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How To Deep Clean Your Steering Wheel

How To Deep Clean Your Steering Wheel

Torque Steer Luke here and in this video I’m gonna be showing you how to super clean your car’s steering wheel will taking it from this to this and this to this this method will work if you have a rubber steering wheel like on my Mustang or leather steering wheel like on my Audi this process is really simple and takes about ten minutes to do properly bear in mind the steering wheel has more contact of your hands than any other parts of the car. You only have to take one look at your phone screen to see how much dirt and fingerprints get built up on it in a matter of a few minutes and that’s why you’ll find an older cars like this this does so much dirt oil and grease in the wheel that gives it a shiny appearance and quite frankly it’s not very hygienic – so I can guarantee if you ever buy a used car in the future after you see what comes off this wheel the first thing you’re going to do is clean the wheel and the gear lever we’re going to use a few simple products I’m going to walk through every single step with you firstly I want to place a few towels around the car to protect it so it’s going to stick one on my lap to protect me and one stick another on top of the steering cowl then we’re going to take some form a degreaser dish soap will be absolutely fine but I’m using an all-purpose cleaner from Sam’s I’ve diluted this ten to one and I’m going to apply this to a microfiber cloth then I’m going to go in a back and forth motion on the steering wheel we’re trying to scrub any dirt and grease off here see this was a clean microfiber cloth see how much dirt is already being pulled off this wheel I also want to make sure you got hold of the wheel and twist in a back and forth motion to try and remove as much dirt underneath as possible some wheels can be more tricky like the perforated leather on my Audi in these situations you just want to take something like a soft brush and work it into the area then take a microfiber towel and dry the wheel off already this wheel should be looking a lot better with wheels that have been neglected for tens of thousands of miles we need to do a deeper clean than just this for this part I’m going to go over to the Audi but the exact same method is going to be applied to this car as well leather is just like our skin it has pores that can absorb dirt and clog up here we need to go a little bit more aggressive so that’s why I’m using a magic eraser these are made from melamine sponge and are super cheap and you pick up a pack of 30 for about five pounds on Amazon I’ve left a link in the description below to pick these up since these are much cheaper than commercially available products in your local supermarket what you need to be aware of is this sponge is pretty much equal to this 5000 grit sandpaper the sponge has unique properties and although it’s safe to use on the leather you do have to proceed with some caution because essentially your wet sanding the leather here I’m going to take some APC and saturate the sponge then I’m going to gently wipe over the leather it’s important not to push hard and just let the natural weight of the sponge and your hands do all the work when the sponge is black rinse it off in some water apply some more cleaner and carry on some people think all this black is dye on the leather it’s actually just dirt leather has special protective clear coat applied to it so really you’re cleaning the clear coat rather than the leather itself on harder to clean places like perforated or texture leather you absolutely don’t want to push harder to try and get in there doing so will likely cause an uneven appearance and even possibly damage the clear coats on top of the leather once finished wipe down with your microfiber and check out just how dirty this water is this is after cleaning the wheel first with an APC and a microfiber cloth and just imagine how much contaminants are on your hands each day when you touch this you might go in eat some food or something like that it’s really unhygienic when you think about this so it’s really as much as an aesthetic exercise this it’s really an important safety exercise to your health so try and make sure these bits as clean as possible now the sponge will leave some residue on the wheel as well as dirty water so we just want to take our cleaner or microfiber cloth again and just give the wheel a very quick final rubdown so as you can see here it’s a clean microfiber cloth I’m gonna apply some cleaner to it and see how much dirt is left on the surface of this wheel so you see already lots and lots of dirt is still coming off take a dry microfiber and give the wheel one last dry off last dry off see here this virtually no residue coming off the wheel now it’s almost completely clean so check out the difference between the old parts of the wheel here that’s not being cleaned it’s a matte appearance it’s far cleaner and it’s just like a brand-new wheel when you touch it the perforated leather is nice and clean there’s no shine to the wheel all looks – all looks brand new and feels brand new as well let’s check out the difference on the Mustang see the difference now there’s the new matte wheel which feels nice and clean it’s not slippy and that’s how much grease and contaminates were stored on the old part of the wheel with all that on the wheel looks brand new and has been restored to its original matte appearance however we’re not done yet we want to add some protection to the leather to help repel grease and make it easier to clean in the future I’m using Hide by Auto finesse but use whichever conditioner you find the best this is essentially going to act like a barrier cream between your hands and the leather to stop oils penetrating into the pores and in to the leather itself so I’m gonna give a quick shake up and going to place some conditioner to an applicator pad and I’m going to work it into the wheel and this will work on rubber wheels too so regardless whichever type of wheel you have on your car a little bit conditioner it’s always going to be a good thing one final rub down with a microfiber cloth and this wheel is done it’s clean its protected and it feels like brand-new from now on I’d recommend cleaning your wheel every month or two using just the microfiber method and reapply some conditioner that way you can prevent a buildup of oil keep that fresh appearance without having to resort to more destructive methods like magic erasers anyway I hope this helps thanks for watching and consider subscribing for more content like this see you soon take care you

60 comments on “How To Deep Clean Your Steering Wheel

  1. Great advice Luke. Thanks for another clear and understandable video. On an irrelevant note, what's that device called holding up your AUX cable? Cheers.

  2. Baby wipes. They clean anything. For 100k miles my steering wheel is in excellent condition. "perforated", not "preforated". You're right about soaking it. It's not good.

  3. if you use a dedicated leather brush you are gonig to get better results but the 5% or less you done good job

  4. Do not use that sponge on leather for gods sake. Buy a decent leather cleaner and a leather brush. Do you use sandpaper to clean your skin ?

  5. Interesting video but as someone who often works with leather a magic eraser is not the way to go, proper leather cleaning products (even saddle soap!) Followed by a leather conditioner need to be used. Again on that rubber wheel the shine isn't grease and dirt, it's just polished smooth from use and oxidised over the years. Although using the magic eraser won't do any damage to that.

  6. hi luke , great video , love your work mate , just wondering if you had any tips for removing sunscreen handprints from my paintwork ??

  7. If you like the Magic Eraser – sponges are made from the exact same material (it is called Basotect) and you can purchase them online at the website for as little as $0.29 per sponge with free shipping!

  8. Those sponges are great for cleaning all the crap off the inside of your windscreen, particularly the mess caused by the dashboard “off gassing”

  9. Gutted I just bought 2 magic erasers from a well know band for the price of the ones in your link. Typical lol

    There also great for glass cleaning as in Chris fix videos

  10. Can I clean and get my airbag clean on my 2000 mustang. I need to get the what I need is paint off. Some parts are dark and look good others are very bright and looks like it’s kinda chipping. Please help

  11. Do the sponges you use have bleach in them like the Mr. Clean magic erasers in the US? Should I use the Mr. Clean magic eraser sponge?

  12. Finish is amazing on the Audi wheel, but the question is… is the finish because it is clean or because the surface of the leather has been ‘keyed’ by the magic eraser?

    I’ve got other steering wheel issues on my car, it’s Alcantara and is a bit of a pain to keep plush. The best way I’ve found of cleaning without agitating (you will get bobbles) is to simply soak with water and then soak it back out, releasing the dirt. I’d be interested to hear whether you have any advise on Alcantara.

  13. Best way to deep clean a steering wheel is to get a microfibre cloth, apply rubbing alcohol on it and rub the grease and nasty shit off the steering wheel, takes 2 mins if that

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