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Benefits of cycling
How To Lose Weight Through Cycling

How To Lose Weight Through Cycling

– [Dan] If your goal is to lose some
weight, then cycling is a fantastic way to do it. And some more good news is if
cycling is your only goal, losing weight whilst maintaining power
will make you faster, – [Simon] Yeah, so for
example, a 75 kilogram rider cycling up a long hill would
actually get to the top a minute quicker if they
lost just 2 kilos in weight. – Yeah, and taking that example to the
extreme, the differences are huge. So a 90 kilogram rider, if he manages to
lose 10 kilos under those exact same conditions will save almost
five and a half minutes. – So what are the best ways to lose
weight, then? Well, coming up are five quick and easy tips that will
help you do just that. – Years ago, we were all told that the
best way to lose excess weight was to spend a lot of time in the so-called
“fat-burning zone.” The theory being, you’d burn a greater percentage of fat
versus carbohydrates at a lower intensity than that higher intensity. – [Matt] And that’s fine if you’ve got all
day, every day to train, but the fact is most of us don’t have that
luxury. So, if you’re trying to train on a full-time routine, then high
intensity is where it’s at. – Yeah, you’re going to burn far more
calories per hour on a really hard, intense ride, than on a long jaunt in
the saddle. At the end of the day, losing weight is all about burning more
calories than you’re consuming. Plus, there’s the added benefit that you
generally feel slightly less hungry after an intense ride than after a long,
slow ride, so you’re far less likely to overeat once you get through a door. – Now, here at GCN, we’ve got quite a few
short, intense sessions you can do indoors. If you incorporate two or three
of those into your weekly training routine, you’re definitely going to be on
your way. ♪ [music] ♪ – Drinking water is really good for you,
and not only that, it can also act as a little bit of an appetite suppressant.
Now, after you’ve had a fair bit, you won’t feel quite so hungry. So
here’s a neat little trick for you. When you get in from your ride,
drink a really big glass of water, maybe a pint or so, before you have your
meal. It’ll settle your stomach and that way when do come to having your meal, you
won’t feel quite so hungry, and therefore you’ll be a little less
likely to overeat. And you could also use this trick before your main meals
of the day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even before your
mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Happy days, cheers. ♪ [music] ♪ – Tip number three. Eat little and often
on rides over 90 minutes in duration. Now, it might sound a little bit
counterintuitive to eat more than you normally do, especially when you’re trying
to lose weight, but just bear with us for a few moments, and we’ll explain. – Yeah, you see, there is a tendency when
trying to lose weight to restrict the amount that you eat whilst doing exercise,
but as we already mentioned, that can lead to problems with overeating
when you get home. So, instead, if you eat little and often during your
rides, you’ll probably find that you’re much less hungry when you walk through
the door, and you’re therefore less likely to binge eat. You got any spare? – No, it’s all gone. – Aargh. ♪ [music] ♪ – Right, this next one is related,
somewhat, to point number one, and that is high intensity. So even if
you’re not heading out necessarily planning on a full-blown interval section,
you can still do yourself a hell of a lot of good by throwing in a couple of
high-intensity intervals right at the end of your ride. – That’s right. Studies have shown that
post-exercise, oxygen consumption can actually help the burning of fat. So the
best way to get into that state is to do some high-intensity efforts towards the
end of the ride, and that way your body will still be burning loads of calories,
even when you’re sat on the sofa. How good is that? – Yeah, it’s the best thing ever. – Our final tip is to make goals and to
keep them written down, along with a chart of your weight. Now,
make sure that you keep your goals achievable, because there’s nothing worse
than setting goals that aren’t attainable. And then, write them down and keep them in
the place where you’re most likely to see them, say for example, on the fridge door,
and that way you’re far more likely to stick to your plan. – Yeah, and as Matt said, you should also
keep a regular track of your weight. Plenty of people out there who suggest not
weighing yourself on a daily basis, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad
thing, as long as you do it at the same time each and every day. There will be
days, of course, when that number does go up ever so slightly, but if you keep some
kind of graph of your weight, then what you should find over time, in
a number of months, is that the general trend of the line is going downwards
towards your ultimate goal. ♪ [music] ♪ – And now a tip on what not to do. Now,
this is something that many of us may have been advised to do or even seen other
people do over the years, but primarily in France. – Anyway, wrapping up in extra layers of
clothing so you sweat more will produce instantaneous and potentially
significant weight loss. However, it is all water. So as well as being
potentially dangerous, as soon as you re-hydrate properly, all of the
weight will come back on. – Don’t do it. ♪ [music] ♪ – So, there you have it. To try and lose
weight, make sure you incorporate plenty of high-intensity rides, drink water
strategically, eat regularly on longer rides, throw in a couple of intervals at
the end of your steady rides, make goals and write them down. And
finally, don’t overdress to try and lose weight. Quite simple, really. – Yeah, very simple. Now, we mentioned
earlier about our indoor training videos. So, if you click up there, then you’ll get
straight through to our place where we’ve got some great high-intensity workouts. Or
just down there, Matt and I have made a video about bike weights and that’s
effect on your climbing performance. So there’s some good signs right down
there. – And to subscribe to GCN, how about
clicking on that rather gorgeous view? – Oh, and don’t forget to “like” our
videos, or this one in particular. And other ones, as well. – In particular. – Yeah.

