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How To Hang Tough On A Climb | 10 Tips To Not Get Dropped

How To Hang Tough On A Climb | 10 Tips To Not Get Dropped

– If you ever ride your
bike with anybody else, and I really hope you
do because it’s great. Then there will be days when
you’re not the strongest in the group and that can be a
really painful experience. Especially if you’re going up long climbs, and again, I really hope you
because long climbs are great. And especially if you’re racing. Although, let’s be honest, sometimes just the training ride can feel
a lot like a race anyway. – So, there you go. The road is going uphill,
seemingly forever, in fact, and you’re struggling. In fact, you’re hanging on for dear life. – You know that climbing is
all about power to weight, but it’s too late now to do that training session gym approved fdp, and it’s definitely too late
to go on the diet you thought you were going to stick to, to
lose that extra lose key load – So, is it too late? Well do not despair because here we have our top tips on how to
hang tough on a climb. (upbeat music) – Be smart about physics. The only way you can lose
now is by emptying a beat on. Although, I should say, only do that if it’s definitely spared
because running out of water on a long climb
will not make you faster. Also, tucking out of the wind. It doesn’t make such a
difference on a climb when you’re going slower
but it still helped. – Also, make sure you
look after your body. So look at your fueling strategy. Make sure you’re eating enough. Plenty of carbohydrates, little and often. But don’t stuff your
face, otherwise you simply won’t be able to breathe
properly on the climb. And the same can be said
for hydration as well. Make sure you’re drinking
little and often, making sure you don’t overheat. ‘Cause if you under heat, that will rub you a really valuable energy. (upbeat music) – Not to overthink, truly
makes a tough rider. Someone who can push themselves
to hang on, on a climb. – First and foremost,
embrace the suffering. Now it’s gonna be really
hard and super tough to try and hang on to the wheel of a rider that’s stronger than you on a climb. But just accept it and suffer. In fact, riding like this and
holding on to stronger riders and climbs will make you
a stronger rider, as well. So simply, embrace it. – Trying to make the pain your
choice and be happy about it. Because, let’s face it, cycling
is a sport where you have to suffer a bit if you want
to improve your fitness. – Emma, you love making
me suffer, don’t you? – Well, I’m suffering too. When are we allowed to slow down? – Now. (upbeat music) – No excuses. If you start giving
yourself a get out clause, the chances are, you’ll use it. And I’m not saying that it’s
not okay to get dropped. But, you know, if you’re
tired, or over trained, or it’s not the riding you’re
supposed to be doing that day, but just be sure that it’s a
real reason, and not an excuse. – Yeah, ’cause once you’re
dropped from the group, it’s gonna be a lot harder
to get back on again. So a heavy bike or rubbing break, well, that’s no excuse to lose
that will in front of you. Emma, come on. blimey. (upbeat music) – Motivation, how bad do you want it? Why? Know that, the level of your motivation does not necessarily
have to be proportional to the significance of
the actual situation. – Now I’ve seen riders turn themselves inside out on a pointless training ride. Now that is a skill and it can be learned. Practise to ride like you care. (upbeat music) Don’t focus on the pain. This actually makes it harder to bear. To distance yourself from discomfort, distraction can work for some. So can the view of the
beautiful mountains, or focus very hard on the riders
back wheel in front of you. Or think about cake. (upbeat music) – Watch the wheel in front and really focus on not letting go. It’s surprisingly effective. Of course, don’t just
watch the wheel because you don’t want to ride
off the road or crash. (upbeat music) – Think positive. – Now this might sound
alarmingly new age and hippy. But, there is real scientific
evidence that shows that being overly self critical can damage
your physical performance. So don’t dwell on the fact
that maybe your training didn’t go very well or everybody else
just seems so much fitter. – Instead, think that every
moment that you’re hanging on to a group of stronger riders, that it’s actually a real achievement and it’s making you fitter and faster. Or if that doesn’t work, go
back to admiring the view. Or if that doesn’t work, go
back to thinking about cake. You thinking about cake? – Possibly, possibly. – That’s your cake face, isn’t it? – Yes. – Emma’s cake face. – Chocolate face too. (upbeat music) – Hang on for just one more head pivot. Or just one more kilometre. Or just one more minute. – Sometimes, the others
might have set off too hard. And they might ease up or even blow up. I mean, you can’t count on it. But it’s worth hanging on, just in case because it is so
satisfying when it happens. – It is, isn’t it? – You blowing up yet? – Just one more head. No, just I’m nearly there. I’m thinking about cake. – Oh, cake. (upbeat music) Be prepared for nasty tactics. If the rider in front of
you starts putting in surges or maybe, starts chanting cheekily. Just hang on. They’re testing you. – Yeah, ’cause if their
tactics don’t work on you, it can be very off-putting for them. (upbeat music) – Sometimes the best form
of defence is attack. Or it might just be the racing
equivalent of softer side. But you know, if you’re
gonna get dropped anyway, why not have a dig? Just don’t go down without a fight. – Or it simply could be
that the ride buddy that you thought was super
strong, were bluffing. After all. – Damn it. (upbeat music) Now obviously, you can
still use these tactics even if you’ve done all your training, and maintain a sensible, colorific balance like the mobile athlete
because it will still help you to hang on to athletes
who are stronger than you, and ultimately get stronger yourself. – Well, that was hella’
hang tough of a climb, sticking with climbing, how
about clicking just down here. The six mistakes to avoid when climbing. Can we have some coffee and cake now? I’m absolutely ruined.
– Please, I’m not good. – That was ridiculous. – Well, why did we
choose such a steep hill anyways?
– I thought it was gonna be kinda easy
when you came to the channel. It’s really odd. – Well, can we choose like some
flat sections or something. And I really, having a lot
of problems clicking in.

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  2. My question: If I am the faster rider, should I slow down so the other person doesn't get dropped/can ride on my wheel and therefore stick as a group/pair? Or should I make sure I push hard to get the best training result for myself?

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  8. A couple more tips: The pit bull is closing in on you! If you don't keep up you will be eaten by a tiger.Or you could use a tow rope. In Raiders of the lost ark Indiana Jones has a huge bolder rolling behind him, that sure made him move fast! Lot's of ways to make you ride fast!

  9. If you’ve got a power meter just know your numbers and focus on staying out of the red zone. There aren’t long climbs around where I train so I know I can basically sustain my max power for the duration of the climb and recover after that. So for me when I start to breathe hard I try to cap my power output to my max aerobic power. In a group ride people usually wait for the others at the top of the climb. Or if they didn’t have enough of it they would go back down and up again. If you try to hang on and start pedalling backwards you’ll have burnt a lot of matches and could bonk even harder later during the ride.

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    If they ride away again stop again and have another cup of tea.

    Eventually they will get the idea or just leave.

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  17. Distancing from pain is counterproductive guys. Focussing on it has been proven to make it more bearable. Sounds wrong but its true!

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  19. all about dat mental game.
    gotta find tht motivation from somewhere deep inside to push on.
    i just discovered road cycling and fkin love it.
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  21. This is great! I’m working on being a climber but I know that as I am still overweight climbs will continue to be a brutal chore until I loose a significant amount of weight. So far I’ve lost 15 pounds but I’ll need to loose another 40 pounds before climbing becomes more enjoyable. Great pointers!

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