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How To Lose Weight Cycling

– Finding the optimum weight for swimming, cycling, and
running can be a challenge and it’s often a bit of a compromise. While it’s known that finding a good power to weight ratio on the bike is going to make you go faster and often, for most of us, losing a little bit of weight
on the run will also help. – Yeah, now running is
the go to sport often for trying to lose weight but cycling can do a
fairly good job as well. So today, we’re heading out on our bikes so we can help you with some tips for losing weight for cycling. (gentle upbeat music) – If you’re carrying a little more weight than maybe you should be, you might find that using
running for weight loss can lead to injuries. But the big thing about cycling is you can do it far
more often and for longer than you can other weight
bearing activities. – [Fraser] Yeah, but it’s not just about going for further away when you’re wanting to
lose weight cycling. There’s lots of other
aspects you can consider too. (gentle upbeat music) – Different types of rides
have different benefits when it comes to weight loss. It all depends on how tired you are, how much time you’ve got, and what other sessions
you’ve got planned. And then also, nutrition
needs to complement this but we’ll come on to that later on. (gentle upbeat music) – Now one school of
thought is the fat burner or a long steady aerobic ride. Now it’s known that our bodies are able to utilize fat stores at
lower intensities of exercise and cycling’s great for this ’cause usually we’re able
to keep our heart rate nice and low, especially
compared to running. Although, if we’re going up a steep hill, that’s not always the case. (gentle upbeat music) – This is all about working in zone one, riding along at a complete
conversational pace. You shouldn’t feel out of breath and aim to keep a high
cadence of 80 to 100 RPM. This ride is ideal to
do early in the morning, pre-breakfast if you can, as this will help to encourage your body to use those fat stores. The downside of the long and steady is it’s long and therefore it
requires quite a lot of time. Ideally, you want this ride
to be two hours or more, but if you’re really tight for time, then you will still at
least get some benefit from a 90 minute ride. – Now on the other side of the scale, you’ve got the HIIT style
high intensity bike ride. Now this is actually
much shorter in duration, but does involve us
working that much harder. – While the idea behind
these short sharp efforts is to raise your heart
rate up nice and high, followed by recovery several
times throughout your ride. And this is thought to
then raise your metabolism for longer than you’re actually riding and then, in theory, you’ll
still be burning fuel once you’re back home sat on the sofa. (upbeat techno music) – [Fraser] For a high
intensity session example, you can try this one out. It’s 15 to 20 minutes warmup, gradually building up to a strong pace. Then five times 40 seconds all out with 20 seconds easy leg spin. Three minutes easy spinning, repeating all of this three times through before a 15 minutes warm down. – This can all be easily
down within the hour and it’s really easy to
adapt it to the exercise bike or the turbo trainer if the
weather’s less appealing outside and do feel free to add more reps in or even add an additional
set if you feel like it. – So finally we’re going to
talk about a strength session, but don’t worry ’cause we’re not going to be jumping off into the gym, but ideally you will be
able to find some hills for this session. And here we’re going to be focusing on working your muscles hard but by looking at resistance rather than speed and intensity. – While lifting weights in the gym is known to promote lean muscle mass, riding your bike at a higher
intensity will do the same. So for example, you can use hills or ride your bike in the big gear. – Now if you can’t find any hills or indeed, if you’re
doing this session indoors on the trainer, then
try and stick to a gear that’s going to make you work hard and ideally use a cadence
around about 60 RPM. And then on the recover,
just back off nice and easy and just follow the same
pattern as on the hill session. (upbeat techno music) – Working hard on the bike is
only one side of the equation when it comes to weight loss. You need to also make
sure that you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming and it’s not quite as black and white as just eating more
healthily or eating less. There’s lots of other factors to consider that will complement the work
you’re doing on the bike. – Now this totally depends
on the type of ride you have got planned, but generally it’s a very good idea to eat and drink properly
before you go out on your bike ride. There’s just simply no
point in restricting your calorie intake so that you struggle to do the ride at all or certainly carry on at the
intensity that’s planned. – Well talking of intensity, it’s actually okay to do
your long and steady ride before breakfast if you
want to encourage your body to actually utilize your fat stores ahead of carbohydrates. But it is worth noting on this topic that you’ll still be using the same amount of calories though. – Now as for what to eat on our bike ride, well that depends on the
session we’ve got planned, but let’s say we’re doing
a long, slow, steady ride, then it’s a good idea to think
about slow release foods. So for breakfast, that
could be something like eggs and avocado and if we’re heading out in the afternoon, well that
could be lean meat and veg. – If however you’re about to
go an do a high intensity ride, you know, eating just before that, you want to have some quick
releasing carbohydrates to make sure you’ve got sufficient fuel to get you through your session. But it’s all about planning, so you want to try and eat
long enough before your ride so you’ve got enough fuel
to get you through it but you don’t want to have so long that you end up being hungry and having to consume unnecessary calories before heading out. (upbeat techno music) – Now just because we’re
trying to lose weight or we’re trying to reduce the
overall calorie consumption, it doesn’t necessarily mean
that we ruin our bike session or indeed, if we do actually
survive the session, get home and demolish the
contents of our snack cupboard. – So it’s a good idea to take
your own nutrition with you. If you can, opt for actual
food as this is more likely to save off any hunger but also give you the nutrition that you need for your ride. So try and find something
like a natural muesli bar, a banana, or fruits or
nuts, or something like that as opposed to a gel. Cycling is supposed to be fun and social, so don’t let the fact that you’re trying to lose weight ruin this. I know for me that the highlight of pretty much any bike
ride is the cafe stop. So you don’t need to
cycle on past the cafe or sit there with your water bottle whilst your friend has the full fat latte with a triple layer chocolate cake, you can instead make a few small changes that will reduce the calorie consumption without reducing the enjoyment factor. – But if you’d like to opt
for say a really milky latte or a nice hot chocolate, then you could perhaps
decide to change that up for an americano, just a little
dash of milk on the side, and dare we say it,
perhaps just have no sugar in that cup of tea. Now as far as cakes go, while I’m afraid you’re
likely to struggle to find a lighter version of
carrot or chocolate cake, but you could be organized
and make your own rice cakes or healthy flapjack before
you leave the house, pop that in your back pocket, and that going to save
you some pennies as well. – By choosing a couple of those key points and then sticking with them, you’ll be able to use cycling to help you find that optimum weight. – Yeah absolutely. So hopefully you have enjoyed this video that we’ve done today
and find that useful. So hit that thumb up like button and find the globe on screen to get all the other videos
that we’ve done on the channel. And if you want to see a
video that we did recently about what the right body
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