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Benefits of cycling
How To Fall Back In Love With Cycling | Enjoy Riding Your Bike Again

How To Fall Back In Love With Cycling | Enjoy Riding Your Bike Again

(explosion) – You know what? Last
night, I went to bed early and I was really excited
about getting out on my bike. I set my alarm and I was ready for it. But, when I woke up this morning, I’m just not feeling it anymore. – Yeah, a lot of people have that. You know, when you end
up falling out of love with the one thing that you love doing. – Yeah, that’s kind of exactly how I feel. There must be a way to fall
back in love with cycling. – I think you’re right. (funky keyboard music) First of all, we need to
find out why we’ve fallen out of love with cycling. – Hm. Maybe you’ve worked really hard over the last few months
and you’ve pushed it on the bike, and you’ve stagnated. And you’ve lost the love of it because, well, that’s just frustrating, isn’t it? – Yeah, or you’ve moved to a new place and you’ve got rubbish roads and you haven’t got anyone to ride with. Or you’ve been sick for a while, there can be many things. – Yeah, or is it just
the fear of crashing? Especially if you’re racing,
I mean, no one wants to crash. – No, exactly. – [Chris] The first thing you need to do is highlight what it is
that you’ve stopped loving about riding your bike. (funky music) You know what, mate? I
just can’t do 350 watts for half an hour today. – Dude, stop taking it so seriously. – Actually, that’s a really good point. Cycling doesn’t have to be all
about average power numbers, lap this, interval that, TSS here. It can just be good fun. So, you could just head out the door, ride as fast or as far as you feel like, and, hey, why not even stop? – Yeah, and group rides
can be so much fun, also. Get out with your mates, have
a joke and just enjoy it. After all, cycling is good fun. – Yeah, and if you feel like
racing them up the climb, – Do it.
– why not do that, as well? – Race ya! I can’t get it! (grunts) (funky music) – [Chris] I’ve often found it difficult to stay motivated when riding by myself. I know there are lots of people who love riding by themselves. That feeling of solitude
can really help, for some, to clear your mind after
a difficult week at work. But for most people,
finding the motivation to go for a long, or hard, ride
by themselves is difficult. If you have just moved
and you don’t know anybody where you live, then it’s pretty hard not to end up riding by yourself. So, if you are finding it
hard work riding by yourself, then that sounds like
the perfect opportunity to find a cycling club. Almost every city will have a number of different cycling clubs these days, and if you can’t decide
on which one to join, then why not try them all? Most cycling clubs will be very happy to have new people come and join. But, it’s often a good
idea to drop someone in the club a message before you do. That way, you’ll know when they meet, and what their rides are like. – So, stick with cycling. It’s a great way to meet friends, go out on group rides,
and enjoy the outdoors. Soon you’ll love it… again! (funky music) Why don’t you try new things? In cycling, there are loads of disciplines to get your teeth stuck into. – [Chris] Yeah. Cyclocross, track-racing. Hey, there’s even that weird thing that people do called gravel-riding. – Or mountain biking,
or fixed-gear racing. Loads of stuff for you to try out and keep it nice and fresh. – Yeah, the whole idea is
to mix it up a little bit, really, because if you
spend your entire time doing one discipline, it
can get a little bit stale. And it’s also a really good thing to do, to practise new skills on
different terrains and surfaces. – Agreed. What are you getting your
teeth stuck into, then, mate? – I’m gonna go and join GMBN, I think. – I’m gonna do a bit of Cyclocross. – Oh! – Or running! Should
I do a bit of running? – [Chris] Can’t run from your problems. (funky music) You know what? I’m gonna
take back my comment about gravel riding
because this is amazing. Look at the view, and
there’s not a car in sight. That makes it more fun, for me. – Yeah, keep it fresh.
Try all the disciplines, After all, cycling’s all about enjoyment. So go out, and enjoy it. – Yup, how ’bout we go
and get some cake, there. – Yeah, I might go mountain
biking after lunch. – Oh, yeah, I quite like that
idea. Let’s get something to eat.
– Let’s do it. (bicycle gears turning) – So, Chris, do you feel a
bit better about cycling? Have you fallen back in love with it? – You know what? I kind of enjoyed looking at my cycling in a different way and kind of seeing it
as something I could do with my mates for a bit of a laugh, and not just, you know,
power numbers and results. – Yeah. So if you’ve fallen
back into love with cycling, then let us know in the comments below. And, if you wanna see more videos on mountain bikes,
Cyclocross, or fixed-wheel, then click down here.

