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How To Pack for a Motorcycle Trip (Using just one set of saddlebags!)

How To Pack for a Motorcycle Trip (Using just one set of saddlebags!)

Hey! Drysen from Dennis Kirk and right now I’m gonna show you how to pack for a week
long motorcycle trip and use just one saddlebag. Let’s go ahead and take a look. now packing for motorcycle trip can seem
a little bit daunting especially this is your first time going.
But the great news is is that in order to get out and enjoy
the road, you don’t have to invest in multiple bags. You can do all you need to do, on just a simple pair a
saddlebags now the thing to do of course is to
select everything you want to bring with you on your trip now I highly highly recommend laying it
all on a table or bed because odds are you’re gonna be
bringing stuff but you really don’t need and a lot of that stuff, especially when it comes time
for condensing down space is staying at home. So lets go ahead and look at what we are bringing on our motorcycle trip First up we have our missing link
leather vest. Now the reason I want this here, is because it us the leather look
when we get there or one inverted we have a
high-visibility color or safety system on the inside to be seen. It’s gonna be perfect for riding
after dark on twisties, or for working on the bike along side the road. This is probably an item thatt we could leave at home if we didn’t want the vest, and I’m going to pick
up instead a Missing Link Safety Vest. somehow I do recommend having some sort of
high-visibility color system here that way again writing Twistys after
dark or working on the bike alongside the road your able to be seen. Very very important.
Now moving here, we have our chaps of course. Keep our legs comfortable and warm and safe.
We have an Airhawks seat, its going to help make those many many miles way more comfortable. we have a tool kit, that should
always include a flashlight a standard set of screwdrivers,
and the basic tools in order to work on your machine Down here we have ourselves a
Nelson-Rigg rain suit, top and bottom. We have some
tattoo sleeves These are going to help with compression for
muscles; help fight muscle to fatigue, keep us from getting sunburned to help
keep us cool in addition to some compression items here for shorts and pants. In addition we do
have our clothes for the week I’m gonna be
bringing 6 T-Shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, socks, underwear you name it for the whole week
there also we have a first aid kit this is one
of those items you hope you never need but always want it case you do. Next up
here we have an extra rain poncho. Personally I always
have one of these in my swing arm bag Just a good idea in case you don’t want to put on the full Nelson-Rigg system there. We have our toiletry kit.
Which I just dropped my tissue paper out of. it was a great idea to bring. Our riding
gloves, pair sunglasses, our helmet and of course our riding jacket, our main
riding jacket, and some tennis shoes because the main issues with our riding
boots, they are not going to be comfortable to walk around it all day once we finally get to our destination. All of our
tools everything we need easy access to we want on the right side so we do need to pull over along side the road,
we’re out of the way of traffic Thinking ahead here. Now taking a look here, we’re going to go ahead and open this up here and just so you guys, know I’ve elected to work
with the gears sport touring saddle bags here mainly because they look great on cruisers,
they look great on sports bikes and they also have an expandable pouch
here that’s going to double our room really make his bag universally perfect
for packing for a full week here so working with our left saddlebag. The
first thing we’re going to put in, is our clothes. Now I’ve gone head and I have three T-Shirts in here, that are all folded up nicely and I have three T-Shirts in here that are actually rolled up. I basically did this to show you the difference between the two there’s really not much. It’s a little easier
to get the rolled up in here, and it makes it a little more stiff and
easy to work with when you as a work with this plus this way you can grab one T-shirt instead of the
whole lot. Personally I like rolling my t-shirts, as far as space
goes, there’s really not much difference when it comes time to folding it We’re just going to go ahead and stand it in there, stand up
right on end, and placed so Make sure that the expansion pouches out and ready to go
… Ah, I forgot to unzip it all the way through. There we go, that makes a
big difference All right, lets go ahead and make sure all of those shirts are in there next up here, I recommend bringing three pairs of pants. Here right now, we have one inside of a Zipped Locked bag. This way in case it gets wet in case it rains I have a dry pair to change into when we get to our destination. Since it’s kind of hard to put these in here, I’m going to leave this one in the open, and the third pair of pants we are going to wear to wherever it is we are going. There we are.
Next up – socks, underwear, the works. I do like having extra socks here and I
like having at least a pair of wool socks to ride in in case it gets cold out.
Personally socks are my comfort item there’s nothing better than when you get
to where you’re going and putting on a fresh pair stocks in my opinion however with that said you can get socks at just about every store on the planet. So, if you guys need space, socks are the first thing to go. Along with underwear as well.
