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How to Find & Test Your Cycling FTP — Official Instructions | Zwift

– Hey, I’m Kate. Let’s talk about those dreaded FTP Tests. If you’re not quite sure what
FTP is, you’re not alone. It’s not super complicated but
it’s not super simple either. One thing is certain; understanding FTP is easier than finding
out what your FTP is. You’ll soon see what I mean. FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power. It can also stand for Feel The Pain. FTP represents the highest wattage you can expect to average over an hour. FTP isn’t an absolute metric,
it’s a current estimate. So as your fitness
increases, so will your FTP. There’re two ways to
test your FTP on Zwift: the Ramp Test and the 20 Minute Test. First, I’m going to discuss
the lesser of two evils, the Ramp Test. The Ramp Test begins with an easy warm up and incrementally increases
each minute until failure, basically, until you can’t handle anymore, playing on about four to
eight minutes of hard effort during the Ramp Test. The entire test, with a
warm up and cool down, will take about 15 to 20 minutes. But those will feel like
pretty long minutes. Next up, the Standard FTP Test. There’s a one hour version, and a 45 minute version in Zwift. You can access both
from the work out menu. The test itself is just 20 minutes. They’ll probably feel like
the most difficult 20 minutes of your week though. The rest of the workout is a warm up. If you have a smart trainer, the warm up can utilize ERG mode. But once that 20 minutes begins, Zwift automatically turns off ERG mode so you can control your power output rather than relying on the
trainer to do it for you. Going in, just know that it’s
really gonna hurt. (chuckles) If you’re an experiences
cyclist or triathlete, you probably have an
idea what sort of wattage you can maintain. If you’re new to FTP Tests, start at a pace that feels
challenging but sustainable for the first 10 minutes. After the first 10 minutes, try to increase your power incrementally. Many find an addition of
five to 10 watts is doable. For those last five minutes,
give it everything you have. You should finish with
nothing left in the tank. Remember, pain is only temporary. That’s it, you’re ready to test your FTP. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

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