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How to Get Paid to Recycle

How to Get Paid to Recycle. Consider opportunities to get paid to recycle
so you can go green and make a buck at the same time. You will need and recyclable items. Step 1. Recycle old cellphones through a charitable
organization that provides phones to people who need them and use the donation as a tax
deduction. Even if the phones are not reused, their parts
will be recycled. Step 2. Get cash for recycling used ink cartridges,
or turn them in at office supply retailers for discounts on other goods. Think big and organize a school, charity,
or church fundraiser to collect the cartridges. Step 3. Donate a clunker and receive a tax deduction,
avoiding the trouble and expense of fixing and selling it. Find a website where you can register to have
them come out and get it, or contact a charity to arrange a drop off. Organizations will sell the car to feed, clothe,
shelter, and help people in need. Step 4. Return empty bottles and cans for cash. Don’t buy drinks in nonreturnable containers,
especially plastic water bottles, which clog landfills and pollute the land and water. Step 5. Earn money at the curb, getting credit from
recycling companies for how much you keep out of landfills. Use those credits to get discounts from businesses
that support such recycling programs. Step 6. Send in an old camera, computer, CDs, DVDs,
video games, and mp3 players to a paying website. Step 7. Sell old golf balls to pro shops, used sports
equipment businesses, or small stores that have racks for impulse items. Or keep the balls out of landfills by selling
them to online sites that buy them for almost a buck apiece. Step 8. Return used but still sturdy cardboard boxes
to shippers, packaging companies, or moving firms who buy them to resell at a discount
to new customers. Did you know For every can recycled, enough
energy is saved to run a 60-watt light bulb for 26 hours.

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