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  1. a lot of good advice here, but you wont beat your appetite, at some point you'll gorge yourself, your body will demand it, or you'll faint first 😉 just joking, i think over time you will lose weight , your diet is the key, have a few biscuits etc less , over time with the riding mileage you'll lose weight .

  2. Caffeine + Salbutamol (albuterol)… just ask Chris Froome 😀 Plus it's the subject of a real study: "The effect of caffeine and albuterol on body composition and metabolic rate", where 200mg Caffeine plus 2mg Salbutamol had the biggest impact on raising metabolism, resulting in increased lean body mass while decreasing fat mass

  3. Lol I used to overdress thinking I was doing something… boy was I wrong!!! That made perfect sense about the overdress tip … wow.. What was I thinking 😂

  4. You forgot to mention one of the most important "don't-s"… After a hard ride don't feel entitled to treat thyself with a few drinks of your favourite Scotch(s), or all your efforts would go down the drain…

  5. Could someone help me out here. I lost 15 kilos in 4 months. I feel like shit out on the saddle in recent times. I've got much faster but i really used to feel really powerful and comfortable. What should I do to get back to where I was before without gaining weight?

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    comment INFO below or message me and i will give you more details on your FB messenger.

  7. Cycling is probably the best way of getting in shape I know of. Much better and easy on your knees than jogging and much more intensive than swimming. Although swimming is great too.

    Cycling also has the added benefit of getting you in shape for two other activities I am a fan of-skiing and motorbiking. No better exercise than cycling in gettin your legs in shape for the skiing in winter and again no better exercise than cycling in getting you ready for the biking season. With the added benefit of reminding you the basic physics of two-wheeled vehicle motions-countersteering, cornering, braking etc and the best part is you do not get killed if you fuck up something…well, not as surely as on a motorbike at least.

    Love it!

  8. Plz check out new polarised cycling glasses we need you're encouragement

  9. Hey, thank you, very helpful, But can u tell what should we eat during a ride and how much time should I ?

  10. Want to loose weight? Eat less than you burn. Simple. Everything else is immaterial, long sessions vs HIIT, eating small meals vs one, eating during day or late at night, eating crap food or healhy. None of that matters. Calorie defecit is the only thing that works

  11. Oooooh it doesn't hurt to rug up a bit on the road when its cold, not excessively but just enough, not good when you end up with a chill.

  12. I've only just begun riding my usual route takes me about 5.5 miles into town where I rest up for a little bit and then I head back home, I used to weigh 360 pounds, but I basically starved myself down to 175, because of that I'm back up to 210 and I'm not planning on keeping this weight. Trying my best to do it right this time, anyone have any tips on about how far I should ride to get a good burn? There are plenty of steep hills around here, some that I just cant climb on the bike, so I've been trying to add a little distance to compensate for that.

  13. For the record and good way to remember converting lbs to kg. There are a little over 2 lbs in 1 kg. 75 kg rider converts to 165 lbs.

  14. I'm new to the channel so I haven't learned the names fully. The bearded guy. What bike is he riding anyone?

  15. Cycling helps you lose weight, because as soon as you get into cycling the wallet you carry gets lighter lol…

  16. Just got myself a hybrid bike, i take every opportunity i get to be out on it. And i'm loosing weight.

  17. I've just started riding a speed road bicycle and this channel has given me some amazing tips. Thank you.

  18. I bought a bike this summer purely to lose weight. Before that in the harshest winter months I was cycling in the gym to GCN fat burning videos which my gym recommends!