We’ll just make sure we squeeze all the air out of that. For putting all these
bags in here I like using zipper top freezer bags. The
Freezer bags have a little better plastic and having the zipper up top really helps to make sure you get all the air out without having to use a vacuum or
something like that. The reason is good to use this without a vacuum is because when you get to
we’re going open, you everything up, and you’re coming home, It is really hard to reseal it at that point so moving on here, what else do we have? Our pair of shoes can go in here as well I’ll just go ahead and stuff these in sideways.
Left and right. There we are. That are all our of clothes
for the week Let’s go ahead and zip this up and see what we have left over. It is very important to use
this one here to put in all of our tools and things that we might be quick and
easy access to when going down the road so first up here, we are going to go ahead and put our Cruz Tools in here. Again, I have already gone ahead and added a flashlight as this kit as it doesn’t come with one and you don’t need a kit this big or
this flashy. You just need something that you’re going to be able to work on your bike alongside the road
if need be – some small minor repairs. Next up here, since we’re not going to bring our big vest here, mainly because we don’t need two vests, but if we have room for it in the end, we’ll put it in So We’re putting in the safety vest. To be seen if we need to be seen. also our first aid kit now all those items that inside the
expansion pack, we have them all inside and we aren’t really taking up that much room in here Next up, our rain pants. I’ve gone ahead and I’ve rolled these up here, so they are nice and small. The nice part about this Nelson-Rigg System here, is that it does come with Suspenders on it. So we can actually roll the pant up, into the suspenders and it makes it nice and
compact to bring along. Alright! Next up here are extra rain
pouch. We’re goign to put this on the outside pockets just because sometimes you don’t want to put on
the full rain system to do a little bit of stuff along side the road we’re going to bring along our sunglasses as well.
In case you need to get looked at all those which leaves our riding gloves, our pants, our helmet, our chaps, and this. For today, I decided we’re
not gonna wear the chaps going out to our destination for some reason I’m just not feeling them, so
they’re gonna go in the actual bag as well and let’s see here, all that’s left now is our
toiletry stuff So we’ll just go ahead and zip this bad boy up and just zip up the side pouch as well.
We’ll put our toiletry stuff in here too. Now one tip about our toiletry here, is to bring everything in travel size. Some good ideas are going to be deodorant,
you’ll need tissue paper, like this right here and one tip I like a
lot is to bring chapstick and you can’t get travel size bottles of
shampoo or body wash put in a little bubble containers empty the bubble stuff out, wash ’em out, refill them with shampoo and body wash you’ll save a lot of room. now that
basically leaves our vest here, which like I said, we’re putting
some stuff back that’s not gonna go our airhawk seat, we’re gonna be riding on
top of this, the entire time. We’re going to strap this down to the seat, that way we don’t have to worry about it. we’re gonna be wearing our boots on the
way out there our gloves again we’re gonna be wearing
and this is one thing I definately would highly recommend, and is often overlooked thats compression stuff. These tights here
and the undershirts as well now the reason these are important, is if you
guys are putting on four, five, six, seven, hundred miles a day *whistle* you guys definitely are going to be
getting tired as the time goes on compression items your help fight muscle
fatuque by holding everything together including tattoo sleeves and they also
help keep you cooler as well now the great part about this more miles
less sore more time on a bike enjoying it. Another
additional item I always recommend riding with, and I always ride with is going to be a neck tube.
It’s gonna be great because it keeps the sun off of your neck and also keep the dust wind, debris, bugs
everything else off just other item to keep you nice and cool
on your entire trip We’re going to be wearing this stuff here, we’re going to be wearing our socks gonna be wearing our gloves, we’re going to be wearing our
boots, we’ll be riding on top of the seat here That leaves our main riding jacket, and it leaves our helmet here as well. Now helmets are going to be a big deal because not just for safety or for comfort
after all it will help reduce wind noise but also the US states that have
have mandatory helmet laws it’s a good idea to make sure you have a helmet with you. That way you don’t have to buy a helmet on the spot
and you’re not fighting a ticket Win WIn. So, that is in a nutshell how
to pack for a weeklong trip remember, guys, we have three pairs of jeans, six t-shirts Seven if you include the one I’m wearing. We have our Chaps, we have our Shoes we have our toiletry stuff we have everything we’re gonna need to
enjoy the road. And it’s all in one saddlebag so you guys like this definitely visit
Dennis Kirk dot Com we’ll get you hooked up with everything here
and of course we are going to ship it to you the same day that you order it. For more
information check us out a Dennis Kirk dot com

