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How To Look Like A Tour de France Rider | Look Like A Pro Cyclist

How To Look Like A Tour de France Rider | Look Like A Pro Cyclist

– The Tour de France has just kicked off and if you’re watching going, Gosh, I wish I looked like them. (Dramatic music) (Cheering crowds) – Then we’re here to help. – Not that we’ve ever ridden the Tour. – Shhhhhh! – Anyway, coming up are top tips on how to look as good as the Tour de France pros. (Dramatic orchestral music) – Let’s start by picking
some pro-looking kit go for a jersey that fits
well and I mean super-tight. Okay, mine is a little
bit too tight but give me a break, I did retire
just over 12 months ago. Aerodynamics is everything
in the pursuit of speed and having a tight fitting
jersey will increase your aerodynamics and
reduce your chances of getting dropped. – And the pros, yeah, they
don’t want to get dropped. I would say though, the only time to ride with a flappy jersey
is when you’re climbing in the heat of the summer. Deploy the poker face, unzip your jersey and get your jersey flapping
to get the crowd clapping. (cheering) – Get the jersey flapping,
the entire crowd is clapping. – And one final thing to
consider when it comes to your jersey is your sleeve length. Sleeves these days should come down nearly as far as your elbow, remember, material is faster than skin so
therefore you’ll not only look like a pro, you’ll also be going faster like a pro as well. Now we’re on to shorts. Back in the day and certainly
when I started cycling, the fashion was to wear short shorts, almost like hot pants
but these days it’s gone the other way entirely. If you want to fit in
in the Tour de France you now need to wear your shorts down to just above the knee. With the right shorts, that
actually aids aerodynamics. – Socks have also played a
key part in cycling fashion. From short socks like that
to socks up to the calf, sock length is ever changing
at the Tour de France. – And these days we’re into
the era of the aerosock, a material designed
specifically to make you faster. Okay, I’m not actually wearing any here, but you’ll have seen them
in races they are so long that you could probably
put a pair of football shin guards underneath them. – I guess that’s probably
true, I guess the fashion here is less and less skin
and more and more Lycra. Could we see kind of Lycra
skin suits, full length skin suits in the near future? – No, luckily not because
the UCI is there to preserve the traditional
image of the world of cycle sports so they
created the sock height rule. – I guess the key point
here is no ankle socks we don’t want to look
like triathletes do we? – Harsh – I mean unless you’ve got
yourself a Tour de France win and a knighthood like Bradley Wiggins. – He did look good there didn’t he. And another way to look
good is to accessorize your fashion statement
with a pair of brightly colored socks, I mean
personally I would go for those. – These are my favorite mate, go with, the Tour de France, look at that. (whistles) – Seems to be a new trend, doesn’t it. – Choosing a pair of
cycling shoes is a really difficult choice, I mean,
pros always have them looking box-fresh and, to
be honest, there’s only one color to go for. – White, it has to be
white unless you’ve got a simply stunning pair of
custom jobbies like Chavez, then you can be excused. The only other color choice is white. – You’re not going to
look a million dollars, you’re going to spend a
million dollars every time you ride in the wet with those. – Well I don’t ride in
the wet but you could always clean them. – Clean them? I’ve never
seen you clean your shoes. Now this one could be quite controversial but you’re not going to
see a Tour de France pro turn up with hairy legs. – You say that, but in 2016
Peter Sagan the now three-time world champ famously
showed up with hairy legs. – Okay, okay unless you’re Peter Sagan which most of us aren’t
then having shaved legs is an absolute must. I mean, they make your calves show up just like Chris’s there and if
you add some embrocation they just look amazing. – Thank you. But don’t be fooled, pros don’t just do this for the looks. Have you ever had a
massage with hairy legs? If you have, then you’ll
know that the tugging on those hairs can be really quite painful and not just for you but
also for the soigneurs so shaving your legs
is mutually beneficial making it a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience for both of you. – And plastering up onto
hairy legs after you’ve crashed, isn’t a pleasant experience, trust me, I’ve tried it. – Several times. And then finally, our
colleague Dr Bridgeford would try and inform you that
it’s for aerodynamics but this simply is not
true so don’t believe it. – Yeah don’t believe it for a second. – And then to top off your
look, you could consider a helmet that matches your
variety of clothing perfectly. And remember it’s all very
well having all the kit but knowing how to wear it properly is what actually counts. So pop your glasses on
with the arms outside of the straps at all times. If nothing else, it will eliminate a little bit of wind noise. Now getting a pair of
sports-specific sunglasses is an absolute must. None of this casual glasses helmet combo. Outside of your straps and you’re there, looking like a pro. – A quintessential activity
of pro life is of course, the cafe stop, whether
pre-Tour de France stage, or out on a recovery
ride, you need to look perfectly turned out at all times. That means hiding that helmet hair. And there is one item of clothing designed specifically for this,
and that’s the casquette. But be warned, it comes with a rule book. Do not pull it down on your head, it’s not a baseball cap. It needs to be worn with a little “luft” referring to a pocket of air
maintained within the cap, on top of your bouffonte. Hank seems to have mastered
it quite well actually. – What do you make of that mate? – It’s not bad for a first try. – Some people look better than
others wearing a casquette. – Steady. (laughs) – Firstly, get a bike that fits. You’re never going to
look pro no matter how hard you try if your bike simply isn’t the right size for you. – Yeah, I mean the pros
don’t ride bikes that are too big or too small, do they. – Well, the extreme case
scenario of crashing and borrowing a teammates
bike, I mean we’ve both done that over the years. – But that’s an exception If you want to look like
a Tour de France pro then slamming your stem
is definitely something you’re going to want to
do, I mean look at the difference it makes! And the pros do this so
they can get in a really nice, low aerodynamic
position, meaning they can go faster for the same
speed and, ultimately, that is more pro. – I’ve only got one problem
with that and that’s technically, your stem isn’t slammed. So another way you can
go about this would be to get a really long stem instead. Personally, I always
preferred having a longer stem as it gave me a better
position for sprinting. – Chris, that ain’t a long stem! – I know, that’s why I’m
hiding it with my hand. I also found it better
for control on the bike and I enjoyed the comfort that it gave me. Pros will often opt for
a smaller frame and a longer, lower position at the front. And whilst we are not
great examples of this, Adam Blithe always is an
immaculately turned out pro with a really slammed position. – And finally a bit of custom bling. Pros love customizing their
socks, shoes, helmets, or even, their pride and joys. It could be as small as
a top cap, or even as big as an entire bike. I’ve got gone for a custom paint job on my Orbea Orca Aero and I just love it. Phoar! Now put these tips into
practice and before you know it you’ll look just like the
pros you see on the TV. – It might take you a little longer to get the same fitness though. – Yeah, but at least you’re halfway there. – If you enjoyed this video do give it a big thumbs up and if you
haven’t already done so, click down there to
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videos, why don’t you click over there for some more tour content. I’ll be clicking on that one I reckon. Right, shall we go to the top? – Yeah.

