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How To Get Fit In Only 30 Minutes

How To Get Fit In Only 30 Minutes

– Not everybody has a
lot of time to train, but you can still get to a very good level with only short training sessions. So here are four, varied training sessions that will only take you 30 minutes. And first up, it’s Lasty with the Sprint. (upbeat music) – You can get a lot of
sprinting done in 30 minutes as you’re about to find out. First, you need to warm up, so start with riding for six minutes and gradually increasing
the intensity throughout. Then, go easy for two minutes, then it’s time for your first sprint. The first sprint is 20 seconds, 9 out of 10 effort, not quite everything you’ve got. Go easy for 40 seconds, then do a 10 second sprint,
also 9 out of 10 effort. Then go easy for 50 seconds, and then finish with a five second sprint, all of them out of the saddle. Ride easy for two minutes and then repeat. Then, ride easy for another
two minutes and repeat, but do each one now at a
10 out of 10 effort level. Ride easy for another two minutes, then do a 10 second sprint
every minute for 5 minutes. Finish with a two minute cool down. (upbeat music) This session will improve
your time-trialling, your climbing, and your general fitness. So first up, have a nice
five minute warm-up, spinning the legs and getting those legs and heart pumping. Then, start a 10 minute effort. If you’ve got a power metre, start at 95% of your FTP and then nudge it into your FTP by the fourth minute and maintain that until the end. Then go easy for two minutes and repeat, only this time make sure you stay right on your FTP for the entire duration. If you’re going on feel, start the first effort with a
9 out of 10 for three minutes, and 10 out of 10 for the rest and for the second one, 10 out of 10 for the duration. (breathes heavily) And then, when your last effort is done, gear it down, spin the legs, have a nice three minute warm-down. (upbeat music) This one should help to improve your anaerobic system, you use on short, sharp climbs and on shorter efforts on the flat. (breathes heavily) Warm up for six minutes, then do one minute almost
as hard as you can go. You can be in or out of
the saddle for this effort. Take two minutes easy, and then repeat. Take another two minutes easy, and then it’s time for
a two minute effort. 9 out of 10 effort for the first minute, 10 out of 10 for the second. Take three minutes of easy riding, and then do a three minute effort. Ease yourself into it, but then make sure you’re
10 out of 10 effort for the last minute. Go easy for two minutes, and then it’s time for three
more one-minute intervals with two minutes of recovery between each. Cool down for a minute and you’re done. (upbeat music) This session sees you do a pretty even effort throughout, although it is pretty uncomfortable but very doable. Start off with a three minute warm-up, and then you’ll straight in to your 25 minute effort. If you’re using a powermeter, you need to ride at 90% of your FTP. And if you’re going on feel, gradually build to a 9 out of 10 effort. And throughout the 25 minutes, do a 10 second surge
sat down in the saddle every two minutes before then
going back down to sweet spot. And then cool down for
the final two minutes. Woo! – Oh God. How’d your sprinting go, Tom? – Tough, Matt, but I
think I’m getting there. – Good stuff. – How’s your sweet spot? – Pretty sweet. – Now, you’re not gonna get
surprisingly fit or fast from one 30 minute training session. But, if you do four or five
30 minute training sessions per week, you will get surprisingly fit and you will get surprisingly fast. – Yeah, in fact we’d like
to know the improvements you make over time, after
doing these sessions. And you can let us know in
the comments section below exactly how you fare. Now, for your one stop shop for all things cycling and to make sure you don’t
miss out on another video, and they head straight to your inbox, click on the globe to subscribe. It’s absolutely free. – And, if you want to find
out whether Base Training, so long, steady miles is fact or fiction, click right there. – And to prepare yourself for long rides, click just down here. – While you’re here, give this video a thumbs up and hit share too. – Fancy another 30 minutes? – Why not? – Let’s do this. – Tomorrow though.

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  1. These sound great and I do your training videos. However I have the memory of a goldfish and will never remember all these. Can you program a garmin with this kind of training routine? Thanks.

