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How to Dispose of a Car Battery

How to Dispose of a Car Battery

How to Dispose of a Car Battery. Most car batteries contain lead and sulfuric
acid, both hazardous chemicals. Be sure to dispose of them safely. You will need Goggles, work gloves, and a
long-sleeve shirt Governing regulations Plastic bag Auto parts store and recycling center. Be sure to wear safety goggles, work gloves,
and a long-sleeve shirt while removing the battery. Step 1. Check whether your local government has passed
any regulations governing the disposal of car batteries beyond the ones passed by the
federal government. If so, be sure to comply with them. Step 2. Remove the battery cables and carefully lift
the old battery from the mounting bracket. Clean up any battery acid that leaks by flushing
the spill thoroughly with water. Step 3. Place the battery in a sturdy plastic bag. Step 4. Exchange your old battery at the auto-parts
store when you buy a new one. They will dispose of it safely. Step 5. You can also take the battery to an authorized
recycling center. These locations may include junkyards and
service stations. Some places may charge a fee. Did you know The first rechargeable battery
was invented by a French physicist in 1859.

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