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How to Overcome Fear & Ride Scary Lines

How to Overcome Fear & Ride Scary Lines

Most of you guys know Alexander, also known
as the Singletrack Sampler on youtube. Not too long ago, Alex lost confidence on
his mountain bike and became fearful of things well within his abilities. It all started with a crash in Grand Junction
on a big sketchy rock roll. Alex chipped his front tooth and jacked up
his neck. When Alex finally did get back on his bike,
he dislocated his shoulder on a pretty small rock ledge. He spent the entire winter doing physical
therapy, and not riding his bike. Eventually, Alexander was well enough to at
least do some road riding, so we decided to ride 200 miles to key west. Even on the road, his bad luck continued. Feeling defeated, Alexander limped back on
to his bike in the spring. He started riding again, and even improved
some of his skills, but he was holding back. He was still bummed out about those crashes. It was here on the Ribbon Trail in Grand Junction,
where Alex fell off that scary rock roll face first. The purpose of today’s ride was for Alex
to return to the scene of the accident, and clean the rock roll once and for all. And here it is. And here’s me ignoring everyone’s disclaimers. It probably looks like a speed bump from my
helmet cam, but I assure you it’s sketchy. After the roll is a sharp off camber right
turn. Ride too fast and you’ll fly off this ledge. Ride too slow, and you’ll just go over your
handlebars on the rock roll. Either way you’re gonna be super bummed
out. Alexander is all too aware of these outcomes,
and it’s getting the best of him. You don’t need to be a mountain biker to
identify with Alexander. Maybe you’re thinking of switching jobs,
or making a huge investment. Maybe you’ve failed at these things in the
past and lost confidence in yourself. But maybe you made the decision to try again
anyway. Only you can make that call. But once you have, if you have, even at your
own peril—you can use these tips to execute the task at hand with a clear head. The first step is to make a final decision
and commit to it. Decide whether you’re going do said scary
thing, or not. You need to make a decision, commit to it,
and move on. Now, you need to focus all of your energy
on the task at hand. You need to allocate every ounce of your mental
energy to emotionlessly and shrewdly planning this maneuver. Think about that, and only that. Now that you’ve planned your attack, you
need to do a run up. The purpose of a run up is to familiarize
yourself with the approach so that you can take the right line. It’s okay to do this a few times, but don’t
get caught in a cycle of endless run ups. Decide how many you’re going to do, and
stick to it. It’s time to execute. Execution is putting your plan in motion. If you really made your decision, planned
it out, and familiarized yourself with the approach, then you’re ready. If you still find And with that, Alexander got his Mojo back. After that day, I saw him do things he never
has, like this tight dolphin tail at Valmont bike park. He was composed, confident, and focused on
the task at hand. On the topic of doing scary lines, here are
some pro tips. First of all it’s almost always better to
be with friends. Not only can friends help you think it through,
but they can also help you if things go wrong. Better yet, you may have a friend who’s
done the line you’re thinking about. See if they want to tow you into it. This will help you get the line exactly right,
and modulate your speed properly. On the other hand if your friends are pressuring
you to do something that they themselves won’t, it’s time to find some new riding buddies. You need to make the final call, because it’s
your bike and your balls on the line. If you liked this video or found it entertaining,
subscribe to Seth’s Bike Hacks for content like this every week. If you want to see me contemplating scary
lines, check out my scariest ride ever in the link below. I also want to hear from you guys. What was the scariest thing you’ve ever
done, and did you follow a similar thought process as the one I outlined above? Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. Been there. Once you get a taste of the repercussions you start to doubt what your doing. Viscous cycle. One drop has my number. About a 3-4ft drop with a huge root about 2-3ft before the drop. Also huge roots on landing spot. Only with speed can you bunny hop over first root and land at bottom of the drop. First time my back tire hit on lip and sent me flying. Landed like a pretzel under bike bleeding and in pain. Finally got enough confidence to land the jump and a root at the landing zone took me out. Ripped tire off rim and sent me flying again. After those two events I no longer do the obstacle anymore. Not worth the pain I was in for a few days.

  2. 1. don't commit
    2. Plan, discount the exposed line to the right, pick out a route to the left on the off camber section
    3. Run up, feeling good so proceed directly to 4
    4. Take the exposed line on the right., survive, woohoo!
    5. Realise my trademarked "just do it, try not to crash" isn't life coach material

  3. At one point a was on a about 15 foot hill with a really steep hill with a bump at the end for jumps in front of me and I did it and somehow didn’t die or fall even

  4. Sometimes accidents happen but there comes a time in 1ife where you have to grow up and not try so many stupid things.

  5. A little different here. I ride and used to race cross country and that requires many miles on a road bicycle. Never had a super nasty crash, just painful smaller ones. But man, my fear is the road and the cars with so many people driving high or with the phones in their hands. I am always looking over my shoulders. Several cyclist have been killed in my area and roads that I used to ride now I don't go. Where I live is very urbanized and with limited places and it totally set back my training…

  6. Soo Im thinking about buying a new and clean mtb! But my question is should I go with alloy or carbon?? Soo my final question is what do you guys behind the camera use???