  2. How to look fit in 30 minutes; liposuction, getting the excess skin removed and drawing muscle tones with a pencil on your body.

  3. What were the outdoor Temps when you shot this? I'll only go bare hands when it's 50 degrees or above (10 degrees C).

  4. Lasty, how does that Aeroad rate on the comfort scale? It's tops on my list for potential new bike this year. Wondering if I could get your take! Great video guys! Need to make some removable peel and stick labels with the instructions of these sessions that we can place on our top tube. I'd buy them from your shop. Cheers from California

  5. I forget how good you guys are at cycling – watching Lasty power up that hill like a BOSS!!
    who is quicker – The Brick or Si "Wattage Bazooka" Richardson??

  6. Hi guys, great video as always. Do you guys happen to make .fit workout files to go along with your workout videos that I can use to workout to? Or do you know of a (free) source for .fit workout files? Thanks!

  7. A 5-6 min warm up before almost max intervals? +Global Cycling Network, could you explain this? I'm a little confused. Thanks!

  8. I moved from a 170 watt FTP to a 350 watt FTP in 9 months. 3 time a week i would do different interval sessions on a wattbike at my local gym.
    Now 4 years has passed and im going to the national (Danish) TT. Aiming for a top 20. 😉

  9. Forgive me guys, but your perceived exertion scales don't make any sense.

    FTP is 10/10?
    Flat out neuro-muscular efforts are what? 15/10?

  10. I think it's ridiculous to attempt these specific sessions outside on the open road. Trying to keep track of 10 seconds this, 40 seconds that, 3 minutes recovery, x blocks of y duration at z intensity. Even if you have it programmed into your Garmin its a bit of a nightmare. So I think these complex ones should be done on the indoor trainer.

  11. After watching this video I doubt I will get fit but I absolutely neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a pair of Fizic R1's in red 😍 who cares about fittness when yer looking as cool as ice sitting outside yer local cafe sporting a pair of shoes that are straight out of the wizard of Oz hahahahaha PMSL

  12. #torqueback What is 10/10 for X minutes really mean? Intensity that I can hold to the end (easier at first, tired at the end) or all out with declining effort because I am burnt out?

  13. great stuff. really been enjoying lasty's recent presenting as well (especially after binging on older GCN videos)! brick no more 😀

  14. should have started this with 'these are indoor workouts'. you can't do these on the road. Does anyone do these on the road? I've never met anyone who has. Too complex. 95% 10 seconds, 50 seconds, then 100% for 10 seconds. etc etc. It might have looked good in the excel spreadsheet but it doesn't work where the rubber meets the road.

  15. good stuff, I feel lastie's pain just sitting here, i think it's partly due to the "I've just been on a 3 week drunken binge" facial hair/lack of skin colour.

  16. Is this false news? Are you sending out an honest message? We all know that fitness takes time — probably a lot more than 30 minutes.

  17. I love your new red cycling ahoes Matt, they look very cool and expensive, hehe…!!!

    Btw guys, nice advice. This will help me out a lot for my contests (i am a junior btw) and i sadly can't train every day to keep my pace up, but again, this video helped me. I honestly think im going to ride tomorrow, thx guys 😉

  18. I don't have one yet, but is it possible to put this level of info into a cyclingcomputer, maybe the Garmin edge 1000, so I can concentrate on cycling and not on where and when I am in the session?

  19. Guys, here you go again confusing effort levels. In the second workout you say 10/10 is FTP, but in the first workout, an all out spring is 10/10. Let's get some consistency guys. FTP is 7 to 8/10. Resting is 4 to 5/10. If you can hold 10/10 for more than 20 second, you're not doing it right.

  20. I'm confused why you'd do 10 minute efforts at or below ftp. If that's the pace you can hold for an hour, wouldn't you want to do these efforts above ftp to improve?

  21. I had two fingers amputated in august last year, not touched any of my bikes since and just returned to work…my job is a postie and lots of walking with a 30kg bag….I've lost fitness and strength with these help with both or should I throw in some extra strength training?

