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How To Get Sponsored To Ride Your Mountain Bike

How To Get Sponsored To Ride Your Mountain Bike

– How do you become sponsored? We get asked that question an awful lot and all the presenters here on GMBN, including myself, are former pro riders. – So let us give you a few
tips on how to become sponsored and turn your hobby into a job. (theme music) – The first part of getting sponsored is actually getting yourself noticed. Back in my day, the 90s, you had to start off with local races, national races and then
finally, international races and I worked my way up the
ranks until I got noticed. – Same thing with me. I had to do a lot of dirt jump contests, get loads of results, but nowadays, it’s all changed,
it’s all about social media, it’s all about media, it’s
all about video contests, sticking yourself on the internet. – Yeah, back in the 90s and 2000s, it was all about the magazines and now it’s much more digital and that. Across all the disciplines, cross-country, (mumbles) or free-ride, one thing everyone uses is social media to promote themselves. (theme music) Film yourself and make an edit, it’s really easy to do nowadays
but that is the problem, everyone’s doing it. So, to make yourself stand out, you’ve got to be either really unique or make the riding really amazing. – That’s correct, you’ve
got to be spontaneous, you’ve got to have a unique story line, you’ve just got to be different,
you want to stand out, you want to be the guy
that gets the most shares, the most likes, that’s how
you begin a viral video. – Exactly. And you can do this on
any equipment really. You’re phone, an action camera, you don’t need really expensive stuff. (electronic dubstep) Social media is a totally
free way of getting yourself in front of people so think about getting a Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram, that’s become really popular
and make some good content that people are going to want to see. (camera shutter clicking) Got it, hashtag, loves front wheel. (theme music) So sponsorship, like most things, is a progression, you, sort of,
work your way up the ladder. I can’t think of any amazing
riders that just showed up and got a great ride straight away. – I haven’t seen that either. How did you get sponsored? – It was a local bike shop,
just loaned me a free bike for the year that I could race on and then I built to the
point where I started getting free bikes and then, eventually,
getting paid a little bit of money to do it. – See, that’s how it works. You start small and you
work your way up the ladder. (theme music) – So now you’re sponsored
and now comes the hard work. You’ve got to promote those
brands you’re working with and while some people can
pull off the bad boy image, people like Josh Bryceland, other companies like
the squeaky clean image. – But you’ve gotta be really careful because the mountain biking
industry is super small and news can travel rapidly. – Yeah, there’s many a pro
rider that’s lost their job for being drunk or being aggressive. (theme music) Just remember, there’s no
such thing as a free lunch. You need to pay back these companies. Whether that’s in race
results or coverage, you need to show your potential sponsors what you can do for them,
not what they can do for you. – Companies receive thousands of rider CVs but there’s one main question
you should ask yourself, are you gonna sell them
a lot more product? If not, why should they sponsor you? – So what are your jobs as a pro rider? – Sell more. – Promote the brand. – Don’t be a knob. – Test products and give feedback. – And be the perfect ambassador for the company you ride for. – That really is the main thing and as we said before,
the industry is small so actually getting out
there and trying to socialise with people in the bike
industry is a great way of getting your foot in the door. – Boom! That’s how easy it is. Click over here if you want to see how to set up your helmet cam. – Click over here for pro bike playlist, see all the cool swag the pros get. – If you can’t be pro and wanna look pro, click here, to buy one of these jerseys. – Click on the GMBN logo to subscribe and give us a thumbs-up
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  2. Is Canyon a sponsor of the show? or do you guys just love them so…. either way your doing a great job selling it for them. I can't wait until they make it to the US.

  3. #askgmn should i rather invest in a lowend air fork or a kinda mid end coil fork for ma 29" hardtail? limit would be like 300€

  4. I just created a MTB YouTube channel I have no videos yet but I want to grow the sport since there aren't many MTB YouTube channels do you have any tips for me just starting out

  5. Darren Berrecloth !!! The legend 🤘🤘 true freerider and the man who bring so much to the sport !!! My top rider defo 🤘🤘👊

  6. I got sponsored by a protection gear company and I'm just 16.
    But I sayed them at the beginning that it is just a hobby for me, I don't ride races or anything like this. But I still get some sick protection gears and shovels ect. sponsored from them because they want to promote some young riders.
    And I also got promoted by "Deutsche Bank" a german bank in the school, I use there pen papers ect. for free just because I asked them once and they sayed yes why not you pretty originally and they liked my Ideas. XD

    So just be confident guys the sponsors don't always come too you sone times you need too asked someone.

