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How To Look Like A Pro Mountain Biker

How To Look Like A Pro Mountain Biker

– Welcome back, you beautiful people. Don’t you wish you could ride like a pro, your favorite rider? And you
wish you could look like them? Or even just achieve a little
bit above them in your riding or on your bike or in yourself? Well, I’m going to give you
tips on how to achieve this. (techno music) – Man, you’ve got to look
super fresh when on the trails. Can’t go out looking like
this. I need to freshen up. Whoa! Yes! You got to look
pro and I’m going to like my favorite rider. Neil
Donoghue, obviously. Fresh jersey, fresh gloves, fresh socks, I’m clipped in. Neil gets clipped in. So I’m going to ride clipped
in but if you don’t know how to ride clips, I wouldn’t
recommend following everything but I’m going to everything. Fresh helmet, now I just need a bike. What bike am I going to choose? Right, I’m all fully kitted
up, in the right fritz. And I look pro, I feel pro.
I feel like Neil, you know. Like chose him cause he’s
my favorite rider, you know, cause for obvious reasons. But you don’t want to get too far you don’t want to be the
factory guy, or do you? We’re all want to be a
free, cool, pro dude. Nah, it’s all well and good,
sat on the side of the trail looking all fresh in your nice
threads man and chilling out but you need a rake. Now this can get expensive. Now, what did Neil
have? What does he ride? Hmm. I like that one, his Downhill bike. Nah, what about his Mega? I love my Mega. But I’ve got a Mega. What
about, isn’t Cross Country back? No, hell no! Ooh, that one. The Strive. Oh, that bike! Yeah! This Strive, yes, but you know, like I said it can get a little bit
expensive, you can’t really go out there and buy a
pro’s bike because sometimes you can’t even buy those
things, it’s priceless, it’s just for them, signature
colors, it’s like Neil’s got the most expensive
Strive in the market. I can’t afford that! I
can get this, though. It’s kind of similar. Now
I’ve got the same rig. Let’s go to shred this
machine or just pose on the trail and be like,
heyo, man, look at my fresh rig I look like Neil. Nah, let’s go and shred. Right, if you don’t want to
go out there and spend your hard earned cash on a new
rig, just to look like your favorite rider, like Neil,
then just spice up that rig of yours, man. Make it
super unique to you, make it look pro. Now, I’ve done a little bit
of spicing up on my rig. Take a look at this, I’ve got
the GMBN, all mountain-frame protecting kit that we sell
at our local store. Merch. There in the right top corner
if you want to go get that. But, look at this. I’ve got the Maori kit, now that’s different. I haven’t seen a Strive
out there with that on it. That looks pro. It looks pro. Okay, so there’s two types
of riding like a pro. There’s all flat out speed demon, going fast and being gnarly. Or, it’s just plain and old
being super steezy on the trail. And that means just like style with ease. Just having some fun,
popping some manuals, hitting some turns, being
super flowy. And speed on the other hand is exactly
what it says on the tin. Flat out fast, looking gnarly,
just going horribly fast through some narrow trees. Now, we’re going to kick
it off with the steezy one because it’s super flowy,
I love a bit of flow, I love a bit of steeze. (techno music) – Okay. I love Neil’s riding style. Now, Neil is a Downhill
racer, he thrives on this sort of terrain. I hate it. But I’ve learned a few things from Neil. Because I like to follow him.
Cause I want to ride like him. Cause I want to be pro, like Neil. Now, I’ve seen a few lines,
I’m going to get these lines. I want to go as fast as I
can to my comfortable speed, and try and do these
gaps on the rock section, just because I want to be like Neil. (music) – Neil’s about–oh, my
gosh. Neil’s about speed. Oh, scary. Oh my God. Phwhoa, jump. More rocks. You know, we’re always
striving to be a super pro, like look like a pro.
Trying to ride like a pro. Now, I like Neil’s Donoghue’s
riding, like he’s super smooth when it comes to horrible, rocky sections. He’s like–he’s like
riding a magic carpet. Like I’m going to try that.
Yeah, it probably won’t look like I’m on a magic carpet,
so I’m going to try going down on this trail here. It’s a black, it’s called Deep Navigation,