100 comments on “How To Look Like A Tour de France Rider | Look Like A Pro Cyclist

  1. I'm surprised that you're suggesting that people "slam" their stem if they want to look more "pro". That is very irresponsible of you, some people who don't know any better will take your advice and end up with a slew of problems. Go to a bike fitter and get properly fitted, that's "pro".

  2. So basically looking like a pro is about being aerodynamic. Shaving, tight clothes, sunglasses outside the straps, long sleeves/legs, slammed stems all saves you watts.

    Best color for shoes is and always will be black, though!

    You forgot to talk about tanlines!

  3. Hard to believe, but out of all these great looking presenters only Dan has actually ridden in the tour 😂

  4. But did you design that paint job yourself Hank?

    Haha. Wouldn’t you like to know what Trek did with Lasty’s bike? I hope he got to keep it.

  5. Oh well, I’ve lost count of how many 12k bikes “looking like a pro riders” I left for dust on hilly climbs with my 3k..ish bike and “normal outfit” 😅 there are some real riders out there riding amazing machines for sure, but a few ppl forget that the real engine is your body fitness 👍🏻 but again np at all with ppl trying to look good – that actually helps a bit with motovation 👌🏻

  6. If somebody just rides a lot, rides hard, and pushes to get better they WILL be fast. Riding your bike is the key, not your gear. I wear skater shorts, Vans, and my tiny backpack on a custom Columbus EL steel bike, dry cyclocross tires in 33, and 105 group and I'm as fast as most of guys I see riding expensive modern carbon bikes and wearing this stuff. I'm not the fastest and I'm not a pro, but who knows? Maybe I should compete and you and you should too!

