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How To Get More Aero On Your Road Bike – With Zipp

How To Get More Aero On Your Road Bike – With Zipp

we’re at the state of the art art wind tunnel at the captain of speed Indianapolis with Dave Morse is the advanced development engineer at zip he is going to give us his top aerodynamics tips how to make your body and not your bike more aerodynamic that is right how to go faster for free right and Dave pull it so the first greevey a really easy one is going to be between your hand position on the tops hoods or on the drops surprisingly there’s not that big of a difference between the tops and the hoods but you do get a little bit lower on the hoods there is quite a big difference between the hoods and the drops that’ll save you up to 20 watts if you’re depending on the person to fit it if you get low enough so in racing Aereo’s drops are always better the second one will be elbows if if your elbows tend to stick out a little bit concentrate on bringing those closer to your body in line with the bars right that’ll buy you a little bit extra and then the next the biggest hit after that is going to be your head and shoulder position so you want to keep that head kind of in line with your back I know it’s uncomfortable to keep it yep to keep it tilted up but the the more discomfort you can stand the faster going to go and then try to shrug these shoulders up towards your ears a little higher there you go so it looked a little uncomfortable it takes a bit of practice but you’re going to see it in the numbers if ever doing a time trial or in a breakaway on a road race these will make some big differences and then keeping everything tidy so your helmet straps any extra bags or cables on your bike that’s also stuff you can get for free just attention to detail so it’s always my position now by my body position is that about as good as it can go I think you know you’re pretty Aero guy there’s not much sticking out there that’s the biggest compliment liangzhou go crazy bottles in the back are going to hurt you but if you have to have the water you have to have it maybe ditch it when you’re done but overall I think that you’re ready to race yeah you know I was kind of hoping you’d say actually I was really on aerodynamic and that the reason I didn’t do as well in races as kids I could have got my so it but hey never mind I’ve got no excuse and then what about what about the issue of ponytails so obviously a big one in the woman’s pants on but also now with pizzas again in the men’s peloton as well what do we do that’s actually a very good question so we had the chance to test this with one of our female pro athletes she was concerned which hair position was going to be fastest for her some are more convenient than others and actually the ponytail surprisingly was the fastest between ponytail I’m sorry pigtails right I was faster than pointy tails or a bun so Peter Sagan with the stylish man bun you might want to go to the hairdresser get some tight pigtails and gain a little extra speed that’s going to be his world championship winning tip okay and then the other thing like a big aerodynamic topic at the moment is descending so you know Chris Froome popularized a pretty extreme style in the Tour de France this year back have you tested it how Aero is that yeah so it is it you know you get down a little pod it is very fast there are some trade-offs obviously you can’t pedal very easily there it takes a few seconds to get into the position so if you’re on a really technical descent that might compromise some safety getting out of the descent in an emergency one that is just as good though keeping your your saddle or your seat on the saddle get your nose and your chin way down there put your hands up top there tuck them in close to your knees stop pedaling for a second get those knees in and you can look down that is just about as good as anything you’re going to get really yep and it doesn’t feel a fan Stewart’s you know you can control the bike just about as good as when you’re sitting up and you can most importantly get out of that position in an emergency yeah my brakes are just there cool good stuff so there’s some pretty solid tips there for most of us riding on the drops is going to be faster keep your elbows tucked in shrug that head and your shoulders and then think about keeping your bike and your body uncluttered so nothing in your back pocket and minimizing what’s on your bike and then finally remember pigtails are more aerodynamic than buns so peaches again we know what your world’s haircuts going to be right then for some more videos about wind tunnels right here in fact in the art wind tunnel we test retro versus modern zip wheels why not click just down there to watch that video or for more tech videos here on GCN if you click just there you get through to our playlist otherwise subscribe to the channel just click on the globe

72 comments on “How To Get More Aero On Your Road Bike – With Zipp

  1. I personally feel more in control with the Froome position than the aero tuck, mainly because my brakes are readily available.

  2. For short periods of time, riding on the hoods, with your forearms parallel to the ground, is "almost" as aero as riding in the drops. The downside is that when you get tired, your arms straighten, and you become much less aero. For descending, I use the old "retro" method. Riding in the drops with your rear almost off the saddle, so that your back is flat and low.

  3. So the video said "pigtails" but showed a single braid. I usually do a single braid, but if pigtail braids are better, that's what I'll start doing. it also keeps the hair away from my bib number. 🙂

  4. This tunnel does highlight one of my beefs with aero testing. His bike is locked into one position, which is something that never occurs while riding. It should be done on an open roller at a minimum and probably a treadmill in an ideal situation as that would allow the rider the maximum amount of natural movement and you could adjust the grade. Granted to establish baselines and compare gear a locked position is good, but it neglects a lot of data. This is similar to how lab testing of wide tires shows drastically different result from road testing. In that case, rolling resistance proves to be a bigger factor in the real world, than aero resistance, despite what lab testing showed.

  5. How about dropper posts? I have seen your video where Dan tests which benefit a dropper post could have when descending, and the outcome was quite promising.
    It would be nice to see a result scientifically proven in a wind tunnel.
    Otherwise, good vid guys. Cheers

  6. can some one help I'm 12 and I ordered gcn winter bibs I ordered a xl because I'm asking I'm 5,7 and my waist is a 18 if you know if that's the right size plz help

  7. What about the sphinx position with bent elbows and holding the hoods? and the faux tt bar position, what about it??

    And the plank, I need figures for the plank!!

  8. free and cyclisme is not comptatible cycliste is the sport which cost the most money but i like this sport and i practise but serioulsy when you crash on course and on training i mad.. Cycling is the most expensive sport and do not have to wear it of everyone especially in competition sry bad english im french good video anyway

  9. Where's the best place to carry my spare tube and air cartridges? I usually carry them in my left back pocket…. phone goes in right pocket and banana/gels in middle pocket..

  10. Froome's position is the best. Sagan used it first actually. And more pros are adopting it now. If you can master that position you will descend really fast.

  11. Some interesting snippets from Dave, but disappointed there were no aero bars included in the test. It would have been interesting to know the kind of wattage advantage they presumably have.

  12. yyyyy so you were in a windtunnel and instead of testing those positions you were just talking about it? you could do it in studio

  13. With discs you could have actuators on the bottom of bars by the stem. You could 3d print bars with hydraulic resevoirs piping and levers built in

  14. Plaitl singular, as in the photo at 2:34, or plaitS plural, as in two smaller thinner plaits,one on each side? Enquiring minds need to know!!!

  15. Awesome info, but the knees to the toptube is not a great idea biomechanically speaking. I know lots of people do it but ideally the knees track in a nice straight line over feet.

  16. Just achieved something i hated this weekend, using the drops was always unnatural for me. Must be the smaller size of my long range fuel tank with all this cycling…… aka my fat belly getting smaller and at the pleasure of my wife firm and toned.

  17. I've always thought that Froome's descending position was BS. I'm not a sheep like those that try to emulate him

  18. In the first place, I don't believe its a good start with a zipp engineer telling whats aero. They certainly do not produce cutting edge aero products among the competition in the first place. And their use of dimple patterns on their rims as marketing gimmik puts their knowledge of aerodynamics questionable to say the list.

    As far as I know, such dimples do not help at speed ranges of a typical cyclist.

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