47 comments on “How To Pack for a Motorcycle Trip (Using just one set of saddlebags!)

  1. A simple way to take more air out of a zip lock bag is to vacuum it out yourself. Carry a straw with you (get one free if you stop at a fast food place). Put the straw into the bag and collapse the bag as much as possible while sucking the air out of the bag through the straw. Continue to suck air out as your close the zipper, and withdraw the straw. Works almost as good as one of the machine vacuumed bags.

  2. There are bags similar to those you vacuum the air out of, but that are designed to be used without a vacuum. Basically you stuff your clothes in it, sit on the bag to get all the air out, and it seals itself. To unseal, you just pull on a rubber tab and the air goes back in. They're great for saving space, especially with bulky items like sweaters.

  3. Nice I like it… I'd just put the rain gear on the top of that bag… in my packing vid.. its easy to get to… and its the first thing you'd be looking for when the storm hits.

  4. Wow, those bags look great! Think Ill get them for my Honda ST250… er, CBR250R 🙂
    Have a 4k road trip planned in March to visit family, need some luggage space. Gonna Iron Butt it out to TX from AZ.
    Going up 130miles to college last week, I had to stack 2 duffel bags with 70lbs of gear, 200 total on top of the bike. Never EVER want to do that again.

  5. If you're using smaller bags, pack your old worn out underwear and stuff.  Throw it away as you go.  Nobody wants to do laundry on the road or have funky stuff to take home.  You'll have room for an event t-shirt or two to bring home.  Of course it might only work a couple of times.

  6. Great review!  I would suggest one more bag for all your electronics that will record your memorable trip. i.e. laptop, DSLR camera, GPS, Gopro, Spotify,:)  etc and all their charging cables.

  7. I have used a full jacket (so it was one with the pants) So I brouht only one pair of jeans and for a 2week trip 20 socks and 16 pieces of underwear spare shoes (wore my boots) And relatively lots of money.

  8. Some decent tips, but nothing is said about weight distribution between the saddlebags. Everything heavy is in one, everything light is in the other. I would look into making sure you spread some of that weight out, and if it comes down to having to get off the bike to work on it on the side of the road, just take off the saddlebags and bring them to end side.

    I have seen some other people give talks on packing light for extended trips, and they talk about dealing with clothes in 3's; one to wear, one to wash, one to dry. When they wear out, you get new. Also, toiletries – you will spend more on the travel size items than you will buying the regular packaging. Especially when it comes to toothpaste and soap. For guys (lucky us) we can use the same soap for everything. It will not take that much more room overall to get the regular stuff.

    Using freezer bags are great. I use them when going on regular trips as well. Again, some good tips and all, but also some things to think about as well. Everyone will pack differently and have different requirements.

    Above all else, have a blast riding.

  9. If you wash your Shirts overnight, you could cut that number down and give yourself more space to buy things along the way. I did two months on three shirts, two pairs socks, two pairs jeans.

  10. Thanks for the video, went out and bought a reflective vest the next day. I will be making a three day trip through Georgia on motorcycle next week, I now feel better prepared. Great job!

  11. any storage racks available for the Honda Ruckus? Like a good sized one, big enough to carry a 40 pound (at the most), 68 liter backpack?

  12. where is your knife your gun & your whiskey?
    Where is your food water & bedroll?
    Good luck ride safe..

  13. You talk about the helmet like it's an option. Law or no law, that's just plain uncool. But otherwise, good video, thanks!

  14. I put those saddle bags on my ktm duke 390 and omg it looks great on the bike compared to others and there super spacious

  15. I learned a few thing about packing when i was a over the road truck driver that i also applies when i take trips on my bike. 1 i roll my socks and underwear and my t shirts together 2 since i Change socks more often then the other stuff i would carry extra sock

  16. The Missing Link vest you showed also has concealed carry pockets built in for those of use who choose to carry will riding.

  17. I have the smaller Nelson-Rigg bags for the 06 Kawai Z750s any tips for a week trip for that? and compression gear. Is there certain thermal base layers that could be used? I'm looking at a almost 900 mile straight shot point to point. I've put miles on before but trying to find info to sustain myself for the 16 hours on the road with a naked sport

  18. How many litres storage were your bags. Trying to estimate required capacity for 3 day minamist camping tour.. dirt and slab mostly dirt. tent sleeping bag small stove ..just the minimums. Trying to get a baseline from you on capacity litres?

  19. Always take a spare pair of gloves……….nothing worse than trying to ride in soggy wet gloves because you got caught in a summer shower, they take up little space

  20. saddle bags are great. Also magnetic tank bag like Cortech super 2.0 18L is very useful. And if you don't have a passenger you can use the back seat to put a giant bag(s) with "Rok-Straps" And if you do have a passenger which is always fun. Your best bet is the saddle bags + tank bag + hopefully some small rack behind the passenger seat that can hold Another bag or 2 with bungee cords. You have to pack a lot lighter if you are riding long distance with a passenger though.

  21. Six t-shirts for a week? Seriously? Try two plus the one you're wearing. Carry a tiny little bottle of laundry soap and wash stuff every third day. Same with underwear. No rain suit. Get a waterproof shell for the jacket and riding pants instead of those useless chaps that not only don't look cool, but aren't effective in a crash. But some lightweight camping pants with leg zippers that convert them to shorts. My wife packs for a week using half a saddlebag.

    Make a checklist of stuff to carry and write it out, then refine it with each trip. That way you won't forget stuff. Thinking of a helmet as optional is really smart thinking when there's nothing inside the skull for the helmet to protect.

  22. If you leave your helmet behind, might as well leave the first-aid kit too, all sorts of weight savings! Heck leave the rest of the gear!!

  23. Chaps? Haha no one wears chaps except for old school bikers, no disrespect to the first generations.

    Replace the chaps with phone charger, tablet, portable air compressor, and portable battery charger(for motorcycle battery)

  24. No mention of spare ear plugs! And carry some for your mates….The best way to carry a helmet is stick it on your head! Why would you take a helmet and not wear it? Seppo's are weird, and wear a jacket with sleeves!

  25. You pack way too much stuff. I do it all with three changes of clothes, one razor, toothbrush and toothpaste, bar of soap and my riding gear. With a military Alice pack, I don't even need saddlebags. And I can do it indefinitely.

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