  19. Even before watching this video I was using cycling to lose weight – especially because of the less impact on my knees.
    In 4 weeks I've lost more than 20 pounds.
    Good to know of all tips only the 'Eating through rides' was the one I'm still not doing since my rides are quite short 30-50min each time (up to 3 times a day)
    good job folks!

  20. Everyone please don't say I'm a fake Justin Bieber it's because I'm his fan


    First bring your bicycle on steep house roads..
    Then stand yourself.
    Squat yourself about while standing.
    Then Wheelie Abit..
    Baam 30kmh in 5 seconds for a kid's bike!

  21. If only someone has told me about “fetching tuti space” (Google it) much earlier! I would have shed this weight years ago. This is the only program I tried that really gets results. In just two weeks, I was able to lose five pounds. This product gets results if used correctly together with a good eating routine..

  22. a ketogenic diet is hands down the best way to get in shape/drop the lbs. im surprised that it isnt an industry standard at this point for cyclists

  23. If you ride a lot you usually don't have to worry about your weight. Usually just the opposite problem occurs. You struggle to keep the weight on. You become a heart and two lungs. Your leg muscles are the biggest muscles in your body and are fantastic for drawing out the fat from your muscles and especially your abdomen.

  24. I most definitely gonna try this tomorrow morning good thing I have a bike my goal is to lose wait to join the army

  25. recently put a carbon fiber road bike on layby, can't wait to pay it off and start riding! Just been riding my mountain bike around everywhere

  26. I started cycling lost 2 pounds in one and a half week used to do 40 km in the day and 17 to 18 km high intensity in the evening.
    But met an accident yesterday and broke my head while cycling.
    Actually i fainted while cycling some great guys passing buy saved me.

  27. I’m 15, just over 6 foot, weigh 118 kg and a really dodgy bike in the garage, there’s a running track that’s only a couple blocks away that I’m going to make use of. Wish me luck because it’s day 3 and I think my bike is trying to kill me by suddenly switching to 6th gear on a sharp turn near another person or a hurdle pit. Help.

  28. Will it cause backache when we cycle mountain bike because i see the cyclist are always bend towards the handle all the time while cycling.

  29. Tips: Make your seat higher so you rest your body weight to your legs instead of your butt. Burn more fat.

  30. Thanks guys! I've been thinking about getting back into riding my back again, and now I feel motivated again. Cheers!

  31. I ride often about 9 hours a weekfor months trying to eat healthy, almost no carbs, avoiding fats and sweets but i'm still 90 kilos – the heaviest I've been (180cm), what am i doing wrong?

  32. Back before my kids I rode my bike all over town. I was 120lbs. I’m sick of being 150+. After 7 years both my kids are in school this coming year. Time to ride my bike to work again. I’m so excited.

  33. Would love to know at say 250 watts how much faster an 80 kg inc bike etc would go up a given hill compared to a 125kg rider with bike. It’s a common problem in our club when I’m all good on the flat, but as soon as it ramps I’m last. Clearly.

  34. I love to bike ride (but i'm not a professional) I never seem to lose weight. i'm going to try this out for 6-7 Months and see what happen, thanks.

  35. Was 250lb really into lifting still lift but started indoor cycling and down too 170 and have a single digit body fat completed my first 100km today usually I split my training up I do one hour in the morning and one hour in afternoon

  36. What a load of nonsense…“a 75kg rider cycling up a really long hill, would be 1min quicker if he lost 2kg“. Only question is the definition of a really long hill…i love your content but sometimes it’s just wtf…

  37. I bought a fixie bike 2 months ago. I use it like twice a week to go to the gym. Its not that far (like 3km) i weigh 85kg and i'm a beginner when it comes to cycling. I always had troubles when it comes to losing weight. And ı hate Jogging so i See this as a good alternativ to running. Problem is that i live in the middle of a busy City with traffic and stuff. is there any Tips you have for me folks?

  38. I'm 95ish kg I ride a 25ish kg bike loaded with 30ish kg of tools every day… Still as fat as I started this routine 3 years ago… 🤔

  39. i once lost a lot of weight with my bike and i was very fit but then i snapped my bike in half. and im a fat depressed fuck

  40. I actually gained a bit of weight when I first started cycling – my appetite was nuts after doing a 40 km ride and I think my legs were getting bigger. That has curbed off though, about 10 weeks in, as my appetite has leveled off, and now I seem to be dropping a bit of weight. My legs are noticeably stronger and waist is definitely smaller.

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