  7. The thing is: the trails that i do are nothing compared to that but, for some reason i don't have the confidence to do them and its frustrating to me because that way i don't have as much fun riding my bike as i wanted to and its also frustrating to my friends because they have to usualy wait for me to complet it. I hate when that happens

  8. Every time I’ve injured myself on my bike it’s been riding something that I’ve down a hundred times before and was just not paying attention.

  9. You should have not used God's Son's name in vain like that , Jesus Christ came to earth suffered and died a gruesome death, to save sinners from a fiery hell of torment, … You need to be respectful and honour the precious Lovely name of Jesus Christ … that lil pain you suffered, is of no comparison, to what hells gonna feels like , satan will pull your tongue out and use it as a hacky sack … Have respect towards Jesus Christ

  10. That's me right now. I crashed hard back in April, broke a collarbone and two ribs. Now I'm hesitant on everything. Day by day, though, I'm fighting back, but I'm really wrapped-up in my head. Thanks for this video! 👍👍

  11. Ok, I get it that when you are afraid of something and you do it it makes you feel absolutely awesome. But heck, you only have one life, why risk it? Or if you love riding and do it for fun, imagine you push your boundaries and get seriously injured, how much fun you gonna have the rest of the season? Is this one try worth it?

    These guys are obviously not pros ( they don't make money by riding, they do it for fun ), so what's the point of pushing yourself so hard?
    Sorry, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it is plain dumb.

  12. A pro female rider says sing out-loud. You know what you have to do. I guy tried it under her supervision and he immediately improved just by singing out loud. She kept screaming at him sing. And in the really hard part she told him change the song.

  13. Hi, This video touched my heart so much. I’m 42 and just learning how to ride a mountain bike ; I learned a regular bike last year. Wow, the terrain makes it so much more difficult! Yesterday, I tried the hardest trail of my life so far, Hoot Trail and Scott’s Flat Downhill in Nevada City, Ca. My fear made me nauseous and so scared, but I followed my husbands lines and got thru. I’ve been watching all your videos and the tips are really helping and encourage me! Thank you for exposing that you get scared too- and thanks for sharing your knowledge! Julie

  14. I'm on the baby steps of facing my fears, but these is the same aproach I used. Comited, Plan, Try, and Correct.
    Nice video!

  15. Maybe its because I'm in now my 50's and just a beginner…but that rock face scares the living sh*t out of me!!! No f*cking way am I riding down that! Fear is a good thing ya know?!…..who am I kidding…I'll see you there next year! lol

  16. Love the advice, as you said works for all of life, somehow it brings me back to becoming a pilot, just proper thinking and tips. Face it, do it.

  17. Where is your scariest ride ever?!?! I appreciate your videos, I am in a slump since my crash and I am a new MTB. Thanks so much, you are awesome-sauce

  18. I once had a 3 foot drop off that nearly took my balls off with a cheap bike but two weeks later I came back to its other the same bike, stood behind it, learned from how I failed, and went for it.

  19. I did like a 2 meters drop and i almost hit my friend shine he was recording me. My back tier hit the small tree he was behinde. Luckily non of us got hurt

  20. His first attempt, he rode too fast. On his second attempt, he rode much slower, as it should and at that speed, crashing wouldn't be that bad.
    Great job though, congrats

  21. The second time i went riding in my life my friend fell and sliced up his throat on a rock that also stuck in the throat. He was knocked out and made all weird and scary noices. It was blood evertwhere and he also had a hole in his chin from another smaller rock. I got a bit traumatised so i never got back on my bike after that bit Will now for the first time try to take a slow ride this weak! Try to overcome the fear just as you describe in this video!

  22. I crushed a week ago. I am new to the mountain bike world and i guess i overdo it. I saw some kind of a trail and it started pretty normal. When i started catching some speed all the trail became eock type but it was like an earthquake happened to these rocks and they were all cracked. I couldn't stop so i could only kewp going. As a result my front wheel stuck inside a cracked rock and i flew on the air. Hopefully no major injuries but i got really disappointed by that.

  23. I’m also a Alex and I’m always crashing and it lowers my confidence but then I tell myself that you can’t succeed or get better without failing first and so then I keep trying

  24. Thanks Seth, I had a big crash earlier this year and because of low confidence it has resulted in a few more crashes simply because my confidence has taken a blow. This video is awesome and inspiring. I had to go back to the place of my big off and conquer my fears. Thank you so much to you and Alex for taking the time to make the video and for being real, Regards David

  25. If it's that simple… decide how many times and stick to it..? Then just decide how many times you're going to fall… "and stick to it"… you're welcome!

  26. little overdramatic… but "some go big" & some go "not so big"… the way I see it… you're not living in unless you're doing something that can kill you.

  27. Being 65, When I crashed mountain biking, my shoulder explored. Broke 3 places and to tore 3muscles aloose. Took a year to recover. Was hard to push mountain biking. But finally getting back to riding hard. Always in my mind, crashing. Video is going to help. Thanks

  28. Hello Seth
    I’m a beginner MtB rider and every time i watch your epic adventure it’s liked I’m there. I might just forget about really going out there and doing it.

    Jk…never will do. 😊

  29. I got into a bike crash were my front tire went into a gap jump and I flew off and I landed on my hands what cause muscles to hair up my arms and into my shoulder. I could not move my arm for a week. today I went to a bike park and did a green trail and I had to stop I lost my breath and my muscles tensed up. I feel like never can ride again. but thanks to you I know what to do thank you so much!

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