  22. What is all this 5-6 minute warm up nonsense? A proper warm up takes much longer. It personally takes me 41 minutes, and looking at every world tour pro on their trainers outside their tour busses, they are also around 30-40 mins. 5-6 mins will not warm you up and hitting it hard after only doing it for this long can lead to injury.

  23. Though I personally require a bit more warm-up before I put out these kinds of efforts, I do love these short workouts for busy days in the middle of the week when it's either 30-45min or nothing. Since you guys have done so much with Zwift lately, I'd love to see you get them to add your workouts as a separate category under the Zwift Workouts menu. Make it happen, fellas!

  24. I have little time to train, but I have learn that more than plenty of time, what you have to have is lot of desire to ride a bike. And after some warming, I run as fast as I can and enjoy paths and enjoy the few minutes I have. And yes, perhaps I ride 1:30 hour 2 or 3 times a week but in a a short race I feel better than many of my parners that do long training. I´m a MTB rider, for road I don´t know because I don´t do lot of Km.

  25. I totally support the ideas presented here. My commute is just under 30 minutes each way. I get to do two workouts a day. Even though that comprises most of my riding, when I do get out with the group for those longer 40-60 miles rides, I can get on with them just fine, save for the last bit of distance, depending how hard/fast we've gone. It's really amazing and nice that it works in with my commute w/o having to go for additional riding (= more time) beyond my commute. Thanks guys!

  26. I wonder what would be the right order in which to do these training sessions. I think it's a bit too hard to just keep doing these every day, so there must be an idea on how to mix it with some low intensity training. Would love to know about that. For now I'll just make sure I'll take a day of rest between these sessions (either slow ride or nothing at all). Now I just wonder: which one do I feel like trying tonight? I can increase the warm-up and cooling-down because have exactly 1 hour for riding… or I'll miss 'the Blacklist' and we wouldn't want that to happen now would we?

  27. Noticed the way lasty is gripping the bars at 2:53. Makes we wonder if its just a comfort thing or whether you've seen any gains when powering up climbs?

  28. I took the initiative of pulling a 40 minutes session instead of a 30 minutes one, but I didn't get any fitter. Give my money back !

  29. Finally, something that will suit my daily schedule. Anyone here who already had improvement with this 30 minute FTP training?

  30. Hi GCN, love this video – any chance that these 30 mins workouts could get loaded onto Zwift? I'd love to train longer but time is always tight!

  31. Back after over a 2 year layoff. Got into training mode over last 3 months…but had to have a short break for family illness, i have followed a similar program. I've increased my ftp almost 40 watts and gone from 2.78 to 3.05 on my power to weight. i hit a 6 month goal (last night) in half the time as I've stuck to my routine…with no more than 30-40min sessions and maybe an odd 3hr ride at the weekend.

  32. Can you answer this debate…
    If your goal is to ride at say 35km/h with a HR of 140bpm (assuming flat road/no wind etc), would you reach your goal quicker by …
    A. Riding each training ride at 140bpm and let the speed build towards 35km/h OR
    B. Ride each training ride at 35km/h and let your hr improve towards 140bpm????

    Let the debate begin….

  33. I am just starring out on cycling and don't have a clue what my 9 out of 10 effort is. have you got any very basic training sessions that myself and a group of newbies can do. we are hoping to cycle from Coventry to lands end in three days for charity in the summer of 2018. any tips please

  34. How do you keep track of time for this type of workout as I find it difficult to give it gas, concentrate on the road ahead and watch the clock. Also, in this video it looks like you are not carrying any timing device.

  35. I know this is an old thread but – How would someone doing this on a road, by themselves be able to safely and accurately time this? With such short intervals and rest periods, it seems like you would be fumbling with your bike computer non-stop.

  36. I've been doing about three or four of these a week for the past month on a 5.5 mile Stretch. I've lost 15 lb. And today just completed a continuous effort on a high Cadence without getting winded. Now it's time to up the power!

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