100 comments on “How To Fall Back In Love With Cycling | Enjoy Riding Your Bike Again

  1. I didn't ride my bike for years till I discovered zwift. Idk if that counts since I don't ride outdoors anymore, I might try doing that in spring or summer……. Or fall😂

  2. Hey Chris, how did you get your Wahoo on the H11 Cockpit of your canyon aeroad? I can only find a Garmin mount on the Canyon webshop…

  3. Simple tip would be to wash your bike lol. There is nothing better than a clean bike and a gleaming drivetrain…..just make you want to jump on your bike and ride….. oh and also watch a few gcn epic rides, the scenery will make you want to jump onto your bike

  4. Two years ago I deleted my Strava. It's done wonders for my enjoyment of cycling. I feel like a kid again, I'm not going home crunching numbers anymore, I just ride for the pure pleasure of it.

  5. Focusing too much on speed instead off actually enjoying my hobby, after all I took it up to get rid of the wife and kid for those precious few hours

  6. Hey gcn ..How my crank based power meter always reads higher than my Trainer power so when on zwift the workouts always seem way overboard and i end up falling short.. so tempo work on zwift is threshold work on the crank power.. which one should i use ? Or is there a way of fixing this ? Or should i lower my FTP on zwift ? #askGCN

  7. i fell out of love because i am getting slower since I replaced my chain and got a tune up. It is a mental task knowing your 10 seconds slower in a mile than before.

  8. I indirectly hate starting and getting ready to ride but weirdly i love the hard bits at the end – when you're raking yourself back home #teamasochist

  9. I haven't fallen out of love but the "itch" needing to ride is gone. I sure miss that! Had a freak accident before a group ride almost 3 years ago and haven't been able to ride since since shattering both arms, shoulders and herniation multiple disks. Have drs helping me with pain hoping to get back on the bike one day. Physical shape will be like a beginner again…..yuck! 6 months of misery! I remember that when I first started!. I sure miss my 4-5 thousand miles a year!

  10. I ride 1600 every month and never stop loving it as I don’t take it serious it’s an exercise in pure joy! And I live on Kauai so scenery is always amazing! I stop a lot to take pictures and eat a lot in fact most of my riding is food destination based like my 140 mile signature Trilogy cafe ride, best latte on Kauai !! 😂😂. Priority’s man !!🤓😇

  11. I feel really bad because I use to ride 50-100 miles a week. I did this for 3 years with an amazing group of work friends. Then I moved and was riding with one friend I met about 40 miles a week. He was a much stronger rider than me which was motivating for me, and I was training toward doing my first Century (most I had done before was 80). Then I had a horrific crash that I should have died or been perminantley injured from. I was going downhill almost 50mph when a driver honked at me cursed out the window and drove super close to me faster. It ran me into gravel in the side of the road, slid into wet grass, right into a large concrete retaining wall. I impacted my face, collar bone, shoulder, knee, ankle… Then there was a concrete ditch that my bike and myself went down into and being clipped in made my ankle injury worse as I flipped upside down. This took me off the bike for 9 months, as as soon as I mostly healed I severely twisted my ankle again playing Frisbee. Then I moved again and once I got on the bike I had no stamina, power, waves of feelings rushing back from the crash. I tried to cycle with this one guy, but he was pretty elite, and he was an amazing guy but I was just slowing him down. The closest bike club to me is a 45m drive and i can't keep up with thier slowest group. I tried buying a turbo trainer but I just have no motivation to ride inside either. I wish I could go back to my 5-9 person rides with my old friends…

  12. Get some retro down tube shifters on your bicycle and listen to some Japan whilst fitting them. Oh and remove any electronic devices from the bicycle as well.

  13. Getting a flat on your first ride of the year helps puts things in perspective.
    Considering how long it has been since I got a flat and it wasn't too cold I almost enjoyed installing a new tube 😀

  14. Falling back in love with Matt Stephens! Sorry but these new presenters aren't up to par with the level GCN used to be.

  15. I lost my motivation when my saddle started hurting exactly down there. I left my bike gathering dust for almost two month, luckily a SMP saddle solved all problems. Now I'm back cycling, even better than before, even though I'm still worried sometimes but since then I had no problems.