I’m going to deeply navigate myself through this trail. It’s
going to be really horrible. I hate it, but I want to be like
Neil. So I’m going to try it. Wish me luck. No punnies, please. Oh, my gosh. (Techno music) – Enough riding in the
woods and enough shredding, enough super fast and looking
like your favorite rider out there in the whole world,
like myself, like Neil. It’s all about social media,
as well, cause there’s pros are always on that social media, they’re always on there. Flicking through, basically showing off to the rest of the world,
like look how good I am. Look what I’m doing, and that
actually helps inspire others like I’m inspired. I’m looking up Neil now, I’m
going through Instagram going whoa, I need to do more of this. Yeah, you want to build
your social appeal, you want to build that
audience because those people are going to be watching you
and they want to be like you. Tables turn. You want to be a
pro? You end up being a pro. The next guy, or the next
person, wants to be like you. So, you’re just going to build that. Build that all the way
through your career. Because it can help you.
But it’s not all glamor. Because it takes a long
time sometimes to nail a certain trick, especially
for a video just like this one. We interrupt this broadcast
for this manualing interlude. (music) – Try and manual through here in all the way down there, dude. (music) – Argh. I’ve got it, Jack.
Don’t worry. I’ve got it. (music) – Six go lucky! Seventh time lucky! Come on. No! Eighth time lucky. Eight’s still my lucky number. Ninth time. Not quite Nico Vinc, but I’ll take it. Or shall we have one more
go? Tenth time lucky. All right. Yeah. Eleventh time! Oh, nearly. (bike brake screech) – Oh, off. I’m going to call
it. These big wheels eat my bum. Let’s move on. Let’s go do
a manual somewhere else. Cause, eleventh time, and I can’t do it. Well, you just can’t get
it all the time, can you? It’s social media, can’t get it. I’ll probably land it now,
without the camera even watching. Actually, no, I did land,
just didn’t get any in. Just, yeah, just faked it. Jack: Go on, did it one more go. – Watch this. Oh my God! I did it! Ha-ha-ha-ha. I actually did it, Jack. Yeah! – Whoa. That, my friends,
took me a while. In actually, I it conquered me, I did it
right at the end, but, hey. Did it still. It’s up on social.
Done. Been super proactive. Now I feel like Neil. Ah, look like pro my bike
is. My bike is more fresh than I am, but that means
that’s a good sign, dude. That is a good sign. Now
that’s a few tips on how to be a little bit more pro in yourself, out there on the trail. It just helps you in–get
inspired, and spices up your ride, spices up your life as well and just being a little bit more pro, help you follow
or be one of your pros. Just a little bit. Like,
I’m pretty tired being Neil right now because he’s too flat out, it’s all about speed with him. Anyway, hope for this top
chart, if you want to carry on watch GMBN, start binge-watching
just this one over here. It’s a video on how to be
a pro, or life as a pro. It’s started to rain. Don’t
forget to hit that globe to subscribe because you’re
missing out on some rad stuff. Give us a thumbs up like
if you love being a pro or want to be a pro. I’m
pro being in the rain. I’m going to go back in there.
BikePark Wales has got some coffee for me, and some tea. See ya.

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  1. Haha, filled out the survey just yesterday and marked the point where it asks you if it's important to you to be seen as a pro. Although I am pretty casual I hate it when people look at me like that LOL

  2. You guys do run out of ideas sometimes 😉 Pleaseeeeeee do more stuff on trail building and longer rides. EMBN has some great “epic ride” type vids that are just as accessible on a normal bike if you’ve got a bit of fitness.


  4. Me 41, im watching this 😂…
    Would i look more pro on a full suspension or is my hardtail more pro… Tokul 3?
    Fun video! No posers though

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    Step 2: own a bike with Fox factory suspension.
    Step 3: act like you know everything when you're off the trail.
    Step 4: never hit the trail cause your kit might get dirty.

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