  7. I don't care if i'm not the fastest, strongest cyclist out there, I just want people to say "damn, that dude looks like he knows what he's doing" when I roll past them 🙂

  8. I'm overweight. I just started to cycle. My cardio is so bad that 7 miles is the most that I rode for now. My butt hurts, I need to buy a bib or shorts although I can't find a jersey that will fit me.

  9. A word on kit length. When you're 6'4" (1.93M) tall and 280 Lbs (127 Kg) clothing is literally "What can I find that fits me?" All my jerseys, shorts, caps and even helmets are way too short and small, because nobody makes them in my size. I'm not as much a "Domestique" as I am a "Citroën". So doesn't matter what I wear, I'll never look "pro".

  10. Another reason for wearing your eyewear over your helmet straps is that if you do have a crash, your glasses are more likely to break-away from your face, rather than shattering and leaving a piece of plastic in your eye (socket).

  11. Well, I’ll tell you how NOT to look like a pro. Buy an entire team kit and ride it around town. I saw a guy the other day riding around in a full Team Sky kit. Was that Froome from 2018 that just passed going the other way???

  12. I love my racing bike, but I'll die and go to hell before I wear bike shorts. I'll just wear skinny jeans.

  13. So this night I dreamed about how I was riding my bike and I saw one of you riding and you stoped and I said OMG IM A HUGE FAN! Than you saw my bike and you said dear oh dear… So than you just said take this money… And I was like NO NO KEEP IT!!
    And you said no, you keep it, explore the world my friend. And you just rode away.
    And so then I woke up and I realized it was just a dream AND I WAS SO FUCKING MAD THAT IT WAS A DREAM AND I DIDINT ACTULLY MEET YOU! Sorry for being mad…

  14. "…and having a tight-fitting jersey increases your aerodynamics and reduces your chances of getting dropped." In my case, it also reduces my chances of getting laid.

  15. i remember amstrong wearing black socks first time. it was an absolut blasphemie. the same is white shoes and white shorts. if u want to wear it play tennis.

  16. Am I the only one who has his sunglass arms under the helmet straps? I find the straps helps hold the glasses in place.

  17. I like how you used shots of Chris Froome, the most ugly riding pro I can ever remember seeing to illustrate classy pro riders…

  18. Am I the only one to do pretty much the opposite to all of these? Most people certainly don't ride like pros, so looking like one to ride at sub 20mph, or middle-aged spread in full-on Team Sky regalia just seems massively over the top. To each their own though.

  19. I'll ride anything with two wheels, but, my question is, why are so many other road bike riders so miserable and reluctant to smile when passing fellow cyclists ? I thought riding a bike is when you are supposed to be at your happiest ?

  20. Hey John Travolta! Like that brand new Dogma F-12! But did you not say in a video just the past week that we bikers should buy previously owned bikes to be more eco friendly? Or, is it just the rest of us that should be eco conscious? If you are feeling guilt pangs you can sell me your F-12 and then I will have a great bike and have 'complied' with an eco friendly secondhand bike.

  21. I think weight will keep me from looking pro… Or climbing really long hills… But I get twice the power numbers of the people that are half my weight…

  22. Shaved legs can save more than deep section wheels aerodynamically (up to 70 seconds over 40km)

    Watch Specialized win tunnel "shaved and dangerous"

  23. bring some old hypodermic needles and pill bottles and shit like that that you can just casually drop as you ride past people to look like a real pro

  24. I'm going to continue being a hairy legged, loose fitting jersey Fred! Fact is I don't have the horse power of a pro so no need to look like it!

  25. I always hear the same reasons for leg shaving, but most important for me is cooling in hot weather. Didn't discover this until i quit racing and was thinking I'd get through a season without shaving. With densely hairy legs, heat tolerance is crap with all that fur; shaved legs are great radiators.

  26. How to look like a pro? Doing a completely still trackstand at the lights. This skill does not come over night. When you have the trackstand down, start taking one had off the of bars. Then the other. Before you know it you can sit up and do a standing up trackstand at the lights with no hands. All this means is that you have done a lot of time in the sadlle and that you can do a trackstand. No amount of tan lines, kit or gear can replace your skill as a rider. I make it a point NOT to wear team kits. Since i stopped shaving legs i use UV knee warmers. Screw shaving my legs. Takes too long. PITA. I dont take stupid risks anymore so hardly even come off of the bike. I pass half the buggers that shave their legs anyway. GF use to say that i was vain when i shaved my legs. That hurt a bit. But oh well. Good thing she is not my gf anymore

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