  16. How to fall back in love with cycling? Ditch the clothes, the "appropriate" length socks, the electronics, delete Strava, keep the helmet and just get on the bike and pedal with no destination or route planned. Simple as the core of cycling is.

  17. Easy to fall back in love with cycling when there is weather and scenery like the video. Try loving riding in a UK winter when it's below freezing, not much daylight and there's horizontal sleet in your face! Come to think of it, that also describes a UK summer!

  18. #1 turn off the stats except GPS only to track your route and miles.
    #2 go ride your damn bike!

    To much info overload can kill your mood to ride, just ride!

  19. The fear of getting hit. Traffic volume seems to be increasing and the drivers, not all, but some of them are just plain shitty towards cyclists.

  20. Struggle harder that is my way. Get out all pain and regrets that I once shosen a moped instead and not a racer bike when I was 15. Every pedal I do is regrets and love in the same time.
    I am glad I find it again!

  21. I'm so back in love with cycling. I'm so worried I'll fall out of love again. Thanks GCN for help kindling the fire! Now, to just stay on the bike..

  22. I've been cycling for almost 2 years now and I just switch between road/mtb when I start getting tired (I know I'm insane 😮)

  23. Just this morning put the final touches on my Christmas present I bought back in October. Garage sale $20 Italian steel beast from 1973. I tore it all down, had it powder coated and put back together using period-correct components. All cleaned polished lubed and adjusted it rides like new. Went for a ride with absolutely no destination in mind. JUST RIDE. Grinned the entire 2.5 hours. Have no idea how far or fast I went. NO: GPS, Strava, power meter, phone. I love my new/old bike, made me feel like a kid again. Like it is supposed to be.

  24. I moved to a new area and ride by myself. My last cycling club set very high expectations and the club here is just a bunch of people who want to hammer hard all the time.

  25. Have a baby. You may be sleep deprived but it sure is bliss to get out an some quiet time on the roads. Problem with this solution is that you will never have money to buy another bike. Ever. Lol.

  26. Did the local road bike event for about a decade but got tired of dodging dogs and motorists constantly while training and quit for a few years. Got back on a few years ago when a friend from work got me onto the Appalachian creeper trail, an off road no vehicle ride. But lately I'm getting ran over again by my fellow cyclists. We'll see in the spring if I hang it up for good.

  27. This speaks to me after some recent soul searching after falling a bit out of love with my riding. The "find out why you have fallen out of love" part is important but I feel you should also pair this with "look back at your riding past and remind yourself of why you ride in the first place".
    Finding new places to ride my bike, counting my adventures not my miles and rediscovering elements of bike riding I'd left behind re-stoked my fires!

  28. This is really important. I just did a video a few weeks back dealing with those post-season blues, I totally get it. I think it's totally normal. Any time you deal with something day in, day out, even if it's something you enjoy, you can fall into that routine rut and things start to break down. And if you spend so long focused on a big goal, and then suddenly it's gone, that sort of aimless, listless feeling is really happen. Like you said, breaking it up and finding new little challenges and excitement really helps me out. Even just a little break!

  29. I know some people will say, unplug and ride free from electronics, but I insist on using my garmin regardless if i care about the numbers or not, just because i want to have the livetrack feature on at the bare minimum. so I have a profile on my garmin labelled "fun", and the main page on it displays only the time and distance. second page is the map. third page has the power and stuff on it, but you never really scroll past the first two pages, and you just ignore everything else. the info is there for post-ride if you wanna go back and look, but otherwise, just ride and forget. you can do silly things like unclip one foot and ride a particular segment you do often near your home, with one leg for example. pick a direction and ride, and keep riding, not deviating from that direction until absolutely necessary. you can do more serious things if you still want, but making it super unpredictable, like saying if you see a red car, you'll do a short sprint, if you see a blue car, you have to make a left at the next available turn, if you see a green car, you gotta make a right, etc etc. the list is endless.

  30. I lost my love 🙂 because of my tyre I have continental gp4000 and experienced six time punctures in a year. every ride before I worry about a puncture during my ride 🙁

  31. I’m getting into cycling – but when I see a bunch of cyclists in Lycra I don’t see them as humans. Kinda like kids don’t see teachers as humans.

  32. I deleted Strava. Built a campervan with a bike rack to go places to ride different areas and bought a tandem. Now the wife comes too and the enjoyment is good again for both of us.

