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How To Do a Stoppie Motorcycle Stunt : Riding Gear for Motorcycle Stoppie

How To Do a Stoppie Motorcycle Stunt : Riding Gear for Motorcycle Stoppie

Hi my name is TJ. I’m here with Expert Village
and we’re here today to talk about how to do stoppies. It’s very important to wear safety
gear when you’re doing these sorts of stunts on sports bike. First of all I have a helmet
that you definitely always want have. Seems like your heads always the first thing to
hit the road when you crash. You got gloves that definitely keep your hands safe when
you hit the road it’s a lot better than hitting your skin. Although they might not be very
comfortable, II would always recommend wearing them. Get a good jacket. I have this jacket
right here. It has pads in the elbows, shoulders, and the back, and on the insides right here
there’s pads so if I crash I don’t get hurt. Always go about making sure your safety strap
is always done up right. You’re going to want to go through both loops, back through the
first loop, and then button it if it has the button option which this one does. Then make
sure your gloves are strapped tightly. You?re going to want to tighten that as tight as
it gets so that they don’t fall off in case of an accident. There’s always additional
safety gear you can wear. You can wear knee pads, shin guards, elbow pads if you don’t
have the jacket with them built in. You could even go down to buying special stunt boots
that have steel in them on the bottom and on the heels. Always remember it’s very important
to always wear your safety gear when trying any sport bike stunts.

15 comments on “How To Do a Stoppie Motorcycle Stunt : Riding Gear for Motorcycle Stoppie

  1. Safety gear goes for like all types of riding, is stoppies and exception. I thought this would be a stoppie guide…

  2. nice stoppie. glad u did so many. but remember kids don't do them naked, wear gear. don't mislead people into watching this by putting "how to do a stoppie"

  3. there gear is always good cuz if u fly off at high speed u will slide not slam and its best to have gear that wont tear horribly when u slide

  4. You are such a moron, if you knew how to use youtube you'd see the rest of his vids, where he does the stoppie, and before you talk so much shit, I see no vids of you on a bike doing anything, so no you don't know how to do an endo, hell you can't even spell, let alone ride

  5. the title should be more like 'how to get hurt on a motorcycle' any by the way? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE STOPPIE PART?

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