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How to Clip into Clipless Pedals || REI

– Hey, Katie from REI here. Clipless pedals are a great
way to get a secure connection to your bike for maximim
power and control, but they can be a little
tricky to get used to when you’re first using them. Let’s talk about how to get comfortable. (upbeat music) So your first step is
to get used to clipping in and out in standing. Get the crank where you like it, you got your shoes on, bike’s all set, and then you’re going
to step into the pedal and just push straight down to clip in. And to clip out you’re
gonna rotate your heel out to the side and it’ll pull your foot out of the pedal. Just like that. It doesn’t matter if you have
two-hole or three-hole pedals. The process will be the same either way. Some pedals will let you
clip in on both sides, mine only let me clip in
on one side, so I have to kind of flip the pedal
over each time I go. Either way, the process
is gonna be the same. So, once you’ve done it once, your next step is to do
it a bajillion times. 20, 30, 50 times, however
long it takes to get used to putting your foot
it in and out of that pedal and then switch and do the other side. So, we’ll do that now. Once, you’re feeling good. The next step is to do
it while your moving. No stopping just yet,
stopping is what gets ya. But find an open parking lot or somewhere where you’ve got a lot of space, and just ride in circles. You’re gonna to clip in and out both feet just while you’re moving. Once you’re good there,
then you can try stopping. You’ll be riding along, feet clipped in, clip your feet out, come to a slow stop, and put your feet on the ground just like you normally would. The most common thing that
makes people fall over when they’re first using clipless pedals, is they’ll go to stop, clip out once side, and then lean to the other side. Or sometimes you come to a stop and just forget to click out altogether. I made it an entire two months
using my clipless pedals when I was first starting out, before complacency got the best of me, and I bit it, just dorkin
around at a stop sign. So, it happens to everybody,
it’s part of the process, and you’re gonna to be fine. If you new to clipless,
go visit the experts at your local REI and find out
which pedal is best for you. ‘Til then, we’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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