  33. Never fell out of love with cycling. Never been too serious. Just love getting on and riding. I cycle-commute. I've been a cycle-courier (v short). Long rides, short rides, good weather rides, shitty weather rides, done a lot of 'em. I tinker, I upgrade, I change my bar tape to stupid colours. I'm safe, I'm visible, and I love the freedom. I don't overdo it – I have other hobbies. But when I know I'm going out on one of my bikes, it's a thrill. It's been said before, 'cycling is a way of life'. Enjoy it, embrace it and never stop spinning!!!

  34. Oh GCN… You’ve hit me right at the moment. I was planning to sell my road bike and buy a motorcycle that I recently fallen in love with. I think I must reconsider doing it so.

  35. Great suggestions…especially for those of us that pay too much attention to the data and numbers. For me, a practical application is to have a casual riding group at work (or anywhere). You can go on social, casual rides and enjoy it because you don't have to ride hard to keep up. The others are the ones that are sucking wind while you can enjoy the ride. And, the more you can explore and keep things fresh, the better. Take your bike with you on your next road trip and see new sights, create new memories, etc. Hmm…maybe I just repeated what you said in the video…

  36. How about coming back from a torn acl and carrying another injury on the other knee ? I miss it but I don’t feel like il be comfortable plus I’m worried about injuring myself

  37. For years a group of six of us would go out every Sunday morning and do 30-50 miles, lots of fun. Then one by one we all discovered Strava. Segment this, segment that, chasing PB’s. It very quickly stopped being fun. I know it’s hard to switch off, but sometimes it’s necessary.

  38. Never realy fallen out of love with cycling itself, getting cold and wet put me off! Thank my lucky chainrings for Zwith! Gess im just getting soft in my old age!

  39. I stopped riding around 2007 because my bike broke all the time. I later figured out that my bike had a French threaded bottom bracket shell, and when the original BB broke, a shop had installed a BSA threaded bottom bracket. And this of course came loose every now and then. Also, a long series of high speed crashes, from which I had walked away with barely a scratch, had started make me a bit nervous. What if next crash would result in serious injury? Solutions, new bike, and a helmet as an amulet. I haven't crashed since then…

  40. 저렇게 아름답고 쾌적한 곳에서 자전거를 타는 사람들도 있군요.
    정말 부럽습니다.

  41. I like riding solo, I can go as fast or slow as I want without worrying about other people's feelings. I rode with one guy, one time, and it was awkward. He kept pointing down to the road at every little pebble as though it was a "hazzard".. I told him he didn't have to and he got really offended and told me it was proper etiquette to do so. Ok. So then I read about groups in my area and they all have the same etiquette about pointing to stuff on the ground. After nearly 8k solo miles, I don't feel as though I need anyone to point out stuff so I don't accidentally hit it. That's what my eyes are for.. This makes me think I'm a terrible person for group riding. Alas, I'd like to ride with people, but not if I have to constantly be distracted by people pointing to the ground. I felt it was unsafe to constantly remove your hands from the bars to point things out instead of just going around it?? Whatev. Got 3 KOM's on January 1st in my area. Starting the new year off to a good start but I might be too serious to ride with others.

  42. Cyclebar! There are tons of really pretty girls there. That got me back in love, then I got a Wahoo Kickr and Zwift. Holy cow! Zwift is really really fun.

  43. I began cycling a few years ago when I decided it was time to hang up my motorcycle helmet. Many of my friends were killed in motorcycles or seriously injured. But last year a very good cyclist and friend of mine Rob Dollar was killed on a weekend training session, ever since last year, I have fallen out of love from cycling. I hope this video changes my heart, thanks for the therapy GCN

  44. I personally have it easier to ride long rides alone. Less factors that can go wrong and I don't need to adjust my speed all the time to someone with less endurance/ftp
    Also, i can use my bone conduction headphones without being rude

  45. Hi
    Have been watching your videos and GMBN's for about 3/4 years now. l thought l understood your logos, GCN being a chain spanning the globe, presumably.

    However, of late l have been wondering about a certain symbol, mark appearing on your GCN branded cycling clothing.What is it? l am specifically referring to the oval thing with some logo which appears on the left breast of the riding kit. What does it mean and whats the history?

    :I would be glad if you could clear this up for me, its been bugging me for sometime now. By the way those kits look fabulous but l am not man enough or in any shape to put in figure hugging lycra but kudos to you chaps!

