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How To Do a Stoppie Motorcycle Stunt : Braking for Motorcycle Stoppie

How To Do a Stoppie Motorcycle Stunt : Braking for Motorcycle Stoppie

Hi, my name is T.J., I’m here with Expert
Village, and we’re here today to talk about how to do stoppies. Now we’re going to talk
about how to go about braking for stoppies. First of all, when you’re starting, you’re
going to want to go about ten miles an hour, in a parking lot with not too many rocks and
dirt, so you don’t slide as much. And go about ten or fifteen miles an hour, and ease on
your brake, and get the feel for it. Just as you start feeling it come up, just go a
little higher and higher, little faster, but start out slow at about ten. Just low, low
stoppies. All right, so when I do it, I recommend — well, I mean, I prefer, instead of one
finger I used to do it, and then I started using two and it feels a lot better to use
two fingers on the front brake, because I still have control of my handlebar, and of
the brake handle. Anytime you panic — if you panic, if you feel like you’re going too
high, instantly just let off the front brake and your back should — it’ll come back down.
Okay, and once again, it’s really crucial to remember to use about two fingers on your
handbrake — on the front brake, so you have good control of both levers over here, both
controls. And, always start out small. And, anytime you panic — you feel like you’re
going too high, just remember to let out the front brake, and your bike will come back

55 comments on “How To Do a Stoppie Motorcycle Stunt : Braking for Motorcycle Stoppie

  1. Well good on ya for trying to teach but those weren't exactly great stoppies you were doing yourself…

  2. good explanation. Regardless of how good your actual stoppies are, you explained it well and exactly the same as what i have heard from other riders. I agree with using 2 fingers, I was using 3, but moved back to 2 and found I had much more control.

  3. i have a 2007 SV650S. Do i need a gpr stabilizer so that i can do stoppies? I have tried and only been able to get my back tire like a foot off the ground, or my front tire will lock up. any suggestions?

  4. Thanks, i've been working with adjusting how i move when atempting it and it's getting better. I guess i just wasn't holding my body right when i would put more brake on cause it would just lock on me.

  5. jason , no u don't need a damper to roll endo's , but it is a lot safer with one. now as to coming in at 10 , i really disagree . its not safe . in my honest opinion it is safer to come in around 30 give or take . at 10 you are just locking the brake and hoping it doesn't go over

  6. These guys REALLY need to stop putting videos up. They are pure garbage, and 90% of them are extremely cheesy. This one included. It also helps to look 'professional' if they can write it correctly…

  7. yeah 80% or more of your braking power is in the front on most bikes. My SV has 2 dual piston calipers in the front with cross drilled rotors. where the back only has 1 single piston caliper. so it doesnt take much but a drop in air pressure to get the rear wheel to come up. if you run the proper PSI or your tires are cold, the front tire will skid.

  8. i would love to see a beginner doing a stoppie this way lock up the tire and fall remember kiddies don't wear a helmet you look cooler that way

  9. No offense but if your giving advice about something you may want to be an expert first. your explanation is way wrong and will most likely get someone seriously hurt. I recommend expert village takes this video down. You didn't talk about weight transfer, tires, brakes heating up, the difference between a radial and non radial master cylinder, reading the pavement so you dont flip when you hit a dip, nor did you say anything about having a steering damper which is key in rolling any endo.

  10. WARNING! The warning at the beginning was spell-checked and edited by the same people who continue to allow expert village to create videos with as little information in them as possible.

  11. Heya…!!!
    they are teaching how to do the stoppies…!!!
    Y do ya all fuckin dislike thier stoppies…!!!
    They are just teaching…!!!
    So just Fuck Off…!!!

  12. Stoppie is when your doing a number two and you are 1/2 way into the unload and you run out of breath, you have to wiggle it so it can break off, or try a deep breath again so you can unload it fully, that's called a Stoppie.

  13. I saw the uploader: "expertvillage" i knew this was qonna be nothing but shit. like most of their how to vids

  14. Lmao…..its obvious you douches dont know what a a stoppie is….its even more obvious that you fags dont have bikes so you watch videos and dream of what youll try one day lmfao losers

  15. what are you talking about? he was wearing a helmet when he was riding a bike. he was sitting on the bike without a helmet when the bike wasnt even turned on. uhoh!

  16. thats how i crashed my first ride, locking the front brake takes away all your traction ha. expert village i tell ya

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