with this/my normal cleaning regimen?Thanks!

  35. Pro cycling, pro tip: it will save you loads of money. Take a soap on ride in a raining day. BOOM!! Bike clean! … by the way, to ride your bike, you will need your wheels 馃槈

  36. This was great, thanks, I've been looking for "bicycle chain fell off" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Viyackson Yenacob Review – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  37. The truth; the pro mechanic and pro bike washer, for us normal folk that have to pay for our beloved bikes, this method is NOT the way to go!!!! If we did this everyday with that water pressure and soap, and degreasers all would find their way into our bearings in THE most important places!! Pros tend to break their wheels/rims before they even wear out!! Same for other components, they just put new stuff on! I would not wash a bike this way… there are ways to leave your bike spotless, and not use this method!! Our main goal is that our wonderful bikes last us as long as they can!! And function fantastically. If you soap up, degrease, etc, try a spray bottle with water to rinse, this way the chances of getting water and crap back into your bearing is less. When shop mechanics open normal riders bikes up for a cleaning of all the bearings on bikes that have been washed like "the pros" they see all kinds of crap in the bearings!!!!! But to each his own…

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