  46. Sadly this doesn't really help tackle the winter blues! We get up to two months of almost permanent freezing fog and it's a war of attrition wrestling with winter clothing even before stepping outside. I once gave myself a black eye trying to get my overshoes on! Previous years I've done the Rapha 500 and been ready to sell my bike at the end. This year it's full on winter hibernation! I'm hoping time off the bike can be just as therapeutic for finding love for the sport once more.

  47. Riding became fun again when I removed all electronics. No speedo, no distance, no RPMs….just wear a watch so I know how long I've been riding. I no longer challenge myself all the time or am worried if I'm getting better or faster. I just ride.

  48. I always enjoy a ride once I'm out, but sometimes the sleep deprivation makes me lose determination to get up in the early hours of the morning, and other times I just put too much pressure on myself to push myself or get PB's. It makes me lose determination as I don't feel like torturing myself, and if I don't torture myself I'll feel guilty for being soft. Times like that I need to get out and go for a fun ride somewhere, or maybe not even record the ride to strava.

  49. One aspect I think you missed is that sometimes it is the bike. Having chronic problems that never seem to go away [ especially on older bikes ] it becomes a drag. If you cant afford a new bike or the newEST bike, sometimes $40 spent at the bike shop having it tuned up by a professional and having the bike feel like new again is worth the money.

  50. Nice vid boys! Another aspect that got me even more into cycling was BUILDING and SERVICING my own bikes…I've collected quite a few by now. There is nothing more exciting that riding something YOU built when things don't fall off. Also you will definitely make new friends as they will not want to spend money that the LBS if you can do the job for a beer. 😁

  51. Almost every Friday, I go to one of the Bay Area/Sacramento Bike Party's. Wear a t-shirt, ride in a group of hundreds, listen to music, and dance.

    I will never be sick of riding in Bike Party!!!

  52. I'm trying to fall back in love with cycling. after living in Canada and having access to coastal roads and mountains and fresh air i had to move back to London where let's be honest roads aren't great, high pollution and aggressive drivers. So far Zwift done wonders and the structured training plans it provides but I'm afraid once summer comes I will have to go back outside

  53. This might not apply to everybody, but on the days I don't feel like riding, I tinker. I clean, tweak, adjust, calibrate anything and everything my tools or time will allow. I've had a number of sunday mornings where instead of riding out, i found myself cleaning a cassette to a showroom shine while catching a movie or music in the background. I work on those bike hacks I learned online, from a friend, etc. I find excuses reasons to replace worn out parts and components, or even an upgrade. Bottom line, yes, riding is a big part of cycling. But for some of us, the tech is just a big of a deal as the riding itself. And for me, that almost never gets old.

  54. The thing that made my love for cycling, not stop, but diminish slightly is the fact that in my city is very dangerous to ride on the streets because of thieves, and the way most people managed to ride is riding from 4 to 6 am twice a week with a support car…. the rides are awesome, the roads are pretty much clear, but imagine waking up 3am so you start the ride at 4? Its crazy early, very difficult to carry on with the rest of your day and make it routine

  55. My bike and I have been having marriage counselling sessions. The bike wants to go fast everywhere and I just can’t give it that the whole time. Instead of accepting my short comings and helping me improve it just shuts me out. It needs to be more aware of my need to cruise along from time to time. Only then can my interval training help improve my FTP and eventually give the bike the sustained speed it craves. We want to fall in love again, but we have a tough road ahead of us before that day comes.

  56. The sheer smugness, snobbery and elitism of some people who look down their nose at your bike, your kit, your belly. Pathetic and very off putting. Some people need to not take themselves so seriously. If you were any good mate, you'd be pro. Bugger off.

  57. I cycled to work everyday in all weathers sun, rain,snow and wind for the last 22 years even putting up with hints from my girlfriend about "why not get a car?" to the point of actually coming to hate cycling enough to stop cycling altogether giving my mountain bike to my teenage son.. getting soaked going into work is the worst and that was a lot of the time… 3 years ago at the age of 63 I got a small cheap car and TBH it was heaven, we got out life back, could go shopping easier and far quicker, days out further away, could go out sea fishing etc..etc. After a year with the car I came to crave cycling again and now do 4 turbo trainer sessions each week using your training videos, have a Dolan FXE bike plus I have just built a Dolan fixed gear track bike (with front brake) and resurrected my Voodo mountain bike and look forward to building a carbo road bike when funds allow. I now enjoy cycling again because I do it when I want to and not because I have to. The car serves a purpose and can complement our lives if used correctly

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