    I'm sry for my bad english ;D

  7. A well thought out and very honest approach to the topic.
    Especially the part about not being a drunken knob. Its unbelievable how many action sports talents completely nuked a career through poor behavior clouded by alcohol/drugs

  8. A former pro MTB rider I know told me the way he got his job was by posting good times at a local amateur road bike race.

  9. I own a Scott Genius 720 Plus, and I looked into Scott riders after buying it. I found Brendan Fairclough as one of their riders. i added his FB, Twitter, and Instagram. After awhile I felt like he was a great representative for Scott Bikes, he was funny, helpful, had great skills, and he was just a nice guy coming through with his posts. I would love to somehow have him come to Massachusetts and hang out with him.

  10. #askgmbn I had a pair of sram brakes but I am upgrading to some shimano xt brakes, will these work with the sram rotors? or do I have to get shimano specific rotors?

  11. I would love to become a mountain bike photographer I use my instagram – jake.varker1 to share my photos and will be soon sharing photos of local races. Any other ways I can put myself out there and get noticed?

  12. Hey I'm 13 years old and really want to get sponsored. I get around top 10 in every one of my races. I race cross country and right now I'm on a team. i just started riding a couple months ago. but my coaches say im really good. do you think i can get sponsored? does anyone have any advise?

  13. Türkçe altyazısını ekledim, umarım en kısa zamanda onaylanır ve Türk bisikletçiler de bu videodan bir şeyler öğrenir.
    I've submitted Turkish translation of this video, I hope it gets approved soon and maybe Turkish riders help themselves with that video.

  14. With endorsements you don't have to be the best rider in the world. Don't get me wrong you have to be a great rider but as long as you get noticed, companies just want their products to be seen. So as long as you're putting out regular media coverage that is getting a decent amount of views. Companies are more likely to sponsor, endorse or give you products if you are putting out a decent amount of social media with views.

  15. I still have one question. Do you have to ask for the company to sponsor you? Or do they come on their own and ask if you want to be sponsored?

  16. I love your guy's videos. I just bought myself a Fuji mountain bike and I love it. I have a go pro, a bike, now all I need is some dope clothes and edits.

  17. I’m a mtb rider and looking for a sponsership I have some clips of tricks etc comment if you have any advice /help

  18. Hey, I'm a Profesional MTB Peel Districts Mountain Bike Club and I was wondering If you guys could sponsor me? Thanks!

  19. @gmbn Hi guys,i have what is probably a very strange and quite cheeky question…im just a middle aged guy with a crappy job who loves to get out on my bike,i used to ride to work,but love those rare occassions when i can get offroad on a decent track(not very often as theres not many where i live and i dont drive).in the last few years i have bought two bikes that were perfect for me and unfortunately,lost them both.the first was a 2011 trek fuel ex 5 which was stolen and never recovered,the second was a boardman team fs 2016 team bike from halfords,once again, trying to get back om the roads again but my budget would be severley stretched to buy a half decent full sus bike that suited me and my riding needs…here comes the cheeky part(just so you dont miss it😜)
    As you say in some of your videos,you guys are sponsored and therefore can sometimes get access to some very cool and very free you know of anyway that i might be able to get hold of a free bike?my budget simple wont allow it right now and i would accept almost anything to get back on the road/track even if it needed repairing and/or building.after a career on bikes you guys as a whole probably have a fair few bits that you dont need or want and i just wanted to ask if you were up for donating them for a good cause?(i did say it was a cheeky question,but if you dont ask,you dont get)i absolutely expect the answer to be a no through heavy laughter,but hell,its worth a,if you,or anyone who sees this comment has any ideas that would get me back on two wheels please,please feel free to message via youtube even if its just to say no so at least i can say i,love the videos and hope to continue to watch for many years to come,even if i have to live vicariously through your presenters.thanks for your time,peace✌

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