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How To Increase Your Power On The Bike | 3 Bike Workouts To Make You Faster

How To Increase Your Power On The Bike | 3 Bike Workouts To Make You Faster

– It’s the beginning of a new season so you’ve probably already
started to look at your diary and plan those goals
for the upcoming months. And now, as athletes, we naturally aspire to improve and get faster
and faster year on year, but how exactly can we get faster? – Yes, finding more power is one sure way of shaving seconds, if not minutes, off your overall race time. (upbeat music) – So you’ve probably heard
the terms power and watt bandied about, but what exactly is a watt? Well, it’s a unit used
to measure your power and power is the rate
at which you put force down to your pedals. – Well, enough of the science, how can we actually find more watts? (upbeat music) – There’s a common misconception
that to increase your power you need to get stronger,
but that’s not the only way you can improve your power. – Yeah, so power is
just the amount of force that is going through your pedals, but also, to improve power,
you can up your cadence. So, how many revolutions per minute that your pedals turn over. So, if you increase your
cadence and hold the same force, you’ll actually increase your power. (upbeat music) – Upping your cadence is basically just a quick fix to improve your power, but if you want to improve
your power in the long run, I’m afraid it does mean some hard work. And we’ve put together
a couple of sessions that will help you
improve on your own power. – So a great first session
is the 40/20 drill. So that’s basically 40 seconds pretty hard at about 120% of your FTP, and then you have 20 seconds
real easy steady riding. And then, maybe, do that
for five to 10 minutes if it’s your first time trying it. And if you do feel okay after that, maybe do another set after it, as well. – Well, we’ve got another session that’s at a higher level of intensity, and this basically involves riding at your 100% maximum, so
you don’t need any FTP, you just ride hard as
you can for 60 seconds and then five minutes easy. And that sounds like a lot of rest, but if you’ve done it properly, you’ll need all of those five minutes and then repeat that six times through. (upbeat music) – So another great way to improve power is a bit of over gearing work. So find yourself a
nice, constant gradient, a little bit of an uphill drag, drop it down a few gears and really slow that cadence down. You want to hold this
for about five minutes. – You want to be roughly 50-60 RPMs so that’s one pedal every second. And the idea is, if you know your FTP, to be at about 90% of that. Or, if you’re not sure of that, you should struggle to talk a bit like me when you’re going up the hill. When you reach the top, ride
easy back to the bottom. Repeat this four to six times. (upbeat music) – And when you’re trying to improve power, don’t just stick to the hills to try and find those extra few watts. You need to make it
relevant to the courses that you’re going to be
training on, as well. And me, from a personal point of view, I struggle on flat ground
to hold a high wattage. I’m quite a light guy. So in training, I do have to practise holding that power on
the flat ground, as well. – Now we’ve talked a lot
about numbers and watts, but don’t worry if you
don’t have a bike computer, as long as you’re putting in the effort, then your power will naturally increase. (upbeat music) Well, so far, we’ve talked
about how to improve your power just by training on the bike,
but there is another way. Now, I have to apologise Mark, but I don’t think you’ve spent
that much time in the gym. – What do you mean?
– The gym is a great way to improve your strength. – Yeah, in all seriousness,
a lot more cyclists and triathletes are now
getting into the gym and doing specific exercises to build up that leg strength which
converts back onto the bike and makes you go a lot faster. Now the final part of the power equation and it’s quite an important one, is your power to weight ratio. – Yeah, if you really
can’t find any more power, then you can look at maybe
trying to drop weight on your bike or, in my case, on my body. I think it’s more
relevant for me, probably. But anyway, (laughs) if
you’ve enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up like and to subscribe to GTN, you
can just click on the globe. – And to see a video on
functional threshold power, FTP, click here. – And if you want to
learn a little bit more about how to train with power, then just watch this video here.

31 comments on “How To Increase Your Power On The Bike | 3 Bike Workouts To Make You Faster

  1. Great tips as always. But it's hard to imagine to do this kind of trainning at that road. Too dangerous. It doesnt have even a road side. If a car breaks or something?

  2. I'm focusing on power and speed this year in my training. Thanks for the info. This is very useful stuff.

  3. Weight training for triathletes? Really? Last I checked lifting a weight up and down for 30 seconds isn't in the slightest bit aerobic, when even the shortest triathlon is nearly 100% aerobic…
    Tony Martin, complete powerhouse, arguably the best time trialist of all time, doesn't weight train. Fabian Cancellara, freak of nature, again one of the best time trialists of all time, doesn't weight train.
    Please, back up your videos with solid science, not just what you think works.

  4. For anyone that is interested. You can increase power just by increasing velocity (cadence) as stated in the video.

    The relationship between power, force and velocity is directly proportional.

    If P=FV ( Power = Force x Velocity) then it is also true to say that F=P/V

    Therefore an increase in velocity will mean a decrease in force applied through the pedals to achieve the same power output.

    Eg 225 Watts = 2.5Nm at 90 rpm

    2.368Nm = 225 Watts at 95 rpm

    237.5w = 2.5Nm x 95rpm

    Spin it to win it!

  5. you should always try to think of who your audience is. I have been doing tri's for more than 10 years, have done IM Arizona twice. I have never heard of FTP, had to look it up. I am sure most of those watching do not have power meters and therefore have no method of knowing their FTP.

  6. One of the most major improvements is to do mix twice a day workouts.Power lifting during the morning, and cycling in the afternoon, mixed with a swimming laps and later in the day bike. Swimming will really make you improve quick, throw in some power squats and a class A group ride on the weekends…Do 5 x 5s, if too hard start with 8 by 8srunning sprints are a plus

  7. Mark just needs to be a permanent fixture on gtn as he's not only an inspirational athlete but actually a really cool presenter too!

  8. Crossfit , Back Squat… people just wanna swim bike and run… u need muscle for power. At least 2 times in a week introduce Crossfit and watch ur life change. Give a try

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