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How to make a Motorcycle Concept. Clay Modelling.

How to make a Motorcycle Concept. Clay Modelling.

Hey! What’s going on guys! So, welcome to my home studio. And, today, we are talking about clay! So, let’s start the clay motorcycle project right now! [Music] If you watch this video, you probably understand why clay modeling is so important in the world of industrial design. I’ll tell you a little bit more about the project. I will use one of my weekly Instagram sketches. The first thing I did was the frame. That’s, that’s the frame. Actually, yeah. I’m already attached a few elements here. That will make my job easier. About wheels! I like to work with wood. But, that’s a very complicated pattern, and I decided to create everything on CNC. Let me show you the story behind this! Let’s do the b-roll! [Music] Well! Let’s do it! [Music] That was a very long way from the sketch to the clay model. It was very tough. It takes a long time. I spent maybe two weeks on this video. You see it very fast, but it’s not. So! Thank you for watching, guys! And I hope to see you in the next video!

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