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How To Fit Your Bike – Adventure Motorcycle Ergonomics

How To Fit Your Bike – Adventure Motorcycle Ergonomics

there are catalogs and websites full of
parts for your bike with risers and custom levers and seats of different
sizes and Heights and configurations all to make that bike custom to you having
that bike properly fitted does make a difference in performance control and
comfort I’m going to show you how to properly fit your bike adventure bikes
are configured for the street when they come from the dealer so we need to set
them up so we can use them off-road and on the street and when I set them up
I always start right at the foundation a bike setup for the street will put the
shift lever equal to the top of the foot peg the problem with the adventure bike
is we have large off-road boots that are difficult to get underneath the lever so
the first thing we need to do is adjust this up so we can get underneath it when
we’re standing and then when we’re riding we need to downshift so we can
just tap the top of the lever there’s two basic configurations this one here
set on splines and there’s a pinch bolt right at the bottom so I’m gonna remove
that pinch bolt shift the lever up one spline and that’ll give us just enough
height once I have this off I’m just gonna shift it just so slightly this way
once it goes back on … means that now from this position it’s much easier for me to
get underneath it and I can still get up on top of the lever this is the halfway
point between off-road and on-road don’t forget to put your pinch bolt back in
this is a very common fine-tune adjustment these nuts here or Jam nuts
one is going to be a standard thread one will be a reverse to adjust the lever
here simply turn this adjuster raise it to the position that fits you
on the other side of the bike you’ll seldom find adjustments for the rear
brake but if you do you want to raise that lever so it’s the same height as
the top of your foot peg if you’re not able to adjust the actual lever you may
be able to find an aftermarket component that puts a step or raises the height of
the brake pedal to be the same height as the top of the foot peg so this bike has
a two step so I can catch one edge for the road and I can catch the higher step
when I’m offroad . While the handlebars are set up ideal for the street my shoulders
are relaxed my elbows are down and I have this natural downward slant to the
handlebars so my wrists are nice and relaxed the problem with this for
adventure riding is when I stand up and forward on the bike now I’ve got a kink
in my wrist and my shoulders end up in front of the handlebars which means I
don’t have a good relaxed position offroad so we need to make an adjustment
rotating these handlebars just far enough forward to get them in front of
my shoulders typically the handlebars have four bolts that clamp them down and
hold them in position what we ended up doing is loosening up two or four of
those well rotate the handlebars forward so your hands don’t end up angled so
much that they’re they’re twisted you’re looking until they just kind of level
off when you’re standing the handlebars should be just slightly forward of your
shoulders when sitting the handlebars will be a slightly farther reach which
is still feel pretty natural on the wrist angle once you find that position
tighten those bolts back down the next step is getting the levers at
the right angle in an ideal situation when your hands on the handlebars and
you extend your fingers out they should land directly on top of the lever in
this case because I rotated the handlebars up I get a very significant
kink in my wrist and it bends down for offroad
when you’re standing position and you extend those fingers
they’ll also end up on top of the levers to set this properly you split the
difference just like the handlebars this is set up
with a pinch bolt setup loosen up the pinch bolt rotate the controls and you
from a sitting position you should be able to reach out and just have the very
slight angle on the hand to test that it’s correct stand up and you should
also end up with a slight bend at the wrist from the standing position if it
ends up very kinked in either direction split the difference between the two
once you find the ideal position lock it back down setting the engagement zone
properly means that you can disengage the clutch completely when you pull it
in with two fingers and it pinches up against the two fingers around the
handlebars when we’re riding off-road we want to be using two fingers on the
clutch two fingers around the bars so if we hit a root or a log or some kind of
movement on the road it can’t jump out of our hands that’s why we’re not using
four fingers as soon as you start to ease that clutch into the engagement
area it should come coming to engagement right as it comes off the fingers so you
don’t want to have a lot of travel before that clutch starts to engage this
bike has an adjustable lever and all you have to do is spin this lever to the
number that you like so that the engagement zone is set in the correct
position you’ll do the same thing with the brake you’ll want to set that
adjustments that you can use full brakes with just two fingers the final
adjustments going to be free play on the throttle from the factory they put
roughly ten to fifteen millimeters of free play which means there’s movement
in that throttle before it actually engages power
you want to dial all of that out so that has as close to zero as possible
this throttle has zero free point there’s no movement before powering
gauges they all have a fine-tune adjustment up near the throttle itself
somewhere and you’ll dial that out until the free plays out it’s important to
make sure that it’s not gonna bind before you go ride have the motorcycle
running in neutral and turn the handlebars all the way left and all the
way to the right to make sure it doesn’t rev if the bike starts to rev you need
to put more FreePlay back into the throttle like I said you want to get as
close to zero as possible but not where it revs when the handlebars turn the
purpose of having zero FreePlay means that you have fine motor control when
you’re off road and you’re not trying to take slack out and guess when you’re
gonna have power you’re not gonna run out of power before it hits all the way
to the stop it only takes a few minutes to get your bike set upright and if
you’ve never done this before just make marks so if you don’t like what you did
you can go right back to where it was set up however sometimes the factory
settings don’t give you enough adjustment to optimise it for you if
you’re over 6 foot maybe you’ll need risers you can play around with those if
you’re maybe a little short of stature or the bikes a little too tall then you
might be able just to either put shorter shocks on it or just drop the preload on
both sides to drop your actual total ride height that could be helpful
there’s seats you can change so you can put a taller seat on that way it takes
less energy to move from a sitting position to a standing position or put a
lower seat on it just so you can reach the ground when your bike is
ergonomically adjusted it’ll be more comfortable and you’ll be in better

100 comments on “How To Fit Your Bike – Adventure Motorcycle Ergonomics

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    Great video as always though. Thx!

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  32. why a 1200 gs ? why not a 800 gs if you really want to go offroad isnt that more manageable ? yet still carry everything you want ?

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